earned the nickname   (ニックネームを獲得しました)

He earned the nickname 'The Wizard of Burhill'.

For this, he earned the nickname "the red millionaire".

Anthony eventually earned the nickname "Little New York".

given the nickname   (ニックネームが与えられた)

While there he was given the nickname of "Mr. Pat".

She was given the nickname of "Sisi" at a young age.

He was given the nickname "The Franchise".

nickname given   (与えられたニックネーム)

The title was taken from the nickname given to King Vidor's 1946 film "Duel in the Sun".

He was also called Antyllus, a nickname given to him by his father meaning "the Archer".

A humorous nickname given to the Soviet cluster bombs was "Molotov bread baskets" in Finland.

acquired the nickname   (ニックネームを取得)

He acquired the nickname Narada from Sri Chinmoy.

Less then acquired the nickname of "Little Memphis".

They acquired the nickname the "Bonshommes".

gained the nickname   (ニックネームを得た)

He gained the nickname "papa de riz" or the "rice daddy".

He gained the nickname "al-Arjud" because of the scantiness of his beard.

According to Corcoran, he gained the nickname "King" as a high school senior.

earning the nickname

He was an impetuous soldier, earning the nickname Lightning in a battle against the Karamanids.

Seals played college football at Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi, earning the nickname 'Dr.

Pei, Robert Venturi, Cesar Pelli, and Richard Meier, led to Columbus earning the nickname "Athens on the Prairie."

received the nickname

From this book he received the nickname "Fine Hansen."

At Marquette University, Hayward received the nickname "Money Man".

He received the nickname "Jumbo" because he was and weighed 223 pounds.

whose nickname

The name refers to trail runner Kilian Jornet, whose nickname is the Pirate of Mont Blanc.

Burroughs, whose nickname was "Peanut John" (or "Johnny Peanut"), agreed to hold the horse.

The Graf von Luxemburg is now René Graf, a struggling novelist whose nickname is "The Count".


Stoops picked up his nickname “Steamboat Willie” during a gig in Biloxi, Mississippi.

He became known as a true student of the sport, earning him the nickname “Old Master”.

Richard Thornton's activities in the Baltic earned him the nickname “The Duke of Danzig”.