Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

narrowly missed   (estrechamente perdido)

They also narrowly missed out on gaining Harehills.

In 1939, the team narrowly missed demotion.

The EP narrowly missed out on the UK top 40, peaking at No.

narrowly defeated

7) narrowly defeated Illinois, 49–42, in Columbus.

But the Republican narrowly defeated him in an upset.

Baltra narrowly defeated (PADENA), 58,050 votes to 57,284.

narrowly lost

She narrowly lost in the second round by 520 votes.

He then narrowly lost 3–4 to Tom Ford in the last 64.

It narrowly lost a European Parliament seat.

narrowly escaped   (escapó por poco)

Yazdegerd himself narrowly escaped to China.

Smith and his partner narrowly escaped.

In his youth he narrowly escaped being killed by his own horse.

narrowly missing

An unseen Gray opens fire, hitting Cole and narrowly missing Dickson.

After narrowly missing out promotion, Mozo returned to Leganés and its B-team.

He represented his country at the 2012 Summer Olympics narrowly missing the final.

narrowly avoided   (evitado por poco)

They only narrowly avoided relegation on the final day of the season.

He narrowly avoided personal bankruptcy when business ventures failed.

Hansa Rostock, appearing very rarely in his six-month spell, as relegation was narrowly avoided.

narrowly won

The four district plus a mayor narrowly won approval.

"Cavalier" narrowly won the race after a safety valve blew on "Rapid".

Watertown narrowly won the opening game against Oreo by a score of 6-0.

only narrowly   (solo por poco)

Scituate was the only town carried by McCain, and only narrowly.

They only narrowly avoided relegation on the final day of the season.

They had also only narrowly beaten the favored Oakland Raiders 27–23 in the AFL championship game.

narrowly losing

Their final match was against NK Zagreb of Croatia at home narrowly losing 2–1.

He finished second in the independents cup, narrowly losing out to Robb Gravett.

He was drawn against Alex Roy in the first round, narrowly losing by three sets to two.

more narrowly

Setzler won more narrowly, with 52.3% of the vote to Castellana's 47.7%.

He also won the second-largest city in the area, Staunton, albeit more narrowly.

Or more narrowly as an emergent property between people and ways of processing information.

narrowly avoiding   (evitando por poco)

The Jews themselves were violently forced to convert, narrowly avoiding complete massacre.

Despite narrowly avoiding defeat, Hoffa and his administration did not change course in the aftermath.

McManus and Grady were sacked on 9 May 2010, after narrowly avoiding relegation from the First Division.

narrowly beaten

The desperate final attack of the Guard was narrowly beaten back.

In season 1998–99 Northern were narrowly beaten by Doncaster R.F.C.

At the next election in , Herring was narrowly beaten by Arthur Grigg of the National Party.

narrowly avoided relegation   (descenso estrecho evitado)

They only narrowly avoided relegation on the final day of the season.

In the 2011-12 Serie B season, Knežević again made 31 appearances in all competitions as the side narrowly avoided relegation.

Goretzka had an impressive 2012–13 season at VfL Bochum and was their standout performer as VfL Bochum narrowly avoided relegation from the 2.

narrowly defeating

In the 2010 election the seat returned to the Liberals with Elizabeth Miller narrowly defeating Hudson.

He was elected Governor of Tucumán Province in 1991, narrowly defeating former military Governor Antonio Domingo Bussi.

He also won at that year's national (AAU) championships, narrowly defeating Mark Winzenried as both were timed in 1:47.4.

narrowly escapes

She narrowly escapes and goes into hiding.

He narrowly escapes Poppy's house, avoiding her argumentative parents.

Meanwhile, Conde narrowly escapes his zombified platoon and finds Barrientos.

narrowly escaping

Abd al-Rahman, Yahya, and Bedr quit the village, narrowly escaping the Abbasid assassins.

After narrowly escaping relegation in the two seasons following their debut, they were sent down in 1943.

Wellesley arrived in Lisbon on 22 April 1809 on board HMS "Surveillante", after narrowly escaping shipwreck.

narrowly failed

Crespo narrowly failed to qualify.

Paty narrowly failed to reach electoral threshold and Bartoš decided to resign.

However, the non-Labor parties narrowly failed to dislodge the incumbent Dunstan Labor government.

narrowly defined

In sum, a narrowly defined mountain research applies an interdisciplinary and integrative regional approach.

Numerical identifiers that are nominal numbers narrowly defined, viz, convey no information other than identity, are quite rare.

This bill, which was rejected in congress, was not an all encompassing student bill of rights but was narrowly defined to address academic freedom.

narrowly beat

Herrich-Schäffer, who supposedly narrowly beat Heidenreich in (re)describing the species.

Phil Read joined the Yamaha team and narrowly beat Redman to become Grand Prix World Champion.

President Omar Ali Bongo narrowly beat rival Jean Ping in the official results of the Presidential election in 2016.

very narrowly

It shows about ten faint grooves around the very narrowly perforate umbilicus.

Male to male sex was illegal under previous law but it was very narrowly interpreted by the courts.

Those at the base of the blade are ovate with those towards the tip, very narrowly ovate or elliptic.