Фразы и примеры предложений

first novel   (первый роман)

He wrote his first novel Banya while he was at 17.

“Paretsky's first novel received favorable reviews.

In 2016 Smith released his first novel "Arcade".

graphic novel   (графический роман)

This led to the 128-page graphic novel "Cowboy Wally".

The graphic novel generally received positive reviews.

The film is a remake of his own graphic novel.

novel written   (роман написан)

It is based on the novel written by Charlotte Kerner.

She also translated a novel written by Rabindranath Tagore.

Sailor Song Sailor Song is a 1992 novel written by Ken Kesey.

second novel   (второй роман)

"The Garden of Evening Mists" is his second novel.

In 2019, her second novel,"The Runaways" published.

It is the second novel in the Emberverse series.

fiction novel   (фантастический роман)

Her first fiction novel, The Devil In Us released in 2014.

Samuel Butler published "Erewhon", an early science fiction novel.

Melanine Benjamin published a third historical fiction novel in 2013.

historical novel   (исторический роман)

She published her first historical novel in 1807.

I always thought of it as a literary work, as a historical novel".

In 1931, he wrote his only historical novel about "Attila the Hun".

debut novel   (дебютный роман)

"Two" is Gulzar's debut novel released in English.

His debut novel "Der Effekt" was published in 2001.

The debut novel is titled "Dancing with Death".

science fiction novel   (научно-фантастический роман)

Samuel Butler published "Erewhon", an early science fiction novel.

It was inspired by the German science fiction novel series "Perry Rhodan".

God Game (novel) God Game is the title of a science fiction novel by Rev.

fantasy novel   (фантастический роман)

Tolkien's epic fantasy novel "The Lord of the Rings".

It is a fantasy novel and its protagonist is Jill Strong.

Alexander was depicted in a fantasy novel:

novel series   (серия романов)

The novel series has over 3 million volumes in print.

graphic novel series through comic publisher, Oni Press.

The episodes are named after various light novel series.

third novel   (третий роман)

It is the third novel in the Engines of Light Trilogy.

It is the third novel in "The Priests" series.

"Angie Brown", written in 1949, was Horace's third novel.

visual novel   (визуальная новелла)

A visual novel is also in development by Otomate.

Ecstasy" by the Japanese visual novel brand Key.

A visual novel was also released for the PlayStation 2.

original novel   (оригинальный роман)

The original novel sold over 4.5 million copies.

However, Sam never made an appearance in the original novel.

Guo is also the author of the original novel of the same name.

novel was published   (роман был опубликован)

The completed novel was published on September 27.

The last completed novel was published in 1962.

This novel was published in 1999 in Olma-Press (Russia).

light novel   (легкая новелла)

Two light novel spin-offs were released on 2019.

The episodes are named after various light novel series.

"; or Izaya Orihara in the light novel series "Durarara!!".

adult novel   (роман для взрослых)

He has written one adult novel, Ice-cream Arthouse.

A third adult novel, "The Last Egyptian", followed.

It is Bateman's first young adult novel.

novel is set   (роман разворачивается)

The novel is set in the 1960s in Batavia, New York.

The novel is set in 1750s Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The novel is set in various locations in the Milky Way.

young adult novel   (роман для взрослых)

It is Bateman's first young adult novel.

Her young adult novel "Am I Normal Yet?"

Her 2018 young adult novel "Are We All Lemmings and Snowflakes?"

crime novel   (криминальный роман)

Grogan was also the author of "Final Score," a crime novel published in 1976.

The case also gained some interest due to it mirroring a plot of a crime novel.

His first crime novel, "Seven Times Seven", was published in January 1932 by Melrose.

novel was adapted   (роман был адаптирован)

The novel was adapted into the film with the same name.

The novel was adapted into a 2014 film of the same name.

The novel was adapted into a film in 2001.

novel published   (роман опубликован)

This is also the title of his novel published in 1932.

The book is her second major novel published in Spanish.

It is the first graphic novel published under the DC Black Label imprint.

mystery novel   (детективный роман)

Filmmaker and author , however, made the 2003 mystery novel "Cut!"

Six Wakes Six Wakes is a science fiction mystery novel by Mur Lafferty.

Shine (novel) Shine is a 2011 young adult mystery novel by Lauren Myracle.

novel based   (роман на основе)

Before this PTV used to rely on novel based scripts.

A novel based on Milus's film was published by Award Books in January 1975.

In 1945, she wrote a novel based on her reportage for the "Front de la liberte".

fourth novel   (четвертый роман)

The fourth novel is set to be published in France in November 2019.

His fourth novel, "Music-Hall!

Inspired by this design, he produced his fourth novel, "The Owl Service".

novel set   (новый набор)

The "Gold Coast" by Nelson DeMille is a novel set in the area.

At one point she planned to write a historical novel set in Lombardy.

"Tinder" (2013) is a historical novel set during the Thirty Years War.

last novel   (последний роман)

His last novel was "Lovers of Louisiana" (1918).

His last novel was "Ganga Ekti Nadir Naam".

It was the last novel Disraeli published before his death.

autobiographical novel   (автобиографический роман)

Even the author of the original autobiographical novel, has disavowed the film.

In Meissen, he published an autobiographical novel under the pseudonym R. Termo.

Biographer David Smith called "The New Machiavelli" "Wells's most autobiographical novel".

novel follows   (роман следует)

The novel follows his journey as he seeks to be free of the creature.

The novel follows her experiences from early childhood to adult life.

The novel follows the activities of Ingram York, a disc-jockey in Los Angeles.

novel ends   (роман заканчивается)

Thus the novel ends on a note of hope, however muted.

The novel ends with the death of Andronikos.

The first part of the novel ends (operatically) in death.

wrote the novel   (написал роман)

In 1936, he wrote the novel "Fifty Roads to Town".

In 2000 Murray wrote the novel "" for Marvel comics.

She also wrote the novel "Confessions to a Heathen Idol" (1906).

published novel   (опубликованный роман)

"Emergence" was Palmer's first published novel.

Her first published novel "Where's Mommy Now?"

These included one published novel as well ("Mr. Fairlie's Final Journey").

throughout the novel   (на протяжении всего романа)

Also present throughout the novel is a more gentle humour furnished by Li Han.

This interweaving between K. and the court system increasingly intensifies throughout the novel.

His treachery is slowly unveiled throughout the novel in the encounters he has with the protagonists.

novel begins   (роман начинается)

The plot of the novel begins on April 7, 1925.

The novel begins when Francie is 11 years old.

The novel begins with a brief introduction of Charity's life.

final novel   (последний роман)

A final novel, "Put off thy Shoes", was published in 1945.

This is Japp's final novel appearance.

It was Hoffmann's final novel and is considered his masterpiece.

short novel   (короткий роман)

Alarcón wrote another popular short novel, "" ('Captain Poison', 1881).

"The Great Romance" is a short novel, originally published in two parts.

The 6:41 to Paris The 6:41 to Paris is a short novel by Jean-Philippe Blondel.

novel titled   (роман под названием)

He also authored a novel titled "Bar Brawler".

In the series, Castle writes a novel titled "Heat Wave".

In 2016, a second novel titled "UnReal Aliens" was released.

wrote a novel   (написал роман)

In 1945, she wrote a novel based on her reportage for the "Front de la liberte".

Christie never wrote a novel or short story featuring both Poirot and Miss Marple.

J. W. Orderson wrote a novel, "Creoleana" in 1855, which gives details of her life.

romance novel   (Любовный роман)

She published her first long romance novel in 1975.

These are as varied as the romance novel, the soap opera, and works of gothic fantasy.

Hill's first romance novel, "Rooms of the Heart", was published by Odyssey Books in 1990.

thriller novel   (триллер роман)

Cox's book is a 600-page crime thriller novel set in Victorian England.

The film is loosely based on Peter George's thriller novel "Red Alert" (1958).

Quiet as a Nun Quiet as a Nun is a thriller novel, written by Antonia Fraser.

new novel   (новый роман)

This caused Jacques to start writing a new novel called "Mabuse's Colony".

Reviews were, perhaps, unjustly critical of a new novel by a new novelist.

Aiding the local detectives, Agatha finds inspiration to write her new novel.

novel called   (роман называется)

The movie is based on a novel called "Andari Banduvaya".

This caused Jacques to start writing a new novel called "Mabuse's Colony".

In 1796, she anonymously published a novel called "Agatha; or a narrative of recent events".

novel won   (роман выиграл)

The novel won the Landerneau Prize for readers .

The novel won the Literaturpreis der Stadt Bremen in 1996.

The novel won five French literary prizes.

detective novel   (детективный роман)

"When Eight Bells Toll" combines the genres of spy novel and detective novel.

In 1940 Hugh Walpole called it "The best detective novel of the last thirty years".

Gamespot recommended players purchase a paperback detective novel instead of this title.

next novel   (следующий роман)

He began working on his next novel, "Frisk".

It took Garner six years to write his next novel, "Red Shift".

He is currently finishing his next novel which is set in Bolivia.

horror novel   (роман ужасов)

Red Rain (novel) Red Rain is a 2012 horror novel by R. L. Stine.

Dracula Dracula is an 1897 Gothic horror novel by Irish author Bram Stoker.

A struggling novelist, Xiao Ai, has her horror novel rejected by her publisher.

novel takes   (роман берет)

The novel takes place during summer.

The second section of the novel takes place during the war itself (1936–1939).

She lived in 124 where the majority of the novel takes place in the present time.

novel received   (роман получил)

“Paretsky's first novel received favorable reviews.

The novel received positive reviews from critics.

The novel received critical acclaim for its subject.

novel tells   (роман рассказывает)

The rest of the novel tells of Francie's life until she goes to college at 17.

The novel tells the story of Rob Merlin, the best engineer who has ever lived.

The novel tells the story of Scotch-Irish American pioneers during the Whiskey Rebellion.

s novel   (роман с)

Their name is derived from Jim Thompson’s novel of the same name.

"The Moon Is Down" (1943) was an adaptation of John Steinbeck’s novel.

In 2015 Koelb published "Morasses", a translation of André Gide’s novel .

s novel   (роман)

Their name is derived from Jim Thompson’s novel of the same name.

"The Moon Is Down" (1943) was an adaptation of John Steinbeck’s novel.

In 2015 Koelb published "Morasses", a translation of André Gide’s novel .

best novel   (лучший роман)

It was a finalist for three other year's best novel awards.

He won the 1927 Pulitzer Prize for best novel for "Early Autumn".

He is considered to be one of the best novel writers of the language.

called the novel   (называется роман)

The "New York Times" called the novel "well written and swift paced".

"Kirkus reviews" called the novel a "beautifully composed, unflinching and harrowing story".

Writing in the "New York Times", Anthony Boucher called the novel "an impressive psychological study".

praised the novel   (похвалил роман)

Dorothy L. Sayers publicly praised the novel.

Poet Carl Sandburg praised the novel's "strange midnight dignity."

The jury praised the novel's "technical artistry, glowing prose and intimate exposure of loss".

famous novel   (известный роман)

The following year he published his famous novel "Cross".

Botchan dango was named after the famous novel "Botchan" by Natsume Sōseki.

The Saka no Ue no Kumo Museum features exhibits connected with the famous novel and television series.

published a novel   (опубликовал роман)

In 1966, Lewin published a novel, "The Unaltered Cat".

He published a novel, "Noesa Penida" (1950).

In 1998, Parker published a novel, "Angelique's Descent".

light novel series   (серия легких романов)

The episodes are named after various light novel series.

"; or Izaya Orihara in the light novel series "Durarara!!".

The light novel series has over 4.5 million volumes in print.

novel was released   (роман был выпущен)

A film adapted from the novel was released in 1949.

The novel was released on 18 September 2018.

The novel was released on November 4, 2008 by Berkley Books.

fifth novel   (пятый роман)

Plus (novel) Plus is Joseph McElroy's fifth novel.

The book is author David Bergen's fifth novel.

It was Rushdie's fifth novel, following "The Satanic Verses".

novel entitled   (роман под названием)

In 2015, his novel entitled "Viet Man" was published.

In 2019, Arturo Pérez-Reverte published the novel entitled "Sidi: un relato de frontera".

He soon dropped out of Trinity College to write a novel entitled "The Banyan Tree" (1999).

published the novel   (опубликовал роман)

Viz Media published the novel in North America in 2009.

In 2016 Smith published the novel "Arcade".

He published the novel "Sju" in 1971.

adventure novel   (приключенческий роман)

It is a fantasy adventure novel.

Devil's Gate (novel) Devil's Gate is an adventure novel in author Clive Cussler's The NUMA Files.

Человек-амфибия) is a science fiction adventure novel by the Soviet Russian writer Alexander Beliaev.

described the novel   (описал роман)

"Kirkus Reviews" described the novel as:

Dickens described the novel as "quiet and domestic [...] innocent and pretty."

In "The Guardian", Mary Hoffman described the novel as "a good book and a great story."

novel takes place   (роман происходит)

The novel takes place during summer.

The second section of the novel takes place during the war itself (1936–1939).

She lived in 124 where the majority of the novel takes place in the present time.

novel was written   (роман был написан)

Much of the novel was written at the end of 1911.

The novel was written in 1914 and set in 1733.

The first Kurdish novel was written by Shamilov in 1935.

novel opens   (роман открывается)

The novel opens on an overcast October 23.

The novel opens shortly after the action of "The First Man in Rome".

The novel opens in 1945.

write a novel   (написать роман)

Before quitting CBS, Downs considered taking time off to write a novel.

None were successful, and his financial difficulties led him to write a novel.

He soon dropped out of Trinity College to write a novel entitled "The Banyan Tree" (1999).

novel was first   (роман был первым)

This novel was first published in 1990 by Bantam Books.

The novel was first published in 1906, under the pen name "Capt.

When the novel was first published, there were those who did not find merit in the tale.

another novel   (еще один роман)

She later published poems and another novel, "Man of Letters".

His another novel "Chemmeen"(ചെമ്മീൻ) was made into an award-winning film.

Later, Kasuga is in college and still dating Tokiwa, who is working on another novel.

only novel   (единственный роман)

It is the only novel he wrote with a 19th-century setting.

She published her only novel, "Short as any Dream", in 1929.

In 1961, "Bottoms Up", Carroll's only novel, was published by Olympia Press.

classic novel   (классический роман)

One of the most iconic modern dragons is Smaug from J. R. R. Tolkien's classic novel "The Hobbit".

He is best known for his translation of Alain-Fournier's classic novel "Le Grand Meaulnes" under the title "The Lost Domain".

She will next write the screenplay, as well as direct the modern day reprisal of Anna Sewell's classic novel Black Beauty for Constantin Film.

previous novel   (предыдущий роман)

The book begins hours after the end of the previous novel.

"Chris F." in Howell's previous novel "The Late Projectionist").

Hala, from the previous novel, will return as the main antagonist.

popular novel   (популярный роман)

It is based on Nick Earls' popular novel "48 Shades of Brown".

Her most popular novel, "A Gebra Named Al," was first published in 1993.

Atrpet is mostly recognized as the author of the popular novel "Tjvjik".

latest novel   (последний роман)

His latest novel, The Vault of Vishnu was released on 27 January 2020.

It was republished as an annex to Richard Bachman's latest novel "Blaze".

His latest novel is yet more proof that Boyd has a gift for creating a perfect novel".

first published novel   (первый опубликованный роман)

"Emergence" was Palmer's first published novel.

Her first published novel "Where's Mommy Now?"

Her first published novel, "Pour le Pire", was noticed by Jean-Marie Rouart.

writing the novel   (написание романа)

Boyd spent 30 months writing the novel.

Returning from this tour he spent thirteen months writing the novel Three Monkeys.

She undertook extensive research into Irish history in preparation for writing the novel.

novel features   (новые функции)

The ancient novel features a number of locations significant to ancient Greek philosophy.

This novel features the 17 day aftermath of the Tay Bridge Disaster in 1879, but includes a modern story.

The novel features surreal imagery and settings, frequent use of dramatic irony, and blatant commentary about art.

novel approach   (новый подход)

Evolutionary psychology takes a novel approach to the problem.

Keccak is based on a novel approach called sponge construction.

A novel approach was the granting of rights across the national borders of states adhering to the directive.

comic novel   (комический роман)

Ratner's Star Ratner's Star is a 1976 comic novel by Don DeLillo.

When first published, "Don Quixote" was usually interpreted as a comic novel.

Crampton Hodnet Crampton Hodnet is a comic novel by Barbara Pym, published posthumously in 1985.

novel explores   (роман исследует)

This novel explores the prey/predator mentality through an alien race.

The novel explores the future prospects of cryonics, A.I., nanotechnology, and eternal life.

The novel explores the fate of Jews in the Holocaust, but also includes other important questions about humanity.

recent novel   (недавний роман)

Her most recent novel "Serpent in Paradise" was published in 2006.

Tropper's most recent novel, "One Last Thing Before I Go," was published in August 2012.

His most recent novel in this series, "The Bangkok Asset", was published on 4 August 2015.

novel describes   (роман описывает)

The novel describes friendship and rivalry among pulp writers of the 1930s.

The novel describes the events of the reigns of Manuel I, Alexios II and Andronikos I through the eyes of Agnes.

The novel describes the events of the reigns of Manuel I, Alexios II, and Andronikos I through the eyes of Agnes.

sixth novel   (шестой роман)

Her sixth novel, "Pity", centered on a child kidnapping.

Women and Men Women and Men is Joseph McElroy's sixth novel.

He is currently writing the sixth novel, "The Winds of Winter".

bestselling novel   (бестселлер)

Based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Orson Scott Card.

The bestselling novel was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1963.

This period of his life is mentioned in William Brinkley's bestselling novel "Don't Go Near the Water".

satirical novel   (сатирический роман)

"Bhadrambhadra" is a 1900 Gujarati language satirical novel by Ramanbhai Neelkanth.

Bhadrambhadra Bhadrambhadra () is a 1900 Gujarati satirical novel by Ramanbhai Neelkanth.

The college appears as "Tarzana College" in his satirical novel "After Many a Summer" (1939).

novel form   (новая форма)

The epistolary novel form has continued to be used after the eighteenth century.

As both writer and artist, he authored the "Neotopia" series (4 volumes, 140 pages each), which was published in graphic novel form.

It was first published in serial form in "The Atlantic Monthly" from January through October 1895, and published in novel form in late 1895.

own novel   (собственный роман)

Kumar was the original screenwriter for the TV series, adapting his own novel.

Dzhanik Faiziyev directed, and Boris Akunin adapted his own novel into a screenplay.

Nikki features most heavily in her own novel "Blackout", which tells the story leading up to her death as she battles Spike.

novel adaptation   (новая адаптация)

He is best known for his graphic novel adaptation of J.R.R.

It also published a graphic novel adaptation of the light novel on , 2014.

A visual novel adaptation was developed by Otomate and subsequently released in 2014.

epistolary novel   (эпистолярный роман)

The end result is the epistolary novel itself.

There are two theories on the genesis of the epistolary novel.

The epistolary novel slowly fell out of use in the late 18th century.

writing a novel   (писать роман)

de Puisieux that writing a novel was a trivial task, whereupon she challenged him to write a novel.

It concerns a protagonist who rents a room in a Brooklyn boarding house with the intention of writing a novel.

Logic later announced that he was writing a novel and said that he has written and plans to star in his own movie, which he's began to work on.

unfinished novel   (незаконченный роман)

Her unfinished novel "Andrée Reimenkampf" has not been preserved for posterity.

Children of Earthmaker Children of Earthmaker is an unfinished novel by Robert Shea.

The mini-series is a modernized adaptation of Jane Austen's unfinished novel, "Sanditon".

earlier novel   (более ранний роман)

Miss Reba is probably the same character that appeared in Faulkner's earlier novel Sanctuary.

A dwarf warrior, he is the son of Glóin (a character from Tolkien's earlier novel, "The Hobbit").

According to Masters, writing in the Glossary to his earlier novel, Nightrunners of Bengal, Bhowani is an "imaginary town.

adapted the novel   (адаптировал роман)

Neal Bell adapted the novel into a play under the same title.

Zola adapted the novel into a play, "Thérèse Raquin", first staged in 1873.

Mick Ford adapted the novel for television and Jon East directed the series.

fiction novel written   (фантастический роман написан)

Suicide Hill Suicide Hill is a crime fiction novel written by James Ellroy.

The Money Dragon The Money Dragon is a historical fiction novel written by Pam Chun in 2002.

The Necessary Beggar The Necessary Beggar is an adult science fiction novel written by Susan Palwick.

original novel written   (оригинальный роман написан)

The Wheel of Ice The Wheel of Ice is an original novel written by Stephen Baxter and based on the long-running British science fiction television series "Doctor Who".

Booker Prize The Booker Prize for Fiction, formerly known as the Booker–McConnell Prize (1969–2001) and the Man Booker Prize (2002–2019), is a literary prize awarded each year for the best original novel written in the English language and published in the United Kingdom.