northeast corner   (北東角)

The house marked the northeast corner of Murder Bay.

The diamond was in the northeast corner of the property.

At the northeast corner of town, the U.S.

km northeast   (km北東)

It is close to town Lanškroun located 4 km northeast.

San Paolo Bel Sito is located about 25 km northeast of Naples.

It lies 1 km northeast of Java and 4 km southwest of Trindade.

located northeast   (北東に位置)

Woodhull Mountain is located northeast of Red Hill.

The Province is located northeast of the country.

They are located northeast of Sofia about .

miles northeast   (北東のマイル)

It is located 15 miles northeast of Monrovia.

It is located 17.5 miles northeast of Yermo, California.

The site is located about 5 miles northeast of Stroudsburg.

northeast through   (北東から)

The highway turns to the northeast through the unincorporated community of Old Sparta.

From here, the route headed generally northeast through Lockport on its way to Rochester.

After this intersection, the route becomes rural again, continuing northeast through Granby.

northeast side

It is a mixed-use district of located on the northeast side of Cumberland.

Fitiuta is another Ta‘ū village, located on the northeast side of the island.

The studios are located at 6161 Fall Creek Road on the northeast side of Indianapolis.

turns northeast

The roadway turns northeast as Connors Road towards downtown.

After being crossed by U.S. Route 101 the river turns northeast.

The highway turns northeast and crosses Ahoskie Creek before entering the town limits.

located about northeast   (北東に位置する)

The pond is located about northeast of Groton.

The First Nation is located about northeast of Winnipeg.

It's located about northeast of Puurmani, by the Pedja River.

heads northeast

US 20 heads northeast and then east and SR 2 heads due east.

It heads northeast to an intersection with SR 52, east of the town.

The route heads northeast until Town of Pines, where it intersects with SR 520.

continues northeast

SR 91 continues northeast as Veterans Road into Tazewell County.

US 19 continues northeast by the village of Willis before reaching Lebanon.

As NC 42 continues northeast, the highway crosses over the Cape Fear River.

north and northeast

On September 2, Charlie turned to the north and northeast.

It is bounded on the north and northeast by private residences.

Their coalition covered nine provinces in the north and northeast.

just northeast   (北東)

It is located just northeast of the city of Waterloo.

He was arrested in DeKalb county, just northeast of Atlanta.

The confluence is just northeast of the community of Myers Grove.

northeast coast

It leads from the northeast coast to Castle Road.

Columbus also explored the northeast coast of Cuba, where he landed on 28 October.

Polydactylous cats occur along North America's northeast coast and in Great Britain.

northeast part

It lies in the northeast part of the Skaručna Basin ().

Chimney Bluffs State Park is located in the northeast part of the bay.

The northeast part of Stillwater Township is also in the immediate area.

northeast along

After an interchange with US 15/US 501, NC 42 continues northeast along Wicker Street into Sanford.

The two highways follow concurrently for before NC 42 bears northeast along its own four lane highway.

I-77 heads northeast along the river until it meets the southern terminus of I-79 near Yeager Airport.

approximately northeast

Deovolente is approximately northeast of Belzoni

The range is approximately northeast of Groton.

It was approximately northeast of Dixie Valley.

southwest to northeast

It runs southwest to northeast, from just south of Knoxville to Kingsport.

In order from southwest to northeast, separated by type, they are as follows.

Passyunk Avenue runs southwest to northeast in between these two intersections.

flows northeast

It flows northeast into Gething Creek, Williston Lake.

Bays Mountain runs just south of the Holston River, which flows northeast to southwest.

From there the river flows northeast through Kasmere Lake into the southwest end of Nueltin Lake.

northeast toward   (北東に向かって)

The two routes turn northeast toward Rockport, where they enter Wood County and turn north toward Parkersburg.

VT 17 continues east from Addison, crossing over the Otter Creek and intersecting VT 23 near Weybridge prior to curving to the northeast toward Waltham.

SR 24 (Old Courthouse Road) splits northeast toward Appomattox Court House National Historical Park and US 60; SR 131 heads southwest toward the center of town in the opposite direction.

northeast end

It lies at the northeast end of the Skaručna Basin ().

The four rooms consisted of a nursery on the northeast end.

The highest point is Carrizo Mountain on the northeast end with an elevation of .

northeast to southwest

From northeast to southwest:

It consists of two long rocky ridges running roughly northeast to southwest.

This is unusual for the CSB as it typically trends from northeast to southwest.

turning northeast

It then travels to Douglas Harbour before turning northeast to Clarks Corners.

The highway begins traveling in a generally northern direction before turning northeast and running through rural farm areas.

From here it continues east, crossing more local roads before turning northeast again and crossing U.S. Route 27 south of Hamilton.

towards the northeast

The general slope dips towards the northeast at the apex of Gulf of Khambhat.

Dolphin was then declared as extratropical the next day as it moved towards the northeast.

It is resting on a stone block, which gives it a characteristic inclination towards the northeast.

east and northeast

In the east and northeast it is bordered by the Northeast Greenland National Park.

To the east and northeast are Hills Park, Knight Park, English Avenue and Blandtown.

Lacus Bonitatis, the Lake of Good, is located to the east and northeast of Esclangon.

kilometers northeast

It is 33 kilometers northeast of Gorlice.

It is located on the north side of Ustedalen, about eight kilometers northeast of Geilo.

The village is located foothills of the Osogov Mountains, around 2 kilometers northeast of Kočani.

heading northeast

Here, PA 208 splits from PA 38 by heading northeast.

The route curves north before heading northeast and entering White Oak.

From there, SR 113 is co-routed along I-80, heading northeast towards the city of Davis.

runs northeast

It runs northeast towards the town center and interchanges with I-89 at Exit 4.

The route begins in Hughes at Highway 38 and runs northeast across US Route 79 (US 79) at North Hughes.

PA 10 runs northeast through agricultural areas with some trees and homes and crosses into Upper Oxford Township.

northeast of downtown

The airport is northeast of downtown Omaha in east Omaha.

Studley is northeast of downtown Richmond.

The SJRT owned two lines, splitting at a point northeast of downtown.

lies northeast

This volcanic field lies northeast of Hoggar.

The island lies northeast of the larger island of Bubaque, across a narrow strait.

Grays Peak lies northeast of Cooper Mountain and Lenawee Mountain is located northwest.

northeast direction

The valley runs in a west-southwest-east northeast direction.

The highway travels out in a northeast direction and turns northwest at County Road 3300.

On a north by northeast direction from a' Chailleach, the mountains have been folded extensively.

curves northeast

and curves northeast into woods.

The road continues north through more rural areas and curves northeast.

The road curves northeast and runs through a mix of farmland and woodland.

leading northeast

U.S. Route 151 passes through Amana, leading northeast to Cedar Rapids and south to U.S. Route 6 at Homestead.

U.S. Route 6 forms the southern edge of the community, leading northeast to the city of Vermilion and west to Huron.

Major highways and expressways include A1/A6, leading to Gorski Kotar, the Littoral and Dalmatia; A3 leading west to Rakitje, Samobor, Žumberak and Slovenia and east to Rugvica, Ivanić-Grad, Slavonia and Serbia; A2 leading northwest to Zaprešić, Zabok, Krapina and Central Europe; A4 leading northeast to Varaždin, Čakovec, Hungary and on to Eastern Europe; A11 leading southeast to Velika Gorica, Sisak and Petrinja (still in construction) and D10 leading east to Vrbovec and Križevci.

kilometres northeast

It is located about 42 kilometres northeast of Catania.

Predazzo is located about 58 kilometres northeast of Trento in Val di Fiemme.

Djidja Djidja (Djomla) is located 24 kilometres northeast of Abomey and 163 kilometres from Cotonou.

northeast onto

A short distance later, the route heads northeast onto Reservoir Road and passes a mix of woods and homes.

In the center, SR 101 turns northeast onto East Maple Street while SR 510 continues north along Main Street.

The road turns northeast and intersects CR 641 before heading east and making a turn northeast onto Sandhill Road.

then northeast

45 and travels east then northeast towards the city of Nazas.

From US 421, the route heads east and then northeast around Michigan City.

She sailed out into the Norwegian Sea, then northeast towards the Barents Sea.

along the northeast

The Canadian National Railway runs along the northeast shore of the lake.

Another ascent runs from the Seebensee along the northeast ridge to the top.

The George River flows into Anchorage Cove, halfway along the northeast coast of the fiord.

northeast towards

45 and travels east then northeast towards the city of Nazas.

A highway ran through the cattle market to the northeast towards Bernau.

She sailed out into the Norwegian Sea, then northeast towards the Barents Sea.

leads northeast

Route 3195 leads northeast to Ang Thong.