not necessary   (没有必要)

A name change on legal documents is not necessary.

It is not necessary for "t" to be in "seconds".

However, this is not necessary: see "Properties" below.

when necessary   (必要时)

She cooked, sewed and acted as a nurse when necessary.

Mathematical analysis of the data is performed when necessary.

It will also be available for use when necessary in nearby areas.

became necessary   (变得必要)

It became necessary for the Spaniards to do likewise.

A system to organize and categorize them became necessary.

Some cells were first built, soon a monastery became necessary.

necessary because   (必要的,因为)

This procedure is apparently necessary because of the economics of the industry.

The lock was necessary because the Kootenay River was than the level of Columbia Lake.

The fiber positioning system is necessary because of the wide field of view of the GMT.

all necessary   (所有必要的)

It also has facility for uploading all necessary documents.

He has been instructed to save these artifacts and take all necessary measures to preserve them."

On Sint Maarten, officials advised residents to start all necessary actions to prepare for a hurricane.

deemed necessary   (必要)

Yumbo men also resorted to wage labor to obtain cash for the few purchases deemed necessary.

When soils become degraded and compacted, such tillage practices are often deemed necessary.

In 1990, due to the growing population of the area, it was deemed necessary to construct a church.

all the necessary

To promote the business, they have a website with all the necessary information.

This entailed all the necessary estimates for embankments, a cantilever bridge etc.

We did not carry this out; it was demonstrated by Pfanzagl ... with all the necessary rigor".

necessary in order

The resource component is not necessary in order to contact a Jabber user.

This was necessary in order to be shooting during the winter season in Europe.

There, students can take the classes necessary in order to transfer to four-year college institutions.

necessary to make

This is necessary to make the units work out correctly.

All elements are related and are necessary to make up the entire PSM picture.

The padding appends a 1 bit, followed by as many 0 bits as necessary to make a complete block.

longer necessary

Stopping is no longer necessary now that the crossing has been removed.

Some appliance manufacturers say that deionised water is no longer necessary.

Their goal is to protect the Pacific pocket mouse until it is no longer necessary.

no longer necessary

Stopping is no longer necessary now that the crossing has been removed.

Some appliance manufacturers say that deionised water is no longer necessary.

Their goal is to protect the Pacific pocket mouse until it is no longer necessary.

absolutely necessary   (绝对有必要)

Moving the patient early on, unless absolutely necessary, can be detrimental.

If prompting is absolutely necessary, it is done very quietly by another actor on-stage.

We wrote our script straight, cutting out every scene that was not absolutely necessary."

necessary funds

However, Carter is the banker and refuses to provide him with the necessary funds.

Charles dissolved it after securing the necessary funds from King Louis XIV of France.

The Assemblies of Yahweh is hoping to acquire the necessary funds to be able to finance this project.

found it necessary

In order to counter this, Mr. Arnold found it necessary to publicly denounce several Chinese people.

Both Ptolemy XII and Cleopatra VII found it necessary to debase Ptolemaic coinage due to financial troubles.

During the later part of 2008 the police found it necessary to guard the refugees with shotgun armed officers.

means necessary

Travers is determined to clear his name by any means necessary.

Orana is a brutal fighter who chooses to win by any means necessary.

Longshanks orders his son Prince Edward to stop Wallace by any means necessary.

necessary and sufficient

This criterion is both necessary and sufficient.

A necessary and sufficient condition for causality is where formula_65 is the impulse response.

The Combinatorial Riemann Mapping Theorem gives necessary and sufficient conditions for this to occur.

provide the necessary

Eaves can be overhung to provide the necessary shade.

There are also free packages available that provide the necessary software functions.

These machines can use headphones and other adaptive technology to provide the necessary accessibility.

necessary condition

One can easily find a necessary condition for formula_15.

After 1888 it was no longer a necessary condition, leading to Plymouth gaining city-status in 1928.

A necessary condition of every subject's self-awareness, for Fichte, is the existence of other rational subjects.

skills necessary

This game promotes the thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for learning.

Many who lived in cities had lost the skills necessary for survival in an agrarian environment.

Due to the skills necessary to sing trot songs, popular singers moved towards ballads for their "easy-listening" style.

necessary to ensure

It's also necessary to ensure that an expired card isn't used.

She authorizes her ministers to do anything necessary to ensure that they pay for it.

In animals it is necessary to ensure that the inserted DNA is present in the embryonic stem cells.

considered necessary

This work was considered necessary before any redevelopment could commence.

The strength of the home army was about a fifth of that considered necessary in 1914.

Self-knowledge was considered necessary for success and inherently an essential good.

necessary to prevent

Deployment of Jeugdwerk remains necessary to prevent the formation of new groups.

Grooming is necessary to prevent the fiber from matting and felting on the rabbit.

Israel claims the blockade is necessary to prevent the smuggling of weapons into Gaza.

made it necessary

This made it necessary to raise large amounts of money, including from outside groups.

That made it necessary to build another section of the fortress on the same side, to the East.

Hanson says the terror was not inherent in the ideology of the Revolution, but that circumstances made it necessary.

necessary to maintain

On the other hand it is necessary to maintain supremacy over them".

The heaters were retained since they were necessary to maintain oxygen pressure.

A small R substituent is necessary to maintain the rapid oral bioavailability of triptans.

necessary to protect

In the end, however, it was felt necessary to protect American interests at sea.

Named Bill, it acts as a bodyguard, able to take over its body when necessary to protect him.

He continued and argued that "it is always necessary to protect peaceful people from violence.

often necessary

In the days of steam traction, it was often necessary to double-head departing passenger trains.

To maintain good fertilizer response and high yields in older palms, selective thinning is often necessary.

This was often necessary in the early days of bipolar transistors, which inherently have quite a low input impedance.

necessary to use

To do so, it is necessary to use a furnace that is able to reach at least .

For temperatures lower than 30K it is necessary to use a silicon diode for accuracy.

To distinguish targets from other reflections, it was necessary to use a phase-Doppler system.

necessary to keep

It is necessary to keep scrub encroachment under control.

Some also stated that it was necessary to keep a ferry for people with fear of tunnels.

He stressed that it was necessary to keep Delaware's children in school to avoid illiteracy.

necessary information

Plant floor systems deposit the necessary information into the database.

To promote the business, they have a website with all the necessary information.

In practice, this is rarely done because the frequency spectrum provides all the necessary information.

necessary steps

He took necessary steps to vacate the stay order.

They also said the authorities of Veracruz did not take the necessary steps in resolving the case.

The coastal State is free to take necessary steps in its territorial sea to prevent the passage, which is not innocent.

necessary equipment

Unfortunately, little of the necessary equipment was available.

All the necessary equipment for the route was carried in rucksacks.

Homeowners would be paid £50 a night and the company would provide any necessary equipment.

necessary to build

That made it necessary to build another section of the fortress on the same side, to the East.

Discussions concluded that it is not necessary to build a large lake on the edge of North-Holland.

The "Pedroteños" (demonym for the residents of Pedro Muñoz) then decided it was necessary to build a new church.

necessary when

Sometimes, he found them necessary when ordering a meal.

Neither should be necessary when making a high-quality parfait.

Insecticide applications that target the adult stage may be necessary when the population density is high.

become necessary

A complete conceptual change of the Landolt-Börnstein had thus become necessary.

Surgery may also become necessary due to therapeutic radiation treatments to the pelvic area.

Therefore, it has become necessary to name the set of all non-logical symbols used in a particular application.

other necessary

These channel's main job is the transport of water and other necessary solutes.

By 1860, Cuba was devoted to growing sugar, having to import all other necessary goods.

The Secretariat staff are attached to the Regions to provide technical and other necessary support.

necessary to create

Suction (medicine) In medicine, devices are sometimes necessary to create suction.

To confirm this hypothesis, it’s necessary to create a prototype of a Vacuum Balloon, and this is the first goal of the O-Boot project.

At the cellular level, metabolic myopathies lack some kind of enzyme that prevent the chemical reactions necessary to create adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

necessary to achieve

Only 2-3 pairs are usually necessary to achieve good accuracy.

However, the adjustments necessary to achieve this would not be so simple.

In order to become an ICAEW Chartered Accountant, it is necessary to achieve the ACA qualification.

only necessary

The latter action is only necessary if they are successfully elected as MPs.

A large oil refinery, which produces , was shut down and only necessary workers remained at the refinery.

In the Education (Scotland) Act, it is only necessary to produce a register as proof of lack of attendance.

necessary conditions

Non-dictatorship is one of the necessary conditions in Arrow's impossibility theorem.

Intensionally defined classes usually have necessary conditions associated with membership in each class.

There are not necessarily any necessary conditions for membership; a dog can still be a dog with only three legs.

necessary measures

The state works with donor communities to take the necessary measures to address these problems.

He has been instructed to save these artifacts and take all necessary measures to preserve them."

Community legislature was competent to enact the necessary measures to bring about freedom of movement for Union citizens.

made necessary

It would only be fully implemented during World War I though, when military personnel in the country were made necessary.

They made necessary changes to the test to measure an individual's abilities to place them in the right field of the Army.

For Habermas, morality arises from discourse, which is made necessary by their rationality and needs, rather than their freedom.

necessary part

Skills to manage this situation are a necessary part of training for the specific configuration.

The same constitutions made the benediction of a priest a necessary part of the ceremony of marriage.

Bach was an excellent keyboardist, a necessary part of which, during his lifetime, was the ability to improvise.

necessary skills

They had the necessary skills and trades required for running the Rancho and its workshops and manufacturing.

and had been invited to participate under a Government policy that British companies should develop necessary skills in expectation of war.

The production of language is equally as complex in the information it provides and the necessary skills which a fluent producer must have.

necessary to provide

He proposed that a third party was necessary to provide real representation to Belizeans.

Specialist fabricators possess the skills and knowledge necessary to provide advice and customer service.

A Partnership Agreement Form is necessary to provide recognition between the FNS and the providing entity.

necessary due

Surgery may also become necessary due to therapeutic radiation treatments to the pelvic area.

The shorter wings might have reduced its flight ability which wasn't necessary due to the lack of predators on La Palma.

For weapons mounted on aircraft, no cooling device is necessary due to the outside air cooling the weapon as the aircraft is moving.

necessary to determine

Further observations will be necessary to determine if the orbit is hyperbolic.

The study reported more information would be necessary to determine the outcome.

After each split, a test is necessary to determine whether each new region needs further splitting.

not be necessary

Replastering may not be necessary where salt contamination is not severe.

A final to determine the Bavarian champions will not be necessary any more.

Thus the complete defeat of the enemy may not be necessary, desirable, or even possible.

necessary to support

Their aim was to strip away all nonessential genes, leaving only the minimal set necessary to support life.

(1995) defines critical thresholds and determines what habitat variability and availability is necessary to support the target river fauna.

The church retains that hold in their parishioners' lives but not the commitment of time and energy necessary to support an aging institution.

information necessary

However, the International failed to provide the detailed policy information necessary for its valuation.

traceability is having all the information necessary to prove in a software audit that you've done the proper process.

It also aims to collect, secure and scientifically manage the evidence and other background information necessary for the investigation.

necessary to produce

Usually a large quantity of wood or straw is necessary to produce the ash.

No decision has been made on taking the final steps necessary to produce the full-scale version.

The six investors pooled USD $3,000 to purchase the equipment necessary to produce Meier's sculptures.

necessary to avoid

Introduction of new commodities (goods and services) is necessary to avoid economic stagnation.

The chemical manufacturers "reluctantly" support a reform of TSCA, agreeing that it is necessary to avoid ambiguities.

Careful testing or purchasing from known dealers or buying sealed and certified coins may be necessary to avoid these fakes.

provided the necessary

This also provided the necessary circumstances to allow the boy to change residence to live with his mother.

The Californios' hides, tallow and horns provided the necessary trade articles for a mutually beneficial trade.

Henry Moseley's 1913 experiments (see Moseley's law) provided the necessary evidence to support Van den Broek's proposal.

becomes necessary

Therefore, application of ultrasonic energy during the down stroke becomes necessary ("pre-triggering").

When a CSF leak occurs at the temporal bone, surgery becomes necessary in order to prevent infection and repair the leak.

With the piccolo, it becomes necessary to place the near side of the embouchure hole slightly higher on the lower lip, i.e.

make the necessary

The Bakerloo Tube announced its own bill to make the necessary changes to its existing plans.

In the event Vega 2 didn't have enough fuel post Halley encounter to make the necessary orbital changes for the flyby.

Selkirk had grave concerns about the seaworthiness of their vessel, and wanted to make the necessary repairs before going any farther.

necessary step

It was a revolution, a necessary step and a demanding task.

A common code was a necessary step to allow direct telegraph connection between countries.

Sontag wrote that the collection was the "final, necessary step in Riefenstahl's rehabilitation.

necessary resources

In this document, the Government has mobilized all necessary resources for the execution of the National Action Plan.

Ferdinand, lacking the necessary resources for a prolonged siege, was forced to return to Tordesillas and disband his army.

Unlike cities, villages have a wider scope for adopting Vermiculture with all the necessary resources easily available and in abundance.

obtain the necessary

The Postmaster-General recently placed £150 on the Estimates in order to obtain the necessary Marconi instruments.

Suburg had continued publishing while she was operating the school and attempted to obtain the necessary permits to publish a women's journal.

He decided to develop a reformist line and to focus his campaign around four main axes: He failed however to obtain the necessary number of sponsors.

necessary changes

The Bakerloo Tube announced its own bill to make the necessary changes to its existing plans.

She was able to make some necessary changes in staff, and she has really put a new face on the athletic department.

They made necessary changes to the test to measure an individual's abilities to place them in the right field of the Army.

necessary to take

Therefore, it is necessary to take away the excess.

With the new security tenants enjoyed, a system of rent reviews was necessary to take account of land price inflation.

The Parliament can call other institutions to answer questions and if necessary to take them to court if they break EU law or treaties.

lacked the necessary

Although he initially intended to be a professional musician, Avati felt he lacked the necessary talent.

After World War I, Great Britain possessed the will to lead, but lacked the necessary abilities to do so.

The rover lacked the necessary instrumentation to determine if the methane was biological or inorganic in nature.

funds necessary

By old practice, funds necessary for survival were not liable to arrestment.

In this capacity, Yohannes was responsible for raising the funds necessary to host the summit.

The importance of these led to the allocation of funds necessary for the film distribution network to be developed.

necessary to complete

The kit will typically contain all the parts necessary to complete the model.

Combinatorial analysis and/or computer simulation is necessary to complete the task.

However, both events (spore formation and fertilization) are necessary to complete sexual reproduction in the plant life cycle.

raise the necessary

Gasparin pledged his personal fortune with Jewish money-lenders to raise the necessary funds and calm the revolt.

However, they could not raise the necessary funds, so by 1984, the previous plan for a parking lot began once again.

The company began issuing shares to raise the necessary capital for which the governments would guarantee a 5% interest.

resources necessary

Further, failure in raising the resources necessary for improvement of its services made matters critical.

This included providing the resources necessary to improve the status of African Americans in American society.

The Carthaginian Senate was reluctant to allocate the resources necessary to have another fleet built and manned.

necessary repairs

To pay for the necessary repairs "Young Nicholas"s master sold part of her cargo.

The EPA eventually reimbursed the condo association $2,460 for the necessary repairs.

In 2011 Kew launched a £15m public appeal to address necessary repairs to the Temperate House.