İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

daily newspaper   (günlük gazete)

They converted it into a daily newspaper in 1923.

There are many daily newspaper published in Mirpur.

It is the first daily newspaper published in Zadar.

local newspaper   (yerel gazete)

Bodø's local newspaper is the "Avisa Nordland".

A local newspaper is published here since March 1930.

A local newspaper is published here since 1939.

weekly newspaper   (haftalık gazete)

The union published a weekly newspaper, "Na Zdar".

It is a weekly newspaper, published on Wednesdays.

The party published the weekly newspaper "Svoboda".

newspaper published   (gazete yayınlandı)

There are many daily newspaper published in Mirpur.

It is the first daily newspaper published in Zadar.

"Amigoe" is a newspaper published in Dutch.

newspaper editor   (Gazete editörü)

Later he became an economist and newspaper editor.

Rodney Sieh Rodney Sieh is a Liberian newspaper editor.

Christiansen's son, Michael, also became a newspaper editor.

student newspaper   (öğrenci gazetesi)

The university's student newspaper is "The Sentient".

Students also produced the student newspaper Leemail.

The weekly student newspaper is the "Horizon."

newspaper articles   (Gazete makaleleri)

He wrote numerous newspaper articles in addition to this.

He also kept an extensive scrapbook of newspaper articles.

Multiple newspaper articles detailed the property and its opening.

newspaper article   (Gazete makalesi)

A quote from a newspaper article in 1875...

One newspaper article noted, "Goodbye, black blood in that family.

Jackson then published a newspaper article accusing Sevier of fraud and bribery.

first newspaper

Franklin thereby invented the first newspaper chain.

Day printed the first newspaper account of a suicide.

Robert Riby owned and operated the first newspaper in Rainbow.

newspaper reported   (gazete haberi)

The newspaper reported a weekly readership of 545,500.

One newspaper reported Boyle making his chief appeal ‘on general grounds’.

The newspaper reported that it was feared that "Amity Hall" and her cargo would be lost.

newspaper publisher   (gazete yayıncısı)

Goodyear was also a newspaper publisher and editor.

He became a newspaper publisher and editor while in Detroit, Michigan.

Alice Fullerton is the 15-year-old daughter of newspaper publisher Bill.

school newspaper   (okul gazetesi)

The school newspaper is called "The Pony Express".

There she wrote for the school newspaper, "The Oracle".

He became editor of the school newspaper.

newspaper called

The newspaper called the album "still very funny".

It also publishes a newspaper called Shaam.

In May 1901 she founded an anti-Díaz newspaper called "Vésper".

language newspaper

The last French language newspaper closed in 1959.

Segye Ilbo Segye Ilbo () is a Korean language newspaper.

They plan to launch an English language newspaper and a stand alone tabloid.

newspaper reporter   (Gazete muhabiri)

The newspaper reporter believed it was on the 3rd.

McNally stars as newspaper reporter Paul Marino.

He worked as a newspaper reporter as a teenager.

newspaper reports   (gazete raporları)

Myongjo is used in newspaper reports and in books.

Both performances were successful, according to the newspaper reports.

The reporter behind the newspaper reports is Janet Lawton, Craig's fiancée.

national newspaper   (ulusal gazete)

She also founded and edited the national newspaper, the "Woman's Helper".

Founded in Rome as a national newspaper and published in the novel tabloid size.

She was the founder and the editor of the "Woman's Helper", a national newspaper.

newspaper based

Blueprint Newspaper Blueprint is a Nigerian daily newspaper based in Abuja.

Express" for the "Easton Express", a newspaper based in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Havelock News Havelock News is a newspaper based in Havelock, North Carolina.

daily newspaper published   (günlük gazete yayınlandı)

There are many daily newspaper published in Mirpur.

It is the first daily newspaper published in Zadar.

It remains the only daily newspaper published in the Florida Keys.

newspaper columnist   (gazete yazarı)

Adams became a syndicated newspaper columnist in 1981.

Her novel "All Victories Are Alike" is about a disillusioned newspaper columnist.

She was also a former radio personality, television broadcaster, and newspaper columnist.

tabloid newspaper   (tabloid gazetesi)

It is a monthly tabloid newspaper format with eight pages.

Abante (disambiguation) Abante is a Filipino tabloid newspaper.

"Hublas of Panay News" is the sole Hiligaynon tabloid newspaper.

official newspaper

The "Chojnów" is the official newspaper of Chojnów with copy run of 750 copies.

Also, the effective propaganda that was written in the official newspaper "the Liberal Idea '.

Launched on 25 May 1940, it was originally the official newspaper of the Ex-Services' Allied Association.

newspaper column

She authored a weekly newspaper column and hosted a radio show.

He started writing a newspaper column at the age of eight years.

Wymbs began his media career writing a newspaper column in the Irish Post for 20 years.

online newspaper

Another popular online newspaper is Cambridge Day.

The club is also covered by online newspaper "Redcliffe City News".

An early online newspaper was the "Electronic Telegraph", published by "The Daily Telegraph".

newspaper report   (Gazete raporu)

A newspaper report would later reveal that Sullivan’s supporters, mobilized by John O.

Despite this issue being raised in a local newspaper report, there was no challenge to his status in court.

A newspaper report in the "Straits Times" on 11 February 1930 notes the arrival of "Titania" back in England.

weekly newspaper published

Bârladul Bârladul was a weekly newspaper published in Bârlad, Romania.

Legalitatea Legalitatea was a weekly newspaper published in Bârlad, Romania.

Progresul (newspaper) Progresul was a weekly newspaper published in Bârlad, Romania.

regional newspaper   (bölgesel gazete)

Since 1983, she worked in the regional newspaper "Ural".

He was editor-in-chief for the regional newspaper "Romsdalsposten" 1927–1933.

While working in the regional newspaper "Ural" her works were published in the republican press.

own newspaper

They also had their own newspaper "The Independent".

The town began publishing its own newspaper in 1907.

The school produces its own newspaper, entitled "The Knightly News".

newspaper clippings

His newspaper clippings are part of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum.

That night, Anne receives newspaper clippings of Guy's murder and realises that he is the killer.

There in his wallet were worn and tattered newspaper clippings of the notices of the awards I had won.

community newspaper   (topluluk gazetesi)

These are listed in the Shoreline Beacon community newspaper.

A weekly community newspaper, "L'Eau vive", is published in Regina.

In 2005, Radel bought the "Naples Journal", a community newspaper that he later sold to the E.W.

newspaper serving

The "Sanyo Shimbun" is the local newspaper serving the greater Okayama area.

"The Green and White" is a monthly student newspaper serving Westlake High School.

Verde Independent Verde Independent is a local newspaper serving Cottonwood, Arizona.

newspaper and magazine

He also spends time with a young Spanish woman who works in a nearby newspaper and magazine kiosk.

Andy Collins has appeared in the following newspaper and magazine articles, websites and podcasts.

Polychlorinated biphenyls are often found in pigments which are used in newspaper and magazine paper.

newspaper business   (gazete işi)

She was also a partner with her husband in a newspaper business.

He engaged in the newspaper business and edited the "Hickory Nut".

And I don't believe I will ever understand the newspaper business."

newspaper comic

A newspaper comic strip, based closely on the radio program, debuted in 1942.

The first newspaper comic strips appeared in North America in the late 19th century.

His first exposure to comics came from the Time Picayune newspaper comic strip section.

largest newspaper

She is also a columnist in the largest newspaper in Norway, Aftenposten.

In 1981 it surpassed "Aftenposten" to become Norway's largest newspaper.

It is also the largest newspaper in the state of Wisconsin, where it is widely distributed.

newspaper accounts

Greensburg newspaper accounts of the day state that Seneca outplayed Poe.

(A compilation of the original newspaper accounts was the subject of McKeithan (1958)).

In her lifetime, Lynch attracted little notice beyond official records and local newspaper accounts.

same newspaper

Critics writing later in the same newspaper were impressed with his talent.

On April 13, they published another advertisement in the same newspaper, as follows.

The same newspaper received harsh criticism for misquoting Isocrates in its front page of 10 December.

newspaper was founded

The newspaper was founded by Bailey P. Wootton in 1911.

The newspaper was founded in 1948 by Ruperto Villareal Montemayor.

The newspaper was founded by a freedom fighter named Shiv Prasad Gupta.

monthly newspaper

Bradner also has a local, monthly newspaper.

First it was a monthly newspaper.

The local community based monthly newspaper called the "North Bay Review", services Allyn.

newspaper founded

Its origins were in a weekly newspaper founded in 1910 called the "DuPage County Tribune".

Feteh Feteh is an Ethiopian independent weekly newspaper founded in 2008 by Temesgen Desalegn.

FrontPage Africa FrontPage Africa is a Liberian daily newspaper founded in 2005 by Rodney Sieh.

newspaper columns

His newspaper columns can be found in "The Terrible Summer" publication.

Many newspaper columns were critical of the Belgian newspapers' position.

McEnroe started writing newspaper columns in the 1980s and was syndicated for a while.

newspaper industry

She then began working in the newspaper industry.

The couple looked for new challenges in the newspaper industry.

On average around 70% of paper used by the newspaper industry is claimed to be recycled.

newspaper editors   (gazete editörleri)

The community derives its name from Scott & Bascom, Ohio newspaper editors.

Watterson was one of the most important and widely read newspaper editors in American history.

Several newspapers reported the scorn of the Korean public and newspaper editors on the actions of the Korea Skating Union.

major newspaper   (büyük gazete)

Buffalo's major newspaper is "The Buffalo News".

They once owned Bantam Books and the major newspaper of Cincinnati, the "Cincinnati Enquirer".

Mr. Brazeal was on "Letterman", "CNN", "MSNBC", "BBC" and every major newspaper around the world.

newspaper described

His obituary in the Wellington newspaper described him as a man of much wealth.

The "National Post" newspaper described him as "one of Canada's most notorious white supremacists".

One newspaper described his condition as a "physical trouble that developed into paresis," a mental condition.

underground newspaper

He was also chairman of "Avatar", an underground newspaper.

That’s why two of my brothers started an underground newspaper.

", an underground newspaper.

campus newspaper

He was on the debate team and wrote for the campus newspaper, "The Daily Reveille".

The Shorthorn The Shorthorn is the campus newspaper for the University of Texas at Arlington.

While there, she was movie critic and feature writer for the Daily Bruin, the campus newspaper.

newspaper account

Day printed the first newspaper account of a suicide.

The Weeper then shows his other Bittermen the newspaper account of what has happened.

Another newspaper account stated that he became "broken down physically and mentally."

newspaper headlines   (Gazete başlıkları)

The story made radical newspaper headlines in its day.

The story of the rescue made newspaper headlines across the country.

Tensions erupted between the two factions, and the resulting fracas made newspaper headlines.

newspaper was published

The newspaper was published in Russian language.

The newspaper was published by , a publisher of the government.

The last issue of the newspaper was published on January 7, 1922.

college newspaper

Maraniss worked his way up to sports editor of the "Hustler", the college newspaper.

During her college years, she became the first female editor of the college newspaper.

Between 1995 and 1998 Dawson wrote and drew a daily comic strip for his college newspaper "The Daily Targum".

independent newspaper

Edik is the editor in chief of Yerevan's independent newspaper Hetq.

"Al-Wasat" was generally regarded as the only independent newspaper in Bahrain.

"The Brunei Times" is another English independent newspaper published in Brunei since 2006.

language newspaper published

The Munsif Daily The Munsif Daily () is an Urdu language newspaper published from Hyderabad in India.

Pesti Napló Pesti Napló was a Hungarian language newspaper published from March 1850 to October 1939.

The Mongol Messenger The Mongol Messenger is the first English language newspaper published from Mongolia.

newspaper comic strip   (gazete çizgi roman)

A newspaper comic strip, based closely on the radio program, debuted in 1942.

His first exposure to comics came from the Time Picayune newspaper comic strip section.

Mark Trail Mark Trail is a newspaper comic strip created by the American cartoonist Ed Dodd.

newspaper interview

Joseph gave this account of how he left home in the 1912 newspaper interview.

Balderson later recalled the occasion in a newspaper interview: "I think this was probably my greatest thrill.

In a 1926 newspaper interview, Hess recalled that his father, a hardscrabble mountain farmer, was not an educated man.

free newspaper   (ücretsiz gazete)

There is one free newspaper, the "Aberdeen Citizen".

An alternative free newspaper, the "River Cities' Reader", is published in Davenport.

The Croydon Post is a free newspaper available across the borough and is operated by the Advertiser group.

newspaper journalist   (gazete gazetecisi)

He was a newspaper journalist before accepting a long-term job as an MGM script clerk in 1936.

Archie Bland James Franklin Archibald "Archie" Bland (born 1983), is a British newspaper journalist.

Dennis McDougal Dennis McDougal (born November 25, 1947) is an American author and newspaper journalist.

newspaper advertisement   (Gazete reklamı)

A newspaper advertisement of the day notes that "St Leonard's Estate" can be reached "in a very few weeks by the train".

Vocalist Jürgen Wentzel and bassist Heino Schünzel placed a newspaper advertisement in search of bandmates in Hamburg in 1971.

Shortly thereafter, Huberty applied to a newspaper advertisement offering security guard training in a federally funded program.

party newspaper

Atrash wrote regularly for the party newspaper "al-Ba'ath".

In January 2010, he became editor-in-chief of weekly "Barikád", the unofficial party newspaper of Jobbik.

The party published the weekly newspaper "Ewangelik" from Český Těšín (Czeski Cieszyn) and "Prawo ludu" as a party newspaper.

contemporary newspaper

The following quote from a contemporary newspaper details the events...

The northern boundary of the property, according to initial contemporary newspaper accounts, was Fremont Street (now Canfield Street).

According to a contemporary newspaper article, a number of Māoris travelled in the open truck, the pākehās travelling in the covered car.

syndicated newspaper

Adams became a syndicated newspaper columnist in 1981.

He also writes a nationally syndicated newspaper column on mortgages titled “Ask the Mortgage Professor”.

However, Ray continued to write their syndicated newspaper column, saying that his brother would want him to.

newspaper proprietor   (gazete sahibi)

Roseway was a brown mare bred and owned by the newspaper proprietor Edward Hulton.

Thomas Sowler Sir Thomas Sowler (7 July 1818 – 4 April 1891) was an English newspaper proprietor in Manchester.

She was bred by her owner Waldorf Astor, 2nd Viscount Astor, an American-born politician and newspaper proprietor.

newspaper office

Many businesses were vandalized, including the newspaper office.

In July 1907, both the newspaper office and the family moved to Thiruvananthapuram.

In the show, a small human cast interacted with puppets in a radio and newspaper office.

newspaper is published

A local newspaper is published here since March 1930.

A local newspaper is published here since 1939.

A local newspaper is published here since 1935.

newspaper advertisements   (gazete ilanları)

In 1985, first allotment started through newspaper advertisements.

Magazine and newspaper advertisements used the marketing slogan, "NEW VICTOR - The transcontinentals".

Aldridge's Rooms, which appears in newspaper advertisements between 1860 and 1863, was mentioned as a strong argument against the building of a Town Hall.

newspaper wrote

In June 2010 a Mexico City English language newspaper wrote about Charlie Goff's confrontation with AP.

Following his death, the Sandusky newspaper wrote: In the days of George Feick, the builder was an artist.

January 28, 2012, Ynetnews an Israeli newspaper wrote Tzipi Livni meets Amir Abbas Fakhravar, Iranian opposition member.

newspaper coverage   (gazete kapsamı)

The Branch twice became the object of local controversy, fueled by newspaper coverage.

There was extensive newspaper coverage over 3 days in April 1923 and discussion in the Municipal Commission.

Extensive newspaper coverage bestowed widespread and enduring international notoriety on the Ripper, and the legend solidified.

newspaper publishing

This was the first recorded application of electronic ink to newspaper publishing.

He currently writes editorials and is the owner of a newspaper publishing company in Maseru, Lesotho.

According to a 1920 Bismarck, North Dakota newspaper article, Shanley was a specialist in designing newspaper publishing plants.

new newspaper

Starting in 1841, he published a new newspaper, "Tønsbergs Mercur".

The publisher of the new newspaper was Dick Horniblow who was 27 years old at the time.

She established a new newspaper called "El Desmonte" (1900-1919) and continued her writings.

morning newspaper

During those years it was the dominant morning newspaper in Sacramento.

El Mundo (El Salvador) El Mundo a daily morning newspaper in El Salvador.

While fetching the morning newspaper, Rojer finds a sack on the professor's doorstep.