İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

nearly all   (Neredeyse hepsi)

FunTown has developed nearly all games in-house.

are fungi that are present in nearly all soils.

As of 2013, nearly all built still remain in service.

nearly every   (neredeyse her)

She even played fiddle on nearly every track for them.

They were present at nearly every WAAKE-UP!

The planes machine-gunned nearly every rooftop in the town.

nearly half   (neredeyse yarısı)

No one had felt their board in nearly half a decade.

Grant, lost nearly half of its men, 209 of 428.

The riot took up nearly half an hour with all the replays.

nearly identical   (neredeyse özdeş)

All three schools are nearly identical in design.

PITA rules are nearly identical to ATA rules.

Both components have a nearly identical API.

nearly a year   (neredeyse bir yıl)

She was unable to fly for nearly a year after.

He left the series for nearly a year and a half to recover.

Planning for the chariot race took nearly a year to complete.

nearly a decade   (neredeyse on yıl)

It was their last single in the UK for nearly a decade.

For nearly a decade, Algardi struggled for recognition.

Ellis remained at Xerox PARC and Stanford University for nearly a decade.

nearly two years   (neredeyse iki yıl)

The album was released nearly two years later.

Christina spent nearly two years on the tour of this album.

The union and board have been in negotiations for nearly two years.

nearly complete   (neredeyse tamamlandı)

The first step of the project is nearly complete.

The oldest nearly complete version, E breaks off at this point.

Denver also has a nearly complete beltway known as "the 470's".

nearly impossible   (neredeyse imkansız)

Surprise would be nearly impossible to achieve.

The existing tax system made free trade nearly impossible.

Its removal is nearly impossible without mechanical means.

nearly always   (Neredeyse her zaman)

Creators will nearly always copyright their games.

The condition is nearly always limited to one side.

Thus, there nearly always exists a shortage for buyers.

not nearly   (yakın değil)

CNTs are not nearly as strong under compression.

He is a powerful wizard, but not nearly as skilled as Han.

Crime was not nearly as widespread in other cities and towns.

nearly killed   (neredeyse öldürüldü)

The birth was a difficult one and nearly killed Phiny.

Gratus is thrown from his spooked horse and nearly killed.

We're finally putting out the record that nearly killed us.

spent nearly   (neredeyse harcadı)

In , he spent nearly the entire year in the majors.

Burton spent nearly 23 years (1975 to 1997) with ABC.

Scaife spent nearly $2 million on the project.

nearly two decades   (yaklaşık yirmi yıl)

However, the project languished for nearly two decades.

For nearly two decades, he worked as an architect and made paintings in Amherst.

Auzenne spent nearly two decades in Corporate America as a manager and executive.

nearly the same   (neredeyse aynı)

gla1ve, however, killed s1mple at nearly the same time.

The crater has nearly the same low albedo as the nearby surface.

In 1877 it was separated by with nearly the same position angle (121°).

nearly a century   (yaklaşık bir yüzyıl)

This form of government continued for nearly a century.

It would not spread to the rest of Europe for nearly a century.

What started Siegel and Shuster nearly a century ago is still going strong today.

nearly twenty   (yaklaşık yirmi)

At the same time, nearly twenty units were disbanded.

It was then rejected by nearly twenty book publishers.

This design remained unchanged for nearly twenty years.

nearly doubled   (neredeyse iki katına çıktı)

He nearly doubled the height record in 2010 to .

In terms of calories, domestic output nearly doubled.

During his reign the palace nearly doubled in surface.

nearly ten   (neredeyse on)

The album sold nearly ten thousand copies in Taiwan.

As he put it, "For nearly ten years I had clung to Nanny.

It was Bo's first national broadcasting work in nearly ten years.

nearly the entire   (neredeyse tamamı)

In , he spent nearly the entire year in the majors.

The following year the Maroons signed nearly the entire Montreal A.A.A.

By the end of the decade, nearly the entire landfill had been developed.

very nearly   (neredeyse)

The journey took 77 days and very nearly ended in disaster.

Thus, the Earth's average temperature is very nearly stable.

All the same it's a major work and very nearly a masterpiece...

nearly three years   (yaklaşık üç yıl)

After nearly three years in prison, he was deported to Siberia.

Shaw worked for nearly three years as a daily newspaper reporter.

For nearly three years the manuscript was published by Suhrkamp Verlag.

nearly twice   (neredeyse iki kez)

It cost £77,000, nearly twice the original budget.

It has an estimated 162% of the Sun's mass and nearly twice the Sun's radius.

Classes 11, 12 and 21 were nearly twice as powerful as Classes 22, 23 and 25.

nearly destroyed   (neredeyse yok edildi)

Another pier in Port Aransas was nearly destroyed.

It was nearly destroyed by a fire in 1994.

The library was nearly destroyed by fire on December 13, 1979.

nearly thirty   (neredeyse otuz)

In all, he served on city council for nearly thirty years.

Among her many roles in a career of nearly thirty years were:

By the late 1990's, courts in nearly thirty states recognized the claim.

took nearly   (neredeyse aldı)

The project took nearly a full year to be produced.

It took nearly 20 years for public opinion to shift.

It took nearly 40 minutes for the first surgeon to show up.

nearly twenty years   (yaklaşık yirmi yıl)

This design remained unchanged for nearly twenty years.

Philpott suffered from various forms of cancer for nearly twenty years.

The chromosomal region of 18q has shown consistent LOH for nearly twenty years.

nearly four years   (neredeyse dört yıl)

It is Minaj's first album in nearly four years, following "The Pinkprint" (2014).

He spent nearly four years at Highbury, but was never a regular first team player.

April 13th, 2019 Cypress Gardens reopened after nearly four years of being closed.

nearly equal   (neredeyse eşit)

The stem is long by thick, and nearly equal in width throughout its length.

The Balkan Mountains divide Bulgaria into two nearly equal drainage systems.

Another problem of loss of significance occurs when two nearly equal numbers are subtracted.

nearly double   (neredeyse iki kat)

Ball speeds are nearly double that of an average golfer (220 mph).

Tau Eridani has 178% of the Sun's mass and nearly double the radius of the Sun.

For this reason, as mentioned above, the true rate of interest is nearly double.

nearly fifty   (neredeyse elli)

Hofman reported nearly fifty people had attended.

Between 1906 and 1973, Robinne would appear in nearly fifty films.

For nearly fifty years this group raised funds to support a library.

nearly ten years   (neredeyse on yıl)

As he put it, "For nearly ten years I had clung to Nanny.

It was Bo's first national broadcasting work in nearly ten years.

It is her first tour in nearly ten years after the Back To Basics Tour.

nearly forty   (neredeyse kırk)

But for nearly forty days they remained intact.

He wrote nearly forty cover stories.

The topographical survey he carried out will still be used nearly forty years later.

nearly extinct   (neredeyse tükenmiş)

Today, the variety is nearly extinct on the island.

Its speakers are shifting to Tagalog, and it is nearly extinct.

Hmwaeke dialect is nearly extinct.

sold nearly   (neredeyse satıldı)

The book reportedly sold nearly two million copies.

The album sold nearly ten thousand copies in Taiwan.

Called the "Fengyun", Chery's first car sold nearly 30,000 units.

nearly three decades   (yaklaşık otuz yıl)

The "S" has not been repainted for nearly three decades.

His film credits are numerous, spanning nearly three decades.

Su retired after nearly three decades of service to the church, after which the Rev.

nearly thirty years   (neredeyse otuz yıl)

In all, he served on city council for nearly thirty years.

Among her many roles in a career of nearly thirty years were:

He served in the Navy for nearly thirty years, becoming a qualified submarine officer and deep-sea diver.

nearly a month   (neredeyse bir ay)

Emperor Constantine arrived nearly a month later on 14 June.

He spent nearly a month there and suffered a lot from lack of sleep.

It took them nearly a month to cover , and on 14 March, they cleared the ice.

nearly straight   (neredeyse düz)

The spire is conic, with nearly straight outlines.

The spire is conical, with nearly straight outlines.

The front margin of the disc is nearly straight.

nearly died   (neredeyse öldü)

Before he had a chance to start with the band, however, Reinhardt nearly died.

In 1971 he and songwriter Jimmy Webb nearly died in a glider aircraft accident.

During the filming of "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly", Wallach nearly died three times.

nearly five years   (yaklaşık beş yıl)

She survived him by nearly five years.

He retained his post as Minister of Energy for nearly five years.

He served nearly five years of active duty with the US Army 1st Armored Division.

lost nearly   (neredeyse kaybetmek)

Grant, lost nearly half of its men, 209 of 428.

The average Venezuelan has lost nearly 24 lbs.

The Ottoman Empire lost nearly all of its holdings in Europe.

nearly so   (neredeyse)

It is insoluble in water, and nearly so in cold alcohol.

The rules state that the body should be vertical, or nearly so, for entry.

Their schedules are random, based as it only when the minibus is full or nearly so.

lasted nearly   (neredeyse sürdü)

The trial lasted nearly three months.

The fighting lasted nearly an hour.

JTG lasted nearly 12 minutes before he was eliminated by The Undertaker.

nearly a quarter   (neredeyse çeyrek)

A century ago, Europe had nearly a quarter of the world's population.

In 2005, nearly a quarter of the population was employed by industrial factories.

On election day, Shafer was victorious by a margin of nearly a quarter of a million votes.

up nearly   (neredeyse)

The riot took up nearly half an hour with all the replays.

By 1930, immigrants made up nearly 60% of Northeast's total population.

Manufacturing makes up nearly 12% of Colombia's exports, and grows at a rate of over 10% a year.

nearly two months   (yaklaşık iki ay)

Sinha made him rehearse extensively for nearly two months for the film.

The three prosecutors spent nearly two months in court, awaiting the jury's verdict.

He was sacked the following 14 January, after nearly two months without winning a single match.

nearly completed   (neredeyse tamamlandı)

As of 2015, the community is nearly completed with 756 homes.

Once the exterior was nearly completed, the roof of the old arena was dismantled.

A nearly completed house, worth $3 million, was burnt to the ground in Washington.

nearly lost   (neredeyse kayboldu)

Vanderbilt nearly lost his yacht, the "Vagrant", on Britain's entry into the First World War.

In May 2002, she was hit by a car in Szczecin; she suffered 26 fractures in her legs and nearly lost her left leg.

In the 1935 general election the coalition suffered a major defeat, winning only 19 seats: Coates nearly lost Kaipara.

until nearly   (neredeyse)

Despite the innovation, complex emoticons didn't develop in Japan until nearly a century later.

Union forces built 3 rings of earthworks reaching ever closer until nearly from the Fort Blakely front.

Murphy and Epps survive until nearly the end but as the ship sinks, Murphy goes off to retrieve gold ingots.

nearly one million   (yaklaşık bir milyon)

Its collection consists of nearly one million objects.

The launch was cheered by a crowd of nearly one million inside the Kennedy Space Center and in the surrounding area.

As of today, nearly one million people are living with minimal wages or unemployed not enough to cover their costs of living.

received nearly   (neredeyse alındı)

He received nearly 60% of the vote.

Individually AN received nearly 5 million votes, amounting to 12.3%.

A petition for the pardon of the border agents received nearly 240,000 signatures.

nearly forty years   (neredeyse kırk yıl)

The topographical survey he carried out will still be used nearly forty years later.

He remained organist of St. George's Hall nearly forty years, giving three recitals weekly.

For nearly forty years, the seat had been held by members of the Pryse family of Gogerddan.

nearly kills   (neredeyse öldürüyor)

Nadia nearly kills Sydney but is shot by her father.

He nearly kills Batman, but Dick manages to save him.

He nearly kills Deena Shan, but she escapes with her life.

made nearly   (neredeyse yapıldı)

During World War II Bendix made nearly every ancillary instrument or equipment for military aircraft.

Ramey had a tunnel made nearly into the north face of the mound, but it revealed nothing of historic interest.

Throughout the '50s, '60s and '70s, Hunnicutt made nearly 40 guest appearances on American television programs.

nearly completely   (neredeyse tamamen)

Summers are warm to hot, and nearly completely dry.

The camp was nearly completely destroyed by quarrying and bulldozing.

The West campus is designated as a Phoenix Point of Pride and is nearly completely powered by a solar array.

nearly a third   (neredeyse üçte biri)

By April, 250 tribes had risen, or nearly a third of Algeria's population.

In 1960, nearly a third of African Americans voted for Republican Richard Nixon.

Prisons are overcrowded and drug offenders represent nearly a third of the prison population.

nearly circular   (neredeyse dairesel)

The aperture is nearly circular.

The aperture is nearly circular, and the sutures are deeply channeled.

nearly a hundred   (neredeyse yüz)

It has nearly a hundred of contributors who write twelve columns a day.

When she died in 1973, there were nearly a hundred Baháʼís at her funeral.

A graduate of Columbia University, he had a prolific output, publishing four books and nearly a hundred papers.

population of nearly   (Neredeyse nüfus)

In 1941, the area had a population of nearly 200,000 people.

The nearest city is Pachino with a population of nearly 10,000.

Letham is the largest village in Angus, with a population of nearly 2,000.

nearly a dozen   (neredeyse bir düzine)

Between 1951 and 1969, he was also in nearly a dozen teleplays, television movies, and television series episodes.

ASCI has since grown to include researchers from nearly a dozen universities in The Netherlands, Belgium, and France.

A force of nearly a dozen Fatah fighters landed their boats near a major coastal road connecting the city of Haifa with Tel Aviv-Yafo.

nearly everyone   (neredeyse herkes)

According to host Jay Leno, not only the cast but nearly everyone at the bar was intoxicated.

"I made the same mistake that nearly everyone has made," she said after viewing herself on screen.

Vernon Howell's arrival on the Waco compound in 1981 was well received by nearly everyone at the Davidian commune.

nearly fifty years   (yaklaşık elli yıl)

For nearly fifty years this group raised funds to support a library.

At an interval of nearly fifty years, there have been earthquakes in the region.

In July, 2011 the embassy relocated to Ta'Qali from Floriana where it stood for nearly fifty years.

nearly perfect   (neredeyse mükemmel)

ESPN's Andrew Hood described his performance as "three nearly perfect weeks of racing."

The city site is said to be a "nearly perfect square" of in area and was densely populated.

Neither Anita nor Jean-Claude trust themselves alone with Asher, but as a trio, they live in nearly perfect love.

including nearly   (neredeyse dahil)

Member schools employ almost 4,000 full and part-time faculty, including nearly 200 Jesuits.

He spent more than $5 million to try to qualify the proposition for the ballot, including nearly $450,000 for political consultants.

Over 10,000 participants annually attend one or more such educational programs, including nearly 6,000 school children and 700 summer campers.

nearly as much   (neredeyse)

This sector generated US$4.6 billion in 2016, nearly as much as tourism.

They are all grown up and don't trust love nearly as much as straight talk.

Flat belts are still used today, although not nearly as much as in the line-shaft era.

nearly four decades   (yaklaşık kırk yıl)

The rates were never revised for nearly four decades.

The same foster family previously took into their care hundreds of other children over nearly four decades.

On July 30, 1948, Latchford retired at the age of 65 after working nearly four decades at the State Department.

nearly one hundred   (yaklaşık yüz)

In this village there are nearly one hundred families.

In these two engagements nearly one hundred Rhode Islanders fell.

The collection includes short and long poems, with some having nearly one hundred lines.

time in nearly   (neredeyse zaman)

Nonetheless, Brooks received playing time in nearly all games and was the primary quarterback in a few.

The group performed live for the first time in nearly a decade during the finale of "" on November 30, 2019.

8 hitter, homered for the first time in nearly four years (on July 19, 2009 when he played for the Chicago White Sox).

nearly a million   (yaklaşık bir milyon)

The university spent nearly a million dollars fighting the legal case.

This caused massive flooding in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Somalia, affecting nearly a million people.

When Rogelio learns he has lost nearly a million dollars, he swears to take revenge from the one who spoiled his business.

nearly universal   (neredeyse evrensel)

Glucose is a nearly universal and accessible source of energy.

In developed countries, due to nearly universal advanced water treatment and sanitation practices present there, cholera is rare.

Humans exhibit a nearly universal desire to learn and share news, which they satisfy by talking to each other and sharing information.

nearly the whole   (neredeyse tamamı)

In the middle of the 17th century, nearly the whole population was decimated by an epidemic of plague.

The record of his public work covers nearly the whole field of sanitary legislation during the last thirty years of his life.

Instead, the flat granite-clad wall was cut with a "horizontal" band of glass running nearly the whole length of the building.

nearly a thousand   (yaklaşık bin)

The Nanchang Mutineers took nearly a thousand casualties, half of them dead.

Music of Azerbaijan builds on folk traditions that reach back nearly a thousand years.

Internet users submitted nearly a thousand proposals, and a jury chose a short-list of six.

nearly finished   (neredeyse bitti)

Gray added that the 1980s oil bust "nearly finished off" Westbury Square.

Hudson bequeathed to Hall the editing of his edition of Flavius Josephus, then nearly finished.

The judge did not order a halt to the mosque's construction, which was by that point nearly finished.

nearly three times   (neredeyse üç kez)

This led to the controller being bulky and nearly three times the size of Sony's controller.

In January 1959, its rating was nearly three times that of the nearest competitor, "American Bandstand".

Rental/admission fees accounted for 72% of earned income in 2011, nearly three times the average for an art museum.

nearly everything   (neredeyse her şey)

"I've told nearly everything there is to tell.

The family is devastated but Lil throws out nearly everything left in the house.

She is an expert on nearly everything and plans to create the perfect filing system.

raised nearly   (neredeyse büyüdü)

The Tournament has raised nearly $1,400,000 for cystic fibrosis.

After less than one year of operation, MVP raised nearly $1,000,000.

The See For Change fundraiser raised nearly $6,000 for children’s glasses in New York City.

nearly won   (neredeyse kazanıldı)

With 46 percent of the ballots, he nearly won outright in the first primary.

He nearly won the Cheez-It 355 at Watkins Glen, but ran out of gas on the last corner.

He nearly won the overall UKFBB British bodybuilding Championships in 2000 but was pipped to the post by Mike King.

nearly constant   (neredeyse sabit)

The length of such a day is nearly constant (24 hours ± 30 seconds).

They are warm-blooded, i.e., they hold a nearly constant body temperature.

Cabral had said that was all he needed for his nearly constant singing tours.

nearly flat   (neredeyse düz)

The back is only slightly arched or is nearly flat.

The base of the shell is nearly flat, and spirally lirate.

It is a nearly flat territory, open to the Gulf of Cádiz in the southeast.

nearly vertical   (neredeyse dikey)

Ten minutes later the column reached a deep and nearly vertical ravine, with a Chinese fort on the other side.

The deck was made with a sturdy chamber, the sides of the craft were nearly vertical and the bottom was rounded.

It has a proximal relief of and a draping relief of , with a nearly vertical cliff more than high immediately above the Turbid Creek valley.

reached nearly   (neredeyse ulaştı)

6", which reached nearly two million views on YouTube.

Floodwaters reached nearly inland and Harrisburg was nearly destroyed.

In the 2000s, the Institute's undergraduate gender ratio reached nearly 50-50.

nearly killing   (neredeyse öldürüyor)

Since Alyana didn't answer all of Marco's calls, his car accidentally crashed on the truck, nearly killing him.

In the centre, the Allied knights and infantry under Otto enjoyed initial success, scattering the French urban infantry and nearly killing Philip.

After nearly killing the gas man, Richie and Eddie must remove an illegal gas connection from next door without disturbing their violent neighbour.

nearly two centuries   (yaklaşık iki yüzyıl)

The instrument subsequently fell into complete neglect for nearly two centuries.

The name "Mii-dera" ("Temple of Three Wells") came about nearly two centuries later.

This unusual behavior was only discovered in 1982, nearly two centuries after the bees were first classified.

nearly six years   (yaklaşık altı yıl)

After holding this post for nearly six years he acted as judge for about a year.

In 2010, Mahéas was found guilty of sexually harassing a female employee nearly six years earlier.

He started at KIRO-TV in 1983, moved to rival KING-TV in 1986 for nearly six years, then back to KIRO until 1998.

nearly three months   (yaklaşık üç ay)

The trial lasted nearly three months.

Mehta began his research nearly three months after Azmi's murder.

We learn that he has not had sex with his wife for nearly three months.

nearly doubling   (neredeyse iki katına)

The series was so popular that TV6 aired the program three times a day, nearly doubling its network market share.

Insurgent attacks increased in early 2016, nearly doubling between the last quarter of 2015 and the second quarter of 2016.

The ride set a new Guinness World Record for highest bike ride on a high-wire, nearly doubling Wallenda's own record from 2008.

nearly black   (neredeyse siyah)

When unfired, it varies in colour from grey to nearly black.

Zulu lambs that are born nearly black possess the gene called dark-brown.

Elin explains that she often adds too much chocolate until her milk is nearly black.