İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

nature reserve   (doğa rezervi)

It is located in a nature reserve and birding area.

The raised bog is protected as a nature reserve.

In 1965, an 84000-dunam nature reserve was declared.

human nature   (insan doğası)

His specialty was human nature and politics.

Students here are taught art, philosophy and human nature.

Lesson #11: You can't change human nature.

true nature   (gerçek doğa)

Only in Africa is Clayton's true nature is revealed.

Dolores shows Teddy his true nature as a host.

However, the true nature of Bracton's work is not clear.

nature reserves   (Doğa Rezervleri)

Parks and nature reserves make up 12% of Amsterdam's land area.

Some sections of the river are now protected as nature reserves.

Bosutska šuma is one of two strict nature reserves in Vojvodina.

nature conservation   (doğanın korunması)

In 1939, the Bergwacht was also entrusted with nature conservation.

30 parts of it with a total of 656 ha are under nature conservation.

He obtained his doctorate in the field of European nature conservation law.

nature park

Numerous hiking trails lead through the nature park.

It is a part of the nature park Telašćica.

Geologically, the nature park belongs to the Keuper Uplands.

nature preserve   (Doğa koruma)

This section was dedicated as a nature preserve.

It is located inside an area designated as a nature preserve.

Dr. Tracey is the director of East Africa's animal hospital and nature preserve.

exact nature   (tamamen doğal)

The exact nature of his royal claim also has several tellings.

The exact nature of his involvement is, at times, hard to identify.

However, the exact nature of this prosodic contrast is very different.

very nature

Remixing is this software's very nature.

His very nature, he says, was flawed.

Consciousness is not a property of Brahman but its very nature.

found in nature

Sodium orthosilicate has not been found in nature.

Europium is not found in nature as a free element.

Contrary to quartz, GaPO is not found in nature.

laws of nature   (doğa kanunları)

Hume understands a miracle to be any event which contradicts the laws of nature.

Berkeley defends this thesis with a deductive proof stemming from the laws of nature.

One verse says that each heaven or sky has its own order, possibly meaning laws of nature.

nature trail

The site also contains a mesquite nature trail through of brush.

The park has a nature trail at Oued Souss and a visitor centre at Oued Massa.

There are several benches, picnic areas, grills, side trails, and a nature trail.

nature trails   (Doğa parkurları)

It has two nature trails totaling about in length.

There are eight nature trails in the park.

There are numerous nature trails in the hills around the town.

local nature

Poynton Coppice is a designated local nature reserve.

It was declared a local nature reserve in March 2002.

The local nature makes the Hamiltonian description viable.

national nature   (ulusal doğa)

In July 2017 Mei Neftoach was declared a national nature reserve.

In the northern part of Veľké Leváre the national nature reserve Abrod is situated.

In addition to being a national nature reserve (NNR), the marshes hold several other conservation designations.

sexual nature   (cinsel doğa)

Horn is a young man who has adventures of a sexual nature with young women.

Because of Kangiten’s esoteric sexual nature, his image is often shrouded from view.

Stoning to death was the specified "method of execution for crimes of a sexual nature".

political nature

... Nietzsche is not at all a specifically political nature.

These restrictions denote the political nature of genderqueer fashion.

This again suggests the political nature of his exclusion from public life.

nature center

The park also preserves a number of historic structures and operates a nature center.

The park also has canoe and kayak rentals, picnicking facilities, and a nature center.

The park includes a large Audubon nature center focused on the birdwatching the area is known for.

changing nature

is a movie about a friendship and about the changing nature of families.

The changing nature of tank warfare in the 1930s made all but 50 of them obsolete when the invasion began.

In 2001 the Trust changed its name to Southern Housing Group to reflect the changing nature and scope of the organization.

forces of nature

Over half of the building had succumbed to neglect and the forces of nature.

In some cases, as with agriculture, this limitation may relate to climate or other forces of nature.

This knowledge allowed humans to understand the forces of nature and the true nature of the universe.

temporary nature   (geçici doğa)

His principal subjects include beauty, death, the temporary nature of man, and memory.

In "Maachis", a young Punjabi boy engages in terrorism to fight a bad situation only to realise its temporary nature.

Interboro Partners of Brooklyn designed the landscape, incorporating inexpensive materials such as gravel and plywood, reflecting the temporary nature of the space.

nature of human

Practically, however, there are always leaders at a session, by the nature of human dynamics.

The first debates about the nature of human evolution arose between Thomas Henry Huxley and Richard Owen.

A possible explanation, for the ambiguous nature of human flirting lies in the costs associated with courtship signals.

religious nature

Several abwabs were of a religious nature.

Manuel, "like his father, took an active interest in buildings of a religious nature.

Many of these symbols denote the religious nature of the Indian community and symbolizes God.

violent nature

The music video went viral due to its extremely graphic and violent nature.

The game's violent nature, erotic elements, and portrayal of women incited controversy.

His nickname was reportedly given due either to his red hair, or his violent nature and bloodthirstiness.

similar in nature

Springsteen's performances on this tour were similar in nature to tours before, but extended in length.

In fact, Bernstein's "non-license" of verbatim retransmission of source code is very similar in nature.

Other routes in Alaska and Hawaii are similar in nature by being funded by Interstate dollars but not conforming to interstate highway standards.

against nature   (doğaya karşı)

Unfortunately it is going against nature and the dead man revives as a monster.

(1821–24), illustrating graphically again how humans were powerless against nature.

How many kids have been destroyed, how many adults have been destroyed because of crimes against nature?"

good nature

However, she later realizes their good nature and releases them.

She gets influenced by Sumathi's modesty, kindness, and good nature.

He is known for his abounding courage and almost unflappable good nature.

divine nature   (ilahi doğa)

This was said to prove that humanity held a divine nature.

The king was considered to have a divine nature, but not because of birth or immortality.

However, through knowledge one can recognize one's authentic divine nature and become a liberated being.

nature of reality

Metaphysics deals with the study of the nature of reality.

"Undone" explores "the elastic nature of reality through its central character, Alma.

Reality The nature of reality and its comparison to fiction is the most prominent theme.

national nature reserve   (ulusal doğa rezervi)

In July 2017 Mei Neftoach was declared a national nature reserve.

In the northern part of Veľké Leváre the national nature reserve Abrod is situated.

In addition to being a national nature reserve (NNR), the marshes hold several other conservation designations.

similar nature

These were later joined by Anglo-Saxon missions of a similar nature.

1 Sächsisches Polizeigesetz) of a similar nature to officers in Bavaria or Hesse.

His "Alamkara Nikasa" is a work of similar nature of enumerating and expanding upon different "alamkaras".

complex nature

Excavations in the 1960s demonstrated the complex nature of early military architecture in the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

The complex nature of the Ayyubid state meant that the ruling family itself, as well as associated Kurdish clans, had divided loyalties.

Due to the complex nature of electronics theory, laboratory experimentation is an important part of the development of electronic devices.

unique nature

They seem to have a power in their unique nature and topics.

Vildsted Lake is a unique nature resort and resting place for migrating birds.

Kat has received critical praise for her optimistic personality and the unique nature of her powers.

strict nature   (katı doğa)

Bosutska šuma is one of two strict nature reserves in Vojvodina.

Pure Lutheranism was now fortified in a number of local churches by Corpora doctrinæ of a strict nature, and the work for concord went on more and more definitely along the lines of eliminating Melanchthonism.

Polistovsky Nature Reserve Polistovsky Nature Reserve, Polistovsky Zapovednik () is a strict nature reserve (a "zapovednik") in the northwest of Russia, located in Bezhanitsky and Loknyansky Districts of Pskov Oblast, in the Polist-Lovat Swamp System.

love of nature   (doğa sevgisi)

Over the years, Emily's love of nature has been the subject of many anecdotes.

These books, set primarily in the Austrian countryside, display the author's love of nature.

From her mother, Elizabeth Louise Hammond, she inherited a love of nature and a scientific mind.

nature documentary

Nature's Microworlds Nature's Microworlds is a 2012 British nature documentary series.

Disneynature is an independent film genre label devoted to producing nature documentary films.

The characters are featured in a nature documentary show called "Wild Universe," divided into three segments.

controversial nature   (tartışmalı doğa)

Reviews of this work reflected its controversial nature.

His term in office is usually remembered for the controversial nature of his election.

Given the controversial nature of the stoppage, there were immediate calls for a rematch.

between nature

Shamans were not the only people to practice this type of communion between nature and song.

[...] This trespassing of the border between nature and mankind is an ideal place for the existence of man.

ATREE therefore, imbibed into its essence the urgent need to understand interactions between nature and human society and the dynamics therein.

understand the nature

Researchers think these studies may also help understand the nature of dark energy.

Such graphs are useful in calculus to understand the nature and behavior of a function or relation.

Section three discusses his views of how a Jew should understand the nature of Judaism as a religion.

local nature reserve

Poynton Coppice is a designated local nature reserve.

It was declared a local nature reserve in March 2002.

There is a local nature reserve at Seven Acres Country Park.

competitive nature

In early 1995, Atari announced that they had dropped the price of the Jaguar to $149.99 in order to improve its competitive nature.

Due to the sometimes competitive nature of labial elongation, some girls resort in dangerous measures in order to elongate the labia.

This was due in part to the competitive nature of the gunboats, with HMS "Bee", "Cicada", and "Cricket" already having mascots of their own.