nothing more   (これ以上何もない)

Requisition was nothing more or less than seizure.

Paul Booker was nothing more than a cheap crook.

If "n" is prime, there is nothing more to prove.

nothing else   (他には何もない)

Acknowledge nothing else and stop having doubts!

"—that nothing else [would] happen to me again."

"Painting, rum, music, work, and nothing else."

did nothing   (何もしませんでした)

He reported the theft to airport staff, who did nothing.

And I did nothing except get back in my car and go home.

The then President Goodluck Jonathan did nothing about it.

nothing is known   (何も知られていない)

Practically nothing is known about his life or work.

Almost nothing is known about Ibn Isḥaq's life.

Almost nothing is known of his life or legend.

knew nothing   (何も知りませんでした)

staff said they knew nothing about the top level decision.

Conde said he knew nothing about the bribe and denied any wrongdoing.

The police concluded that she was deranged and knew nothing of the murder.

came to nothing

The negotiation, however, came to nothing.

It all came to nothing, but the king granted him a pension.

This attempt came to nothing, however.

nothing wrong   (何も間違ってない)

There is nothing wrong with the title "Ballistic: Ecks vs.

If justified, there is nothing wrong, though he may feel guilty.

Afterwards, Alex checks on Rosie, who had nothing wrong with her.

nothing came

The book caused a minor stir, but nothing came of it.

But nothing came out of this either.

However, nothing came of the offer.

almost nothing   (ほとんど何も)

After the event, farmers were left with almost nothing.

Cobbett's writing contains almost nothing suitable for quotation.

They arrived with almost nothing and had much difficulty renting a room.

nothing new

Winter being used to represent misery or absence is nothing new.

The concept of dual rulership was nothing new to the Roman Empire.

If Almăşanu's abstract paintings were nothing new to the Mihai Olos.

nothing less   (劣らず)

We'd expect nothing less from Laika."

Nothing more, nothing less.

What it all turns upon is nothing less than the composition of the next generation.

done nothing

The Russian authorities have yet done nothing.

In my life I have done nothing bad.

Buddy has done nothing but break our mother's heart his whole life."

does nothing

It does nothing for the cause of nonviolence.

This contributes to climate change, but does nothing for the soil.

does nothing for Black and in fact causes him to lose a tempo after 3.c3!

nothing left

Today there is nothing left of the station.

nothing short

The following year was nothing short of a sensation.

The result is nothing short of brilliant.

The author also praised the song for being "nothing short of fantastic".

doing nothing

Unfortunately, government is doing nothing about it.

He didn't want to sulk in the darkness doing nothing.

), which were doing nothing illegal, eventually branched off.

know nothing

"If you think this guy has no talent you know nothing".

We know nothing about his formative years.

I protest I know nothing of the matter.

found nothing

They searched everywhere but found nothing there.

They searched Jansen's house in Edam but found nothing.

They found nothing, installed an electric light, and resealed it.

absolutely nothing   (何もない)

There is confirmation of Watford’s interest, but there is absolutely nothing done.

There even seems to have been a "Tranquillitas Vacuna" the goddess of doing absolutely nothing.

Of her life she said: "There is absolutely nothing about me to be told, and that I never tell."

knows nothing

He says he knows nothing and Judah leaves the house.

Listed as Mark's wife is a travelling companion of which Cassie knows nothing about.

But Maria tells him that she has never seen an artist before, and knows nothing about Anna.

nothing at all

"And nothing gets you down, nothing at all."

The censor replied, "Oh, nothing at all.

Even if his observations were wrong--which they are not--there's nothing at all insulting about them.

nothing remains

They are scrupulous about its removal that nothing remains of it.

A Saxon church stood on the site but nothing remains of that structure.

The parlour would have been next to the chapter house but nothing remains of it.

say nothing

The Court ... decided to see nothing and to say nothing."

I decided to stand back and say nothing".

Gurn finds his hat, but Madge convinces him to say nothing.

wants nothing

Disillusioned, Jim wants nothing to do with his father.

Billy wants nothing more than a pair of Redbone Coonhounds for hunting.

The man wants nothing more than to enter into the hothouse and be safe from the cold.

nothing in common

featured one male and one female participant with nothing in common except their dream job.

She did not see him again until he was aged 22, and learnt that they had nothing in common.

They define this type of hero as one seemingly flawless and invulnerable, effectively having nothing in common with the audience.

says nothing

The woman doesn't and says nothing, points to Marino, and walks out of the room.

It thus says nothing explicitly about the divinity of either Jesus or the Holy Spirit.

He wisely says nothing in reply – even when the headmaster confesses his love for him.

nothing happened

Freyja went home to her bower as if nothing happened.

If nothing happened, I'd start looking in another direction".

Dev behaves as if nothing happened.

little or nothing   (ほとんどない)

Many of them, like Arthur Griffith, had little or nothing to do with the Rising.

From the standpoint of yield, there is little or nothing to choose between the two approaches.

He had little or nothing" in his review of the game, headed "Nothing but luck saved the Phillies."

nothing further

She published nothing further until after his death in 1820.

However, nothing further was done.

The tests were hailed as a success but nothing further seems to have been done.

virtually nothing

Left with virtually nothing, Douglas was forced to move.

At this point in time, entomologists know virtually nothing about it.

Otherwise, virtually nothing is known of Clement's life in Alexandria.

stop at nothing   (何もしない)

Now, the wizards will stop at nothing to get their amulet back.

They attack the house of Virginia Traill and stop at nothing to detect the dauphin's hiding-place.

Sheriff Tom is well aware of that, and will stop at nothing in order to destroy her and get the book back for himself.

nothing to stop   (止まらない)

There was nothing to stop her."

There's nothing to stop that.

I did nothing to stop it.

wanted nothing

He really wanted nothing to do with me.

She had wanted nothing more in her life than to be a good cop.

Nick had wanted nothing to do with Anne, very well their child.

nothing was done

But nothing was done until Bloodgood's rating skyrocketed.

Levar reported the crimes at the time they occurred but nothing was done.

Chow did sympathise with these couples, but nothing was done after the protest.

nothing against   (何に対しても)

I would have nothing against it, but a parade, propaganda?

I have nothing against the passengers.

Shirov kills himself when told they will do nothing against the Japanese Army.

nothing to lose

Tommy, deciding he has nothing to lose, enters the tournament as well.

With nothing to lose, Frank blows up their home using high-explosive charges.

Questioning ensued, and, having nothing to lose, Ilse spoke quietly and openly.

nothing other   (他に何もない)

In very simplified terms: a mental state "M" is nothing other than brain state "B".

Most of the individuals that come to this country arrive with absolutely nothing other than the clothes on their backs.

Contrariwise, some Americans hold that nothing other than the 8 ball has to be called in any way (i.e., that "" counts).

s nothing

But at the same time there’s nothing that sweeps us off our feet too."

There’s nothing there – just us on a little pale blue dot, as Carl Sagan called it.

The National Media Commission of Ghana hold that "there’s nothing wrong with Anas’ method".

s nothing

But at the same time there’s nothing that sweeps us off our feet too."

There’s nothing there – just us on a little pale blue dot, as Carl Sagan called it.

The National Media Commission of Ghana hold that "there’s nothing wrong with Anas’ method".

nothing ever

However, Kerr stated that while there was a spark of attraction, nothing ever happened.

In particular, the "correction plate" was like nothing ever seen before in telescope design.

During his period in Braga, Sá gained attention from English club Chelsea, but nothing ever materialised.

find nothing   (何も見つかりません)

Then they visit Rocky's home but find nothing.

When Hank and Gomez search his house, they find nothing.

Hickes replies to Wanley "I can find nothing yet of Beowulph."

though nothing

Wyatt, though nothing was known against him ... was a figure markedly lacking in glamour."

He returned to Dehra Dun by the night train and joined the office the next day as though nothing had happened.

Timur later captured a few more places, though nothing more is stated, presumably he left the Siyah-poshas alone.

nothing better

He should go fishing if he has nothing better to do.

He became a modest racer but nothing better.

The Bishops had nothing better.