İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

northbound train   (kuzeye giden tren)

On weekdays, GO Transit train service on the Stouffville line consists of nine southbound train trips during the morning peak and eight northbound train trips during the afternoon/evening peak, running the entire length of the line.

northbound lanes   (kuzeye giden şeritler)

Previously the northbound lanes ran east of Soldier Field.

that also features a U-turn ramp from the southbound lanes to the northbound lanes by way of the southbound exit.

CR 517 crosses into Allamuchy Township and is briefly a three-lane road with two northbound lanes and one southbound lane.

northbound platform   (kuzeye giden platform)

The northbound platform roof was removed and replaced with a simple brick shelter.

The northbound platform was widened from being just under ten feet wide to being 19 feet wide.

Bay A was located on the northbound platform, while Bays C and D shared the southbound platform.

northbound traffic   (kuzeye giden trafik)

There is a small parking area accessible only by northbound traffic.

Gateway Boulevard carries northbound traffic while Calgary Trail carries southbound traffic.

The express lanes carry southbound traffic in the morning and northbound traffic in the afternoon.

northbound trains   (kuzeye giden trenler)

The tunnel to Lower Bay is visible from northbound trains shortly after they leave Museum Station.

Southbound trains only stop to discharge passengers, while northbound trains only stop to receive passengers bound for points beyond West Palm Beach.

northbound and southbound

There are northbound and southbound bus stops outside the entrances.

It has two tracks: northbound and southbound, and has a centre platform.

After reconstruction both northbound and southbound lanes ran west of Soldier Field.