newborn son   (生まれたばかりの息子)

In New York, Joseph is married with a newborn son.

In January 2016 he named his newborn son after Mesut Özil.

He also named his newborn son "Boston".

newborn baby   (新生児)

The band said the song was about a newborn baby.

The station's icon is a silhouette of a woman holding a newborn baby.

In the early Christian Church, the baptism of a newborn baby was of primary importance.

newborn child   (新生児)

In her hands, she holds her newborn child.

Ace is able to warn one of the WRNS, Kathleen, in time for her to escape with her newborn child, Audrey.

Soon after the release of "A Change in the Weather", Morrison left the group to care for a newborn child.

newborn daughter   (生まれたばかりの娘)

The name was very similar to "Lilah", the name of Brown's newborn daughter.

Peter also met with his sister and her newborn daughter, Princess Tatiana Radziwill.

Lowe and Giudici are currently living in Dallas, Texas with their two sons and newborn daughter.

newborn babies   (新生児)

These guidelines include dosing algorithms for as young as newborn babies.

Many western countries now have national programmes for the universal hearing screening of newborn babies.

He was one of the first to apply physiological techniques, to the problem of resuscitating newborn babies.