negotiations between   (間の交渉)

In 1451 negotiations between Santillana and Fonseca families started.

The OSCE sponsored a round of negotiations between the presidents in Key West, Florida.

Peace negotiations between the Taliban and the Afghan government is ongoing as of 2013.

peace negotiations   (和平交渉)

Serious peace negotiations began in the spring of 299.

After many conflicts, in 1845 peace negotiations ended the war.

In 1633 Murga attempted peace negotiations with the Palenque of Limón.

began negotiations   (交渉を始めた)

Liberty Media began negotiations to purchase the team.

They began negotiations with to keep their spiritual head Nil.

Penn began negotiations to fight Kenny Florian in the summer of 2009.

contract negotiations   (契約交渉)

Harmon explained that contract negotiations were more complicated than previous seasons.

As contract negotiations with Derby did not reach a positive conclusion, Kinkladze left the club.

After contract negotiations failed with Pumas, he was signed by Necaxa for the Apertura 2006 tournament.

entered into negotiations   (交渉に入った)

He entered into negotiations with the British and Soviets.

O'Connor entered into negotiations with both the Soninke and the Marabouts.

The representatives of the noblemen and the rebels entered into negotiations in early July.

during negotiations

A franchise attorney is required to assist the franchisee during negotiations.

The war continued until Sandile was captured during negotiations and sent to Grahamstown.

At the Gotham City Police Department, the Mutant leader murders the mayor during negotiations.

during the negotiations

They gave the use of their London home to the Irish negotiators during the negotiations leading to the Anglo-Irish Treaty.

McCormack played a low-key role during the negotiations over the following two weeks before a settlement was reached on 13 December.

Many of the Dominion leaders attributed this to the attitude of the British Dominions Secretary J. H. Thomas during the negotiations.

secret negotiations

The Americans opened direct secret negotiations with London, cutting out the French.

In secret negotiations in 1896, Spain turned down the United States' offers to buy Cuba.

In 1947, the Iraqi monarchy entered into secret negotiations with the British government.

negotiations began

On 26 April 2012, Megaupload data negotiations began.

The marriage negotiations began in April 1676.

Serious peace negotiations began in the spring of 299.

months of negotiations

The sale was completed in March 2005 after months of negotiations.

After eight months of negotiations, a deal between Kubrick and Hall fell through.

It purchased the majority stake in SCMP in 2016 for £1.15 billion after six months of negotiations.

trade negotiations

In 1928 he led the German delegation in trade negotiations with Poland.

In 2007, Chile held trade negotiations with Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, and China.

On 6 January 2020, Martínez Alberola was appointed Deputy to Deputy Head of the UK Task Force Michel Barnier for the post-Brexit trade negotiations.

entered negotiations

Carey Mulligan entered negotiations to star in the film.

His successor, Ulrike Eleonora of Sweden, entered negotiations in 1719.

Emily Blunt entered negotiations to star opposite Cruise in April 2012.

further negotiations

When Long wanted to alter the clause to permanent, Redmond abandoned further negotiations.

Strikes commenced on 23 February, whereupon UUK agreed to meet UCU for further negotiations on 27 February.

Spinola refused to give up the key fortress of Wesel, and further negotiations were necessary, but in the end a shaky peace was maintained.

years of negotiations

Algeria has not joined the WTO, despite several years of negotiations.

The compromise was reached after 8 years of negotiations on November 12, 1878.

After several years of negotiations, a somewhat altered design was agreed upon and Botha once more began work.

started negotiations

In early March 2007, Horn started negotiations with the Atlanta Falcons.

In February 2013, Niculae started negotiations with the Chinese squad Shandong Luneng.

Several mujahideen parties started negotiations to form a national coalition government.

protracted negotiations

When protracted negotiations yielded no results, Viren Shah sprang a surprise.

As a result, protracted negotiations were required before a new government could be formed.

He signed for Portadown in October 2007 after protracted negotiations due to his "excessive wage demands".

lengthy negotiations   (長い交渉)

After lengthy negotiations the representatives enacted the statutes of the DIG on 3 November 1867.

After lengthy negotiations that ultimately produced no results, Octavian set out to invade Egypt in the spring of 30 BC.

After lengthy negotiations, Lutfali Bey and Jalil talked about cooperation and drilled an oil well in the courtyard of the second.

negotiations failed

But negotiations failed and Bogotá FC decided to remain in the city.

After negotiations failed, some protesters stampeded and broke through the barricade.

The negotiations failed, due to Fletcher addressing Feodor with two of his many titles omitted.

treaty negotiations

In the peace treaty negotiations of 1783, the Americans insisted on a statement of these rights.

Nobunaga sealed his alliance with Tokugawa Ieyasu during treaty negotiations held at Kiyosu Castle in 1562.

After concluding the initial treaty negotiations, Antony sent Fonteius Capito in the autumn of 37 BC to Egypt.

opened negotiations

On 18 November 2008 the pirates opened negotiations with Vela.

The Rockingham Whigs came to power and opened negotiations for peace.

Jazzar opened negotiations with the attackers at the end of September.

negotiations to form

Several mujahideen parties started negotiations to form a national coalition government.

During the negotiations to form a new government after the 2015 elections, Mas was replaced as president by Carles Puigdemont.

In negotiations to form a government following the 2013 federal elections, Spahn led the CDU–CSU delegation in the health working group; his co-chair from the SPD was Karl Lauterbach.

diplomatic negotiations

In 1881, Qing recovered the Gulja region through diplomatic negotiations in the Treaty of Saint Petersburg (1881).

There were diplomatic negotiations during the Trienio Liberal (1820-1823) but they were quashed by the return of absolutism.

The arrest of these human rights defenders attracted international media attention and led to several diplomatic negotiations.