İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

able to negotiate   (müzakere edebilmek)

It should be able to negotiate rough terrain without damage.

Dykes was nevertheless able to negotiate an extension with the University of California.

Riendeau was able to negotiate a deal to be released by Ayr and join HC Lada Togliatti of the Russian Superleague.

attempted to negotiate   (müzakere etmeye çalıştı)

In despair, Vitellius attempted to negotiate a surrender.

In 1955, the CPM attempted to negotiate peace with the colonial government.

Li attempted to negotiate milder terms that would have ended the civil war, but without success.

tried to negotiate   (pazarlık yapmaya çalıştı)

Back in Athens, the Spartans tried to negotiate a peace.

In April 1992, resistance leaders in Peshawar tried to negotiate a settlement.

He was wary of being drawn into gang wars and tried to negotiate agreements over territory between rival crime groups.

negotiate a peace   (barış görüşmek)

Back in Athens, the Spartans tried to negotiate a peace.

The attempt to negotiate a peace via the Soviet Union came to nothing.

His task was to negotiate a peace treaty and a border delimitation with the Alawite emperor.

negotiate peace   (barışı müzakere etmek)

She was then sent by him to negotiate peace with Florence.

Failing to negotiate peace, Sittas started active fighting.

", in futility to negotiate peace.

helped negotiate   (müzakereye yardım etti)

Filipino politicians helped negotiate the release.

Donilon helped negotiate the New START Treaty in 2011.

Regan claims he discovered "Ghost Story" and helped negotiate its purchase by Warners through his agent, MCA.

refused to negotiate

When managers refused to negotiate, they launched a strike.

John however refused to negotiate until Alexander was released.

Chiang even refused to negotiate a prisoner swap for his son in exchange for the Chinese Communist Party leader.