İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

short notice   (kısa uyarı)

A replacement could not be found on short notice.

In 1748, Diderot needed to raise money on short notice.

Leigh Remedios has stepped in on short notice to face Uno.

further notice   (ek bildirim)

All of this until further notice from either party..

and "Hawaii Five-0" until further notice.

the site is closed until further notice.

public notice   (genel bildirim)

This is a partial list of Gaylord's works which have received public notice:

The incident sickened ten people, of whom three died, and came to widespread public notice only in 2002.

The website featured a public notice indicating that the ride's theme would be stagecoaches and the wild west.

took notice   (dikkat aldı)

Even the Reichsbank took notice of Hebecker.

However, critics took notice of Carey's different vocals.

As in Florida, the press took notice.

until further notice   (yeni bildiriye kadar)

All of this until further notice from either party..

and "Hawaii Five-0" until further notice.

the site is closed until further notice.

not notice   (fark etmemek)

The user will not notice that the document is empty.

I did not notice any hole in the door.

Implies that people are highly likely to not notice her presence.

without notice   (haber vermeden)

The application was processed without notice.

Soon thereafter, Will leaves the country without notice.

Throughout the off-season, a maximum of 60 drug tests randomly, without notice.

take notice   (dikkate almak)

But I won't take notice of that at all.

Paul Rosenberg was the first art dealer to take notice of Robin.

The press began to take notice.

advance notice   (önceden haber)

Listeners had six months advance notice of the closure.

Workers must provide advance notice of at least 10 working days for any strike.

As an associate of Farkas, Bánáthy likely had advance notice of the Russian advance.

days notice   (gün bildirimi)

Played in AFL playoff game on three days notice.

Now I can't sell the store without giving them 180 days notice.

Same-sex couples who are already in a civil partnership can get married by giving 5 days notice.

received notice

The visual appearance of the characters have also received notice from reviewers.

With a flight routed through New York City, while there, at the last minute he received notice that the position had been filled.

It received notice across the country for its clean, light, asymmetrical lines and its embrace of both indoor and outdoor spaces.

did not notice   (farketmedim)

I did not notice any hole in the door.

Referee Peter Mikkelsen did not notice and did not award the goal.

Nivedita did not notice it.

gave notice

Ambassadors around the world gave notice to non-Eastern Bloc leaders.

Neither party gave notice to terminate and the agreement remains in force until 2036".

B did give notice of the assignment to the trustees, and then A subsequently also gave notice to them.

no notice   (haber yok)

Of this creeper the chimpanzee takes no notice, and thus an almost natural trap is made for him.

Although his fears were duly noted, the crowd took no notice of the ash falling onto them and carried on enjoying the concert proceedings.

As the queen died on 11 May 1775, his schemes came to nothing and he complained that he was out-of-pocket, but George III took no notice of him for some time.

notice when   (ne zaman dikkat et)

She came to notice when she sang at Covent Garden in November 1745.

However, he doesn't notice when Kinnikuman removes one of his screws shortly before.

His daughter Fanny achieved notice when she converted to Roman Catholicism and entered a convent.

gained notice

While with the Braves, he gained notice for his weight problem.

Reed gained notice in the late 1990s as a member of the girl group Blaque.

It was not until the 1980s that her work gained notice in the recorded jazz world.

written notice

First written notice about the village is from year 1367.

The first written notice about the village has its origins in the year 1378.

A written notice of thirty days, a statement of reasons for dismissal, and a right to a hearing must be granted.

little notice   (küçük uyarı)

The Company took little notice of him.

This received little notice, as it matched no experimental finding.

However, Victoria was of an independent mind and took little notice of her father's displeasure.