Фразы и примеры предложений

now known   (теперь известно)

Its motorcycle brand is now known as BMW Motorrad.

It is now known as the Omar Al-Mukhtar University.

This event is now known as the Sand Creek massacre.

what is now   (что сейчас)

It is located at what is now 7442 Edith Blvd., NE.

Gen. Charles W. Hill in what is now West Virginia.

The county then included what is now Howard County.

now part   (сейчас часть)

Its territory is now part of the village of Trava.

It is now part of the Flammarion Publishing group.

It is now part of the "comune" of Alta Val Tidone.

now called   (сейчас называется)

The Parish is now called St Dominic's Parish, Yaba.

It is now called St Mary of Eton with St Augustine.

These arrangements are now called Mackay icosahedra.

now used   (сейчас используется)

The site is now used for quarrying and as farmland.

It is a natural area now used for teaching biology.

Whitby Hall is now used as a youth theatre and café.

now defunct   (теперь несуществующий)

on the now defunct indie label, Simple Machines.

They also won the now defunct Panasonic Cup in 1989.

He also played club football for the now defunct C.D.

now considered   (сейчас считается)

This interpretation is now considered as erroneous.

It is now considered the blueprint of Miami bass.

It is now considered a L.A. City Cultural Monument.

now owned

The building is now owned by the pension fund PKA.

The building is now owned by the City of Florence.

KKIA is now owned by Community First Broadcasting.

now included   (теперь включен)

It is now included in the Drava Statistical Region.

now lives   (сейчас живет)

Pooley now lives with his wife and three children.

He now lives and works near Blackpool, Lancashire.

Wu now lives in California in the United States.

right now   (прямо сейчас)

I'm mirroring something that I'm seeing right now.

Extend her short-term contract right now, Corrie!"

He seems to be more at ease with himself right now.

now houses   (теперь дома)

It now houses the Integrated Marketing Department.

It now houses the cultural centre of the village.

It now houses the headquarters of the Venstre Party.

now located

A food establishment is now located on this spot.

The park facilities are now located on nearby ridges.

This is now located at the Meffan Institute at Forfar.

now serves   (сейчас служит)

The school now serves approximately 1000 students.

Among buses, only Route 3 now serves the station.

He now serves as an executive with the Diamondbacks.

now stands   (сейчас стоит)

A B&Q store now stands on the site of the station.

The gate now stands at Fort Santiago in Intramuros.

The Chaplino dialect alphabet now stands as follows:

now occupied   (сейчас занят)

The site is now occupied by Longchamp Racecourse.

The site is now occupied by Endsleigh Insurance.

The building is now occupied by barristers' offices.

now available   (теперь доступно)

Most of the tunes are now available on the internet.

The app is now available in several 'flavours'.

It is now available on DVD by MGM Home Entertainment.

now only   (только сейчас)

Mizoram’s current power demand is now only 115 MW.

They are now only found in a few places in the world.

The store is now only available online.

now closed   (сейчас закрыт)

The village shop and Post Office has now closed.

Solheim had a school until 2009, but it is now closed.

The tower is now closed due to obsolescence.

now lost

That source of intelligence was now lost to Rommel.

Themison wrote several works which are now lost.

He also wrote a grammar of Otomi, which is now lost.

now named

This opened in 1968 and is now named the Beit Wing.

This font was now named (Raphigrafie or Raphigraphie).

He proved the inequalities now named after him and W.H.

now held

Letters written by Michelis are now held by the .

It is now held by about 500 households worldwide.

They are now held in the Civic Museums in Pavia.

now works

Schelbert retired in 2003, and now works in a bank.

Quay now works as BAM’s high performance manager.

She now works as a freelance writer in Ontario.

area now

It is a natural area now used for teaching biology.

The area now has a sizable Amish community.

Part of the area now forms the 45th World Heritage Site in China.

now become   (теперь стать)

It has now become a sign of wealth and good taste.

Riendeau had now become Detroit's third goaltender.

The blockade runner had now become a blockader.

site is now   (сайт сейчас)

The site is now the garden of a private residence.

The site is now used for quarrying and as farmland.

The site is now occupied by Longchamp Racecourse.

now home   (сейчас дома)

The location is now home to the Brighton Music Hall.

It is now home to approximately 2,000 monkeys.

4) is from 1683 and is now home to the French Embassy.

building is now

The building is now owned by the pension fund PKA.

The building is now owned by the City of Florence.

The main station building is now a private house.

now more   (теперь больше)

"Pamplona is now more protected than a metropolis..

With her elevated status, she is now more respected.

There are now more than 100 inductees in the Hall of Fame.

until now   (до нынешнего момента)

What has it been until now in the political order?

Later, the area was known as "Kemayoran" until now.

Up until now, It's also a place where people are bustle.

now resides   (сейчас проживает)

It now resides in the public Git repository for Mono.

Arriving on 23 May 1998, "Cavalier" now resides in No.

She now resides in the Los Angeles suburb of Calabasas.

now operates   (сейчас работает)

The three children of Tateno now operates the shop.

The Ampang Line now operates using 6 car trains.

Altstätten now operates a bus transport network, RTB.

now includes

A huge part of coaching now includes analytics.

The current census now includes household information.

It now includes a 25m swimming pool and a gym.

now based

The remnants of his family are now based in London.

The foundation is now based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

McKinsey & Company is now based in the building.

now a part

He is now a part of the Buffaloes football club (NT)

It is now a part of Brigantine Island.

Her grave still stands at Greentree, now a part of Gainesway Farm.

now working

Max is now working on his career in the United States.

He is now working at the Academy of Sciences in Vienna.

He is now working at a chop shop with Carlos.

now renamed

It is now renamed and in Slovakia.

Herring continued to play with the group, now renamed The Dead, in 2003 and 2004.

It became there headquarters named Beneficial Plaza, now renamed Wilshire Park Place.

now forms

It now forms part of The Ultimate Matrix Collection.

Part of it now forms the Bristol and Bath Railway Path.

This collection now forms the basis of the Hocken Collections.

now extinct   (сейчас вымерли)

The Northeast Greenland Inuit are now extinct.

A yellow form from near Guyra is probably now extinct.

One local species, the Wynberg Conebush, is now extinct.

now runs

The Bass Coast Rail Trail now runs thought the site.

She now runs her own production company, Socius Realm.

He now runs a construction business in London.

now referred

It is now referred to as Twin Rivers Unit (TRU).

It is now referred to as the Plečnik Manor ().

This idea is now referred to as localization of function.

now living

One year later, Laurie is now living with the Bracketts.

Retired in 2007 and now living in Devon with his second wife.

Isabel is now living with Mortimer.

now operated

The grounds are now operated as a luxury resort.

Chicheley Hall is now operated by DeVere Venues.

The hall is now operated as a charitable trust.

building now

The building now ranks as the in the United States.

The building now there runs the length of the block.

This building now houses the training center and offices.

now on display   (сейчас на дисплее)

It is now on display at the new Wakefield Museum.

It is now on display in the World Museum, Liverpool.

The brooch is now on display at Norwich Castle.

now widely   (сейчас широко)

The bush forge theory is now widely accepted.

The film is now widely available on DVD.

A range of such OTC medical products is now widely available.

now the site   (сейчас сайт)

The fort is now the site of the Roman Army Museum.

The property now the site of Pine Forge Academy.

The former quarry is now the site of Mount Smart Stadium.

now demolished

He lived nearby at 5 Argyll Square (now demolished).

The first building (now demolished), consisted of many portables.

The building once shared a lot with the now demolished Hotel Tuller.

what are now

Both ballparks were what are now called "wooden" ballparks.

Herbart came up with what are now known as the formal steps.

Water transport was important even within what are now city limits.

now found

Royal Navy patrols were now found in Scottish waters even in peacetime.

Consequently, CE marking is now found on many products from these countries.

It is now found in the eastern Mediterranean off the shores from Turkey to Egypt.

now run

It is now run by the county as a free crossing.

It is now run by his daughters Yvonne and Diana Rhyner.

The family pub is now run by his son, Danny.

now generally   (сейчас вообще)

This is now generally called impulse radar.

Since late in 2000, the nickel is now generally made with plated steel.

This letter is now generally regarded as one of the undisputed works of Paul.

area is now

The area is now one of the most populous in Wales.

The area is now the agency's training barracks.

The area is now part of the municipality of Jönköping.

now regarded   (теперь рассматривается)

The curry is now regarded as Britain's National dish.

It is now regarded as a dubious theropod.

It is now regarded as an example of "A.

now largely

This terminology is now largely abandoned.

It was once a prosperous railway town, but is now largely deserted.

Britain as a toponym had by now largely replaced Albion in literary use.

now housed   (сейчас размещен)

It is now housed in the Wisconsin State Capitol.

This painting is now housed in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Many services are now housed at that location.

now open   (Теперь откройте)

Both of these implementations are now open source.

An Inflatable Wonderland is now open in its place.)

The oak wilt disease "selling" business is now open.

now a museum

One of the former base structures is now a museum.

The customs house from that era is now a museum.

The factory is now a museum of wool production.

now thought

Bone mass is now thought to peak between the ages of 18-25.

An Edinburgh housewife is now thought to be the present 'Queen'.

It is now thought to represent a relict taxon from the Tethys Sea.

area now known

In 1908 Congress gave Idaho an area now known as Heyburn State Park.

Celts inhabited the area now known as Düren before the Roman invasion.

The area now known as Fondachelli-Fantina always has been quite isolated.

now became

Family administrations now became public institutions.

Drummond now became Lord High Almoner to the young king.

Stokes and his crew now became infantrymen.

now married

She was now married and known as Vicki Vale Powers.

and in the note it says that he is now married.

Joy Ortega quit showbiz after the show and now married.

now mostly

He now mostly plays a variety of games on Twitch.

These buildings are now mostly used as offices.

Olbia is now mostly the archaeological site.


A "Hello, world" program in COBOL: When the – now famous – "Hello, World!"

The only remainder of the five is "Aleksandr Pushkin" – now known as "Marco Polo".

"The Swan of Tuonela" – now a popular concert item – was to be the work's Prelude.

now a private   (теперь частный)

The property is now a private residential complex.

The original Northop Hall is now a private house.

The main station building is now a private house.

now believed

It is now believed to be more than 20,000 years old.

This film is now believed to be lost except for brief clips.

They are now believed to be distinct.

now plays

Darin now plays for the ERC Ingolstadt of the DEL.

Firth now plays in the death metal band Nailed.

As of 2013 she now plays with Joana Heidrich.

now live

The family now live in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

John and Rhonda now live primarily in New Hampshire.

They now live in a new home with their horses.

now contains

As result of this the lake now contains fresh water.

The stone fireplace now contains a gas fireplace insert.

It now contains a string orchestra, a wind ensemble, and a full orchestra.

now retired   (сейчас на пенсии)

Richard Mickley, then an MCC clergy and now retired.

He is now retired in Marina Del Rey, California.

He is now retired from international swimming.

now no

There was now no possibility of making the new line.

There are now no railway lines on Crete.

The code is now no longer available, after a lawsuit threat from Koei.

now made

The 2005 changes now made all allowable forms equal standing.

These data are now made available through Wiley Online Library.

Recreational scuba diving expeditions are now made every spring.

now holds

It now holds the Dragomirna museum of ancient art.

Tech now holds a 6-1 edge over Northern Illinois.

The farmhouse now holds the Blackacre's Visitors' Center.

now commonly

This phenomenon is now commonly known as cold shock.

"—a puzzle which is now commonly called "Moore's paradox".

It is now commonly and eponymously called "Lennert's lymphoma."

now able   (теперь в состоянии)

Collaboration — People are now able to collaborate their work with each other.

In 1953 nursing students were now able to receive a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing.

General Willcocks was now able to turn his attention to carrying out punitive measures.

now owns   (теперь владеет)

An anonymous Santa Cruz lawyer now owns the property.

Orange S.A. now owns a 100% stake in Orange Slovensko.

The museum now owns over 70 works by Kessels.

municipality is now

This former municipality is now included in the municipality of Bornholm.

The municipality is now included in the Central Slovenia Statistical Region.

The municipality is now included in the Southeast Slovenia Statistical Region.

station is now   (Станция сейчас)

The site of the station is now covered by housing.

(The station is now known simply as Clifton.)

(That station is now WAYF, owned by the WAY-FM Network.)

now preserved

It is now preserved at the Illinois Railway Museum.

Locomotive 41312 is now preserved on the Watercress Line.

The home is now preserved as the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site.

site now   (сайт сейчас)

In 1730, it was on a site now called Binanuahan.

The former town site now is farmland.

A shopping center known as Capitol Plaza occupies the site now.

now famous

This theme was abandoned for its now famous choral ending.

By the thousands, students extended an arm to create the now famous salute.

A "Hello, world" program in COBOL: When the – now famous – "Hello, World!"

now use

We now use this fact to construct a Sperner coloring.

For this reason players now use the tight curved sticks.

In their place, inhalers now use hydrofluoroalkane (HFA).

now covered

The site of the station is now covered by housing.

It is now covered in moss, but is still readable.

Part of it is now covered by an industrial storage lot.

now managed

The complex is now managed by Archaeological Survey of India.

The school is now managed by the third generation of the family.

The project is now managed by the Center for Literature and Arts.

now recognized

Myxozoans are now recognized as cnidarians as well.

Three former subspecies are now recognized as separate species.

Cilliní are now recognized as a class of archaeological monument.

now seen

It is now seen as a conventional example of an Akkadian banquet scene.

The most traditional dress is now seen only on certain occasions and dances.

An ornament of bygone years called "Kargota" is now seen very rarely in this village.

now often   (сейчас часто)

The canals are now often used for fishing competitions.

It is now often ranked among the all-time best TV shows.

Designs are now often produced with the aid of CAD software.

now consists

As of February 2010 the band lineup now consists of:

Likewise, a probe now consists of four images of a person.

The suite now consists of eleven songs.

now placed

The government was now placed in a difficult situation.

However, according to ITIS, it is now placed in Eumolpini.

This family is now placed in synonymy with Steccherinaceae.

now and then   (сейчас и тогда)

The district has remained, although its boundaries have now and then been adjusted.

Instead, flashing text messages appear every now and then saying things like "Get Set!

Hooded seals have also been known to be vagrant in the Canary Islands every now and then.

now playing

Marçal is now playing again at FC Porto, since 2006/07.

Ralph Meeker is now playing the role."

They are now playing in V.League 2.

company now   (компания сейчас)

The company now began to produce mostly rolled and sheet brass.

The company now referred to itself in its advertising as "Superman-DC".

The company now ships to over 200 countries including Australia and New Zealand.

now occupies   (сейчас занимает)

A residential neighbourhood now occupies the area.

A "pay and display" car park now occupies the site.

Future Shop now occupies the former space of Provigo.

now officially

Verne Gay of "Newsday" said that "Happy Endings", cast and all, has now officially jelled.

As it was now officially a Montreal station, it rebranded from "Global Quebec" to "Global Montreal".

It was inaugurated by Peruvian President Garcia in August 2011 and is now officially complete and operational.

now lies

The landmark arch now lies on the Russian side.

The stone now lies near Constitution Hall in Lecompton.

The town now lies in Cumbria following boundary changes in 1974.

now offers   (сейчас предлагает)

Windows 10 now offers a similar feature called 'Task View'.

The school now offers eight bachelor's degrees and one master's program.

The IAM now offers a special Cycling membership that includes insurance cover.

now almost

The two communities have now almost merged.

These streets are now almost completely derelict & vacant.

The harbour had two large basins, now almost choked with sand.

now uses

The French navy now uses four Gigs for this purpose.

He now uses Dean acoustic V models.

Agriculture, also very strong, has diversified and now uses modern technology.

now listed

The former college buildings are now listed.

They are now listed on the Register of the National Estate.

It is now listed with the National Trust.

now within

It is now within the parish of Wraxall and Failand.

The original village site is now within Harvard Square.

He was born in New Germantown, New Jersey (now within Tewksbury Township), in 1803.