liner notes   (ライナーノート)

Notes Credits adapted from liner notes and Qobuz.

Fashion Monster Credits adapted from liner notes.

Credits were adapted from the album's liner notes.

album liner notes   (アルバムライナーノート)

Credits for "Hush" adapted from album liner notes.

Credits adapted from "The Fame" album liner notes.

The album liner notes were written by Elaine Isley.

bank notes   (紙幣)

In 1958 bank notes worth 2 and 5 were switched with coins.

Both gold and bank notes circulated as mediums of exchange.

Also, it was not solely responsible for the country's supply of bank notes.

sleeve notes   (スリーブノート)

Danny Hyde and Stephen Thrower are also credited on the sleeve notes.

However, the sleeve notes color-code the songs' lyrics by individual author.

In addition, Collins wrote sleeve notes explaining the meaning of each song, another first.

musical notes   (音符)

The seventh decade was also used for musical notes.

His design featured curvilinear numbers resembling musical notes.

The user interface is WYSIWYM and displays musical notes on screen in a long ribbon.

high notes

The album scored really high notes in many of the biggest metal magazines, such as "Kerrang" and "Metal Hammer".

Arab poets of that "Jahili poets", meaning "the poets of the period of ignorance"—used to recite poems with a high notes.

Some people have thought the smaller McKay was the falsetto lead, but it was actually the larger Jackson who sang the high notes.

notes how

He notes how they compare with the Biblical account.

Wolfe also notes how Tomalin's piece created somewhat of an attraction of the war.

He is depicted as pompous by Archie who notes how he insists that his home be termed a residence instead of a house.

further notes

A French scribe made further notes around 1400.

The obituary further notes: As an organizer of chess Factor was prominent.

Natural England further notes that the site's continued status as an SSSI depends on maintaining a high water table.

promissory notes

These were promissory notes issued directly by the government.

Markíza's management was unaware of the existence of the promissory notes.

Sovznak Sovznaks () were promissory notes issued in Soviet Russia in 1919 and used during 1919–1924.

program notes

So I challenged him to write the program notes.

He collaborated on the original program notes with critic and composer Deems Taylor.

He started in music journalism by assisting Rosa Newmarch in writing program notes for Sir Henry J.

field notes

Most field notes concerning the habitation sites did not survive.

His field notes indicate that at least one Dominicker was known to claim being of Spanish and Indian descent.

Trumpp, after eight years of study and research of the Sikh scriptures, published his translation and field notes.

lecture notes

Later, his lecture notes were transcribed into books.

One student produced shared lecture notes and argued successfully that they were the source.

His lecture notes were edited by his student, Karl Ludwig Michelet in 1833, and revised in 1840-2.

taking notes

Students and writers commonly use them for taking notes.

The reMarkable is a writer tablet for reading and taking notes.

They were the normal writing material in schools, in accounting, and for taking notes.

notes written

According to the notes written on the back of the ca.

The album features liner notes written by Ralph Emery.

The album includes new liner notes written by Clive Davis.

report notes   (レポートノート)

The 1887 bone report notes the "good condition of the teeth".

The report notes he made reference to being a "sovereign citizen".

Indeed, the inquiry's report notes this occurred "[in] the second week of July 1954".