İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

nights a week   (haftanın geceleri)

Some of the venues had music 7 nights a week.

She made her debut in October 2011 and performed in the show 2 nights a week.

Commercial dinner theatres often have shows six or seven nights a week, as well as matinees.

days and nights   (günler ve geceler)

The event takes place over three days and nights.

It has humid days and nights and rainfall is abundant."

They prayed to the supreme deity Cheonjiwang for four days and nights.

nights later   (geceler sonra)

They were themselves relieved two nights later.

Aaron went on to set the record in Atlanta two nights later.

Two nights later Franklin and Watertown featured in the championship game.

late nights

Some trains continue to Yoshino on the Yoshino Line in early morning and late nights.

It showed what Steve and Lloyd get up to during the late nights in their Streetcar cab office.

Work on the express station at 59th Street, required express trains to run local during late nights.

consecutive nights

The first of these were performed over several consecutive nights in 1958.

She was the first music act to headline the stadium for two consecutive nights.

More popular guests were given two or three part interviews that ran consecutive nights.

club nights

It runs cabaret and club nights every Saturday at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern..

The venue currently hosts four club nights: The following is a list of recordings made at Rock City:

Elevator is also known for its performance, film and club nights such as its regular 'Zero de Conduite' events.

several nights

In this event they are shedded for several nights until the weather clears.

The two fish continue alternating roles in this way over the course of several nights.

Using peaceful penetration tactics, the Australians launched raids over several nights.

few nights   (birkaç gece)

She does a few nights later, this time with Jake stowed away on her back as a flea.

His passenger in the car was a woman he had met a few nights earlier and called to meet him at the club.

A few nights later, assured by Bishop that all was well and the barbs were not personal, Philbin returned.