nominally restored   (名目上復元)

In 1968 it was nominally restored as Latin Titular bishopric of Lettere.

The Bishopric of Bethlehem(-Ascalon) in the Holy Land was nominally restored (a first time) in 1462(?

It was the site of the Italic city of Tauriana, a former Catholic bishopric, which was nominally restored as titular see Tauriano.

nominally independent   (名目上独立)

Israel also developed ties with the nominally independent "homelands", especially with Bophuthatswana.

It may be a ministry office, a department, or, as in the United States, a nominally independent agency.

The CVR was nominally independent, but was in reality controlled by the Glasgow and South Western Railway.

diocese was nominally   (教区は名目上)

It is vacant for decades, having had a single incumbent : In 1933 the diocese was nominally restored as a Latin Catholic titular bishopric.

The diocese was nominally restored as circa 1890 as Latin titular bishopric of Obba (Latin = Curiate Italian) / Obben(sis) (Latin adjective).

(Roman Rite) "(incomplete) In 1967 the diocese was nominally restored as Latin Catholic Titular bishopric of Zuglio (Italian) alias Iulium Carnicum.