Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

new album   (album mới)

It will feature on Mélovin’s new album “Octopus”.

They released a new album of bird songs in 2014.

She announced a new album scheduled for spring 2012.

new building   (tòa nhà mới)

The new building was dedicated on November 3, 1921.

The new building was consecrate on 17 October 1843.

The last new building was completed in 1939-1940.

new name   (tên mới)

The Starke model carried on with the new name N84.

The new name, Benin, was chosen for its neutrality.

"We hope the new name will be a trouble-free one.

new songs   (bài hát mới)

The album features 11 new songs and a hidden track.

70 new songs are probably written by Leisentritt.

It includes all brand new songs written by The Jets.

new version   (phiên bản mới)

This new version of the oils was finished in 1945.

The new version ended with the autumn 1976 issue.

The new version was developed by Franco Dragone.

new material   (vật liệu mới)

Clutsam included more new material in this version.

The new material was just waiting to be played live.

The new material incorporates hip hop and R&B styles.

new company   (công ty mới)

The new company began operations on April 1, 1901.

A new company Nouvelle Société J.F Cail succeeded.

The new company Cail & Cie then resumed production.

new government   (chính phủ mới)

The new government was faced with two major tasks.

The new government of Fernandina was short-lived.

In late November the MNVS selected a new government.

new home   (nhà mới)

Samuel Marsden where he built a new home, Newlands.

That town became Wasko's new home for over 15 years.

They now live in a new home with their horses.

new school   (trường mới)

The new school at Handsworth cost £50,000 to build.

She laid the foundation stone for the new school.

A new school building replaced the old one in 2012.

brand new   (thương hiệu mới)

Stine, described as "a brand new take on terror."

Some brand new copies are being sold for over $300.

She played the brand new pilot who operates the "No.

new church   (nhà thờ mới)

This new church was designed by Sir Robert Lorimer.

In 1980 it moved to a new church on Gawthorpe Road.

In 1688 minister Wilhelm Martin built a new church.

build a new   (xây dựng mới)

A fight to regain an old passion and build a new one.

In 1977, John initiated plans to build a new restaurant.

3 has plans to build a new Ultrafast mast.

new generation   (thế hệ mới)

The new generation is complete from late summer onwards.

Most ants are univoltine, producing a new generation each year.

It was a new generation, and new names appeared on the Metal stage.

new contract   (liên hệ mới)

It was a big hit and Kent was given a new contract.

In May 2012 he signed a new contract with the club.

He signed a new contract with Burton in May 2009.

new station   (nhà ga mới)

The new station was completed and opened in 2014.

The new station launched on Monday April 2, 2018.

The new station began broadcasting on July 27, 1999.

new wave   (làn sóng mới)

We're not a punk rock band, we're a new wave band."

A new wave of settlers started arriving from the 1970s.

This other band were considered more new wave orientated.

set a new   (thiết lập một cái mới)

The 2004 season set a new record with over burned.

The film set a new record for box office sales.

He set a new Irish record of 22.14 and finished 19th.

signed a new   (đã ký mới)

On 30 May 2014, Hopper signed a new two-year deal.

He signed a new one-year deal for the 2009 season.

On 31 May 2011 he signed a new two-year contract.

new species

It was described as a new species of bat in 2014.

He named the new species "Brontosaurus excelsus".

Ten new species and some new records of Meliolaceae.

new life   (cuộc sống mới)

Meanwhile, Matthew sinks deeper into his new life.

The two depart to make a new life for themselves.

The egg is an ancient symbol of new life and rebirth.

several new

The game added several new additions to the series.

The season saw several new faces join the team.

She set several new records in the WPRA and the PRCA.

new manager   (quản lý mới)

Matsuda became a new manager as Kawakatsu successor.

In 1974, Detroit had a new manager, Ralph Houk.

Botev Plovdiv hired Velislav Vutsov as a new manager.

create a new   (tạo một cái mới)

Y&R was tasked to create a new global brand for Rebisco.

In January 1991 Zone 5 was split to create a new Zone 6.

We have to create a new rating for that.'"

new constitution   (hiến pháp mới)

In November 2011, a new constitution was approved.

The new constitution took effect on 6 November 2009.

In March 1991 a new constitution was adopted.

many new

Falderman described many new taxa of Coleoptera.

RTL promised "many new features and a few surprises."

ZYX Records has released many new CD mixes since 2000.

new head   (đầu mới)

Željko Babić was appointed as the new head coach.

Two teams begin the season with new head coaches.

On 4 October 2007, Hasenhüttl became the new head coach.

new music

They are now back together and producing new music.

That's exactly what we wanted for our new music."

In 2011, La India continued to release new music.

new series

This new series was made the bestseller in the 1990s.

In 1995, a new series of notes was introduced.

A whole new series is being released during June 2019.

became the new

The AFDL then became the new national armed forces.

Teichrob retired and Carolyn Jones became the new MLA.

In 2009, he became the new manager of Camross.

new club

In 2012, she moved to new club Vegalta Sendai.

In 2003, a new club called Maribor Branik was founded.

A new club was created, TSV 2006 Lützellinden.

new members

D'Averhoult was elected one of the new members.

The commune prospered for a time and 29 new members joined.

In 1964, the Cincinnati chapter initiated nine new members.

new record   (kỷ lục mới)

The 2004 season set a new record with over burned.

<nowiki>*</nowiki> Indicates new record in the month

The film set a new record for box office sales.

new team   (đội mới)

The new team was named the Niagara Falls Thunder.

In his third match for his new team, away to C.D.

He struggles to adapt to this new team's ways.

new song

The band debuted their new song "Day for the Dead".

In November, she released her new song "Sleep Away".

A new song "Belong To" was featured as a bonus track.

form a new   (tạo thành một cái mới)

It was merged with another unit to form a new regiment in 1927.

It was merged with Lasino to form a new municipality, Madruzzo.

It was merged with Calavino to form a new municipality, Madruzzo.

new world

She is introduced to a new world and new friends.

WCW had to commission a new world championship belt.

He made (7.35 m/1,093 points) and set a new world record.

new single

The band will be releasing their new single on 21 May.

In 2002, Mumba released a new single "I'm Right Here".

1979 saw Boney M. release a brand new single, "Hooray!

new location   (địa điểm mới)

A campaign for finding a new location was launched.

It opened at its new location in December 2012.

In 2018, Art Ukraine Gallery moved to a new location.

new band

This gave birth to a new band called the "Jaggers".

Geoff now has a new band called Again and Again.

It was recorded with a completely new band i.e.

new system

The Americans enforced a new system of government.

The new system was only partly implemented by 1809.

The 1959 revision saw a new system of evaluation.

new line

There was now no possibility of making the new line.

In 1996, Akris introduced a new line called Akris Punto.

The new line proved an immediate success with the public.

new state   (trạng thái mới)

There were also thirteen divisions in his new state.

Hyderabad was made the capital of the new state.

In 2017, a new state of the art science block has been built.

new buildings

The new buildings have a distinctive blue colour.

In 1958 it moved into new buildings in Seewiesen.

The cost of the new buildings would be $150,000.

new town   (thị trấn mới)

The 1870s were boom years for this new town.

The new town is at the bottom of the hill, in the valley.

The new town was the first English settlement in the state.

new head coach   (huấn luyện viên trưởng mới)

Željko Babić was appointed as the new head coach.

On 4 October 2007, Hasenhüttl became the new head coach.

This was the first season under new head coach Dwane Casey.

new stadium   (sân vận động mới)

Many critics have negative views of the new stadium.

In 1976 a new stadium, Tineretului, was inaugurated.

On 5 May 2018, the new stadium was opened officially.

new party   (bữa tiệc mới)

In 2014, Yishai created a new party, called Yachad.

In 2014, he founded a new party, Istrian Democrats ().

In January 2006 a new party, Georgia's Way, was created.

created a new   (tạo ra một cái mới)

They created a new order, calling it Asparagales.

In 2014, Yishai created a new party, called Yachad.

In fact, the anti-virus would have created a new virus.

new owners   (chủ sở hữu mới)

Her new owners registered her as a 1170 GRT steamer.

The new owners, Stumbrai, demolished the manor.

The new owners reinstituted the WURD call sign.

entirely new   (hoàn toàn mới)

SR 233 was designated in 1956 over entirely new routing.

Butt was determined that his foundation be entirely new.

The latter boat was an entirely new design.

new design   (thiết kế mới)

The savings due to the new design were tremendous.

Eventually the new design became the Tri-R KIS TR-1.

The latter boat was an entirely new design.

released a new

They released a new album of bird songs in 2014.

In mid 2011, HP released a new version of the envy 14.

In 2002, Mumba released a new single "I'm Right Here".

new facility   (Cơ sở mới)

Students entered the new facility in September 2004.

In 1960, the branch relocated to a new facility.

NTD moved to the new facility in December 2019.

formed a new

Davies and Janion formed a new partnership in 1871.

In 1999, she formed a new soul band called Soul Explosion.

In 2008, he formed a new group and resumed the N'Harmony name.

introduced a new

course & in its place introduced a new B.Tech.

In 1949, it introduced a new type of alkaline battery.

The Quran introduced a new way of writing to the world.

new technology   (công nghệ mới)

Several models were also developed to test new technology.

There are sometimes problems in introducing new technology.

It takes time to learn new technology.

new group

In the process, a new group known as RCS was born.

Power passed into the hands of a new group of people.

For each production a new group of actors is assembled.

built a new

Sherman built a new "Childs Truss covered Bridge."

Samuel Marsden where he built a new home, Newlands.

James V built a new harbour at Burntisland in 1542.

new features   (Các tính năng mới)

Windows Server 2019 has the following new features:

RTL promised "many new features and a few surprises."

Many new features also debuted with this model.

new bridge   (cây cầu mới)

The new bridge opened to traffic on 23 February 2015.

The new bridge was opened to traffic in December 2012.

After a relatively short life a new bridge was needed.

new technologies

Some wonders are made obsolete by new technologies.

Page was a keen adopter of new technologies.

Operations are a mix of new technologies and traditional methods.

number of new   (số mới)

The expansion also adds a number of new Khitai dungeons.

The number of new characters increased from this year on.

A number of new characters were introduced in the annuals.

first new

In the company bought its first new service truck.

This was the group's first new recording since 1976.

It was his first new album in almost four years.

all new

We were all new to it and the job was functional.

It featured all new songs recorded by The Jets.

It was all new to me, I've never worked like this before.

new era   (kỷ nguyên mới)

This marked the beginning of a new era of expansion.

With professionalism dawned a new era at Cardiff RFC.

Thus, this new era is termed the Eastern Han dynasty.

new ones

Old directors resurfaced and new ones emerged.

Older chapters died as fast as new ones were established.

The old maps were redone to match the style of the new ones.

new city

The new city was essentially a colony of Genoa.

He named the new city "Nakhon Ratchasima".

The new city coat of arms was different from the historical one.

create new   (tạo mới)

One typical use is to create new control structures.

Artists create new work for a spring exhibition.

Starhunter was forced to retreat and create new medals.

new law

One of the senior partners at Paula's new law firm.

This new law went into effect on Jan 1, 2007.

A new law came into effect on April 17, 2009.

new type   (loại mới)

The new type became known as the Voisin Type Bordeaux.

In 1949, it introduced a new type of alkaline battery.

A new type of artillery fuze will appear soon.

new owner   (chủ sở hữu mới)

The new owner hired Henry C. Buffington as editor.

The new owner restored the Selkent name and logo.

With the new owner, Vitogaz expanded internationally.

completely new   (hoàn toàn mới)

This completely new development sold extremely well.

It was recorded with a completely new band i.e.

All sections of the ring line would be completely new.

new year

The first day of Vaisakh marks the solar new year.

It also marks the celebration of the Hindu new year.

The club sold two more players in the new year.

no new   (không có gì mới)

Since then, there have been no new announcements.

"There is no new faith given but the old awakened."

There would no new high school at St. Monicas.

new media

He has exhibited his new media artworks internationally.

Tianpeng Media is a new media company established in 2010.

In new media, users are being misled by the term "authority".

relatively new   (tương đối mới)

Baltimore's Hispanic population is relatively new.

It is thought to be a relatively new carbon star.

In 1988, however, this was a relatively new concept.

new site   (trang web mới)

It has later been moved to a new site in Fælledparken.

In 1950, it moved to a new site in Kirkburton.

In Seung's own words:We have this new site:

new housing   (nhà ở mới)

In mid-2010, work began to clear the site for new housing.

By 1889 the block was being cut into lots for new housing.

Plans are underway for more units alongside the new housing.

new project   (dự án mới)

Hilliard became the team leader of this new project.

In 2010, he started a new project

In April 2014, Colette O'Donovan agreed to lead a new project.

new set

He ordered a new set of investigations and trials.

This new set of Pharaohs recorded "Li'l Red Riding Hood".

After World War II, a new set of opportunities opened up.

opened a new

In 1922 Emilio opened a new distillery in Santiago.

Stanley opened a new plant in Aurora, Colorado.

In 2008, the school opened a new Post-16 block.

launched a new   (ra mắt mới)

Together, they launched a new hedge fund platform.

During 2008, TAAG launched a new route to Beijing.

In June 2013, Hellion also launched a new web page.

new tracks   (bài hát mới)

The "+2" version is updated and includes two new tracks.

Kitty made visual components for each of the 4 new tracks.

At least 43 new tracks opened during 1932.

new ideas

They helped realize the new ideas and vision of the school.

Therefore there are no new ideas to present themselves to Him.

Two feminist monthlies - Courage and EMMA - spread the new ideas.

become the new   (trở thành người mới)

My original dream was to become the new Carl Barks.

So Beloslava become the new queen consort of Serbia.

FrP demanded Siv Jensen become the new finance minister.

announced a new

On June 5, 2010, the band announced a new line-up.

The Kaiser announced a new chapter in world history.

She announced a new album scheduled for spring 2012.

new season

He wore the number 29 shirt for the new season.

A new season began airing on TV3 on 10 February 2016.

– was cast for the first few episodes of the new season.

new characters   (nhân vật mới)

Some new characters were introduced in this spinoff.

Each series has new characters and concepts.

The number of new characters increased from this year on.

new edition   (phiên bản mới)

He decided to annotate it and publish a new edition.

A new edition of the book was published in 1966.

This new edition was published in 1984 by Boosey & Hawkes.

new studio

In Spring 2005, Aida joined a new studio, S1 No.

A new studio was inaugurated on 2 June 1999.

Zed Radio now had a new studio in the USA.

development of new   (phát triển mới)

Thus it might contribute to the development of new species.

The profits from these product families funded the development of new drugs.

Neo-Luddism calls for slowing or stopping the development of new technologies.

new campus   (khuôn viên mới)

A new campus was built for the high school in 1990.

In 1956, a new campus on East Middle Turnpike opened.

The first classes at the new campus were held in 1897.

when a new   (khi mới)

It was used until 1810 when a new church was erected in the town.

Further expansion occurred in 1830 when a new canal basin was dug.

The school was used from 1921 to 1988, when a new school was built.

new coach   (huấn luyện viên mới)

Stanislawski was hired as the new coach for 1.

The 2003–04 season began with new coach Frank Rijkaard.

In 1996, she started playing under a new coach, Ed Nagel.

new style   (phong cách mới)

The Swiss manufacturer Intamin pioneered this new style.

"I Wanna Dance" is the opening song of her new style era.

This was the unveiling of the new style on the world stage.

new form

In this new form, she opposed Hawkeye and Dr. Pym.

By 1981, a new form of dance music was developing.

I 2016 a new form of division of Sweden was introduced.

new car

To go with the engine a new car was prepared.

Work on the new car began in 1970 under project code M550.

Daggett spends all his time on developing a new car motor.

new business   (kinh doanh mới)

He arrives in Erinsborough to start a new business.

Bollhagen became an employee of the new business.

They decided to call their new business a "design agency".

start a new   (khởi đầu lại)

He arrives in Erinsborough to start a new business.

Both want to start a new life at a new place.

They eventually fall in love and decide to start a new life.