most notable   (最も注目すべき)

The most notable club is the UK Sucrologists' Club.

His group's most notable alumna was Vicki Lawrence.

The most notable landmark is the Crest Lawn cemetery.

other notable   (他の注目すべき)

Many other notable Venetians also visited India.

This and other notable rankings appear in the table below.

The other notable portrait was done by Robert Rauschenberg.

list of notable   (注目すべきリスト)

This is a list of notable people with this name.

List of Memon people This is a list of notable Memons.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of notable megamusicals.

several notable   (いくつかの注目すべき)

The city has several notable cultural attractions.

This decade also saw several notable personnel changes.

The interior of the church has several notable frescos.

many notable   (多くの注目すべき)

There are many notable places in the Skole region.

The school has produced many notable professionals:

The square has had many notable residents.

notable people

This is a list of notable people with this name.

Other notable people with the surname include:

This listing is a selection of notable people so honored.

notable exception   (注目すべき例外)

Classical music recordings are a notable exception.

A notable exception is Players' "Joe Blade" series.

A notable exception is an aisle wall which is brick.

more notable

Quinta de Beiriz is the more notable of the estates.

Some of the more notable names are listed here.

Some of Massi's more notable projects include:

notable example   (注目すべき例)

The following list is historically notable example.

It is a notable example of rationalist architecture.

A notable example occurs with the moray eel.

notable works

His most notable works include "The Mist and ".

The following are some of his notable works.

Some of the more notable works by Bacon are:

number of notable   (注目すべき数)

A number of notable sculptures can be seen in the city.

There are also a number of notable steles.

She has directed for a number of notable television series.

notable examples

Some notable examples are ancient Lachish and Buhen.

"The People's Court" and Judge Judy are notable examples.

Some of the more notable examples include:

notable feature   (注目すべき機能)

The most notable feature is the Romanesque church of "San Nicola".

A notable feature of this temple is the absence of the usual pinnacle.

Another notable feature is Maruteshwara Okali (Water spat) in June month.

notable events

Some notable events in sports history occurred in Fort Wayne.

Some notable events include:

One of the notable events of her life was the period when her child was born.

notable for having

It's notable for having a “really cute kitty” cat.

The film is notable for having no dialogue or character names.

The city is notable for having one of the largest palaces in the Maya world.

particularly notable   (特に注目すべき)

It is particularly notable as the vector of Bolivian hemorrhagic fever.

Of those remaining, only a few can be considered to be particularly notable.

The company's on and off relation with German Schuco Modell is particularly notable.

notable buildings

Other notable buildings include the I.O.O.F.

Among the notable buildings on the street is the branch of AIB.

Other notable buildings include the church of Sant'Ambrogio a Bazzano.

notable work   (注目すべき仕事)

His notable work is a photo set called "Pink Man".

Henry's most notable work is the "Historia Anglorum".

Another notable work is "Sketches Set Seven" for piano.

notable alumni   (著名な卒業生)

KIIT's notable alumni are Archita Sahu, Babushan

Other notable alumni include nine current or former U.S.

Since 1984, SMESH has produced hundreds of notable alumni.

notable figures

To add to the list of notable figures, Joe R. Feagin comes to mind.

Adamantios Korais and Rigas Feraios are two of the most notable figures.

Amongst the notable figures working for "The Cyprus Times" was Nikos Sampson.

first notable

In the late 17th century the first notable modification of the sabre appeared.

Reale's first notable appearance is as Glen Coco, a minor role in "Mean Girls".

By 1860, he published his first notable work called "Il signor Alberi ha ragione!"

notable artists

Other notable artists recorded his early works.

Some notable artists that use and endorse Cole Clark guitars include:

In 2007, DioGuardi worked with many notable artists, one of whom was Britney Spears.

notable players

Other notable players are Ardian Đokaj and Sanibal Orahovac.

Other notable players from Venezuela:

At this time, notable players of the team started their migration to the other clubs.

notable exceptions

Main and cache memories are notable exceptions.

Two notable exceptions were the Baltic Cross and Silesian Eagle.

With a few notable exceptions (e.g.

such notable

This list is restricted to such notable pioneers of military camouflage.

Learned (surname) Learned is an American surname, and may refer to such notable people as:

In later expeditions he served under such notable leaders as William Campbell and Andrew Pickens.

notable because   (注目すべき)

The Kevada is notable because of its mausoleum.

He said that, "Multiculturalism is no longer notable because it is everywhere."

notable films

The most notable films through the years are:

Some of the notable films of Kunigal Nagabhushan as an actor include "S.P.

"Mehmaan", "Sanyasi" and "Pehle Aap" were other notable films of her career.

includes notable

However, it also includes notable economically liberal currents.

The first section includes notable Italo disco groups and solo artists.

List of redheads This list includes notable people with natural red hair.

notable members

Other notable members and past members include:

Some notable members of this family are:

One of the most notable members of the family was a female, who became Queen of Thomond.

notable roles

"Game Informer" identified Rikku as one of Strong's most notable roles.

Gibson also appeared in other notable roles in "Black Christmas" (1974), "Outrageous!"

Her other notable roles include Julia in "Just Love Me" (2006) and Joanna in "Expecting Love" (2008).

notable features

Among its notable features is the Freusburg castle.

Among its most notable features is its interior woodwork.

The building contains two notable features: Its tower and its lobby.

notable among

He was notable among painters for subversive political stances.

It is notable among "Neisseria" for its ability to metabolize sucrose.

Her personality was even notable among the Montparnasse bohemian circle.

became notable

He became notable as a transhumanist with the book "Are You a Transhuman?

Quinn first became notable in the field of ice hockey as a coach of the Montreal Shamrocks in the 1906–07 season.

They were popular guests at functions, and became notable figures in the fashionable society of the upper classes.

notable success

One notable success "Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi".

Amer achieved notable success after the show.

President Rouhani congratulated Mirzakhani for this notable success.

few notable

With a few notable exceptions (e.g.

The sport is known as bandy in many languages though there are a few notable exceptions.

TwinBee", the second coin-op game in the series, but with a few notable additions and changes.

most notable work   (最も注目すべき仕事)

Henry's most notable work is the "Historia Anglorum".

Work in behavioral medicine led him to his most notable work on biofeedback.

His most notable work, "Vom Kriege" ("On War"), was unfinished at his death.

notable contributions

Some of his most notable contributions were the ex and vi editors and the C shell.

In addition to his pastoral work, Father Rekowski made two notable contributions to Kashubian studies.

During his time with Harland and Wolff, Wilson made many notable contributions to the development of shipbuilding.

notable achievements

Some of his notable achievements are given here.

Most notable achievements:

The Symptom Distress Scale (SDS) is one of McCorkle's most notable achievements.

notable achievement   (注目すべき業績)

This is regarded as a notable achievement.

Her most notable achievement with the club is when they won the bronze medal at the 2007–2008 CEV Cup.

notable role   (注目すべき役割)

His most notable role was as the uncredited, unseen P.A.

Her most notable role is as Hannah More in the 2006 film "Amazing Grace".

Another notable role followed in the 2009 melodrama "Will It Snow for Christmas?

most notable works   (最も注目すべき作品)

His most notable works include "The Mist and ".

This is a list of his most notable works:

another notable   (別の注目すべき)

Levi Strauss was another notable donor in 1897.

The Black Assize of Exeter 1586 was another notable outbreak.

Stade Français games against Biarritz are another notable rivalry.

notable students

Kazimir Malevich was one of his most notable students.

His notable students included Olly Wilson, M. William Karlins, and James Yannatos.

Amongst his most notable students were Walton Lillehei, Christiaan Barnard and Norman Shumway.

notable musicians

"Thirteen" has been covered by several notable musicians.

Many notable musicians have performed the standard, including:

He played with many notable musicians and composers, such as Maury Deutsch.

notable works include

His most notable works include "The Mist and ".

Some of her notable works include:

His other notable works include:

notable individuals

The series saw Denton sit down with celebrities and other notable individuals.

The expedition team included some notable individuals: Personnel resigned or let go:

A large number of notable individuals, primarily supportive of left-wing policies, participated in the conference.

especially notable

The Somerville depot is especially notable.

This is especially notable when Mace yells to him, "This is your life!

Johnsen is especially notable for writing the first book on skiing published in America.

notable film   (注目の映画)

His notable film work includes "The Waterboy" and "The Benchwarmers".

One notable film clocked in at over an hour and a half, "The Corbett-Fitzsimmons Fight".

His more notable film productions include "War of the Worlds", "", "John Carter" and "Avatar".

notable performances

Several notable performances and events took place at the theatre.

Consequently, only its most notable performances are listed below.

Several notable performances have included the Backstreet Boys, Boston, and Steve Miller Band.

notable difference

One notable difference in the pilot, as in many pilots, is the casting.

The difference in pose is the most notable difference between the two types.

Another notable difference is that police cars occasionally appear that try to stop the player.

notable differences

The CD and vinyl pressings feature notable differences.

However, there are several notable differences between the two.

only notable   (注目すべき)

March's only notable result was Peterson's third place in Germany.

This list includes only notable cartoonists and is not meant to be exhaustive.

The only notable boundary change since the first census in 1801 occurred in 1994.

became a notable

Their son Sigmund Sinding became a notable painter.

His son Gennady became a notable fencing coach.

He worked diligently and became a notable businessman.

notable early

A notable early player was Frank Hancock.

One of his notable early results is a proof that the number of multiplications in Horner's method is optimal.

One of his notable early amateur fights was against Victor Ortíz, whom he defeated in a second round stoppage.

notable ones

Some of the more notable ones are:

Among the more notable ones: Among the awards won by Robert Wells:

Apollo had a famous oracle in Delphi, and other notable ones in Claros and Didyma.

made notable

He also made notable zoological, botanical, and geological collections.

She was made notable by appearing in Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie's "Montaillou".

Hinckley has made notable contribution to the areas of human-computer modalities and their hardware design.

notable former

Gareth Bale is a notable former player.

Their most notable former player is Michael McGovern who currently plays for Norwich City F.C.

Enniskillen Rangers have several notable former players including Sandy Fulton and Jim Cleary.

most notable feature   (最も注目すべき機能)

The most notable feature is the Romanesque church of "San Nicola".

Turbo-Basic XL's most notable feature was vastly improved execution speed.

Its most notable feature are its long, narrow, upcurved jaws with a pointed tip.

notable contribution   (顕著な貢献)

He has made a notable contribution to contemporary sculpture."

A notable contribution to Russian pop music performers that do not come from Russia.

But the units he raised were a notable contribution to the success of the operations .

notable cases

There have been some notable cases regarding the ADA.

There are two particularly notable cases of these love triangles in the first season.

See the list of people who took refuge in a diplomatic mission for a list of some notable cases.

notable member

Folke Fridell, the famous proletarian writer, was also a notable member.

Its most notable member, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, is the founder of Pakistan.

He was a notable member of the Art and Language group that flourished in the 1970s.

notable event   (注目すべきイベント)

Mahanavami and Vijayadhashami are also celebrated here and Uriyadi on the vijayadhashami day is a notable event.

The most notable event of his reign was the assault and Sack of Rome on 24 August 410 by the Visigoths under Alaric.

A notable event that occurred during Leath's tenure at Iowa State was his decision to permanently end Veishea after 2014.

notable performance   (顕著なパフォーマンス)

A notable performance was by Sissel Kyrkjebø in 1986, when she was 16 years old.

Her most notable performance was a semifinal appearance at the 1979 Australian Open.

Other notable performance halls include Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

notable change

The event marked a notable change in the course layout.

One notable change in the film involved the opening titles.

"The Spirit of the Age" also marked a notable change in attitude.

notable acts

Joe Trent, has played with many notable acts including Jersey favorites Lady Radiator.

He has released multiple full-length recordings and novels, and shared stages with several notable acts.

Among the artists currently signed to Low Country Sound, some notable acts are Anderson East, Brent Cobb and Rival Sons.

notable companies

This list includes notable companies with primary headquarters located in the country.

notable guests

Its notable guests included Sir John Mills, Winston Churchill, and Errol Flynn.

Other notable guests included cartoonist Carl E. Schultze of "Foxy Grandpa" fame.

Other notable guests include Robert Browning, John Major and Real Madrid football team in 2014.

notable books

most notable books are listed below.

Some of Minnich's notable books are:

McIvor's notable books include:

notable for featuring

The film is notable for featuring a medley of eighteen songs from earlier films.

Ramose and Hatnofer's tomb is notable for featuring the earliest known date from Hatshepsut's reign.

The single was not a success, but was notable for featuring a young Jimmy Page on guitar and Herbie Flowers on bass.

film is notable   (映画は注目に値する)

The film is notable for being Gance's directoral debut.

The film is notable for its portrayal of fan interaction.

The film is notable for having no dialogue or character names.

following notable

The following notable units are based at Royal Citadel.

The following notable units are based at Dalton Barracks.

The following notable units are based at Duke of Gloucester Barracks.

notable case   (注目すべきケース)

One notable case was Bell's lawsuit against Western Union.

One notable case Lane decided was known as the "dog case".

Another notable case was the arrest of Soviet spy Rudolf Abel in 1957.

notable residents

The square has had many notable residents.

Additional notable residents are Waze, PayPal, Klarna, Broadcom and Golan Telecom.

Notable people born in Sakon Nakthon, and notable residents and ex-residents include:

notable songs

A few of his notable songs are "Sleep", ">" (Greater Than), "What I Found", and "The Only".

Some of the notable songs, taken from that album, include ""Hawaïenne"", ""Saskatchewan"" and ""Lucille"".

During the French Revolution notable songs, beyond La Marseillaise, included Chant du départ, Carmagnole, "Ah!

notable projects

Some of Massi's more notable projects include:

One of the notable projects was Upper Krishna Project.

One of the notable projects of Cortona students includes an underwater robot to help protect the coral reefs.

notable buildings include

Other notable buildings include the I.O.O.F.

Other notable buildings include the church of Sant'Ambrogio a Bazzano.

Its notable buildings include:

notable awards

McClodden has been the recipient of several notable awards.

Some notable awards and nominations:

"A Wizard of Earthsea" won or contributed to several notable awards for Le Guin.

notable local

Other notable local landmarks include Ss.

Alfred Neobard Palmer a notable local historian for the area of Wrexham

Magali Herrera was born in 1914 in Rivera, Uruguay to a notable local family.

notable changes

There are some notable changes within the narrative.

Nair's version made notable changes in the development of main character Becky Sharp, played by Reese Witherspoon.

The most notable changes are the switch from Cyrillic letters to Latin, and the presence of the Kyrgyz flag in a narrow band to the left of the plate.

notable personalities

Some notable personalities who bore this coat of arms include:

The building also has been lit to commemorate the deaths of notable personalities.

In 2015, YouTube streamed an alternative, online halftime show featuring notable personalities from the video sharing service.

notable television

His most notable television role is Benjamin on "Suits".

She has directed for a number of notable television series.

His other notable television roles were as U.S. Air Force investigator Capt.

list includes notable

List of redheads This list includes notable people with natural red hair.

This list includes notable brands of toothpaste, both historic and contemporary.

This list includes notable companies with primary headquarters located in the country.

notable figure   (著名な人物)

He was named after Joshua Fry, a notable figure in American colonial history and one of Mildred's ancestors.

The manifesto references notable figure Hillary Clinton's title of "wife" on her Twitter account to exemplify claims of gender inequality.

Matthew Brisbane Matthew Brisbane (1787–1833) was an Antarctic explorer, sealer and a notable figure in the early history of the Falkland Islands.

notable persons

Some notable persons with the surname include:

It has housed many notable persons.

Miladin Tintarović is one of the most notable persons in the club's history.

most notable example   (最も顕著な例)

The most notable example is Bon Jovi.

The most notable example of his work as an architect is the Church of the Savior in Ubory.

Perhaps the most notable example of the latter is Geertgen tot Sint Jans's "Man of Sorrows" c. 1485-95.

notable successes

One of his most notable successes followed when he moved to Dunaújváros in 1999.

In 1809, French dragoons scored notable successes against Spanish armies at the Battle of Ocana and the Battle of Alba de Tormes.

Some of his notable successes during his tenure as Minister of Health are: Al Rabeeah served as Minister of Health until 21 April 2014.