İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

except where noted   (belirtilen yerler hariç)

Songs written by Willie Nelson except where noted.

Personnel per digital booklet, except where noted.

All songs written by Tim Finn, except where noted.

existence was noted   (varlık not edildi)

At the 2006 census, its existence was noted but its population was not reported.

In the 2006 census, its existence was noted, but its population was not reported.

most noted   (en çok not edilen)

The lake is most noted for its calm, serene setting.

His most noted work is "Nhà nước," "The State".

Tytler is most noted for his literary output.

otherwise noted   (aksi not edildi)

All songs by Merle Haggard unless otherwise noted.

noted above

As noted above, males assemble at leks for courtship.

Cacti produce spines, always from areoles as noted above.

As noted above, there are about 26,500 farms with chickens.

unless otherwise noted   (Aksi belirtilmediği sürece)

All songs by Merle Haggard unless otherwise noted.

noted how   (nasıl olduğunu kaydetti)

Journalist Alyona Minkovski of "The Alyona Show" noted how M.I.A.

By mid-decade, the press noted how popular he was as a romantic actor.

Kang also noted how the song's concept differs from the group's past releases.

particularly noted   (özellikle not edildi)

It was particularly noted for its ornate woodwork.

He was particularly noted for his skill as a bowler.

He is particularly noted for his settings of Jacint Verdaguer.

first noted

This was first noted in 1903 and again in 1936.

It was first noted by lexicographer F.C.

An early form of this surname was first noted in the year 1370.

further noted

He further noted South Africa's handling of the conflict.

He further noted that the offender's hair was in small braids.

It was further noted that it was located 6000 meters NE of Jaffa.

report noted   (rapor not edildi)

The highest rainfall report noted was 7.01 inches (178 mm) at Barahona.

Meredith's official report noted that his men had suffered no casualties.

A 1967 state geology report noted Pamlico Dune near Eugene on U.S. Highway 27.

became a noted

His son Alejandro Sureda became a noted architect.

Their son Johan Christian became a noted illustrator.

He also became a noted linguist and pacifist.

later noted

Ward later noted that he felt "good about that.

In 1870 his son James Key Caird, later noted as philanthropist, took over the business.

Yet it was later noted how fair, even "generous" Hazlitt's treatment of these figures was.

noted for having

Gwen was noted for having an affair with Louise Bryant.

The album is noted for having three distinctive versions.

Buxton was noted for having "no rowdiness" in his clinics.

became noted

He became noted for his one-act plays.

He was educated at the public schools, and became noted as an apiarist.

After converting to Islam, he became noted for wearing a turban or fez.

unless noted   (belirtilmedikçe)

All lyrics and music by Peter Steele, unless noted.

All lead vocals by Freddie Mercury unless noted.

All tracks written by Bob Marley, unless noted.

except as noted   (belirtilenler hariç)

All songs written by Dave Pirner except as noted.

All songs written by Bryan Ferry except as noted.

All songs written by Mick Bower except as noted.

reviewer noted

The reviewer noted that the game has a "bit of an image problem", which he called a shame.

The "Billboard" reviewer noted her shining performances on the songs "Telephone" and "Stop Slow Down".

The reviewer noted, "Everything here seems to have been randomly pulled out of the grab bag of RPG cliches."

review noted

A review noted: "The soloists are uniformly strong, and are major names in Bach .

A review noted fine intonation and rhythmic precision as the result of months of hard work.

IndiaGlitz in its review noted "Taxiwala is a winsome album boasting of two melodious songs and two cinematic numbers.

critics noted

Most critics noted its similar appearance to the "Metal Slug" games.

It has been described as a satirical album and critics noted its use of dark humour.

The game was praised for its graphics and overall design, but critics noted the game's lack of innovation.

especially noted

She became especially noted for her work as a miniature painter.

He was especially noted for evocative ecclesiastical sculptures.

Telz was especially noted for its ability to develop its talmidim in lomdus.

noted that many

She noted that many projects started by previous coalition aren't finished yet.

He took out a full sales statistics and noted that many models were marginal to sales or outdated.

It should also be noted that many of the reform ideas that stray from the traditional format require greater funding.

designed by noted

Both were designed by noted architect James Gandon.

It was designed by noted armory architect Joseph F. Kuntz.

The wing was designed by noted post-modern architect Michael Graves.

often noted   (sıklıkla not edildi)

Critics have often noted that Wang rarely names her main characters in her major works.

Fans made comparisons with the band's eponymous second album, while critics often noted a growing maturity.

Works from this period was often noted for its likeness to epidermis with the oxidation traces as scar tissue.

noted below

Some songs were later re-released on albums, as noted below.

These Hungarian names are noted below.

The composition pattern of India's external debt is noted below.

noted otherwise   (aksi belirtildi)

All songs written by Glen Phillips, except where noted otherwise.

All stations were closed on 10 September 1962 unless noted otherwise.

All grosses are given in unadjusted US dollars, except where noted otherwise.

last noted   (son not)

It was last noted as a low pressure area on November 23.

A depression developed and made landfall on West Bengal, during May 29, before it was last noted during May 31.

The tropical depression meandered northward until it was last noted on May 4 when it became an extratropical low.

noted that although   (rağmen kaydetti)

Groff Conklin noted that although the execution of the novel was flawed, it remained "a story with real merit."

It was noted that although it remained healthy, it did not increase well, needing more shade and moisture than was provided.

He noted that although such sites are entertaining, they are disturbing in that they promote a belief that has no basis in physiology.

court noted   (mahkeme not edildi)

The court noted that "one does not quench thirst by withholding water".

Moreover, the court noted that both claims were directed as an unpatentable "mental process".

The court noted that Claim 2 contains language nearly identical to that in Claim 3 will only a few additions.

magazine noted

"Edge" magazine noted that "Alpha Centauri" remained "highly regarded" in 2006.

A writer of "Billboard" magazine noted that Knowles "brought all the fierceness" on stage for the tour.

The US "Soaring" magazine noted that the only single seater to beat them was the winner, Paul MacCready.

noted architect   (not edilmiş mimar)

His son Alejandro Sureda became a noted architect.

Both were designed by noted architect James Gandon.

His father, Edward Stotz, was a noted architect in Pittsburgh.

article noted

One newspaper article noted, "Goodbye, black blood in that family.

The article noted that non-Dalit families claimed they do not treat Dalits differently.

The "Compiler Research: The Next 50 Years" article noted the importance of object-oriented languages and Java.

noted as having

This period has been noted as having a "new urgency".

Each was also noted as having the name "Muhammad" in their full name.

Neve Yaakov is noted as having the largest kindergarten enrollment in the city.

noted during

The only change noted during ABNCo's contract was the decade change on the date line from "188___" to "189___."

A depression developed and made landfall on West Bengal, during May 29, before it was last noted during May 31.

Numerous physiological changes have been noted during spaceflight, many of which may affect sex and procreation.

noted the song

Chuck Campbell of "The Palm Beach Post" noted the song's "good, hammering beat".

Critics noted the song's sound is more "evolved" and mature than previous releases. noted the song's success on Twitter, where fans tweeted their appreciation.

other noted   (diğer not)

Arvizu also performed in duo with other noted musicians.

The ADQ were also polling well in the Quebec City region and other noted Conservative areas.

In 1883 his parents moved to Vienna, where he saw Charles Obra, Mellini, Ben Ali Bey, and other noted performers.

noted similarities

Several critics have noted similarities between the book and "The Fault in Our Stars".

Other reviews noted similarities to the R&B artists Brandy, Monica, Kandi and Aaliyah.

The reviewer also noted similarities between the film and "The Talented Mr. Ripley" (1999).

reviewers noted

We are pleased to award the ‘red dot’ to HTC.” Some reviewers noted some problems.

Many reviewers noted that the episode made references to previous episodes of the series.

Multiple reviewers noted the inclusion of lesbians in the visual and Inna's lascivious appearance.

noted author

A noted author, he died on 21 September 1979 at Whiteparish.

In 1992, Charles S. Moffett, a noted author and curator, was named director.

Bulwer-Lytton admired Disraeli's father Isaac D'Israeli, himself a noted author.

unless noted otherwise   (aksi belirtilmedikçe)

All stations were closed on 10 September 1962 unless noted otherwise.

All specifications are manufacturer claimed unless noted otherwise: Carlos Checa won both the riders and manufacturers title during the 2011 Superbike World Championship season.

study noted

The study noted considerable difficulties in cross border comparison of medication use.

One study noted that of 38 deer carcasses examined, over 74% of them contained over 100 lead fragments from one bullet.

not noted

She was not noted in any sports activity whatsoever.

However, Haughmond, like other Augustinian houses in the region, was not noted for its scholarship.

As the object ascended, it was expanding and pulsating, but a decrease in brightness was not noted.

noted that when   (kaydetti ne zaman)

However, she noted that when the NHS turns 70 it would also be her 70th anniversary, and perhaps time to retire fully.

Eun noted that when these workers spoke directly to her father they spoke entirely differently from when they spoke behind his back.

Many researchers have noted that when the essence of the participants' experiences are similar, their stories represent social reality.

noted the film   (filmi kaydetti)

In regard to the title, Krishna noted the film has nothing to do with kalaripayattu, the art form.

In his review for "DVD Talk", Carl Davis noted the film's uniqueness in its "modern bent for being a western".

Leonard Maltin noted the film's cast and direction as being legitimately "talented," but deemed the film a "hoary horror exercise."

noted that despite   (rağmen kaydetti)

Copsey noted that despite Griffin's reforms, a "culture of anti-Semitism" still pervaded the BNP.

Engel noted that despite attempts to the contrary, the award maintains cricket's bias towards batsmen.

Many reviewers noted that despite being highly similar to "Aria of Sorrow", it managed to define itself as a standalone title.

noted the album

Other writers have noted the album's sinister, sexual and youthful feel.

Eddie Cepeda of Noisey noted the album's influence on future pop punk bands such as Fall Out Boy, Panic!

An article of "The New York Times" noted the album's first two singles "have failed to stick commercially."

noted several

He noted several Greek inscriptions and took some copies.

IGN noted several flaws in the game, but still gave the game a very positive score of 8.6.

Admiral François-Edmond Pâris noted several cargo penjajap in Malacca strait during 1830s.

widely noted   (yaygın olarak not edildi)

Her new, tanned look was also widely noted.

Boyd was widely noted for his roles as composer and manager of Bakery Music.

His investigations on pathological histology and teratology were widely noted.

noted the game

"Eurogamer" noted the game's continuity errors.

Later reviews noted the game's exceptional difficulty.

Gambler Magazine noted the game had simple mechanics but complex gameplay.