nationally and internationally   (国内和国际)

It also airs nationally and internationally online.

Beda has been showing nationally and internationally.

Zimmermann won several awards nationally and internationally.

nationally recognized   (国家认可)

It has been nationally recognized as a School of Excellence.

Both artists taught art and were nationally recognized artists.

The band is nationally recognized as an important 1920s "old-time" band.

nationally syndicated   (国家联合组织)

The show became nationally syndicated in September 1988 as "Live!

KHNS also subscribes to a variety of nationally syndicated shows.

The nationally syndicated show is produced by Envision Radio Networks.

nationally televised

The game was nationally televised on ESPNU.

It was the first nationally televised college football game.

All tournament games are nationally televised on an ESPN network:

nationally known

The band is statewide and nationally known.

It is one of the most important nationally known in Europe.

The theater became nationally known for its excellent acoustics.

both nationally

Today the Undertones tour both nationally and internationally.

His work has been exhibited both nationally in Finland and abroad.

Capp's work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally.

nationally ranked

The Coronado High School Orchestra is nationally ranked.

Some swimmers are also nationally ranked.

Huckaby was a nationally ranked gymnast.

broadcast nationally

It was broadcast nationally on SBS and ABC TV.

This was changed when the show was broadcast nationally.

Within a year it was broadcast nationally.

nationally important

They support a nationally important lichen flora.

Grade II status is awarded to "nationally important" buildings of "special interest".

The quarry is nationally important for research in the distribution of Lower Carboniferous plants.

toured nationally

Sebastian toured nationally during June and July 2012.

She toured nationally with this show during the 1970s and 1980s.

She also toured nationally in JD Lawrence's "The Clean Up Woman".

became nationally

The theater became nationally known for its excellent acoustics.

The show became nationally syndicated in September 1988 as "Live!

He became nationally known in April 2013, after giving an interview to news portal HVG.

first nationally

It was the first nationally televised college football game.

While on the road, their first nationally distributed album, "Supremacy", was released on April 25, 2006.

His first nationally published cartoon appeared in the July 16, 1927, issue of "The Saturday Evening Post".

nationally broadcast

Maestro Kaufman conducted the premiere performance which was nationally broadcast on NBC-TV.

He went on to appear in 20 other nationally broadcast American commercials as a young child.

On October 28, 1922, Princeton and Chicago played the first game to be nationally broadcast on radio.

locally and nationally

Suarez is active locally and nationally in the Episcopal Church.

He was known as a "Lumberman's poet" both locally and nationally.

This involves raising the profile of Hospital Radio locally and nationally.

nationally renowned

He was also a nationally renowned tournament bridge player.

The first head teacher was John Robinson Airey (1868–1937) who was a nationally renowned mathematician.

Morais Cohen was a nationally renowned activist, and hosted Susan B. Anthony on a visit to Minneapolis.

nationally rare

The meadow supports fritillary which is nationally rare.

The site is special because of its nationally rare plants.

The site is botanically important for the nationally rare dragon's teeth.

nationally significant

The city is home to nationally significant heritage structures.

The site supports nationally significant numbers of breeding and over-wintering birds.

Several scarce moths have been recorded and two rare birds, cetti's warbler and the bearded tit, breed in nationally significant numbers.

known nationally

Hartford's role as a focal point for the American insurance industry is known nationally.

This gradually made it known nationally as a Mori delicacy and a Hokkaidō delicacy in general.

Syed Zamir Jafri was a renowned humourist, columnist, broadcaster and telecaster who was well known nationally and internationally.

nationally accredited   (国家认可的)

Pacific Islands University is a small Christian liberal arts institution nationally accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools.

Established in 2002, IU is recognized and nationally accredited by the Royal Government of Cambodia, the Royal Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth & Sports and the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia (ACC).

Asheville Police Department The Asheville Police Department (APD) is a nationally accredited police department and the primary law enforcement agency servicing a population of 72,789 people within of the municipality of Asheville, North Carolina.

nationally syndicated radio

He recorded commercials and at one time had a successful, nationally syndicated radio show.

The "Paul McGuire Show" was a nationally syndicated radio talk show with a conservative point of view.

The Sons of the Pioneers began performing Nolan's original songs on a nationally syndicated radio show.

televised nationally

The game was televised nationally by ABC.

The Thanksgiving Day game in Detroit is always televised nationally.

The game was moved from the usual third week in October to the first week in December so it could be televised nationally on ABC.

aired nationally

In 2012, the show aired nationally on NBC Sports Network.

He is the host to a public radio series called Encounters aired nationally.

The film aired nationally on PBS (the U.S. "Public Broadcasting Service") in 2013.

nationally distributed

While on the road, their first nationally distributed album, "Supremacy", was released on April 25, 2006.

They became nationally distributed by Jay Gee Records (J/G) which was owned by Jamie Records in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

"McEwan's Export" became a nationally distributed beer by the 1970s, and was the highest selling canned beer in the United Kingdom by 1975.