nearby town   (近くの町)

Metro links exist in the nearby town of Mislata.

She does make some wishes which improves a nearby town.

The first mention dates to the nearby town of Tapogliano.

nearby village   (近くの村)

There is a fountain with a nearby village green.

The name is derived from the nearby village of Knock.

Tahu is center of education for nearby village areas.

located nearby   (近くにあります)

The source of the Po River is located nearby, at .

A family alter built with brick is located nearby.

Nimrod, an Israeli settlement, is located nearby.

nearby villages   (近くの村)

Some cowherds from nearby villages used to go there.

Other nearby villages include Loughstone.

Thazhekkad is covering a vide area comparing to its nearby villages.

other nearby   (他の近く)

Muslims are very rare compared to other nearby places.

The hotel extends itself to other nearby renovated buildings.

Nedden moved to other nearby islands.

nearby towns

Crime is very low in Accrington compared to nearby towns.

The nearby towns surrendered voluntarily.

The village is connected by roads and by rail to nearby towns.

nearby city

She was found three days later in the nearby city of Kant.

For higher study, people can go to the nearby city of Dehri.

Thrikkariyoor is the nearby city.

nearby areas

Pharsatikar is an educational hub of nearby areas.

Settlers occupied the abandoned fort and nearby areas.

Jhamatpur Baharan railway station serves nearby areas.

nearby cities

Heavy manufacturing took hold in nearby cities.

Jeeps are available for the nearby cities of Bageshwar and Chaukori.

Guruvayoor, Irinjalakuda, Thrissur and Kodungallur are nearby cities.

nearby islands

It is found in Australia and nearby islands.

Some 300 Chinese troops survived by swimming to nearby islands.

Nedden moved to other nearby islands.

built nearby

The audience hall was built nearby at the unknown year.

A one-and-a-half-story keeper's house was built nearby.

In 1898 Clyde Engineering was built nearby to the river.

nearby communities

It takes its name from the nearby communities of Ambrì and Piotta.

Many users of the lake live in the large nearby communities of Carbondale and Marion.

Other nearby communities on the lake are Garden Hill, St. Theresa Point and Wasagamack.

moved to nearby

Local residents moved to nearby Calcata Nuova.

Later they moved to nearby Regent Place.

Clark's family moved to nearby Chicago when she was a child.

nearby island

The strait is named after the nearby island Nærøya.

Queen Eagala- The queen of Warbler, a nearby island.

The divers were landed with their SBs on the nearby island of Gangsøy.

lived nearby

The bridge was named for a family who lived nearby.

He lived nearby at 5 Argyll Square (now demolished).

One day, he was visited by a young nun who lived nearby.

nearby river

The nearby river Åelva is a very good salmon river.

A nearby river is named the Caraguatá River.

It is named for the nearby river Dinkel.

nearby hill

The remains of an old castle are visible on a nearby hill.

While observing the mission from atop a nearby hill, he was shot and killed.

He led the carriages behind a nearby hill not visible from the remainder of the rebel convoy.

found nearby

The Faneuil Hall Marketplace can also be found nearby.

His body was later found nearby in the mud.

An oven and pots from the Iron Age were also found nearby.

nearby buildings

The huge dome with magnificent lantern tower still dominates the nearby buildings.

The highway runs north through rural land with nearby buildings and enters Burlington Township.

There were fears that cars and windows of nearby buildings would be smashed by large chunks of ice.

located in nearby

Kumamoto Airport is located in nearby Mashiki.

An Open-Air Museum of Archeology is located in nearby Březno.

The historic Babelsberg Studios and the production company UFA are located in nearby Potsdam.

nearby area

A nearby area is known as Chinguetué (land of the chingues).

Many mountain activities are available in the valley and nearby area.

The nearby area is home to numerous seaside cabins and vacation homes.

up in nearby

Donovan was born in Grimsby and grew up in nearby Tetney.

Clarke was born in Sunderland and brought up in nearby Washington.

Apke was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and grew up in nearby Mt.

nearby mountains

Clashes also continued in the nearby mountains.

Also nearby mountains are Mt Jukes, Mt Ossa and Mt Brampton.

North Peak was named for the fact it is north of other nearby mountains.

several nearby

Samara authorities purchased also several nearby plots of land.

There are several nearby hiking trails, including a 9 km (5.5 mi.)

Ginter also had a hand in developing several nearby neighborhoods.

nearby mountain

She leads the Moochmore girls on a dawn climb of a nearby mountain.

The village gets its name from a nearby mountain called Rocca Barbena.

Leskovik and the nearby mountain Melesin was the site of a battle in 1831.

nearby hospital

He died at a nearby hospital from a heart attack.

600 survivors were rescued by a nearby hospital ship.

He died in an ambulance while being rushed to a nearby hospital.

nearby church

Sangallo also designed the nearby church of Santa Maria Maddalena.

A different bust and memorial is inside the nearby church of St Mary-le-Bow.

On 24 January 1981, Hoe spotted Agnes at a nearby church and lured her to the flat.

nearby residents

The nearby residents from Olib kept sheep all the year.

Initially, Newbridge College only offers courses to nearby residents.

For the children of the village and nearby residents are one elementary and one middle public schools.

nearby forest

He managed to escape on his horse to a nearby forest.

Angel escapes the house and runs into a nearby forest.

Some reached the nearby forest, but most of them were caught and killed.

nearby community   (近くのコミュニティ)

It takes its name from the nearby community of Lavorgo.

The lens is on display in Clausen Museum in the nearby community of Petersburg.

Casablanca Tit Mellil Airport is located in the nearby community of Tit Mellil.

nearby house

Ommadawn was actually recorded in his nearby house, "The Beacon".

In 1777 the hall was again expanded by incorporating a nearby house into the structure.

The boys set out to find replacement plates and end up stealing some from a nearby house.

nearby lake

The pair escapes into a nearby lake.

The area was known for the plentiful syrmans caught in the nearby lake.

The snow is then dumped on the outskirts of town, or in a nearby lake, river or harbor.

name from nearby   (近くからの名前)

The community takes its name from nearby Rush Run.

The community takes its name from nearby Elk Creek.

The community took its name from nearby Money Creek.

nearby settlements

Other nearby settlements are Eglwyswen, Hermon, Pentre Galar and Hebron.

After Stalin's death, Lithuanian exiles from the nearby settlements moved in.

Over 120 Polish railway workers from nearby settlements were killed in the rubble.

nearby railway

The Wazirabad-Faisalabad rail link is the only nearby railway line.

It's interconnected with nearby railway station Sant Andreu Comtal.

Rayanapadu railway station is the nearby railway station to the town.

nearby hills

Ore was found in the nearby hills, leading to the town's boom.

In Neolithic times local Celtic tribes mined copper and salt in the nearby hills.

After a lengthy preparation, shelling of the city from nearby hills began in July.

nearby places

Muslims are very rare compared to other nearby places.

Other nearby places are named after Roland.

Ponkunnam, Kanjirappally and Pala are nearby places of Panamattom.

another nearby   (近くの別の)

The route then intersected with Lineman Road, another nearby dead-end highway.

It is home to three cinemas and another nearby as Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theatre.

She formed her stage name after her birthplace of Oran and the name of Mazis, another nearby town.

nearby building

He also played behind a nearby building that later became Ray Lee's Blue Lantern Lounge.

He takes drugs when they are offered to him by people who are squatting in a nearby building.

Inspecting a nearby building, they find no one there and head to a restaurant to toast the party.

nearby woods

These men stopped the vehicle and dragged Taylor into nearby woods.

Several prehistoric tumuli are located in a nearby woods along the road.

They had taken refuge in the nearby woods and were not pursued by the British.

nearby farm

Holmes writes a message—in dancing figure characters—and has it delivered to a lodger at a nearby farm.

The movie was filmed in a glass home in Poughkeepsie, New York, along the Hudson River, and a nearby farm.

James and Alda Hopkins Clark lived at Keewaydin, a farm located near Ellicott City, Maryland, and also owned a nearby farm known as Elioak Farm.

nearby regions

Another plebiscite was held in nearby regions that sought to join the area on February 6.

It is found in Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, and nearby regions of Venezuela and Brazil.

They may also belong to Jatt clan, predominantly landlords in areas of Present-Day Kashmir and nearby regions.

living nearby

Davey befriends Kim, a girl living nearby.

All Muslims including those living nearby were forcefully denied access.

Thanks to civilians living nearby, the organisation regularly received medical supplies.

nearby countries

She was known to have been seen in the nearby countries, such as Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria.

Lusata Festival Lusata Festival is an annual festival for all Mafwe tribal people of Namibia and nearby countries.

Since around the turn of the 21st century, there have been several proposals for a railway between Burundi and nearby countries.

nearby site   (近くのサイト)

A nearby site (Wotton Hill SSSI) supports this rare plant also.

Dense local clay, dug up at a nearby site, is essential to Acoma pottery.

In the early 2000s, this station was replaced and relocated to a nearby site just above Grizzly Peak Blvd.

nearby include

Major cities nearby include Zanesville () and Marietta ().

Cities nearby include Hämeenlinna, Tampere, Lahti and Forssa.

Other monasteries nearby include Shkhmuradi, Srveghi, and Kaptavank.

situated nearby

The castle of Calatrava la Vieja is situated nearby.

A limekiln was also situated nearby at NS 2706 4309.

The settlement of Chamangá is situated nearby.

along with nearby

Remnants of the town can still be seen today along with nearby Virginia City.

In 1860 Albany, along with nearby Watervliet and Troy, was the largest lumber market in the state.

Al-Zahraa has a predominantly Shia Muslim population and, along with nearby Nubl, forms a small Shia-inhabited pocket in a mostly Sunni Muslim area in the Aleppo Governorate.

raised in nearby

Owens was born in 1970 in Euclid, Ohio and raised in nearby Norwalk, Ohio.

Thayer was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and raised in nearby Worcester.

He was born in Memphis, Tennessee and raised in nearby Hernando, Mississippi.

based in nearby

The other businesses are based in nearby Mayfair.

There also is the Anstey Town Football Team who were until recently (May 2009) based in nearby Thurcaston.

France then flew in 300 troops and put three Dassault Mirage F1 jet fighters based in nearby Gabon on standby.