much needed

Sammut added 4 goals to give the Bulls a much needed win.

This produced much needed simplification.

(Old Testament)", giving Christeene a brief and much needed vacation.

not needed

Corroboration is not needed in certain instances.

After 1995 Zayaev once again became not needed.

Human intervention is not needed, and is not condoned.

when needed   (必要なとき)

Kerwin also bought some materials when needed.

Prisoners are entitled to receive legal aid when needed.

They helped as translators when needed.

longer needed

As a result, hunger marches were no longer needed.

No longer needed, "Babylon 5" is decommissioned and scuttled.

As a result, the Crow no longer needed Federal food subsidies.

no longer needed

As a result, hunger marches were no longer needed.

As a result, the Crow no longer needed Federal food subsidies.

When the Centennial Bridge was opened, the ferry was no longer needed.

needed more

In 1953 he needed more space, and decided to move.

M-series horns also needed more frequent maintenance.

As the library grew, it was evident it needed more space.

needed to make   (作る必要がありました)

Further study is needed to make a complete listing.

Just needed to make sure the damn pen worked!”.

This was less than the required 30% needed to make a referendum binding.

still needed   (まだ必要)

Wine was still needed after the phylloxera crisis.

However, glue is still needed after the assembly.

The new monarch still needed a suitable husband.

needed to win

The Dodgers needed to win the second game of the doubleheader.

England needed to win at Lord's to level the three-Test series.

In order to win the pennant, the Highlanders needed to win both games.

time needed

The yellow remained out for the duration of time needed to repair the wall.

The trade brought in a massive amount of silver, which China at the time needed desperately.

Opinion as to the time needed to complete withdrawal ranges from four weeks to several years.

only needed   (必要なだけ)

However, the game only needed to do this once per play.

In children it is typically only needed after a second seizure.

He threw first in the deciding leg but Taylor only needed 11 darts to beat Dolan 9–8.

needed in order   (順番に必要)

A theory of quantum gravity is needed in order to reconcile these differences.

Expansion of the loop's capacity is needed in order to support an East Bayfront LRT.

He implied that perhaps a longer period of time was needed in order to develop symbols for agricultural rites.

desperately needed   (切実に必要)

This money was desperately needed by the CPR.

They were determined to stay in London but desperately needed funds.

Rosa offered Albert the acceptance and encouragement he so desperately needed.

skills needed

iTEP Business measures the English skills needed for a work environment.

Social competence generally refers to skills needed for social behavior.

Lastly, occupational therapy can help with skills needed for later independence.

needed to get

This gave him the leverage he needed to get Sony to publish the game.

The consummate professional, he is determined and ruthless when needed to get the job done.

A compression ratio of at least 50:1 is needed to get 1080i video into a 20 Mbit/s MPEG transport stream.

research is needed

Future research is needed to fully answer these questions.

More research is needed on their impacts.

More research is needed to elaborate on the life cycle of "C." "scita."

urgently needed   (緊急要請)

Churchill refused, saying the food was urgently needed.

Relief was urgently needed by tens of millions of unemployed.

needed only   (必要なだけ)

Brown needed only eight games to break Taylor's record.

test that is needed only after the remainder is computed.

The jurors needed only an hour to convict her of attempted murder.

needed a new

With Lajoie gone, the club needed a new name.

"Elizabeth" needed a new trade.

badly needed

Allison engines were also considered to be more badly needed for constructing fighter aircraft.

The TPLF also made small raids on Derg supply depots in the towns to acquire badly needed items like bullets and petrol.

For the rest of the Civil War, he supervised the manufacture of badly needed heavy guns for the Confederate armed forces.

needed to support   (サポートするために必要)

I needed to support my family.

He was persistent in the pursuit of facts needed to support the accuracy of his stories.

A further update was needed to support higher speeds when 28kbit/s modems become common.

needed to keep   (維持する必要がありました)

The server needed to keep the devices running were kept online as a full service by Blue Octy.

His first concern was for their safety, and for that he needed to keep them away from the test site.

Laws and punishments are needed to keep misguided fools in line who would otherwise break the contract.

needed to build

There are no resources needed to build units, as every player has exactly 1000 credits.

Similar to other Zynga ‘ville’ games, players are given tools needed to build their restaurants.

"I had to rethink the whole thing, and decided that we needed to build up some credibility again".

needed to produce   (生産に必要)

When an artery is blocked, cells lack oxygen, needed to produce ATP in mitochondria.

When you play you must let only the amount of air pass the lips that is needed to produce the tone—no more.

However, information from other views (and sometimes other perspectives) is needed to produce a work product.

needed help

Baker got out word that he needed help.

This made him realise that he had a serious problem and needed help.

Hearing that Asael needed help with bookkeeping, Chaja offered to tutor him.

needed to find   (見つける必要がありました)

As a parallel, I needed to find my own anchor points for belief and purpose.

Work was needed to find whether screening was cost-effective, and acceptable to families.

Seeing the poverty there, Mettey knew he needed to find a way to help the people of Nicaragua.

citation needed

Friday has a true knowledge of the game (citation needed).

This lift was the first chairlift built in Europe[citation needed].

Source: Simon Fraser University ( except as tagged "citation needed".

needed to complete

Reading may take as long as needed to complete the paath.

Students needed to complete 30 units in academic work as well as in workshops.

The number of laps needed to complete a race also increased with each new class.

needed to take

Nevertheless, Israel felt it needed to take action.

Joe and Light's attack was the last step he needed to take over the city completely.

This meant building needed to take place at a rapid pace, but the building was finished on time.

information needed   (必要な情報)

Through these relationships with the family, Niemetschek gathered the information needed to write a biography of Mozart.

The intergator Social Dashboard is an individual unique tailor-made interface capturing all source of information needed.

Malaysian Armed Forces have two identical oval tags with this information: If more information needed, another two oval wrist tags are provided.

needed to create

It is the energy needed to create the system.

After the fall of the Western Empire, much of the infrastructure needed to create plate armour diminished.

As a result, the Confederacy needed to create a large Southern prison that could handle a considerable population of inmates.

needed to maintain   (維持する必要があります)

turning) is needed to maintain sufficient supply of oxygen and the right moisture level.

Uniformity, sterility and other requirements are needed to maintain Good Manufacturing Practices.

In order to capture dugongs and sea turtles, the hunters needed to maintain the utmost degree of stealth.

energy needed

It is the energy needed to create the system.

Glucose is a six-carbon sugar that provides energy needed by cells.

The insulation also reduces the amount of energy needed for normal cooking.

medicines needed

It is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines, the safest and most effective medicines needed in a health system.

effective medicines needed   (効果的な薬が必要)

It is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines, the safest and most effective medicines needed in a health system.

resources needed

There are no resources needed to build units, as every player has exactly 1000 credits.

They seek to equip those already involved in church planting ministries with the resources needed to continue such work.

Wilson provided the industry clout and connections and was able to provide the group with the financial resources needed.

needed to determine

Context is needed to determine the usage.

They needed to determine in which portion the city of Cuzco was located.

Again, a more detailed study is needed to determine the potential benefits of white-eye pollination.

needed because   (必要なため)

FCR was needed because of dangers caused by selective inference.

Courtroom sketches were needed because media coverage at the trial was restricted.

The negative sign is needed because fluids flow from high pressure to low pressure.

equipment needed

It is a set of personally-owned mining tools and equipment needed by the miner in his daily work.

Mohan purchases all the equipment needed from his own funds and oversees the building of the power generation unit.

Due to the sheer amounts of equipment needed, two copies of "Settlers" and "Seafarers" are required to set up this scenario.

needed before

Routine laboratory testing is needed before and after melarsoprol initiation.

However, much more research is needed before these tests can be used clinically.

Resolution of the blood clots or DVT is needed before lymphedema treatment can be initiated.

money needed

The money needed for construction would be borrowed from the Export–Import Bank of China.

After the crops are destroyed by blackbirds, Pa sells a calf to earn the balance of the money needed.

Organizers have found it hard to raise the money needed to put on the convention, which is normally supported by corporate donations.

needed money

He told her that he needed money to leave the city.

He said he needed money and could obtain heroin to sell.

He needed money to return to the US.

needed to provide   (提供する必要がありました)

Only twelve boilers were needed to provide sufficient steam for full-capacity power generation, leaving two in reserve.

A larger interceptor with more propellant could attack more targets, so smaller numbers would be needed to provide coverage.

By this method each bull can serve many cows, so only a very few of the purebred dairy male calves are needed to provide bulls for breeding.

needed to ensure   (確保するために必要)

Imazu lines up the sets needed to ensure they're built in the proper order.

Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed that a Second Bill of Rights was needed to ensure the right to food.

"We want to strengthen mutual ties by sharing knowhow [sic] needed to ensure sustainable development."

needed to go

But after a while, we decided that we needed to go home to lick our wounds."

Lee was no exception, as he needed to go through the rigors of military training.

And I wrote a couple of other songs that I felt really needed to go on the album."

funds needed

NICTD and the city continued to work on obtaining the funds needed.

The trustees of the library raised the funds needed to publish the diary in 1914.

Through Kickstarter, about 800 donors from all over the world helped to raise the funds needed.

needed when   (必要なとき)

A crown may be needed when a large cavity threatens the health of a tooth.

More than one time constant is needed when describing reactions of higher order.

These binders are generally needed when preparing country-style or "gratin" forcemeats.

needed someone

It was clear Daz needed someone so Andy and his girlfriend Katie (Sammy Winward) took him in.

He needed someone with connections to the people who would shape the policy of the United States.

However, Wilton needed someone to fill in the text and chose the singer Ivon Cury and the actor Renato Aragão, to make the audience laugh.

team needed   (チームが必要)

Though he still provided what the team needed, his numbers went down.

The team needed only one season to be promoted to the Premier League.

At first, it appeared that Ruth was the final piece the team needed in 1935.

needed to achieve

The amount of substrate needed to achieve a given rate of reaction is also important.

The leading candidate needed to achieve over 50% of the first preference votes in order to be elected in the first round.

To qualify for the Grandmaster title, a player needed to achieve three such GM results within a rolling period of three years.

needed to move   (移動する必要がありました)

However at the time, permission was needed to move to Tokyo so he applied to the Health and Welfare Ministry.

The minimum total of pips needed to move a player's checkers around and off the board is called the "pip count".

Normally stationed at Soesterberg airbase, they needed to move temporarily in order to allow repairs to the runway.

what is needed

These websites create NZB files out of what is needed to be downloaded.

Bush defended his secretary throughout, and responded by stating that Rumsfeld is "exactly what is needed".

As a result, evidence does not help identify what is needed to reduce the risk of performance errors in space.

needed to reach

In total, 1,037 firefighters from 33 units were needed to reach containment.

Consequently, more molecular collisions have the energy needed to reach the transition state.

Pregnancy increases the clearance of ampicillin by up to 50%, and a higher dose is thus needed to reach therapeutic levels.

needed to use

Students needed to use school buses to travel to these 2 schools.

Drivers complained that people who needed to use the restroom would have nowhere to go.

They had run out of unused punch cards, and needed to use the computer to process payroll by morning.

most needed   (最も必要な)

Their support, however, remained limited to the most needed things.

HMS "York" was one of many British warships ordered after they were most needed.

That was the best punch I’ve thrown in my life, and it came when I most needed it.

what was needed

Each mission started with a briefing, giving the pilot a general outline of what was needed to do.

Although a step in the right direction, the appropriations provided for the next several decades still proved inadequate to what was needed.

While still employed as a porter, Webster decided that a Labor Union was what was needed for black workers and he, with a few others, began organizing.

needed time

Moreover, some governments needed time to set up commissions.

Mr. Maliki agreed, but said he needed time to line up political allies.

She needed time to sort out and prepare for her sister funeral arrangements.

materials needed

This resulted in a scarcity of both engravers and the basic resources and materials needed to design and print postage stamps.

The name of the souk is inspired by the embalmers that occupy it who used to sell coffins and any materials needed for washing the dead.

Sometimes referred to as "Growth Media", nutrient solutions (along with carbon dioxide and light), provide the materials needed for algae to grow.

work needed   (必要な仕事)

This is the amount of work needed to transform the water.

In 2012, Doudna and her colleagues made a new discovery that reduces the time and work needed to edit genomic DNA.

The company coordinates the year-round, behind-the-scenes work needed to build and remove a temporary city of 80,000 people.

often needed   (しばしば必要)

To allow for proper diagnosis, an MRI is often needed.

Support in financial and legal matters is often needed.

Chronic medication is often needed.

needed to develop   (開発する必要がありました)

Stems needed to develop structures similar to those normally found only in leaves.

They needed to develop new methods to regulate their body heat to cope with fluctuations in ambient temperature.

However, this changed when the company realised that in order to attract and retain workers, they needed to develop the area.

needed to prevent   (防止するために必要)

A $33,000 bank payment was needed to prevent his house foreclosed upon.

Widdecombe told the Commons the restrictions were needed to prevent prisoners from escaping.

The steam was needed to prevent the cylinders icing up, because compressed air cools when it expands.

needed to work   (働く必要がありました)

At the core it is based on the competences needed to work in social services.

Soon, Flor is needed to work and live at the Claskys' summer rental home on the beach.

Stoof, however, "felt deep in his heart" that he needed to work with German immigrants.

needed during

Then he begins to purchase the stuffs which are needed during the celebration.

The cost of obtaining ore as well as limestone needed during the smelting process was high.

To accommodate the rise in students, additional 3,360 classrooms will be needed during this time period.

needed to meet

They agreed that a religious congregation was needed to meet the needs of the mission.

However, further advances in these technologies are needed to meet the full range of operational requirements.

The temporary scheduling expires as soon as control is no longer needed to meet international treaty obligations.

needed to run

Head coach Friedgen said I told Da'Rel he needed to run a little more north–south.

The cars had been entered under the IMSA GT category and Bertaut claimed that they needed to run with catalysts.

The pantograph is spring-loaded and pushes a contact shoe up against the underside of the contact wire to draw the current needed to run the train.

needed a win

Napoli only needed a draw for automatic promotion, while Genoa needed a win to guarantee promotion.

The goal also relegated his old club as they needed a win to take their hopes of survival to the last day.

Msida needed a win at all cost and in an amazing match, Msida managed to win 2–0 to write history yet again.

needed to operate

The first major problem being the simple logistics needed to operate the squadrons.

Livestock is needed to operate the ploughs, and women are needed to harvest the crops.

This engine reduced the manual labour needed to operate the vessel, by powering winches and pumps.

power needed

The power needed for welding is based on the area of the weld, thickness, and the material.

The exodus from farms and forests provided the labour power needed for the growth of other sectors.

A separate speech recognition computer provided the additional power needed to recognize human speech.

needed to help

Additional study is needed to help ensure the continued presence of mountain plovers in Oklahoma.

These lobbying efforts could secure funds needed to help pay Local 775 members working in nursing homes.

In addition, an attorney will be needed to help draw up the documents, adding to the cost of the purchase.