northwest corner   (北西コーナー)

crowns the hill in the northwest corner of the town.

The northwest corner post bears a bridge plate.

It is located in the northwest corner of Morogoro Region.

km northwest   (km北西)

1.5 km northwest of the village lies the Gratini Dam.

20 km northwest of "Heioab" is Mount Höchster.

The village is located around 20 km northwest of Berehove.

located northwest   (北西に位置する)

The town is located northwest of Papineauville.

The airport was located northwest of the city centre.

Vichuquén is located northwest of the Curicó Province.

miles northwest   (マイル北西)

The campus is 15 miles northwest of Scranton on U.S.

It is 12 miles northwest of Lincoln on the A156 road.

Wheatley house, about 2 miles northwest of Kelly's Ford.

northwest side   (北西側)

The main village is on the northwest side.

The main path starts at the northwest side of the Meron village.

Its neo-manueline façade dominates the northwest side of the square.

located about northwest   (北西に位置する)

It is located about northwest of Saco and Biddeford.

Arsenal was located about northwest of Eerie.

It is located about northwest of central Saint Petersburg.

northwest through   (北西を通って)

San Timoteo Creek flows from southeast to northwest through the city.

The route heads northwest through rural areas until it enters Bacon County.

Now known as Long Pond Road, Route 137 continues northwest through Brewster.

northwest coast   (北西海岸)

Gili Meno is the middle of Lombok's three northwest coast Gilis.

"M. membranacea" has also invaded the northwest coast of the US.

The Power House is located on the northwest coast of Alcatraz Island.

northwest part   (北西部)

It formed the northwest part of the former riding of York—Scarborough.

Broaddrick is from Van Buren, Arkansas, a town in the northwest part of the state.

It cover the northwest part of the town, either side of Victoria Road close to the beach.

turns northwest   (北西に曲がる)

There it turns northwest to the city limits.

The highway then turns northwest again, crossing into Brazos County.

The highway travels out in a northeast direction and turns northwest at County Road 3300.

just northwest   (ちょうど北西)

It is located just northwest of the city center.

It is located just northwest of Honey Lake.

It is located just northwest of Puurmani, by the Tallinn –Tartu road (E263).

northwest to southeast   (北西から南東)

The mountain range runs roughly northwest to southeast.

The slope of the terrain follows the direction of the rivers: from northwest to southeast.

The best known settlements are (from northwest to southeast) Weiden (Ostrand), Amberg and Schwandorf.

approximately northwest   (ほぼ北西)

It is located approximately northwest of Tokyo.

It is located approximately northwest of Berehove, and southwest of Mukachevo.

The recreation area is located in Knox County, approximately northwest of Crofton.

heads northwest   (北西に向かう)

It heads northwest to the North Carolina state line.

West of Varsailles US 421 heads northwest, towards Greensburg.

There, it heads northwest into Gorham.

north and northwest   (北と北西)

Sahelian type of goat is distributed in north and northwest of Mali.

To the north and northwest are the wooded slopes of the "Hochtaunus", or High Taunus Mountains.

Its north and northwest borders are considered to be Oka River and an imaginary line Kaluga-Ryazan.

continues northwest   (北西に続く)

Here, North Belair Road continues northwest of Martinez.

The route continues northwest with US 290 as a limited-access highway.

Now known as Long Pond Road, Route 137 continues northwest through Brewster.

flows northwest   (北西に流れる)

It begins on the Oubangui River near the capital, Bangui, and flows northwest.

It begins in Aniakchak National Monument and Preserve and flows northwest into Bristol Bay.

It then flows northwest through Charlton Mackrell to the north of Somerton, passing under the Somerton Viaduct.

northwest along   (北西に沿って)

The CDP extends northwest along Route 3 and the Frenchman Bay shoreline as far as Hulls Cove.

From its southern terminus, SR 795 heads northwest along Reinhart Lane to cross the Humboldt River.

The three highways head northwest along the freeway to Delaplane, where I-66 and the two other highways split.

northwest end   (北西端)

The shoreline is mostly developed on the northwest end.

It is located at the northwest end of the Bicol Peninsula.

Three 12-pound guns covered the northwest end of the island.

west and northwest   (西と北西)

Train noise had been a problem in the residential areas to the west and northwest of downtown.

The strongest showers and thunderstorms that remained were in a band to the west and northwest of Nadine's center.

It is in the saddle between the Sangre de Cristo Range, lying to the southeast, and the Sawatch Range, lying to the west and northwest.

northwest of downtown   (ダウンタウンの北西)

Clarcona is located in western Orange County, Florida, northwest of downtown Orlando.

The hospital is located on a campus on Perryridge Road, northwest of downtown Greenwich.

Gilcrease Museum Gilcrease Museum is a museum located northwest of downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma.

lies northwest   (北西にあります)

It lies northwest of the state capital, Al-Fashir.

Another crater lies northwest from Waw an Namus.

Brandenburger Bluff lies northwest of the main summit.

kilometers northwest   (北西キロ)

It is located in Western Manitoba, 84 kilometers northwest of Brandon.

Nabi Salih is located 20 kilometers northwest the cities of Ramallah and al-Bireh.

On 22 July, "Weazel" and captured the Isle of Mezzo, which is about 15 kilometers northwest of Dubrovnik.

kilometres northwest   (北西キロ)

It rises about 3 kilometres northwest of the centre of Wareham.

Lauta lies about 2 kilometres northwest of Marienberg in the Ore Mountains.

The theatre is based on an farm, 11 kilometres northwest of Armstrong, British Columbia.

towards the northwest   (北西に向かって)

Their exit valleys from the mountain range are all oriented towards the northwest.

Heading towards the northwest, Prapiroon reached its peak intensity early on August 3.

These are low-lying hills with an average elevation of only and they gain in elevation towards the northwest.

located in northwest   (北西に位置する)

KEEN-CD's transmitter is located in northwest Las Vegas.

Studios are located in northwest Peoria.

The Lake of Shkodër is the largest lake in Southern Europe and located in northwest.

runs northwest   (北西に走る)

Past Leeper, the highway runs northwest, intersecting PA 208, and exiting the county.

While the Dukes Highway runs northwest from Bordertown, Cannawigara Road runs due west.

The route runs northwest, passing through the center of town and crossing over U.S. Route 202 (US 202) / SR 4.

turning northwest   (北西に曲がる)

The highway turns southwest at Tours before turning northwest at an intersection with FM 3149.

PA 38 heads through wooded areas with some development, turning northwest into Venango Township.

Then US 33 turns north, now concurrent with SR 13, the concurrency with SR 13 last for , with SR 13 turning east and US 33 turning northwest.

along the northwest   (北西に沿って)

Eagleview is located at along the northwest border of Uwchlan Township.

The freeway runs along the northwest upland of the Minnesota River valley.

A range of mountains extends along the northwest border and into Togo; these are the Atacora.

northwest towards   (北西に向かって)

I-74/US 421 heads northwest towards Indianapolis, passing near Shelbyville.

The government said the guerrillas fled northwest towards Kosovo, which they "used as a rear base".

Batteries Bomford and Barber were north of the old fort and oriented northwest towards the mainland.

far northwest   (北西)

Along the shore of Lake Erie in the far northwest are orchards and vineyards.

Parish of Butra Butra is a remote civil parish of Yantara County in far northwest New South Wales.

Parish of Buona Buona is a remote civil parish of Yantara County in far northwest New South Wales.

southeast to northwest   (南東から北西)

The Mukundara hills run from southeast to northwest axis of the town.

San Timoteo Creek flows from southeast to northwest through the city.

It has three lanes and runs almost diagonally from southeast to northwest.

northwest portion   (北西部)

It is also present in the northwest portion of the island of Sumatra.

Then, Tweed was sheltered on Antonio Artero's ranch on the northwest portion of the island.

New Brunswick Route 550 Route 550 is a long north-south secondary highway in the northwest portion of New Brunswick, Canada.

heading northwest   (北西に向かう)

US 421 leaves I-465 heading northwest.

On the northwest side of Fort Wayne, US 33 leaves I-69 heading northwest concurrent with US 30.

The Dawson Trail started as a road heading northwest from Port Arthur along the Shebandowan River, up to Shebandowan Lake.