İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

newly formed   (yeni oluşturulmuş)

In June 2018, Rebelo moved to the newly formed S.L.

Classes in the newly formed school began in 1971.

Alex later became president of the newly formed VFL.

newly created   (yeni yaratılmış)

In 1978 the newly created NSERC awarded capital funding.

This newly created lot captured all known or marked graves.

The newly created family has been reflected in some sources.

newly established   (Yeni kurulmuş)

A newly established club named Motor Lublin was founded in 1962.

In 1880 he went to the newly established seminary in Münstermaifeld.

It is also being used to train the newly established Iraqi Air Force.

newly built   (Yeni inşa)

It was newly built in 1950 as a stone arch bridge.

The Parks' house was an entirely newly built set.

The increase may reflect some newly built roads.

newly founded   (yeni kurulan)

He joined the newly founded club Pas Hamedan in 2007.

Napoleon named him to the newly founded Paris Conservatoire.

He also worked for the newly founded Armenian "Nor Or" newspaper.

newly elected   (yeni seçilen)

She joined the Los Angeles-based staff of newly elected U.S.

The newly elected Head Prefect generally assumes office in August.

The first session of the newly elected council started on 7 April.

newly promoted   (yeni terfi)

In summer 2012 he joined newly promoted, Paykan.

In June 2017, Heidinger joined newly promoted 2.

FC Schweinfurt 05 were newly promoted to the 2.

newly constructed   (yeni inşa edilmiş)

The newly constructed bridge was opened in 2018.

The site was at the end of the newly constructed M275.

A newly constructed commuter station opened on June 30, 2017.

newly appointed   (yeni atanmış)

Soo-yeon is currently the newly appointed commander of Team A.

King was then signed by newly appointed RCA Chairman Peter Edge.

He is also the newly appointed captain of Nepal national football team.

newly acquired   (yeni edinilmiş)

She then toured of some of her newly acquired territories.

It is associated with the newly acquired freedom of the former slaves.

In 1999, Beuerlein beat newly acquired Jeff Lewis for the starting job.

newly independent   (yeni bağımsız)

The newly independent company has been named as Clarivate Analytics.

The newly independent company was subsequently renamed "Lynx Express".

She was the first country director to cover that newly independent nation.

newly opened

newly opened in Chatham, New Brunswick.

The newly opened Knyaginya Maria Luiza Metro Station is located on the road.

Yap has also already gone to the newly opened shopping mall in the capital, Brem Mall.

newly arrived   (Yeni geldi)

The Ninth Grade Center housed newly arrived ninth graders.

One of the newly arrived Englishmen was named Joseph Bumby.

He also found a newly arrived ship with further instructions.

newly discovered   (yeni keşfedilen)

They also contain rudrakine, a newly discovered alkaloid.

A criminal case was opened "due to the newly discovered circumstances".

Research into the properties of the newly discovered particle continues.

joined the newly

He joined the newly founded club Pas Hamedan in 2007.

In September 2015, he joined the newly formed Social Democrats.

Kringen joined the newly formed party, the Social Democratic Labour Party.

newly developed

The newly developed striking cue provided a new challenge.

This is the newly developed type of rail drilling machines.

The newly developed Central Station area includes three park areas.

then newly

It was then newly reformed on 20 June 1950.

Helping make this possible was the then newly laid asphalt road.

Subsequent studies involved the then newly identified hepatitis C virus," Katz writes.

newly introduced

The first Bagheera to use this engine was the newly introduced `S' version.

Only MZ-S and MZ-6 are compatible with newly introduced P-TTL flash system.

It used the newly introduced sewing machine as part of a continuous operation.

newly renovated   (yenilenmiş)

The newly renovated opened in October 2019.

The city is served by the newly renovated Fatmawati Soekarno Airport.

The clubhouse was newly renovated in 2011 and is available for private hire.

newly recorded

A song was newly recorded for the "Insomnia" album.

The package included a brace of newly recorded b-sides.

A newly recorded 2011 track, "I Will Remain", was added to the album.

newly designed

The newly designed Cascades Park opened in 2014.

Fires a newly designed .67 bullet built just for it.

Jenkins agreed, using a newly designed armor to operate as the Beetle once more.

newly named

The newly named band then released a single, "What U Wanna Do That For?

Clark was chairman of the board of the newly named Dairy Council of California.

Constellation Brands retained a 20 per cent stake in the newly named Accolade Wines.

newly launched

Seo joined the newly launched reality/variety show "I Live Alone" from January to June 2013.

The upper levels were taken over in fall 1997 as studios for the newly launched independent TV station VTV.

Despite the fact that "House of Fun" was not released in the US, the music video was shown on the newly launched MTV.

newly completed

The Stand was designed to reflect the newly completed Western Stand.

It also connected with the Lehigh Valley Railroad, newly completed through the area.

The first meeting was held on 28 August 1851 at the newly completed courthouse on Victoria Square.

newly married

They were mainly newly married who were seeking a better life.

Finally he comes to Delhi leaving behind her newly married wife.

It describes the hardships suffered by a young couple newly married.

newly renamed

The Aggies played their home games at the newly renamed BB&T Stadium.

The Raptors played their home games at newly renamed Scotiabank Arena.

However, several new star players helped the newly renamed Red Sox improve almost immediately.

newly installed   (yeni yüklendi)

A Vishnu Dhurga idol was newly installed.

This alteration, coupled with the newly installed casement windows was in the Second Empire style of architecture.

In 1815 Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo, and the newly installed Bourbon king Louis XVIII took the restoration in hand.

newly released

Along with this newly released device AOL released the AIM application for iPad.

The newly released single-finger bar has now shrunk down to 16g before it was discontinued.

Most recently, for the summer of 2015 is the newly released epic instrumental track "Pink Flamenco."

newly organized

White's brigade, newly organized at Pocahontas.

It was an oversized unit providing cadres to newly organized "satellite groups".

In 1793, Elhúyar offered Del Río a position as chair at the newly organized college.

newly commissioned   (yeni görevlendirildi)

As a young, newly commissioned officer, he served as ADC to the first President of India, Babu Rajendra Prasad.

There is the temple of Lord Shiva, and the newly commissioned Mahameru temple, featuring an assembly of "Sithars".

The newly commissioned carrier joined Carrier Division 4, under the command of Kakuta, with "Ryūjō" on 3 May 1942.

join the newly   (yenisine katıl)

Anthony of Lisbon was a member of this Order before he left them to join the newly founded Franciscans.

The remaining leadership under Saifuddin Azizi agreed to join the newly founded People's Republic of China.

In 1994, he moved to the United States where he had the ambition to join the newly started Major League Soccer.

newly conquered   (yeni fethedilen)

Some hill forts continued as settlements for the newly conquered Britons.

In other cases, Assyria also relocated people from newly conquered territories to its heartland.

The historical background is very much due to the French influence brought about through the newly conquered territories.

joined newly

In summer 2012 he joined newly promoted, Paykan.

In June 2017, Heidinger joined newly promoted 2.

Bundesliga, he joined newly promoted fellow 3.

newly found

With the newly found parts added the statue is 70% complete.

The newly found freedom of the Ilonggos would be short-lived.

They recognized the newly found icon as the one that used to be in their church.

newly crowned   (yeni taç giydi)

The field was led by newly crowned world no.

The newly crowned World Machine Shearing champion is Paul Avery from New Zealand.

In 1215 the newly crowned Alexander II was forced to suppress a rebellion in Moray and Ross.

newly emerging   (yeni ortaya çıkan)

The working-class element was moving rapidly toward the newly emerging Labour Party.

"Pariksha Guru" reflects the inner and outer world of the newly emerging Middle class.

Finally, branching out into the disco scene comes the last of Olsher's newly emerging projects.

newly raised

Lawrence, and comprised four newly raised infantry battalions from Southern England.

Because the newly raised tax level was equivalent to a 70% tax rate; an impossible rate.

Bruce and comprised four newly raised infantry battalions from the North and Midlands of England.

newly expanded   (yeni genişletilmiş)

14 Squadron to train pilots for the newly expanded fleet of jets.

In 1991, Cumberland County named its newly expanded courthouse for the Chief Justice.

They came last in 2005, placing them in Division Four of the newly expanded European Championship.

newly erected

The newly erected school (with a schoolmaster's house) remained until 1833.

In 1912, it was transferred to the newly erected genus "Elaeophora" Railliet and Henry 1912.

The Gaoua Catholic parish Church of the Sacred Heart will be the cathedral for the newly erected Catholic Diocese of Gaoua.

newly restored

This 26-car train was powered by three newly restored steam locomotives.

In 2014, the brigade became part of the newly restored National Guard of Ukraine.

In 1820, under the newly restored Dutch government, the fort was transformed into a prison.

newly constituted   (yeni oluşturulmuş)

She is the first Mayor of newly constituted North Delhi Municipal Corporation.

On June 26, Maj. Gen. John Pope was placed in command of the newly constituted Union Army of Virginia.

In 1966, the time seemed appropriate, and the conversion to the newly constituted Assembly was launched.

newly merged

The first president of the newly merged school was Rabbi Bernard (Dov) Revel.

The newly merged mixed school was called West Coventry Academy from September 2017

Sheikh Suleiman bin Ahmed Mimish was the first president of the newly merged club.

newly hired

The web series follows a newly hired "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

Pitino and newly hired strength and conditioning coach Rock Oliver instituted an intensive conditioning program.

From 1892, the responsibility for doing so fell to newly hired City Engineer Reginald H. Thomson and his assistant George F. Cotterill.

newly hatched   (yeni çıkmış)

They will also occasionally eat newly hatched baby birds.

When they are newly hatched, frog larvae feed on the yolk of the egg.

The newly hatched workers take over the duty of foraging and expanding the nest.

newly added

Al Michaels partnered with newly added Hubie Brown for the NBA Finals on ABC.

The area newly added to the concession sat immediately to the west of the original grant.

Phototherapy, dermabrasion and radiofrequency have been newly added to the Department of Dermatology.

then newly founded

He was a member of the first faculty members at the then newly founded Queens College, where he worked from 1937 to 1970.

Despite this, the French appreciated his good efforts and awarded him with the post of Deputy Secretary-General of the then newly founded League of Nations.

David Poindexter retired in 1998 from his leadership positions and took an advisory position with Population Media Center, then newly founded by his longtime mentee Bill Ryerson.

newly reformed   (yeni reform)

It was then newly reformed on 20 June 1950.

The combined might of a newly reformed Cobra and a newly reinstated G.I.

The criminal jurisdiction was also restored to the newly reformed civil high court.

newly invented   (yeni icat)

Using group of newly invented rockets, the Nazis catapult the JSA into space.

Since dance is to a large extent tied to music, this led to a burst of newly invented dances.

A "pushed" process is based on existing or newly invented technology that the organization has access to.

newly founded state   (yeni kurulan devlet)

Almost all of the few survivors have emigrated to the (then) newly founded state of Israel and elsewhere.

Frankfurt was the original choice for the provisional capital city of the newly founded state of West Germany in 1949.

After the end of the war, Frankfurt became a part of the newly founded state of Hesse, consisting of the old Hesse-(Darmstadt) and the Prussian Hesse provinces.

newly relegated

Krysiak joined newly relegated League One side Yeovil Town on a two-year contract on 30 June 2014.

Bundesliga side Darmstadt 98, who newly relegated from Bundesliga, for one season on 7 August 2017.

He joined Helsingborgs IF before the start of the 2005 season, transferred from newly relegated AIK.

newly refurbished   (yenilenmiş)

A $750,000 VCE study centre and newly refurbished library was finished in late 2006.

In the 2019-20 season they returned to the newly refurbished Holm Park for the foreseeable future.

Airport House is a newly refurbished conference and exhibition centre inside part of Croydon Airport.

newly minted   (yeni basılan)

The newly minted Oriole beat the Mets that season in interleague play.

The newly minted Empire, under the regency of Bishop Saldur, is at war with Melengar.

Heinz-Christian Strache, the populist Freedom Party leader and newly minted vice chancellor, opposed the ban.

newly born

It was the most critical period in the history of the newly born Great Nepal.

On the occasion of a newly born child, the following ceremonies are undertaken:

During the era of decolonization, newly born Asian countries started to embrace air transport.

newly written

The album consists of newly written songs alongside one song written in 2001 and another written in 2003.

Ystari has released expansions, some newly written by French authors and others taken from "The Queen's Park Affair" and "The Mansion Murders" sets.

The producer, Mitchell Froom, wasn't told which were the newly written songs or the older ones, but he shelved the older ones, not feeling the needed vibe.

newly signed

On December 13, newly signed Mets closer Francisco Rodríguez added his sentiments to the fray.

Defoe started 2013–14 as a substitute, with newly signed striker Roberto Soldado starting for Tottenham.

The following year was busy, portentous to Kanon's promotion now that she had her newly signed contract under Sony Music.

newly purchased

Ravikumar used the newly purchased car in the film at Rajinikanth's insistence.

He competed in the 2009 Otago Rally of New Zealand in his newly purchased MK II BDA Ford Escort rally car.

They would continue recording their albums there until "Preservation", when they switched to their newly purchased studio, Konk.

signed for newly

On 10 November 2014, he signed for newly formed club Bharat FC of I-League.

Potts signed for newly promoted Conference North club AFC Fylde on 20 June 2014.

In July 2019, Richards signed for newly promoted National League North side Farsley Celtic.

moved to newly

In 2007, he moved to newly was promoted to J1 club, Yokohama FC.

In 2006, he moved to newly was promoted to J1 club, Avispa Fukuoka.

In 2005, he moved to newly was promoted to J2 club, Thespa Kusatsu.

newly described

Records from Georgia and Florida likely belong to a newly described species, "C.

It may be that it is related to the newly described language Nasal, but that is speculative at this point.

Online databases of ant species, including AntBase and the Hymenoptera Name Server, help to keep track of the known and newly described species.

when the newly   (ne zaman yeni)

The Incorporation Stage occurs when the newly initiated Basotho men are incorporated into society.

They dropped the price to $269.50 by June 1948, when the newly developed television industry had sold 375,000 sets.

In 1891, when the newly founded Liberal Party came to power, the new Prime Minister, John Ballance, appointed Ward as Postmaster General.

joined newly promoted

In summer 2012 he joined newly promoted, Paykan.

In June 2017, Heidinger joined newly promoted 2.

Bundesliga, he joined newly promoted fellow 3.

newly incorporated

The newly incorporated city of Rockingham, along with neighboring Davenport, were the competitors.

In 2007 most of the electoral area's population transferred to the jurisdiction of the newly incorporated District Municipality of West Kelowna.

In 1923, Phillips opened the new subdivision of Clear Lake Highlands near Clear Lake, California which, in 1980, became part of newly incorporated Clearlake.

newly activated

On October 1, 1979, control of the range passed to the newly activated Eastern Space and Missile Center (ESMC).

Since 15 February 1942 the newly activated 33rd Pursuit Squadron had been flying patrol over the waters north-west of Darwin.

In March 1941 he was promoted to colonel and assigned as chief of staff of the newly activated IX Corps under Major General Kenyon Joyce.

newly recruited   (yeni işe alınan)

iv) Conduct orientation programme for the newly recruited Faculty / Resource Personnel.

Skerritt and Hoey reunited with original member Victor Utting and newly recruited drummer F. David Bower.

Eight companies of the 1st Maine were retained in service, with Companies A and D replaced by newly recruited companies.

within the newly

The term was shortened due to instability within the newly formed Liberal Party.

In 1999 the cave was included within the newly formed Whitehorse Wildlands Provincial Park.

In 1965, both the contents of the library and the interior oak paneling and shelving were moved to their present location within the newly built McIntyre Medical Sciences Building.

newly created position

He resigned early to take up his newly created position of president and CEO of Mibgas, the Iberian gas market operator.

After ten years at LVMH, Lalonde became president of Ralph Lauren International in January 2012, in what was a newly created position.

In 2001 he moved to newly created position with Dicom New Ventures, the business development arm of the Dicom Group, Kofax's parent company.

newly designated

the southern half became part of a newly designated M-20.

The mission was conceived to demonstrate the newly designated XF-12's ultimate photo capabilities.

M-94 was extended for the last time in 1998 over US 41 and through the old K. I. Sawyer Air Force Base to end at a newly designated M-553.

newly freed   (yeni serbest bırakılmış)

There are few records of how the newly freed slaves fared.

Lincoln continued earlier plans to set up colonies for the newly freed slaves.

Grant desired a naval base at Samaná and also a place for resettling newly freed Blacks.

newly formed company   (yeni kurulan şirket)

A newly formed company called Maya Corp. applied for the liquor licence.

Kaplan hired Miner to run the hardware side of the newly formed company, "Hi-Toro".

The acquisition was completed in April 2017 and newly formed company is named DanoneWave

between the newly

That means the relationships between the newly introduced tables need to be determined.

Negotiations between the newly established Greek government and EAM concluded at 12 February 1945, with the Treaty of Varkiza.

This included the state of foreign affairs, and divisions between the newly formed Federalist and Democratic-Republican parties.