Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

television network   (red de televisión)

She writes op-eds for the television network RT.

It currently runs on "The Works" television network.

In 2007 it ran on the Illusion on Demand television network.

rail network   (red ferroviaria)

Greece's rail network is estimated to be at 2,548 km.

During the postwar era, the rail network was rebuilt.

This connected Usingen to the rail network.

railway network   (red ferroviaria)

4) was located nearby with an extensive railway network.

The Ethiopian railway network has been rapidly expanding.

Most of Japan's railway network was owned by the state until 1987.

social network   (red social)

In 2012 she co-founded SAGANet, an astrobiology social network.

In 2006, he co-founded uPlayMe, a music-focused social network.

This work is cited as being the birth of social network analysis.

road network   (red de carreteras)

There is access of road network in all area of VDC.

Andorra has a road network of , of which is unpaved.

The road network in the Czech Republic is long.

radio network   (red de radio)

Burns once worked at CKO, the Canadian news radio network.

Energy Groove Radio is a digital commercial-style radio network.

SBS (100.9FM) also broadcasts its national radio network to Darwin.

network television   (televisión en red)

"I knew it couldn't be done as a network television series.

There was no show featuring Douglas on the fall 2009 network television schedule.

That show aired bloopers from "" for the first time on American network television.

cable network   (Cable de red)

In the mid-1980s it has been linked to a cable network.

cable network show "Chelsea Lately".

The show premiered on cable network OnStyle on February 7, 2009.

distribution network   (red de distribución)

S&W had a strong distribution network in Northern California.

Lauta was connected to the electrical distribution network in 1925.

It has a robust distribution network with around 45,000 distributors.

national network   (Red Nacional)

The station broadcasts the national network lineup.

In the late 1990s it was overhauled for use on the national network.

There is also a Ballarat branch of ABC Local Radio's national network.

neural network   (red neuronal)

Deepfakes rely on a type of neural network called an autoencoder.

An artificial neural network with three layers is used for this example.

An "autoencoder" is a neural network that learns to copy its input to its output.

extensive network   (extensa red)

Dundee has an extensive network of bus routes.

Before the railroad era, New York had an extensive network of canals.

GM also maintained an extensive network of spies throughout its plants.

tram network   (red de tranvía)

A comprehensive bus and tram network covers the region.

During his mayoralty, the Invercargill tram network was opened.

The current, modern Marseille tram network opened on 7 July 2007.

global network   (red global)

Enterprise Singapore has built a global network for SMEs.

Global Online Academy connects students to a global network of people and resources.

LEGIC maintains a global network, currently with over 300 licensed partner companies.

computer network   (Red de computadoras)

Networking was accomplished using ARCNET or Cambridge Ring (computer network) LAN cards.

Batman deduces that the ALA is going to use Earth's computer network to destroy our planet.

The super-speed computer network (ATM) will enable all students to get personal internet IDs.

international network   (red internacional)

From 1996 to 2019, Dimerco kept expanded its international network.

Since then the company has built an international network of subsidiaries.

MEGA Cosmos is the international network of Mega Channel, a television network in Greece.

mobile network   (red móvil)

Airtel-Vodafone also provide a mobile network.

Embu County also has a 98 per cent mobile network coverage.

Mobikom Mobikom is a defunct NMT mobile network in Bulgaria.

new network   (nueva red)

Outlets for the new network increased rapidly.

and seeking to build a new network of so-called Unemployed Councils.

Later a new network based on the Elbrus-90 Micro computer was installed.

transport network   (red de transporte)

Matsuyama has a well-developed transport network.

Altstätten now operates a bus transport network, RTB.

The transport network data is set up via a GIS (Geographic Information System).

network programming   (programación de red)

It no longer carries VOCM network programming.

Also, except for PBS, HDTV network programming is from Seattle.

No local programming originates from the station, and it carries network programming full-time.

through a network   (a través de una red)

KAB delivers programming and materials through a network of organizations.

Generally, a money transmitter markets its services through a network of agents.

It retails products online, by mail-order and through a network of physical retail outlets.

area network   (red de área)

However, your wide area network infrastructure does not need to be SNA.

Wireless WAN Wireless wide area network (WWAN), is a form of wireless network.

The category of applications is outlined as the wireless personal area network (WPAN).

telephone network   (red telefónica)

It is, for example, used to dimension a telephone network's links.

The line was the last remaining single-line crank telephone network in the American West.

Other multi-frequency systems are used for internal signaling within the telephone network.

bus network   (red de autobuses)

In 2010 the new bus network was implemented.

The park is also served by line 30 of Ruter's bus network.

The Brussels bus network is complementary to the rail network.

wireless network   (red inalámbrica)

Kismet differs from other wireless network detectors in working passively.

Wireless WAN Wireless wide area network (WWAN), is a form of wireless network.

The images are sent through a local wireless network to laptops for monitoring.

network upon   (red sobre)

EMF announced that the station will join their K-Love network upon the sale's closure.

Along with Kjellberg, eight other YouTubers signed to the network upon its creation: CinnamonToastKen, Marzia, Dodger, Emma Blackery, Jacksepticeye, Jelly, Kwebbelkop, and Markiplier.

By the end of 1914 the naval situation in the Pacific had eased to a large extent due to the sinking of the "Emden", and it was decided that there was no longer a need to maintain guards on many of the less important facilities, and instead it was decided to concentrate the home defence network upon maintaining the coastal defences and on guarding ships while they were in port.

broadcast network   (red de difusión)

The broadcast network, France 2, therefore requested changes to the script.

Sportsnet's sister broadcast network Citytv similarly simulcast games 3 and 5.

She did one project in ABS-CBN, the broadcast network and parent company of Star Magic.

network operator   (operador de red)

MTV Mobile MTV Mobile was a Netherlands/Italy-based Mobile virtual network operator.

New World PCS New World PCS Limited ( NWPCS) was a mobile network operator (MNO) of Hong Kong.

GLO has over 45 million subscribers (December 2018), making it the second largest network operator in Nigeria.

transportation network   (red de transporte)

One important legacy of the Games was an improved transportation network.

Žirmūnai is well-served by Vilnius' bus and trolleybus transportation network.

Instead, it is served by bus, "line 31" in the Greater Oslo transportation network.

sports network   (red deportiva)

Overtime is a distributed sports network.

However, it was ownership in a regional sports network that the two teams wanted.

The initial idea of a team-owned regional sports network was first proposed in 1999.

sister network   (red hermana)

In 2014, they launched a sister network Wolfpop, under the curation of comedian Paul Scheer.

WGKL-AM aired the "Kool Gold" satellite format, while the FM aired its sister network "Pure Gold".

The stations making up the NEWFM "Super" Network "(sister network to the 2SM Super Network)" include:

large network   (gran red)

Washington, D.C. had a large network of conduit lines, to avoid wires.

More than 50 large network analyzers were built by the end of the 1950s.

It is expected that large network operators will maintain Teredo relays.

network operators   (operadores de red)

It is expected that large network operators will maintain Teredo relays.

Some network operators do not have their own radio access network at all.

This form of system is of more interest to mobile broadband network operators.

network analysis   (análisis de red)

This work is cited as being the birth of social network analysis.

Thus, the group led by Moreno displayed all four of the features that define social network analysis.

Distributed-element modelling was first used in electrical network analysis by Oliver Heaviside in 1881.

route network   (red de rutas)

The route network has no implied start or end point.

Aeroflot's route network was long by 1950.

At this time, the company had a route network that was long.

network services   (servicios de red)

PacketExchange PacketExchange was a British multinational network services provider based in London.

Barnard students play on Columbia athletics teams, and Barnard uses Columbia email, telephone and network services.

TAFIM subsumes the widely accepted Open-system environment reference model within the network services and communications area.

network of roads   (red de carreteras)

Expressways in China are a fairly recent addition to a complex network of roads.

The settlement included a network of roads centred on a T-shaped main thoroughfare.

The NHS is a network of roads important to the country's defense, economy and mobility.

network traffic   (tráfico de red)

CLP is used as a control for a network traffic "policing mechanism".

For decrypting network traffic, the cipher uses the bot's unique identification string as the key.

Over-provisioning can be used to provide additional capacity to compensate for peak network traffic loads.

highway network   (red de carreteras)

Suppose we are considering a highway network.

Since independence, Armenia has been developing its internal highway network.

The latter only form a complementary part of the country's main highway network.

network called   (red llamada)

Deepfakes rely on a type of neural network called an autoencoder.

She has developed a series for the Oxygen network called "Dance Your Ass Off".

Since April 2007, STIB/MIVB has been operating a night bus network called Noctis.

tramway network   (red de tranvías)

Only Helsinki has retained its tramway network.

The total length of the tramway network will be 15 km.

The electric tramway network lasted until January 2004.

when the network   (cuando la red)

The boxing events were created to supplement Telefutua’s programming when the network moved to a 24-hour schedule.

The series remained in its original time slot for the second season when the network announced its Fall 2005 schedule.

Since 2005, when the network began their 24/7 digital broadcast, other forms of programming have been added to this mix.

local network   (red local)

The relay agent then retransmits the response on the local network.

Donations via phone, text and MDA's web site were urged by local network affiliates.

It spreads across a local network by copying itself to network shares and on to other computers.

same network   (misma red)

Due to huge demand, the show has been rerun on the same network since 12 May 2016.

If the client remains connected to the same network, the server may grant the request.

It is owned by Asian-Pacific Broadcasting Company under the operations of the same network.

network security   (Seguridad de la red)

A data quality firewall acts similarly to a network security firewall.

Lyon has been active in the network security community since the mid-1990s.

The Marines also operate a network security team in conjunction with the Navy.

communications network   (red de comunicaciones)

There also was limited access to VNET, IBM's internal communications network.

It may be a physical trading room where the traders gather, or a formalised communications network.

The price system is an indispensable communications network for plan coordination among entrepreneurs.

news network   (red de noticias)

He is a contributor at the financial news network CNBC.

Appearances: Andy Phibian is the star reporter for TTN, the news network of Toad TV.

As a result, SBN renewed partnership with Solar Entertainment to create the news network Talk TV.

major network   (red principal)

KOHD is the first primary digital station to carry a major network affiliation.

Primal Quest was the first expedition adventure race to be featured on major network television.

By failing to run this episode, NBC was the only major network not to broadcast a show around World AIDS day.

network consists   (red consiste)

The network consists of: This network is operated from 5 am to 2 am.

The Finnish railway network consists of a total of of railways built with .

The monitoring network consists of 337 facilities located all over the globe.

entire network   (toda la red)

The entire network has double track.

The entire network is elevated.

Planners anticipate 13.6 million riders over the entire network by the year 2025.

network affiliates   (afiliados de la red)

WHOO-AM-FM simulcast their programming and were network affiliates of ABC Radio.

Donations via phone, text and MDA's web site were urged by local network affiliates.

Just as WIOD-AM-FM were network affiliates of NBC Radio, WCKT-TV was an NBC-TV affiliate.

network management   (administración de redes)

It developed and provided network management software for monitoring and managing Internet Protocol networks.

(Network management segment, network management end-to-end, resource management, and reserved for future use.)

The JIDM specification was considered the most significant work to use the CORBA framework in network management mapping.

local area network   (Red de área local)

On the Mac version, the game allows up to six players to compete via local area network.

The larger size of a wide area network compared to a local area network requires differences in technology.

"Diablo II" can be played multiplayer on a local area network (LAN) or the Blizzard's online service.

network began   (red comenzó)

The network began operations on September 6, 1952.

He has been calling ESPNU games since the network began in 2005.

In 1996, the network began satellite broadcasting, via Sky Angel.

support network   (Red de soporte)

Growing up, Kroll had a large extended family that served as a support network.

This invaluable support network provides career advice, job-search support, and professional insight.

She also said that the inquiry concluded that the hijackers had a support network that helped them in different ways.

trade network   (red comercial)

The region developed a trade network based on surplus and varieties of maize crops.

The northern part of the country was an important part of the Muslim slave trade network.

They navigated the seas and established a trade network with tribes in the Andes and the Amazon.

network infrastructure   (infraestructura de red)

However, your wide area network infrastructure does not need to be SNA.

Most of the current trolleybus network infrastructure was built before 1960.

Warid has invested more than US $2.5 billion to build up network infrastructure in Pakistan.

network based   (basado en la red)

ZERO1 is an art-technology network based in San Jose.

Later a new network based on the Elbrus-90 Micro computer was installed.

The city was connected to the Ottoman telegraph network based in Damascus by 1875.

first network   (primera red)

According to "CCM Magazine" it was the first network of its type.

His first network program was "Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse."

The partnership marked the first network usage of the Ripple protocol.

network through   (red a través de)

This workshop was instrumental in expanding the transport network through Edapal.

Users may set up SSH tunnels to transfer unencrypted traffic over a network through an encrypted channel.

Cloud printing Cloud printing is the technology that enables printers to be accessed over a network through cloud computing.

regional network   (red regional)

The Bank’s regional network comprised 26 regional offices.

The Bank’s regional network comprised 2 offices and 1 branch.

The Bank’s regional network comprised 51 regional offices and 2 branches.

network of highways   (red de carreteras)

Major population centres on the peninsula are connected by a network of highways.

Suppose there is a network of highways and transit systems and a proposed addition.

The NHS is a network of highways that are identified as being most important for the economy, mobility and defense of the nation.

network interface   (interfaz de red)

A network interface normally does not accept packets addressed to other Ethernet stations.

The protocol expects the DHCP client to configure its network interface with the negotiated parameters.

In addition, plug-in adapter cards such as SCSI, RAID, network interface cards, and video boards often include their own BIOS (e.g.

motorway network   (red de autopistas)

The motorway network now covers 1,300 km.

, the Croatian motorway network is long.

The motorway network totals with additional reserved only for motor traffic.

complex network   (red compleja)

Expressways in China are a fairly recent addition to a complex network of roads.

A complex network of pipes was discovered in 1966, forty metres south of the paved road.

It is a solitary animal and has a complex network of tunnels and runways through the vegetation.

other network   (otra red)

It was rescheduled, as were all of the other network shows.

Thus it was rescheduled, as were all of the other network shows.

No other network and bowl game has been paired for a longer period of time.

worldwide network   (red mundial)

The group is part of Endemol Shine Group, a worldwide network of production companies spanning twenty four countries.

The AEFE has 495 schools in its worldwide network, with French as the primary language of instruction in most schools.

The distribution infrastructure of CPAN consists of its worldwide network of more than 250 mirrors in more than 60 countries.

own network   (red propia)

NHS Scotland has its own network of burn centres.

In 2008, she formed her own network, Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).

Now my own network is bailing out on me and taking me off the air.

communication network   (red de comunicacion)

's transportation and communication network is limited.

), a quick and instant wireless communication network is necessary.

Power supply companies may also use them for an in-house communication network.

cellular network   (red celular)

The cellular network market counts more than 3,000,000 active customers in total.

police/fire/medical) via a direct phone wire, a cellular network, a radio network (i.e.

The city's cellular network currently uses Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS).

cable television network   (red de televisión por cable)

Alberts thereafter accepted a position as a columnist for the website of the college sports cable television network CSTV.

The British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) operates two radio stations on FM, BFBS1 and BFBS2 and a private cable television network.

!scope="row"|2017 The Premios MTV Latinoamérica were awarded annually by cable television network MTV Networks Latin America from 2002 to 2009.

network launched   (red lanzada)

On 15 May, the Ma'an network launched an eCommerce website called Maan Souq.

Around that time, the University of New Orleans charter school network launched a takeover attempt.

GGNetwork GGNetwork, which stands for ‘Good Game Network’, is an online poker network launched in 2014.

network between   (red entre)

The NZBC's microwave network between facilities was very much ad-hoc.

This led to a complete Canadian Doppler network between 1998 and 2004.

FTV constructed a 1,380 mile fiber optic network between Portland and Las Vegas.

nationwide network   (red nacional)

It was part of the first nationwide network of radio programs for children.

The Research Natural Area is part of a nationwide network of protected areas of undisturbed ecosystems.

Scepter had developed a nationwide network of independent distributors while working with The Shirelles.

network affiliate   (afiliado de la red)

KFXX is a network affiliate of ESPN Radio but mostly runs its own local shows on weekdays.

From 2003 to 2010, it was a Radio Disney network affiliate, airing a children's radio format.

From 1937 to 1941, KQW served as the San Jose network affiliate of the Don Lee Broadcasting System.

private network   (red privada)

ServerCentral Turing Group has deployed native IPv6 traffic on its private network since 2006.

IVPN IVPN is a virtual private network service offered by the Gibraltar-based company Privatus Limited.

In July 2014 he joined the Austrian private network "ServusTV" and became anchorman of "Talk im Hangar-7".

national rail network   (red ferroviaria nacional)

These are also connected to the national rail network by the Whyalla railway line to Port Augusta.

This brought him unprecedented access to the new national rail network for delivery of his timber products.

The introduction of these GWR services will be the first time the new station has been served by a train from the national rail network.

network of more   (red de más)

It is also a partner with Eurozine, a network of more than 60 European cultural journals.

FanSided FanSided is a fandom-focused sports, lifestyle and entertainment network of more than 300 websites.

The organization states it "maintains an international network of more than 350 attorneys" to support its work.

network access   (acceso a la red)

It has over 22,000 Wi-Fi hotspots network access points in the UK.

However AJK still lags behind in broadband services due to strict hold of SCO on the network access.

Key characteristics include on-demand access, broad network access, and the capability of rapid scaling.

virtual network   (red virtual)

MTV Mobile MTV Mobile was a Netherlands/Italy-based Mobile virtual network operator.

These are called mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) and are marked in the tables as such.

For example, a virtual network adapter is used with a virtual private network, while a virtual disk device is used with iSCSI.

branch network   (red de sucursales)

The merger created the largest branch network in the United States.

In 1929, the institute's branch network was formed, with local groups meeting all over the UK.

It has a branch network of more than 30 local groups around the UK and three overseas as well as online communities on LinkedIn.

across the network   (a través de la red)

Sixty of those graduates had moved into management positions across the network.

She covered the news of the day across the network's daytime and primetime programming.

In 2009, with the Greek debt crisis unfolding OSE's Management was forced to reduce services across the network.

through the network   (a través de la red)

Another is that packets that have been corrupted are still propagated through the network.

A flow on its path through the network may be divided between "parallel" links, in a load balancing scheme.

The system distinguishes threat and vulnerability information; the latter is not shared through the network.

existing network   (red existente)

Network embedding encodes an existing network to a trainable embedding vector.

They include : MSEDCL’s existing network handles a load of about 10,000 to 11,000 MW.

It covered a total of ten trades and fully complemented Maersk Line’s existing network.

network service   (servicio de red)

Praiz is a brand ambassador for network service giants MTN.

As of May 2018, CMHK provided network service 4.5G, 4G LTE (LTE FDD and TD-LTE), 3GHSPA, GPRS and EDGE.

IVPN IVPN is a virtual private network service offered by the Gibraltar-based company Privatus Limited.

vast network   (vasta red)

A vast network of industrial/ vocational institutes was established in the State of Punjab.

The Roman Empire maintained a vast network of roads, known as "cursus publicus", for similar purposes.

But when these obstacles have been overcome, the rivers and lakes afford a vast network of navigable waters.

network owned   (propiedad de la red)

BandNews FM BandNews FM is a Brazilian all-news radio network owned by Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicação.

Crane Kenney, the Cubs' president, said that a regional network owned by the Cubs would create additional revenue streams.

Net 25 Net 25 (capitalized and stylized as NET25) is a Philippine television network owned and operated by Eagle Broadcasting Corporation.

network during   (red durante)

He has also commentated for the Australian ABC Radio network during Ashes series in Australia.

Nonetheless, this episode was the eighth highest-rated show on the NBC network during the week of November 3–9, 2008.

The protein may contribute to the extracellular matrix assembly of the vascular network during blood vessel formation.

public transport network   (red de transporte público)

TL publish a monthly magazine called "banc" dealing with the news about the public transport network around Lausanne.

Trolleybuses in Basel The Basel trolleybus system () was part of the public transport network of Basel, Switzerland, for nearly six decades.

On 29 August 2006, Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Mohd Najib Abdul Razak announced a RM10 billion plan to expand Kuala Lumpur's public transport network.

network via   (red a través de)

Many smaller communities are only connected to this network via county roads.

The port is connected to the rail network via the Napier Port Branch (Ahuriri Branch).

Croydon is linked into the national motorway network via the M23 and M25 orbital motorway.

network television schedule   (horario de televisión en red)

There was no show featuring Douglas on the fall 2009 network television schedule.

1953–54 United States network television schedule (daytime) These are the daytime Monday–Friday schedules on all three networks for each calendar season beginning September 1953.

In 2013, Cuarón created "Believe", a science fiction/fantasy/adventure series that was broadcast as part of the 2013–14 United States network television schedule on NBC as a mid-season entry.

network connection   (conexión de red)

It is facilitated with reprography and Wi-Fi network connection.

Typically at least one FIFO structure is used per network connection.

And the same machine could host any number of instances of services of the same type, without any network connection conflicts.

network news   (noticias de la red)

He returned to Washington in 1958 to report and anchor network news updates.

The network news was made possible by switching inputs to the regional transmitters, so that a signal could be relayed across the country.

In 1987, Ellerbee and her husband and business partner Rolfe Tessem left network news to start their own production company, Lucky Duck Productions.

network executives   (ejecutivos de red)

Fox network executives objected, and asked that Mal be "lightened up".

Arnold stated that he was told by network executives that "a woman cannot kiss a woman.

Later network executives Kathy and Michael Lukas hire Haddad to free Hess and get him safely out of West Berlin.

network within   (red dentro)

It first aired on October 16, 2002 on the UPN network within the United States.

, the metro network within the region has a total of 69 metro and "premetro" stations.

The station provided direct current to the streetcar network within the city of Spokane.

network shows   (espectáculos de red)

It was rescheduled, as were all of the other network shows.

Thus it was rescheduled, as were all of the other network shows.

The urban network shows the varied typology of Baroque buildings.

intelligence network   (red de inteligencia)

O'Donoghue built up an intelligence network and agents which included his future wife, Josephine Marchment.

The city became the destination for Loyalist refugees and a focal point of Washington's intelligence network.

He seems to have a good intelligence network, as he often comes to know of things quickly, but this network has never been discovered.

network using   (utilizando la red)

All communication between aggregators and leaf nodes is done over the network using SQL.

CE companies wish to communicate video inside the home network using their own protected protocols and formats.

The alert messages to the population, already broadcast by various media, are relayed over the mobile network using cell broadcast.

transit network   (red de tránsito)

The exchange is a part of Metro Vancouver's TransLink transit network.

In 2008 a new round of rail transit network planning again proposed a loop line.

The principal public transit network in the city is run by the ATAF and Li-nea bus company.

network includes   (la red incluye)

The Wing's network includes more than 10,000 members.

The network includes:

This network includes main inter-city roads and access roads for départments' capital cities.