naval officer   (海軍士官)

He later has her entertain naval officer Heinrich.

His brother was naval officer Jean Sabbagh.

Studied for naval officer he started as a cadet of the Austrian Navy.

naval base   (海軍基地)

There is also a naval base in Charleston, South Carolina.

The naval base at Trincomalee was reported to be submerged.

Officials also discovered a bomb near a major U.S. naval base.

naval forces   (海軍)

The required US naval forces would come from the Pacific Fleet.

The vessels primary task is to support naval forces with after-supplies.

The armed forces number 14,200 personal in ground, air, and naval forces.

naval gun   (海軍銃)

A naval gun was installed under a British officer and four NCOs and 27 Indian soldiers.

Gray later said Glading was becoming anxious; work seemed to have dried up after the naval gun affair.

In 1954 the Soviet Union began development of a naval gun which could be used against both air and sea targets.

naval vessels   (海軍艦艇)

In January 2019 five of Fiji's naval vessels were operational.

Before the war with Russia, the Georgian navy had 19 naval vessels.

Japanese ship Fusō Two naval vessels of Japan have been named Fusō:

naval battle   (海戦)

In combat, naval battle is now fought in real time.

This expedition culminated in the naval battle of Gravelines.

A good example of an old naval battle is the Battle of Salamis.

naval officers

The academy also commissions reserve and active-duty naval officers.

They wear Cardinal uniforms with naval officers' caps bearing the "St.L" emblem.

He was born 1903 in Üsküdar, a suburb of Istanbul, into a family of naval officers.

naval force

This force was the only Axis naval force deployed during the siege.

Overhall this naval force had little success with their intended purpose.

Prior to federation each self-governing colony had operated its own naval force.

naval service

Agnew returned to naval service in August 1939.

He entered British naval service at the age of 11 on 22 June 1809.

The Djiboutian Navy is the naval service branch of the Djibouti Armed Forces.

naval guns

In 1916 the 8.8 cm guns were replaced by three 10.5 cm SK L/45 naval guns.

Battleships sacrificed speed for armour and heavy naval guns ( or larger).

They had greater range and precision than naval guns, making them highly effective.

naval gunfire   (海軍の砲撃)

She was sunk by naval gunfire on 17 December.

"Shoreham" remained in the area and provided naval gunfire support.

She then conducted naval gunfire support off Vietnam from 29 July to 8 August.

naval aviation

The RAF controlled British naval aviation up to 1938.

Then he served in the army (naval aviation).

It was not until 1921 US naval aviation truly commenced.

naval operations

The Gulf of Finland had several major naval operations during World War II.

Main naval operations for the époque were conducted by the twin carrier Clemenceau.

He then went on to serve as the executive assistant to the chief of naval operations.

naval ships

"See list of naval ships of Egypt for a list of vessels in service."

It also inherited naval ships.

It is named for Canadian naval ships that were lost during the Second World War.

naval air

Opened in 1964 as a naval air base of Indonesia.

In World War I, List became a naval air base.

It served as the "symbolic heart" of the naval air station until the station closed in 1993.

naval blockade   (海上封鎖)

The plan was not viable due to the British naval blockade.

KD Perak involved in naval blockade in 2013 Lahad Datu standoff.

The Germans in each case failed to defeat the British naval blockade of Germany.

naval architect   (造船技師)

"Ragna IV" was designed by Danish naval architect Oscar W. Dahlstrom.

She was designed by the noted naval architect Bernard Waymouth (1824–1890).

He was employed for forty years as a naval architect and mechanical engineer.

naval power

He was frustrated in building up naval power, lacking ports and sailors.

However, Friuli had to cope with the rising naval power of the Republic of Venice.

The naval campaign was a demonstration of the Chola naval power in the Indian Ocean.

naval commander   (海軍司令官)

It was created on 9 August 1790 for the naval commander John Orde.

His elder brother, also named Jahleel, later became a celebrated naval commander and admiral.

Rudolf Cederström Olof Rudolf Cederström (8 February 1764 – 1 June 1833) was a Swedish naval commander.

naval warfare

This novel design was to revolutionize naval warfare.

It remained a common element of the medieval naval warfare.

After his return to the USSR he attended the naval warfare school.

naval bases

The other major collection of naval bases on the west coast is in Puget Sound, Washington.

This duty took her to various naval bases and yards along the Atlantic coast and to Europe on occasion.

It is organized in two naval zones (North and South), with naval bases in Luanda, Lobito and Moçâmedes.

naval career

During his naval career Simkins also served on the , , , and .

I felt that if we weren't the best, it would be my naval career."

During the Second World War he had a distinguished naval career, ending it as a Lieutenant Commander.

naval aviator   (海軍飛行士)

He served as a naval aviator during World War I.

In 1920, he was designated as a naval aviator.

He was designated a naval aviator in 1923.

naval mines

She was also equipped to lay naval mines, and she could carry 49 of them.

She struck two naval mines on the night of 11–12 December 1916 while steaming off Valona.

Secondary armament that could be carried included twelve BB-1 depth charges or six naval mines.

naval battles

Several naval battles occurred outside the port.

They were specialized for naval battles.

It was one of the few ship-to-ship naval battles of the war.

naval units

They were supported by American air and naval units.

Air force and naval units also participated in the battle.

HMCS Fraser Two Canadian naval units have been named HMCS "Fraser".

major naval   (大海軍)

Under Nabis, Gythium became a major naval arsenal and port.

The Gulf of Finland had several major naval operations during World War II.

This led to ships based there being involved in major naval engagements in both the First and Second World Wars.

naval vessel

Historically, this marked the first naval vessel equipped with radar.

"Miguel Keith" was the first naval vessel named by Secretary Spencer.

Named L.É Deirdre, it was the first naval vessel purpose-built in Ireland to patrol its waters.

naval personnel   (海軍人員)

Later many other naval personnel participated.

Almost 20 percent of the Coastal Army were naval personnel.

During World War II he taught naval personnel navigation at Northern Arizona University.

naval bombardment

In July 1547, much of the city was destroyed by an English naval bombardment.

What did not stop was the constant Allied artillery, naval bombardment and air attacks.

On March 8, 1968, the beaches at Oron came under heavy Nigerian aerial and naval bombardment.

naval history

This was seen as one of the most significant actions in naval history.

The battle is chiefly significant in naval history as the first battle between ironclads.

McKee has been recognized nationally for his contributions to the study of naval history.

naval gunfire support   (海軍の砲撃支援)

"Shoreham" remained in the area and provided naval gunfire support.

She then conducted naval gunfire support off Vietnam from 29 July to 8 August.

L-2 Grasshoppers from VMO-3 began aerial spotting missions for Marine artillery and naval gunfire support.

naval squadron

Captain Francis William Fane of the "Cambrian" commanded the Allied naval squadron.

General Bolivar appointed Wright to the newly fledged united pacific naval squadron.

A French naval squadron captured her off Sierra Leone on her sixth voyage, before she had embarked any slaves.

naval fleet   (海軍艦隊)

They are the largest surface warships in Israel's naval fleet.

The Mongol naval fleet was totally destroyed and Omar was captured.

The naval fleet rapidly attained victory in Vân Đồn near Hạ Long Bay.

first naval

Portugal became the first naval world power.

Historically, this marked the first naval vessel equipped with radar.

"Miguel Keith" was the first naval vessel named by Secretary Spencer.

naval engagement

This was a potentially decisive advantage in a naval engagement.

In World War II, the Battle of Ist was a naval engagement off Ist on 29 February 1944.

After the massive naval engagement at Lake Poyang, Zhu Yuanzhang prevailed over other rebel forces in the south.

naval station   (軍港)

In the mid-18th century the port of Gibraltar became a naval station for the Royal Navy.

As of 2018, it is the world's largest naval station by number of military members supported.

After war's end became commander of the Marinestation der Nordsee (North Sea naval station).

military and naval

To this end, he founded Argentina's military and naval colleges.

To do this, they were granted the authority from the British crown to raise military and naval forces.

The building faces East Jefferson; the entrance is heavily decorated in military and naval themes using Pewabic tiles.

naval artillery

He also reorganized the corps of naval artillery and marine infantry.

On 1 December 1916, he began to attend basic course at the naval artillery school.

As a sub-lieutenant Komatsu attended naval artillery and torpedo schools and served on the in 1912.

naval attaché   (海軍アタッシュ)

From June 1919 to April 1920, he served as naval attaché to the Hague.

From April to December 1945, Mumma also served as assistant naval attaché.

Promoted to commander in 1908, he was appointed naval attaché to Germany from 1911-1914.

air and naval

They were supported by American air and naval units.

It is a combined arms force, with land, air and naval elements.

The air and naval bombardments killed About 2,000 French civilians and 19 Germans.

naval and air

There are also naval and air personnel deployed offshore.

To this, would be added the Americans' abundant naval and air firepower.

A naval and air bombardment was planned to soften up the Le Havre fortifications.

naval ship

"Cantabria" is the second-largest naval ship currently operated by the Spanish, behind .

"Empire Parkeston" was the first naval ship to land elements of 16 Parachute Brigade on 5 November.

Chris falls in love with one of the island beauties, Mahia (Lisa Montell), while Jim, being a wanted man, seeks to escape before the naval ship sent to rescue them arrives.

naval register   (軍籍)

In 1919 the British naval register was closed.

On 29 February 1908, she was stricken from the naval register.

In 1908, she was stricken from the naval register and converted into a barracks ship.

naval aircraft

Around 120 naval aircraft were in service.

These 188 naval aircraft inflicted heavy damage on Darwin and sank eight ships.

In 1918, became the world's first carrier capable of launching and recovering naval aircraft.

naval support   (海軍のサポート)

The Dutch took advantage of the Japanese withdrawal, increasing their trade and offering naval support.

The Chinese naval support base in Djibouti began construction in 2016 and was officially opened in 2017.

Without any prospect of naval support, Breckenridge was unable to attack the Union positions and withdrew.

naval command

Sextus gave him a naval command as a Legatus, probably a "legatus pro praetore".

Her flotilla, previously under Army control, came under naval command October 1, 1862.

The British naval command was continually frustrated by the use of Machias as a staging point for militia actions in Nova Scotia.

naval exercise

The BN has sent an OPV to every MILAN multinational naval exercise held near the Andaman Islands since 2010.

In Fall 2000, the coastal defence vessel took part in the naval exercise Unified Spirit off the east coast of North America.

Milan (naval exercise) Milan is a multilateral naval exercise hosted by the Indian Navy under the aegis of the Andaman and Nicobar Command.

naval stores

"Dido", "Abdiel" and destroyers , and , having discharged naval stores at Malta, proceeded to Alexandria.

That vessel had escaped from Beaufort, North Carolina, laden with naval stores and was bound for Liverpool.

The remains of "Cairo" can be viewed at Vicksburg National Military Park with a museum of its weapons and naval stores.

naval architecture

She is without exception the noblest piece of naval architecture I ever looked upon."

Johan Neerman worked on wide variety of projects from transport systems to naval architecture.

Following his education in Belfast, he pursued a career in naval architecture and engineering.

naval expedition

They sent a naval expedition toward Lilybaeum.

Fane's Anglo-Spanish naval expedition struck first on 10 September.

The naval expedition leaves Lisbon on 24 April, with the landing operations starting on 26 April.

naval construction

That year, Stosch's naval construction program called for a tender for the new torpedo boats.

In the mid-1960s, there was an increasing need for naval construction forces in Southeast Asia.

He decided to propose an arms reduction formula based on the immediate halting of all naval construction, with future construction limits based on the ship tonnage of each country.

other naval   (他の海軍)

Later many other naval personnel participated.

In the other naval theatres there were no decisive pitched battles.

All other naval establishments would remain under the control of the Navy Section of the Ministry of Army and Navy.

largest naval

It was the largest naval battle and the only full-scale clash of battleships in that war.

As of 2018, it is the world's largest naval station by number of military members supported.

It will be the largest naval base of the Bangladesh Navy with submarine berthing and aviation facilities.

naval historian

Mackenzie was also an accomplished author and naval historian.

René Greger, another naval historian, wrote that "the type proved a total failure".

His fiercest detractor was the famous novelist and naval historian James Fenimore Cooper.

naval arms

The launch of "Dreadnought" in 1906 commenced a new naval arms race.

Soon after, the country engaged in a vastly expensive naval arms race with Argentina that nearly led to war.

This theory sparked a naval arms race between Germany and Great Britain in the first decade of the 20th century.

naval victory

It was Carthage's greatest naval victory of the war.

Two months earlier, on 27 October 1945, it also witnessed a naval victory parade.

Both sides thus sought a naval victory that might decisively alter the course of the war.

naval exercises   (海軍演習)

The area has restricted access since it is used for naval exercises.

Once there, the two vessels will take part in two naval exercises Obangame Express and Phoenix Express.

The readiness of the PO TG has been regularly trained and evaluated in the INSTREX series naval exercises.

former naval

Murison Small was a former naval officer who had designed underwater weaponry.

A former naval pilot, Oudot de Dainville was the commanding officer of the "Clemenceau" from 1993 to 1995.

The takeover of the former naval dockyard at Gibraltar as "Gibrepair" in 1985 was short-lived, a victim of local social politics.

naval intelligence   (海軍intelligence報)

The attack was credited as a "possible" success by naval intelligence.

He was "vouched for" by the Australian director of naval intelligence.

The Corps' relies on its Naval Intelligence Division for naval intelligence.

naval action   (海軍アクション)

His brother Eric was killed in a naval action during the Second World War.

Most of the Mississippi River Squadron were involved, but little naval action transpired.

In the naval action off Fort Pillow on May 10, she attacked a Union mortar boat with gunfire and rammed the ironclad .

naval war

That initiated a naval war in the Atlantic.

The same distinction was made between flags for the naval war fleet and the civilian fleet.

His 1894 novel, "The Captain of the Mary Rose" described a fictional modern naval war between Britain and France.