graphic novels   (グラフィックノベル)

Both were later adapted into graphic novels.

Comic books or graphic novels are books in which the story is illustrated.

Eight graphic novels were published by Hyperion Books in the United States.

series of novels

He is well known outside Spain for his "Alatriste" series of novels.

It is the third book in the "Hap and Leonard" series of novels by Lansdale.

The franchise has been the inspiration for a series of novels and comic books.

historical novels

It did however influence a few historical novels e.g.

Alexander III has been depicted in historical novels.

In retirement, he has started writing historical novels.

other novels   (他の小説)

Kurt Wolff published two other novels, in 1926 and "Amerika" in 1927.

He wrote historical novels, novellas, short stories, and other novels.

Characters from Waller's other novels make cameos in "Puerto Vallarta Squeeze".

romance novels   (ロマンス小説)

She continued publishing romance novels until 1992.

Olivo is also on the cover of two well-known romance novels.

She has written several romance novels.

several novels

Nzekwu has also authored several novels.

In addition to comic books, Priest has written several novels.

Wraxall published several novels.

novels and short

His novels and short stories are still widely read today.

He has written more than twenty novels and short stories.

Jan Burke Jan Burke is an author of novels and short stories.

fiction novels

He has also penned two fiction novels, Us and The Wawona Hotel.

He is the author of more than fifty fantasy and science fiction novels.

The next week, the book was the 6th sold among fiction novels on Amazon.

novels written

Shadow Falls Shadow Falls is a series of fantasy-themed novels written by author C.C.

İnce Memed İnce Memed is a series of four epic novels written by the Turkish novelist Yaşar Kemal.

The Naughtiest Girl The Naughtiest Girl is a series of novels written by Enid Blyton in the 1940s–1950s.

fantasy novels   (ファンタジー小説)

Diadem (series) Diadem is a series of fantasy novels by John Peel.

Some of her early fantasy novels have since been reissued by Wildside Press.

O. R. Melling O. R. Melling, born G. V. Whelan, is an author of several fantasy novels.

mystery novels   (ミステリー小説)

Mizuki Tsujimura Tsujimura specializes in mystery novels.

Marele Day Marele Day (born 4 May 1947) is an Australian author of mystery novels.

Cicero is a major recurring character in the "Roma Sub Rosa" series of mystery novels by Steven Saylor.

light novels   (ライトノベル)

The series adapts the first four volumes of the light novels.

The light novels are written by Seiichi Takayama and illustrated by Yukisan.

A series of four light novels was published by Shogakukan between 2007 and 2008.

crime novels

He lives in New York, where his crime novels are set.

She is featured in a series of crime novels.

This is the second in Lansdale's "Hap and Leonard" series of crime novels.

novels include

Her novels include The War of the Rosens, The Last Jewish Virgin and Urban Bliss.

Other horror novels include "Moonbane", "October", "House Haunted" and "Skeletons".

Her novels include "I Love Dick", "Aliens & Anorexia", "Torpor", and "Summer of Hate".

science fiction novels

He is the author of more than fifty fantasy and science fiction novels.

The phrase has been attributed to Ed Howdershelt, who self-publishes science fiction novels on the Internet.

He has written over 300 Chinese-language "wuxia" and science fiction novels, and more than 400 film scripts.

stories and novels

Episodes adapted both short stories and novels.

She wrote over 250 short stories and novels.

Beside journal, Chu Tử has established more short stories and novels.

novels set

Danish author Lene Kaaberbøl has written nine novels set in the W.I.T.C.H.

Marins also writes historic novels set in the colonial Brazilian hinterland.

He also wrote novels set in Hollywood, such as "The Pool" and "Murder at the Academy Awards."

novels published

She has subsequently had seven novels published.

The later episodes are based on four novels published between 1929 and 1965.

Cherise Sinclair Cherise Sinclair is a romantic BDSM author who has had over a dozen novels published.

writing novels

In 1991, Martin briefly returned to writing novels.

She started writing novels for kids , about two decades ago.

He devoted his spare time to writing novels and short stories.

novels such

The restaurant is also mentioned in classic novels such as "The Day of the Locust" (1939) and "What Makes Sammy Run?"

The school stopped assigning students to read novels such as "Lord of the Flies", and began extra grammar and writing classes.

The novel holds elements of black humor - a characteristic that Yu Hua typically applies in his other novels such as "To Live."

detective novels

He authored 32 detective novels over the course of 18 years.

Her works of fiction include historical novels and contemporary detective novels.

The hard-boiled detective novels of the 1920s featured bitter veteran protagonists.

later novels

Some of his scripts were the basis for his later novels.

Several characters from this novel continue their lives in later novels by Moore.

Her schooldays gave background for one of her later novels, "Marcella" (published 1894).

adult novels   (大人の小説)

His adult novels regularly make New York Times and national bestseller lists.

Bourne's young adult novels deal with teenage romance, mental health and self-doubt.

In 2019, the publisher Hodder acquired the rights to a further two adult novels from Bourne.

wrote novels

Hanna also wrote novels and true crime non-fiction.

After she retired, she wrote novels and memoirs.

He also wrote novels, under the pseudonym Elias Kræmmer.

novels based

Tope is also ghost writer of the novels based on the ITV series "Rosemary and Thyme".

Author, and former Fred resident, Brad Whittington wrote a trilogy of novels based in Fred, Texas.

Several later novels based on "Ring" were released: "Birthday" (1999), "S" (2012), and "Tide" (2013).

visual novels

Christine Love began creating visual novels while in school at Trent University.

It is also the location of J-List, a retailer of anime goods, visual novels and related products from Japan.

The rest of the soundtrack for the entire anime series is sampled from albums released for the visual novels, "Little Busters!

novels featuring

Since 2001, more than 15 novels featuring synesthete-characters have been published.

"Chop Shop" is the second in a series of Christian suspense novels featuring “Bug Man” Polchak.

With coauthor Richard L. Tierney, Smith wrote six novels featuring the Hyrkanian warrior Red Sonja.

published novels

As of January 2020 she has 80 published novels.

Six new female Qatari writers published novels in 2014.

, the "Outlander" series comprises eight published novels.

many novels

He was the author of many novels, short stories, essays and non-fiction works.

Eden is best known as the author of many novels, plays and poems about Dartmoor.

Green wrote many novels, the best known being "The Last Angry Man", published in 1956.

young adult novels   (ヤングアダルト小説)

Bourne's young adult novels deal with teenage romance, mental health and self-doubt.

She is the author of the young adult novels "Emergency Contact" (2018) and "Permanent Record" (2019).

David Yoo is the author of two young adult novels, "Girls for Breakfast" and "Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before".

more novels

The success led to more novels in the Claudine series.

He self-published two more novels, "Famine" (1997) and "War" (2008).

Two more novels are planned in the series: "The Winds of Winter" and the final volume "A Dream of Spring".

popular novels

It initially sold for $1.50 per copy, an expensive price when compared to other popular novels published at the time.

"Love in Excess," one of Haywood's’ first and most popular novels, was published in three parts, by William Chetwood.

"The Guardian" indicated in his obituary that Denniston had "commissioned some of the most popular novels of the 20th century".

novels and stories

Bianchon appears in several novels and stories of "La Comédie humaine", including "Le Père Goriot".

Translate nearly 40 books, including fiction novels and stories), children's literature and reference books.

Just like many other novels and stories by Agatha Christie, "Ordeal by Innocence" is set in the West Country of England.

novels were published

Several of his novels were published posthumously.

Her first novels were published by St. Martin's Press.

Eight graphic novels were published by Hyperion Books in the United States.

number of novels   (小説の数)

A prolific journalist and writer he also produced a number of novels.

The couple went on to publish "a large number of novels and serial stories".

The circumstances of Ka's death have been the subject of a number of novels.

adventure novels

Sandokan is the protagonist of 11 adventure novels.

He published two adventure novels in the 1890s.

Later, he wrote long adventure novels dealing with Oriental life.

first two novels

She had published her first two novels by the time she was in grade 11.

Those first two novels were subsequently released in English translation by Europa Editions in 2018 and 2019.

"White Light" and "The Heavy Knife" were the first two novels of an uncompleted trilogy, "The Clocks of Death".

trilogy of novels

In the 1840s Disraeli wrote a trilogy of novels with political themes.

Author, and former Fred resident, Brad Whittington wrote a trilogy of novels based in Fred, Texas.

The Passage (TV series) The Passage is an American thriller television series based on the trilogy of novels.

early novels

In the nineteenth century, critics admired the depictions of rural American life in her early novels.

Unaware that there were rules that most Regency romances followed, McNaught's early novels were unique.

Roland Green reviewing the book for Booklist compared it to the early novels in Roger Zelazny's "Amber" series.

first novels

Her first novels were published by St. Martin's Press.

Newman's first novels were a historical trilogy about Guinevere.

Salman Rushdie described it as 'One of the most impressive first novels of the recent years'.

previous novels

Gender roles are more fluid in "A Tree" than in previous novels about young people.

"Petals of Blood" caused a stronger critical reaction than Ngugi's previous novels.

As with Fleming's previous novels, "Diamonds Are Forever" received broadly positive reviews at the time of publication.

earlier novels

It is described as more complex in design and technique than Gordimer's earlier novels.

After having received many requests to continue the story of detective Elijah Baley and his robot partner R. Daneel Olivaw, featured in his earlier novels "The Caves of Steel" and "The Naked Sun", Asimov wrote this short detective story.

Constantine's earlier novels followed the exploits of police chief Mario Balzic and detective Rugs Carlucci of the Rocksburg police department; this one departs from the pattern by shadowing three beat cops: William Rayford, Robert Canoza, and James Reseta.