Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

located near   (ubicado cerca)

The island is located near Kring Point State Park.

School is located near Beedsar to Nawalgarh Road .

Other mines are located near Ustrem and Gyueshevo.

near the end   (cerca del final)

There is a hostage drama near the end of the film.

The positions reverse again near the end of the song.

He begins at the beginning and ends very near the end.

near the town   (cerca del pueblo)

There are five major national parks near the town.

In 2002 Legoland built a theme park near the town.

It is located near the town of Sveti Ivan Zelina.

near the village   (cerca del pueblo)

They buried their dead ancestors near the village.

The dam is located near the village of Mmadinare.

It is southwest of Oyo, near the village of Ollombo.

near future   (futuro cercano)

They aimed to create a near future American setting.

It is set in New Orleans in the near future.

In the near future, the demands will overcome the supply.

near the city   (cerca de la cuidad)

The site is near the city of Marion, Indiana.

Pekan Rabu is located near the city's government offices.

It is located under the Gorica hill, near the city center.

situated near   (situado cerca)

This school is situated near GobindaPur village .

The school is situated near Jayrakini Annai alayam.

It is the village situated near to Kannur district.

found near   (encontrado cerca)

It is found near Davao, Talikud Island, Mindanao.

His body was found near a soccer field in Umlazi.

Oil shales are found near Vranje and Aleksinac.

near the border   (cerca del borde)

It lies near the border with the Sitti Zone.

Kimathanka is near the border with Tibet.

It was situated close to the wall near the border crossing.

village near   (pueblo cerca)

'Burncross' is named for the village near Sheffield.

Panaveli is a small village near Kottarakkara.

It is 1  km far from a village near the pipra village.

area near   (área cerca)

It is only known from a small area near Rokewood.

It is located in a privileged area near the Malecon.

He pardons them and grants them an area near Scotland.

near the mouth   (cerca de la boca)

The waterfront campus is settled near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.

It was situated near the mouth of the river Evenus on the bay of Elaea.

Gosë administrative limit has Vilë Beach,near the mouth of Shkumbini river.

near the base   (cerca de la base)

The columella has one or two teeth near the base.

Most of the leaves grow near the base of the plant.

Forewings with arched costa from near the base.

farm near   (granja cerca)

Nicholson was born on a farm near Struble, Iowa.

He was born on a farm near Acton, Maine June 24, 1843.

Al Bramlet was born on a farm near Jonesboro, Arkansas.

built near   (construido cerca)

Stadium is built near the coast of Adriatic Sea.

Kalavryta is built near the ancient city of Cynaetha.

Many villages were built near rivers or along the coast.

near the site   (cerca del sitio)

The parts were salvaged and restored near the site.

A danger sign was erected near the site later the same year.

It is in what is now suburban Racine, near the site of his farm.

born near   (nacido cerca)

Samuel A. Davenport was born near Watkins, New York.

Elias Deemer was born near Durham, Pennsylvania.

Marlin E. Olmsted was born near Ulysses, Pennsylvania.

land near   (tierra cerca)

Mantella ebenaui lay their eggs on land near the water.

Three land near the defence ministry.

They also sometimes stun enemies when they land near or on them.

near the center   (cerca del centro)

The base is in diameter and thick near the center.

It is located near the center of Iosco County.

A dark triangular patch found near the center of each costa.

near the top   (cerca de la cima)

There is a simple cornice near the top of the facade.

The three submarginal cells are near the top of the wing .

The main cave is near the top of a cliff overlooking the river.

near the intersection   (cerca de la intersección)

It is located near the intersection of I-275 and 6 Mile Rd.

He then deployed his artillery on an eminence near the intersection.

The museum is located at 301 West Panola near the intersection of U.S.

site near   (sitio cerca)

Modern scholars place its site near the modern Dimitsana.

Mannarasala Temple is a famous pilgrimage site near the village.

A statue of Strauss was moved in 1955 to a site near the bridge.

very near   (muy cerca)

The Janapar Trail runs very near to the Fortress.

Edavaka village is very near Mananthavady town.

He begins at the beginning and ends very near the end.

town near   (ciudad cerca)

He is also mayor of Allauch, a town near Marseille.

Thompson grew up in a small town near Vancouver.

He also founded a walled town near the castle.

lived near   (vivió cerca)

Police Captain Herbert Smoth lived near Manifest.

It had functioning legs and lived near the shore.

Maxim lived near Keith Flint, a fan of Liam Howlett.

place near   (lugar cerca)

The poem's action takes place near the town of Hiršberg.

Salt-making continued to take place near the Adur estuary.

This event took place near a golf course.

location near   (ubicación cerca)

Its name derives from its location near the former mint.

The community was named from its location near the Sucarnoochee River.

In May 1999, the venue moved to another temporary location near the Ostbahnhof.

near the coast   (cerca de la costa)

Salta lies near the coast of northwestern Cumbria.

Stadium is built near the coast of Adriatic Sea.

Ceawlin's campaigns are not given as near the coast.

house near   (casa cerca)

Flint lived in a listed Tudor manor house near Dunmow, Essex.

Debris of the tower killed a couple in a house near the tower.

They decided to let Caroline Place and find a house near the base.

near the river   (cerca del río)

They place the statue near the river.

It was built near the river Nemunas.

It is located near the river Linde and a recreational bicycle path.

lies near   (se encuentra cerca)

Salta lies near the coast of northwestern Cumbria.

This crater lies near the north pole of the Moon.

Masani barrage on the river lies near Dahuhera.

areas near   (áreas cercanas)

There are two wildlife areas near Monti.

There are usually small white areas near the base of the tail.

He served mainly in the areas near Benghazi, Derna, and Tobruk.

station near   (estación cerca)

There is no railway station near to Badiyadka.

(KMXE is now a classic rock station near Billings, Montana.)

There is no railway station near to Ganeor in less than 10 km.

river near   (río cerca)

It flows into the Morava river near Hanušovice town.

A once well-used ford crossed the river near Golant.

Death Railway crosses the river near Anankwin village.

near the entrance   (cerca de la entrada)

A house had a fireplace near the entrance.

"San Flaviano" sank near the entrance of Balikpapan harbour.

The second video showed the bombing from a front door near the entrance.

camp near   (acampar cerca)

Gish was a native of Seco, a coal camp near Whitesburg.

Climbers typically camp near Ruby Lake north of the peak.

He died in a detention camp near Slocan, British Columbia.

near what   (cerca de qué)

Some of these people may have camped or hunted near what is today Riverside.

Peter and George took up land at Twofold Bay in southern New South Wales near what is now Eden.

His summer capital was in Shangdu (, "Upper Capital", also called Xanadu, near what today is Dolon Nor).

near his home   (cerca de su casa)

He attended a country school near his home.

He died at the age of 91 near his home in Manhattan, New York City.

His studio was located in Roosevelt, New Jersey, near his home there.

line near   (línea cerca)

The away/alternate t-shirt had a red v shaped line near the collar.

By 4 April the division had taken over a section of the front line near Cassel.

A link line was built from the Leven nos 1 and 2 pits branch to join the new line near Methil.

living near   (viviendo cerca)

So many monkeys are living near this temple.

As of 2010, he was living near Herschel.

Theravada Buddhism is practiced by groups living near the Burmese border.

up near   (cerca)

Temporary shelters were also set up near Acapulco.

Kneipp was born in Brisbane and grew up near Cairns.

He grew up near Savannah, Tennessee.

near the southern   (cerca del sur)

The family tomb is located near the southern end of the property.

It is located near the southern border of Guernsey and Noble counties.

On October 3, a tropical storm developed near the southern coast of Cuba.

near the junction   (cerca del cruce)

There is also one Ayyappa temple near the junction.

The signal box was near the junction.

The village is near the junction of Estonian national roads T12 and T13.

landfall near   (tocar tierra cerca)

A minimal tropical storm made landfall near Destin in July.

Shortly thereafter, Bonnie made landfall near High Island, Texas.

The following day, Rick made landfall near Mazatlán with winds of .

near the present   (cerca del presente)

North Station would be underground near the present station.

The Heike and Genji fought at Dan-no-ura near the present Kanmonkyo Bridge.

The settlement was formerly closer to the sea, near the present locality Ariones.

near threatened   (casi amenazado)

This species is listed as lower risk, near threatened.

As a result the IUCN placed it in the "near threatened" category.

Bottle tree scrub is a key habitat of the near threatened black-breasted buttonquail.

settled near   (se instaló cerca)

Savvaty settled near a chapel on the Vyg River.

As before, workers and traders settled near the station.

In 1938, the couple settled near Taos on the Talpa ridge.

near modern   (casi moderno)

Its site is near modern Çandarlı, Asiatic Turkey.

The capital is Al-Mu'miniya (near modern Hofuf).

Its site is located near modern Dramesi in Paralia Avlidas.

near the surface   (cerca de la superficie)

Many artifacts were found at or near the surface.

A large sill is evident near the surface above Wythburndale.

Also near the surface the fault can have multiple rupture zones.

road near   (camino cerca)

And the beginning area of the road near Sanam Luang.

Jalan Jim Quee, a road near Bukit Chagar, is named after him.

Today these trees still flank the park road near the campground.

near the bottom   (cerca del fondo)

The near miss also caused a hole , near the bottom of the ship.

The younger fish stay near the bottom in order to avoid predators.

American Samoa's national team is ranked near the bottom of the FIFA rankings.

buried near   (enterrado cerca)

He was buried near St. Michael's church in Loretto.

He is buried near a sea embankment in Simuay.

He was buried near the church of Saint Nicolas de Jaffa.

home near   (casa cerca)

He died at home near Stonewall at the age of 62.

She died in 1958 at her home near Hawkhurst.

Stephens died at his home near Lynchburg on July 25, 1951.

near water   (cerca del agua)

They often congregate near water, and are good swimmers.

The species lives in and near water in freshwater habitat.

Elephants tend to stay near water sources.

near the northern   (cerca del norte)

It is located near the northern tip of Banhos Avenue.

The Hutchinson River empties into Eastchester Bay near the northern end.

The hamlet of Moycarkey is located near the northern apex of the townland.

near downtown   (cerca del centro)

Fort Hayes is located near downtown Columbus, Ohio.

Route 443 begins as a local street near downtown Lod.

There are three senior care facilities in or near downtown.

near death   (Cercano a la muerte)

Police found Aaron, near death from blood loss.

As a result of his exertions, Stark lingers near death.

Research also includes the study of the near death experience.

nowhere near   (ningun lugar cerca)

But it was nowhere near below [the belt].

Despite moderate success, "O2" got nowhere near the market impact of their first album.

Sisko realizes he must take the station now, though his fleet is nowhere near large enough.

live near   (vivir cerca)

A small number of Shuwa Arabs live near Lake Chad.

Her parents, as of 2011, live near Yokohama.

The couple live near Southwold in Suffolk.

near the main   (cerca del principal)

There are two additional fields near the main ground.

A residential complex is near the main campus.

It also has a vegetarian restaurant near the main market.

near the confluence   (cerca de la confluencia)

Nazat is located near the confluence of the Bidyadhari and the Besti.

It is located near the confluence of torrent Vara into the Magra river.

It is located near the confluence of the rivers Jiul de Est, Taia and Jieț.

near the centre   (cerca del centro)

They build an orb web and rest near the centre.

There is also a mosque on elevated ground near the centre.

In 1860, near the centre of the Hundred, T. & W. Day leased .

near the eastern   (cerca del este)

It is near the eastern edge of the Canadian Prairies.

It is mountainous, especially near the eastern border.

There is a small island near the eastern shore called Deowongo Island.

placed near   (colocado cerca)

A Lord Shiva temple and Ram Mandir are placed near to each other.

A floral arrangement in the shape of a dollar sign was placed near her casket.

Windows are placed near the base of the two sections on the sides of the facade.

estate near   (finca cerca)

Dhanraj Tamang is a popular an honest labour in a tea estate near Darjeeling.

After forty days Perboundos was found hiding on the translator's estate near Bizye.

Fyning Hill Fyning Hill is a large estate near the village of Rogate in West Sussex.

near the western   (cerca del oeste)

The Tiber flows near the western side of the mountain.

The main entrance is near the western end of the north wall.

The town of Poronaysk is located near the western mouth of the river.

collected near   (recogido cerca)

It was first collected near Springwood by J.J. Fletcher in September 1887.

Nash from a specimen collected near Warooka and the description was published in "Muelleria".

The formal description was published in "Muelleria" from a specimen collected near Naracoorte.

near the station   (Cerca de la estación)

A transport mural is located near the station site.

A goods shed and silos exist near the station.

The china clay works near the station closed in 2008/09.

took place near   (tuvo lugar cerca)

This event took place near a golf course.

The final task took place near a lake.

The Battle of Mount Gindarus took place near the town in 38 BC.

hill near   (colina cerca)

They established a camp on a hill near Adys.

Bignor Hill Bignor Hill is a hill near Bignor in Sussex.

Phnom Dei is a hill near Siem Reap.

made landfall near   (tocó tierra cerca)

A minimal tropical storm made landfall near Destin in July.

Shortly thereafter, Bonnie made landfall near High Island, Texas.

The following day, Rick made landfall near Mazatlán with winds of .

crashed near   (se estrelló cerca)

As the C-47 descended for landing, it crashed near Sarakawa.

AII-254) crashed near RAAF Darwin.

He died on 11 November 1941, when his aircraft crashed near Le Vigan, Gard.

near the church   (cerca de la iglesia)

It was run from Tavlhøj near the church and school.

In 1750 a large cemetery was added near the church.

Two other bombs were discovered near the church.

passes near   (pasa cerca)

The Nahr al-Awaj river (ancient Pharpar) passes near the town.

The Cape to Cape Track passes near the lookout over the rocks.

Hong Kong Trail Stage 5 passes near the summit of Mount Butler.

occurred near   (ocurrió cerca)

Two other incidents with vessels occurred near Ma Wan and Tuen Mun.

The massacre occurred near Dhaka Medical College and Ramna Park in Dhaka.

The Battle of Seminara in the First Italian War occurred near the town in 1495.

home located near   (casa ubicada cerca)

Genesar Genesar is a historic home located near Berlin, Worcester County, Maryland, United States.

Fat Oxen Fat Oxen is a historic home located near Urbana, Frederick County, Maryland, United States.

Acquinsicke Acquinsicke is a historic home located near Pomfret, Charles County, Maryland, United States.

near the modern   (cerca de lo moderno)

The site of Lete is the near the modern Liti.

Modern scholars place its site near the modern Dimitsana.

Modern scholars place its site is located near the modern Solos.

near the front   (Cerca del frente)

The park also has a Portuguese restaurant near the front gates.

The 767 has left-side exit doors near the front and rear of the aircraft.

After her training in Paris, Hale worked in canteens near the front, at Bordeaux.

near the old   (cerca de lo viejo)

Another legend is that a cache of gold is somewhere near the old mill.

It is by the bridge across Fourteen Mile Creek near the old camp entrance.

A new Allmendingen Castle was built near the old castle during the 16th or 17th century.

discovered near   (descubierto cerca)

Two other bombs were discovered near the church.

In 1947 a major oil field was discovered near Edmonton.

In early 1872, copper ore was discovered near Roebourne.

near the community   (cerca de la comunidad)

It is near the community of Raquette Lake, New York.

It is near the community of Zoar.

The privately owned and operated Homewood Airport is located near the community.

coast near   (costa cerca)

Ashford currently lives on the Welsh coast near Aberystwyth.

It was based at Latrobe on Tasmania's north coast near the town of Devonport.

Dolphins are commonly encountered on the north coast near Singaraja and Lovina.

near the summit   (cerca de la cumbre)

The telescope is near the summit of Mauna Kea at .

This trail meets the main trail near the summit.

There is a television mast near the summit.

field near   (campo cerca)

Edakkottupadam is a small paddy field near the Perumanna market.

The River Culm begins in a marshy field near Culmhead (picture 1).

Some were in a field near a lake to which they had tried to escape."

school near   (escuela cerca)

For a year he taught school near Bingen am Rhein.

He attended a country school near his home.

There is a JNV, Gajanur (JVNG) boarding school near Gajanur.

park near   (parque cerca)

In 2002 Legoland built a theme park near the town.

The "Seals at Play" exhibit was located in the centre of the park near the Carousel.

Skaters in Ankara usually meet in the park near the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

building near   (construyendo cerca)

It met at 5 Parkshot, a Grade II listed building near Richmond Green.

Africentric was moved into a newly built building near the John Glenn airport in 2016.

A workroom was set up in a factory building near St. Pancras between August 1914 and August 1915.

near the lake   (cerca del lago)

Cobham Lake Station is a cattle station, located near the lake .

It starts near the lake's far end.

In Israel, farmers set out food for them to keep them from damaging crops near the lake.

city near   (ciudad cerca)

It is formally known as , in Fujiidera city near Osaka.

Franjo Pooth is originally from Meerbusch, a city near Düsseldorf.

He is also mayor of Lavaur, a historic city near Toulouse, since 1995.

border near   (frontera cerca)

HSL 3 continues this route from Liège to the German border near Aachen.

It flows initially southwest, then northwest and crosses the Albanian border near Ktismata.

Melli Melli (also spelled Malli) is a town on the West Bengal-Sikkim border near the River Teesta.

region near   (región cercana)

His mother's family was Swedish from the region near Algaras.

The stem surface is dry and smooth except for a powdery region near the apex.

Thuthiyoor Thuthiyoor is a region near Kakkanad in the city of Kochi in Kerala, India.

near the middle   (cerca del medio)

A blurry dark blotch is found near the middle of each forewing.

A black-outlined dark area is found near the middle of the wing.

A small black dumbbell-shaped mark is found near the middle of the forewing.

battle near   (batalla cerca)

In 343/344/348 Shapur met Constantius in a battle near Singara.

In a battle near Lucera he became the first person to use an arquebus on horseback.

On August 13, 1944 Ivan Turkenich was mortally wounded in a battle near Głogów, Poland.

anywhere near   (En cualquier lugar cerca)

But I don't think Blake is anywhere near [ready]."

Unfortunately the truck never reached speeds anywhere near close enough to take the record.

There are no rocks of Jurassic or Cretaceous age preserved anywhere near the Lake District.

point near   (punto cerca)

Its average width is 1.7 miles (2.7 km), and it is at its widest point near Aurora.

The expanding gasses would drive the piston up the tube until the reached a point near the top.

After noon, the Midlanders and Royal Grenadiers moved forward again, to a point near the Batoche Cemetery.

near the former   (cerca del primero)

Its name derives from its location near the former mint.

In Herne, a street near the former Shamrock coal mine was named after him.

The track contains a kink near the former station site, where the rail yard area once was.

near the beginning   (cerca del principio)

Heddle looms were popular near the beginning of the 20th century.

It is featured in a sequence near the beginning of the feature film "Xanadu".

The side-friction coaster was invented near the beginning of the 20th century.

near the original   (cerca del original)

It was opened in 1997 near the original at-grade station.

A replica of the fort has been constructed near the original site.

Church Hill was named for the churches near the original town site.

ground near   (suelo cerca)

There is also a mosque on elevated ground near the centre.

Eggs are laid with a copious secretion in the ground near the host plant.

She finds a man on the ground near her jeep, covered in blood and dead from a bullet wound.

down near   (abajo cerca)

The USAir plane touched down near the runway threshold.

To accomplish this, the grass is cut down near the base.

The first tornado was an F1 twister that touched down near Earl.