İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

other nations   (diğer uluslar)

Most other nations replied with similar larger ships.

Denmark has long had good relations with other nations.

The song was a hit in other nations as well.

nations competed   (uluslar yarıştı)

Twenty-five swimmers from eleven nations competed.

Nine riders from seven different nations competed.

both nations   (her iki ülke)

There are over 60 flights per week between both nations.

On 6 March 2000, both nations signed a free trade agreement.

Migration between both nations has traditionally been robust.

all nations   (tüm uluslar)

The country has the third largest team among all nations.

Besides these there are many slaves of all nations in it.

Canada's combined exports and imports ranked 8th among all nations in 2006.

developing nations

Several developing nations have instituted voter ID laws.

Most of the growth is expected to take place in developing nations.

These changes are the result of developing nations having rapid economic development.

member nations

This makes the Philippines the most improved among ASEAN member nations.

In 2008, 57 UN member nations initially co-sponsored the opposing statement.

It holds an Annual General Assembly (AGA) in one of the member nations every August.

many nations   (birçok millet)

We have seen Nazism and Communism destroy many nations.

Various F-5 versions remain in service with many nations.

Some 6,500 people from many nations were evacuated to safety.

different nations

Nine riders from seven different nations competed.

developed nations

It is also referred to as Shisha in Canada, USA and most developed nations.

Most of its agriculture exports serve developing and least developed nations.

Healthcare in the Czech Republic is similar in quality to other developed nations.

nations such

The U.S. has a trade surplus with nations such as Australia.

European nations such as Germany and Italy have imported large numbers of Quarter Horses.

Moreover, many migrants come from Latin American nations such as Bolivia, Ecuador or Colombia.

foreign nations

Sixteen foreign nations participated in the event.

Congress also has power to regulate commerce with foreign nations.

The right to recognize foreign nations rests solely with the president.

between nations

Material inequality between nations make technological solutions insufficient for climate change mitigation.

First, it explains the enormous differences of SWB between nations across the globe (Diener, Tay, & Oishi, 2013).

Several liberals, including Smith and Cobden, argued that the free exchange of goods between nations could lead to world peace.

participating nations

There were 64 participating nations at the Games.

There were 11 participating nations in diving with a total of 69 athletes.

There are 28 participating nations in squash with a total of 106 athletes.

various nations

Consider how difficult it is today to communicate with various nations.

The pair married on June 11, 1990, in a wedding attended by the ambassadors of various nations.

Several military engineering vehicles have been developed in various nations to achieve this task.

nations participated

Sixteen foreign nations participated in the event.

Athletes from 6 nations participated in the event.

21 dancing couples from 16 nations participated.

several nations   (birkaç ülke)

Other member stations are drawn from several nations in the Caribbean area.

Tankettes were designed and built by several nations between the 1920s and 1940s.

In several nations, especially in the Caribbean region, creole languages are spoken.

between both nations

There are over 60 flights per week between both nations.

Migration between both nations has traditionally been robust.

Initially, relations between both nations were underdeveloped.

industrialized nations   (Sanayileşmiş milletler)

In industrialized nations, the proportion is much higher, approaching 90%.

These processed foods became a large part of diets in many industrialized nations.

Many industrialized nations also began to utilize EVM in their own procurement programs.

island nations

the price in Iceland is 5.54 cents per kWh while in some island nations it is 40 cents per kWh.

As the only shortwave radio station in New Zealand, RNZ International broadcasts to several island nations.

In many island nations such as those of the Mediterranean, South Pacific and Caribbean, tourism is central to the economy.

independent nations

At the 2009 Games, Serbia and Montenegro competed as independent nations for the first time.

All six Socialist Republics have since become fully independent nations and are members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

All of the 12 independent nations of South America are members of the South American Council of Health and, therefore, are part of ISAGS.