Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

navigation system   (sistema de navegación)

PanCam are the "eyes" of the rover and its primary navigation system.

The navigation system is capable of RNP-0.3, STARs and LNAV/VNAV approaches, and SIDs.

Data from the pitometer log is usually fed directly into the ship's navigation system.

navigation systems   (sistemas de navegación)

Recursive navigation systems are an example of this.

The major products of Denso Ten are the "Eclipse" brand car audio and navigation systems.

Other notable satellite navigation systems in use or various states of development include:

satellite navigation   (navegación satelital)

Most recent versions can use satellite navigation.

Other notable satellite navigation systems in use or various states of development include:

On certain projects, the EU and ESA co-operate, such as the upcoming Galileo satellite navigation system.

air navigation   (navegación aérea)

Their mission was to establish and operate air navigation systems at "Desert One", the base of operations within Iran.

He then started his pilot career in France and obtained more training in air navigation and as a pilot in the US, and air acrobatics in Germany.

This became the air navigation service provider for the airspace of the United States and for the New York (Atlantic) and Oakland (Pacific) oceanic areas.

inertial navigation   (navegación inercial)

It navigates primarily by GPS and high-accuracy inertial navigation.

The missile was fitted with a state-of-the-art inertial navigation unit.

The gunship's navigational devices include inertial navigation systems and a global positioning system.

head of navigation   (jefe de navegación)

Gweek is at the head of navigation of the Helford River.

Lake Thun marks the head of navigation.

The location was about above the head of navigation on the James River at what became Richmond.

radio navigation

LORAN radio navigation station Baker was a radio operations base in operation from September 1944 to July 1946.

In 1956, permission was granted to rebuild the station as part of the "Gee" radio navigation system, to be occupied for ten years.

He played a role in adding and preserving radio navigation satellite spectrum at the 1997 and 2000 World Radiocommunication Conferences.

navigation aids

Usually painted white for improved offshore visibility, they serve as navigation aids.

CCGS Cove Isle CCGS "Cove Isle" is a navigation aids tender in the Canadian Coast Guard.

Most of the beacons are gone, but the State of Montana continues to maintain several as navigation aids in mountainous terrain.

aid to navigation

The lighthouse is still an active aid to navigation.

The light is still an active aid to navigation.

It is currently an active aid to navigation.