İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

none other   (başka kimse yok)

Their commanding officer is none other than Dutton.

It is none other than Thorn's boss, DDO Warhurst.

It turns out that Petersen is none other than Weston.

though none   (yine de hiçbiri)

though none had yet been built.

Psalm 1 has been given many settings, though none are now well-known.

Several varieties have been named, though none are now recognised as distinct.

although none   (olmasına rağmen hiçbiri)

Solheimsviken has traditionally been dominated by heavy industry, although none of this remains.

Others claim inerrancy for the Bible in its original manuscripts, although none of those are extant.

There are 2 predicted alternative splicing isoforms, although none have been experimentally observed.

including none   (hiçbiri dahil)

About 4.7% of families and 3.9% of the population were below the poverty line, including none of those under the age of eighteen and 11.1% of those sixty five or over.

none of whom   (hiçbiri)

The English fitted out four privateers to capture Davy, none of whom enjoyed any success.

For example, two Dutchmen were arrested for helping Anna Frank's family, none of whom were executed.

Albert was a moderate republican, as were his fellow villagers, none of whom joined the strikes of 1904.

games to none

The Canadiens swept the best-of-three series two games to none.

The Rhythm were defeated thee games to none in a best-of-five series.

In the first round they beat the Fort Wayne Wizards two games to none.

none at all

Female Asians have very small tusks, or none at all.

In a fresh, fair wind, the difference would be smaller—perhaps none at all.

By contrast, residue "j" may hydrogen-bond to different residues altogether, or to none at all.

almost none

Now, almost none of them produce their own frames.

In the Canaries 65 tonnes were landed in 2010 but in most years almost none are landed.

His writing contained several criticisms of the Democrats but almost none of the Republicans.

because none   (çünkü hiçbiri)

The details of his life are obscure because none of his work has been preserved.

"H" stood for "high-pitched" because none of the low-pitched bells available were used.

Lon Nol remained in power in part because none of the others were prepared to take his place.

second to none   (hepsinden iyi)

Celebrated songwriter Jerry Leiber said: "The Beatles are second to none in all departments.

But while the four-piece return with a more positive outlook, their ear for a guitar-pop stadium filler remains second to none.

Not only a hero for your athletic abilities but your generosity to help many up and coming athletes to pave a way for themselves and the future of this sport is second to none."