İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

never seen   (hiç görmedim)

I want to see some places I've never seen before."

All four said they had never seen larger pugmarks.

After this arrest he was never seen alive again.

never married   (hiç evlenmemiş)

He was never married and had no recorded children.

Epicurus never married and had no known children.

Spencer never married nor did she have any children.

never played   (hiç oynamadı)

Sintim tore his ACL twice and never played in 2011.

He never played a first team game with the Storm.

Seles never played in Germany again after the incident.

never made   (hiç yapılmadı)

They have never made the NCAA nor WNIT tournaments.

It was never made available in the United States.

He scored only 6–9 and never made "komusubi" again.

never released   (asla bırakılmadı)

The leaders were never released and died in prison.

A major label follow-up album was never released.

The album was never released in Europe, however.

never used

The unfinished building was never used as a hotel.

The Moravian Church has never used the "Filioque".

The nuclear-armed ASROC was never used in combat.

never came

The case never came before the Elections Committee.

Fortunately, that eventuality never came to pass.

The announced package with the lyrics but never came.

never really   (asla gerçekten)

But some, like JohnnyPhlo, never really had a choice.

It's an educated guess, you never really know.

The game never really changes,” muses Jack.

never returned   (asla geri dönmedi)

He never returned to school and began ski-racing.

They walked home, and never returned to that school.

He never returned to Germany, Austria or Poland.

never again

The British never again tried to capture Santa Cruz.

James would never again return to Ross or Moray.

He vowed never again to associate with Romans.

never fully   (asla tamamen)

Some clubs and competitions never fully recovered.

However, this policy was never fully implemented.

The planned structure was never fully completed.

never completed   (asla tamamlanmadı)

That sale fell through and was never completed.

Parts of this were built, but it was never completed.

This was indeed begun in 1801 but was never completed.

never saw   (hiç görmedim)

As a result, he never saw the finished courthouse.

Her mother added, "I never saw my child’s body.

Wright claimed he never saw his father again.

never heard   (hiç duymadım)

Following this, Gaspar was never heard from again.

I never heard him say an unkind thing about anyone.

He never heard the whip cracks; we put those in later.

never recovered   (asla iyileşmedi)

The bodies and the airplane were never recovered.

"Scallywag's" financial position never recovered.

He never recovered completely from this illness.

never got   (Hiç yok)

We all picked the cotton but we never got rich.""

One account claims Dillon never got out of the car.

However, the 1994 project never got off the ground.

never before   (daha önce hiç)

The government had never before attempted a comprehensive overview.

Because of the war effort, women entered the workforce as never before.

Hence, the future is now and "Technosophie" is needed today as never before.

never met   (hiç tanışmadık)

Due to poor marketing, sales never met expectations.

A planned national general assembly never met.

It is likely that Garth never met his father.

never won

Atlante never won a national title in El Salvador.

The team has never won the National Premier League.

Gurpegui never won any caps for Spain at any level.

never actually   (asla aslında)

Sam is now sure that she had never actually seen R.K.

To date, OMT was never actually implemented by the ECB.

Ted, of course, never actually made a sound.

never received   (hiç almadım)

The film never received a widespread release.

However he never received the promised travel allowance.

He stated that he never received a response.

never took   (asla almadı)

He never took out a patent on any of his inventions.

They never took the lead, and UConn won 63–48.

The censorship never took the form of purging.

never built

K-265 was never built as US-24 was never rerouted.

The Toyota Land Cruiser was never built in Australia.

However, that airport was never built either.

never found   (hiçbirzaman bulunamadı)

The bodies of Decius and Herennius were never found.

He was then 20 years old and never found his father.

He played 11 times in the league, but never found the net.

never able   (asla mümkün değil)

Hassan likes Shafaq but is never able to tell anyone.

The Romans were never able to entirely subject Vasconia.

Conrad later said he was never able to collect the money.

never officially

The CCC program was never officially terminated.

However, it was never officially introduced.

However, Ritchie never officially received his PhD degree.

never happened   (hiç yaşanmadı)

They agreed to do so, but it never happened.

However, due to scheduling conflicts, it never happened.

According to Kardinal, the song "almost never happened."

never reached

They never reached further than the Group Stage.

They never reached any further than the Group Stage.

He never reached the "sanyaku" ranks again.

never published   (asla yayınlanmadı)

Their correspondence was never published in the media.

The Kotzker Rebbe never published any works.

Results from the second head count were never published.

never materialized   (asla gerçekleşmedi)

However, a release date for the single never materialized.

However, this release never materialized.

However, the project never materialized.

never became

Hurlstone never became a member of the Royal Academy.

If royal assent was denied, the bill never became law.

Robinson never became a member of this group.

never appeared   (hiç görünmedi)

Simon Trowel's brother, Stephen, never appeared.

Ökvist never appeared in a game for the Pride.

However, this new music player never appeared.

almost never

That's one of the things which almost never happen.

During waking hours the bird is almost never still.

It is almost never used for this purpose today.

never did   (asla yapmadı)

"I never did know your name", Mordecai says.

He never did get his hands on the fortune.

Booth promised to pay me for my trouble, but he never did.

never lost

The band has never lost its focus on blues music.

Northern Ireland never lost when Hamilton scored.

She never lost to an unseeded player (65–0).

never went   (asla gitmedi)

She never went to school but was taught by her father.

However, the company never went back to lead.

The car never went into production and remained a one-off.

never finished

The cathedral's western façade was never finished.

"F" was never finished, and so no music was ever added.

51, and Atkinson never finished his PhD.

never intended   (asla amaçlanmamış)

Maria never intended to write anything of her life.

But it was never intended to be huge or even a band.

But I never intended to commit a criminal act.

having never   (asla sahip olmak)

Kathy died on June 26, 2006, having never remarried.

He died at Vienna in 1823, having never married.

Modell died in 2012, having never returned to Cleveland.

never quite   (asla tam olarak)

It is claimed that he was "never quite well afterwards".

You're never quite sure what you're going to get with him.

In underside, the ocelli are smaller and never quite developed.

never having

Bundesliga, never having been relegated.

Zoe admits to never having a boyfriend and holds quite political views.

He began saving for a ZX Spectrum despite never having used one before.

never left   (asla ayrılma)

The anvil never left his side, despite weighing .

After his return, Linnaeus never left Sweden again.

His pride in his working class origins never left him.

single and never

, there were 227,656 people who were single and never married in the canton.

, there were 70,502 people who were single and never married in the municipality.

The senior population distribution is 313 people or 12.7% of the population are between 60 and 69 years old, 187 people or 7.6% are between 70 and 79, there are 156 people or 6.4% who are over 80. , there were 367 people who were single and never married in the municipality.

never knew   (hiç bilmiyordum)

Vauck never knew if the operation was successful.

As a result, Queen never knew her biological father.

You never knew what ball was under that shell.

never mentioned   (hiç bahsedilmedi)

Lonsberry never mentioned the three-term mayor by name.

Larry is never mentioned again after this.

As far as is known, the Portuguese never mentioned the bird.

never see   (asla görme)

They've taken her away from me and I'll never see her again.

The tragedy was that we knew we would never see each other again.

Though you never see her face, she's come to symbolise Sydney for me."

never forget   (asla unutma)

We began a journey together that I'll never forget.

I will never forget what you have done for me today".

I will never forget you and love you forever.

never thought   (hiç düşünmemek)

"I never thought she'd say yes, but asked anyway.

"I never thought I'd see the day that would happen.

I never thought I would be known only as your mother.

never formally

The PAS Atlas was never formally published by Gittinger.

However, Hirsch was never formally charged.

However, his appointment was never formally confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

never get   (asla alma)

You'll never get anywhere in this business."

I'll never get this opportunity ever, ever, ever again."

The audience knows he'll never get fired."

never achieved

She never achieved this, however.

Though it has never achieved as much commercial success as "Oklahoma!

This is a level of integration hitherto never achieved in anthropology.

never held   (hiç tutulmadı)

Mid Canterbury have never held the Ranfurly Shield.

King Country have never held the Ranfurly Shield.

Devin has never held any form of a job in his life.

never even   (asla bile)

Many never even visited the colonies they owned.

I've never even streamed from that account."

It is said that he has never even been touched in a battle.

never know   (asla bilemezsiniz)

But you just never know how good it is, you know?".

We may never know, though this case still haunts me.

How he got in my pajamas, I'll never know".

never occurred   (asla olmadı)

It is as if the famine had never occurred."

Military mutinies, planned for the continent, never occurred.

Depp said the similarities with Jackson never occurred to him.

never looked

Mitchell quit the company and never looked back.

Fnatic never looked back and would go on to win the map 16-7.

He never looked good after that losing to Norris and May in rematches.

never produced

The journal was never produced before Poe's death.

Grandmont never produced any writers of importance.

However, the U.S. never produced Ghadiya's body.

never to return   (asla geri dönme)

Most of the families settled elsewhere never to return.

He settled in London, never to return to North America.

Chihui left the household, never to return.

never done   (Hiç bitmedi)

Throughout history this process was never done by a man.

"I have never done cocaine, ever in my life.

She has begun to sleep, something she has never done before.

probably never   (muhtemelen asla)

Hyde Park has probably never seen a greater crowd of people."

She never married Charity's father and probably never loved him.

It probably never got constructed.

never fully recovered   (asla tamamen iyileşmedi)

Some clubs and competitions never fully recovered.

(Clavell never fully recovered from his wound.)

She never fully recovered from her month-long torture.

never managed   (asla yönetilmedi)

They never managed to get into the Asian market.

As a result of his death however, Shadow never managed to do so.

The senior national team never managed to qualify for the Olympics.

never existed

'It was as if we'd never existed' Rosewall said once."

A separate track along the Georgenstraße never existed.

It means "never existed" or "never created".

never took place   (hiç gerçekleşmedi)

However, this format change never took place.

In fact, the often alluded-to CAT scan never took place.

However, for unknown reasons, the bout never took place.

never return   (asla geri dönme)

Chiang Kai-shek would never return to the mainland.

He orders the Molluscari to leave the planet and never return.

She would never return home again.

never worked

However, he never worked in baseball after that.

It was all new to me, I've never worked like this before.

was abandoned and never worked on again by the Beach Boys.

never revealed   (asla açıklanmadı)

However, he has never revealed the secret to his invention.

He never revealed his identity until the day he was caught.

The reasons underlying Speed's departure were never revealed.

never given

Polly was never given a last name in the series.

However, she was never given back her original position.

Hopkins was in fact never given an official mandate to hunt witches.

never come   (asla gelme)

Ivy leaves and promises to never come back.

Brown responded: "If I had my way, he'll never come back!".

In fact, magnetic brakes never come in contact with the train.

never regained   (asla geri kazanılmadı)

Rivière never regained full use of his limbs.

The Jushi never regained their independence.

She lost the weight and never regained it.

never recorded

He did two tours with them, but never recorded an album.

Following these two albums Bradshaw never recorded again.

The songs are also among the few that Crosby had never recorded.

never seen again

He then slipped away and was never seen again.

Despite attempts to find him, he was never seen again.

After four episodes, she was never seen again.

never gave   (asla vermedim)

WWE never gave him a real chance, and that's just sad to me".

The IRA never gave any explanation for his abduction and murder.

He himself never gave up believing in the practical potential of his design.

although he never   (asla olmamasına rağmen)

He also scored a run and stole a base, although he never appeared in the field.

He began his career at Arsenal, although he never made an appearance for the club.

He then joined Norwich City, although he never made an appearance in the first team.

never be able   (asla mümkün olamaz)

I thought, I'll never be able to do what these guys do.

At the time the doctor said that he would never be able to walk.

The fences, I'll never be able, as old as I am and broke down, to fix back.

never felt   (hiç hissetmedim)

"I never felt the script lived up to the book."

"I never felt so weighed down," she wrote to Berkman.

It’s a town he’s never felt obligated to join — or to beat.

never lived

He has never lived in the United States.

She never lived to see the publication of her thesis results.

Housel returned to Colorado, but the two never lived together.

never carried

Its locomotive fleet never carried numbers, only names.

Park Royals never carried flying snails.

However, the plan was never carried out.

never wanted

She replies, "I never wanted to be your enemy.

Rydal then reveals that he "never wanted Chester's money.

But he never wanted them to be published.

never been released

The film has never been released on DVD or Blu-Ray.

Notably, the film has never been released on VHS or DVD.

never entered

A prototype four-wheel car never entered production.

However, the CPC never entered into force.

The Bulldogs never entered the red zone.

never materialised   (asla gerçekleşmedi)

If that was his intention, it never materialised.

However, a move to England never materialised.

That sale never materialised and the lawsuit continued.

never stopped   (asla durmadı)

Already as a student, Jung never stopped drawing.

The Radiofabrik community never stopped growing.

However, she never stopped painting and drawing.

never considered

I've never considered that character a 'nutter'.

Arab and Persian geographers never considered it important.

You never considered it necessary to speak frankly with me...

never implemented   (asla uygulanmadı)

The plan was leaked to the press and never implemented.

However, these plans were never implemented.

However, this plan was never implemented.

never more

The number of inmates was never more than 100.

The Kerala people never more heard any tidings of him.

The residue level in the body was never more than 1.5% in monkeys.

never let   (asla izin verme)

He also tells Ashoka to never let down his guard.

I never let technique get in the way of mood or continuity."

The three hippies never let her alone.

though he never   (o asla)

Davies was homosexual, though he never wrote publicly about his own sexuality.

In Bénichou's work, "spiritual authority" is a key concept, though he never defines it concisely.

Banda played his football for Zambia Army (now Green Buffaloes) though he never had a great playing career.

never performed

Wynne's first symphony, written in 1952, was never performed.

(She never performed "Cry" again.)

It was never performed, and most of the music and libretto are now lost.

never visited

Burns turned on his heels and never visited her again.

Gosden never visited the set again.

The king never visited Drohobych.

never told   (asla söylemedim)

Throughout "Devotion" you're never told to sit up and pay attention.

He was never told he had cancer, but before his death, had surmised it.

Throughout the course of the show, Blanche's precise age was never told.

never realized   (hiç farkına varılmadı)

The deal was however never realized.

Originally, it was written as a script for a film that was never realized.

Future plans included expanding into China, but those plans were never realized.

never taken

This option was never taken up by the UK government.

Though Muni Tarun Sagar Maharaj has never taken the issue seriously.

The upkeep of the seminary personnel was never taken for granted by him.

never put

The turret was never put back into operation.

It was, in Kanazawa's case at least, never put to the test.

However this plan was never put through.

never allowed   (asla izin verilmez)

For instance, she never allowed Art to have a checkbook.

Dr. Fu Manchu was never allowed to succeed in this TV series.

The local congregation never allowed them to formally organize.

never going   (asla gitme)

"History is never going to be finished, said Cronin.

5 and never going above this position.

This race was never going to prove who was the fastest in the world.

never developed

The proposed townsite was never developed.

Mattingly never developed rubella and later flew on Apollo 16.

This feud, however, never developed.

never known

I have never known any exception to this rule.

She's never known any others of her kind.

I have never known much good done by those who affected to trade for the public good.

never marketed

The drug was never marketed in the United States.

The devices were demonstrated but never marketed.

Brindley's logical bassoon was never marketed.

never rebuilt

The hotel was never rebuilt, and Curry faded away.

After this final crash, the aircraft was never rebuilt.

The village was never rebuilt after the war.