İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

negatively charged   (negatif yüklü)

In this model, atoms were known to consist of negatively charged electrons.

The particles are slightly negatively charged, and each one is naturally white.

When there is an excess of electrons, the object is said to be negatively charged.

negatively affected   (olumsuz etkilenmiş)

In 2009, a controversy involving Nokubo negatively affected his career.

However, its population has not been negatively affected by these activities.

Ogilvie (2004) argues that guilds negatively affected quality, skills, and innovation.

negatively affect   (olumsuz etkilemek)

Ground-level ozone is found in smog and can also negatively affect the lungs.

Human disturbance-related variables negatively affect tiger occupancy and habitat use.

Human activities, including harvesting forest resources, can negatively affect forest ecosystems.

negatively impact   (olumsuz etki)

Ideally, the taper should not exceed 20 degrees as will negatively impact retention.

This could negatively impact Ticketmaster's page impressions-based advertising income.

Therefore, a change caused by the dam will negatively impact people's livelihoods downstream.

negatively impacted   (olumsuz etkilendi)

This has negatively impacted the economy and increased poverty rates.

The trade embargo, lifted in 1999, negatively impacted trade and industry.

In this area potato fields, cattle and apiculture was negatively impacted.

reacted negatively   (olumsuz tepki gösterdi)

Faculty members reacted negatively to the search.

She was not a disciplined dancer, and reacted negatively when punished.

The Zionists had reacted negatively to the proposed conference and debated whether they should attend.