İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

nor did   (ne de)

Spencer never married nor did she have any children.

No one saw the murderer leave, nor did anyone hear a door opening.

Wyatt did not get involved in the incident, nor did James or Newton.

nor does   (ne de)

This does not happen in Syuba, nor does it happen in Lamjung Yolmo.

It does not require and nor does it assume the existence of an audience.

It is not owned by the church, nor does it receive any funding from the church.

nor even   (hatta)

But this is not true nor even confirmed.

The intellectual content in a physical book need not be a composition, nor even be called a book.

There is, however, no documented evidence for this story, nor even that a British prince was involved in the shipwreck.

neither he nor   (ne o ne de)

His wife remarks to reporters that neither he nor she knows what he would do after he retires.

Bridges stated neither he nor anyone from National Party are among those who have been charged in relation to the donation allegations.

This despite the fact that neither he nor his colleagues had the necessary tools and so had to use a rope as a means to loosen the fixings.

nor any other   (ne de başka)

No BWF nor any other UDF candidate was able to get elected.

Neither Britton nor any other Irish athlete was in the Empire challenge selection.

But neither that nor any other of his later writings sold as well as "The Spirit of the Age".