İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

not normally   (Normal değil)

Keystones and corner blocks are not normally used.

It is marked for case, but not normally for number.

Parishes may not normally be named in honor of beati.

normally used   (normalde kullanılır)

Keystones and corner blocks are not normally used.

The deep hive body is normally used only for brood.

This description is normally used in solid mechanics.

normally found   (normal olarak bulundu)

It is normally found in North America.

Abalone are normally found on rocks near food sources such as kelp.

Stems needed to develop structures similar to those normally found only in leaves.

normally only   (normalde sadece)

Plasmodium reichenowi normally only infects chimpanzees.

However, they normally only spend 30 minutes per day in flight.

Pacific pocket mice normally only interact with their own species.

normally not   (normalde değil)

Tone is normally not marked in the Nafaanra orthography.

Accent marks are normally not used.

It is normally not possible to reach the summit before dark after starting in daylight.

normally associated

This type of migration is normally associated with food availability.

They are three separate items, that are normally associated together.

It is also noted for using instruments not normally associated with jazz.

normally held   (normalde tutuluyor)

It is normally held on a Saturday night in September.

The Spring Regatta is normally held during the first week of April.

Referendums are normally held on issues of local or national importance.

normally distributed

This challenged the idea that changes in price were normally distributed.

This is so because the increments of a Wiener process are independent and normally distributed.

It is also the distribution of the ratio of two independent normally distributed random variables with mean zero.

normally considered

The Achaemenid Empire is normally considered to have fallen with Darius.

DNUE is normally considered that it opened as Daegu Normal School at 1950.

There are examples of crops that fit this definition, but are not normally considered GMOs.

normally made

They are normally made of bronze, and often decorated.

They are normally made from metal and leather and are usually rather heavy.

Both antennae are normally made up of around 12 segments, sometimes 9 or 13.

normally reserved

A crane is installed at the deck space normally reserved for missiles.

His skin is painted white, which was normally reserved for depicting women.

Over a short period, Hope takes on duties normally reserved for Superman and gains a following.

does not normally

It does not normally snow, though occasionally the hilltops get a dusting.

A mixture of dialect and standard does not normally occur in Northern Germany either.

Current New York State election practice for most parties does not normally permit this.

normally required

For this reason, it is normally required that one go to confession before receiving Unction.

His next goal was to earn his license and Doctorate in Law, which normally required three years of study.

"Increasing enzyme activity occurs that causes organisms to consume more food than what is normally required...

normally aspirated   (normal emişli)

The normally aspirated engines were revised for increased power and torque.

World-market and Japanese models ranged from a normally aspirated 2.0 liter flat-4 to the EZ30 in the 3.0R model.

The Cessna 400 was derived from the normally aspirated Columbia 300, which in turn was derived from the Lancair ES kit aircraft.

normally takes

This service normally takes from 30 to 60 minutes.

The league's season normally takes place in the summer months.

The trip normally takes 3 to 5 hours.

normally use

The courses normally use traditional Scottish recipes.

Such files normally use the file extension .

As with most Christian hymnbooks, the Amish normally use the "Ausbund" only in church.