numerous other   (他の多くの)

Wright has numerous other projects in development.

The walls have numerous other medieval paintings.

1928 had under taken numerous other developments.

numerous awards   (数々の賞)

They have won numerous awards over the school year.

During his career Kamen has won numerous awards.

was critically acclaimed and has won numerous awards.

received numerous   (たくさん受け取った)

Kuçuradi has received numerous honors, among which:

The series received numerous nominations and awards.

Miłosz received numerous honors during his life.

numerous times   (何度も)

"Doctor Who" has appeared on stage numerous times.

He captained "The Harambee Stars" numerous times.

In its early years, it changed venues numerous times.

won numerous   (たくさん勝った)

They have won numerous awards over the school year.

He won numerous "Playboy" and "Esquire" Jazz polls.

She has won numerous local Emmy awards for her work.

well as numerous   (多数)

This failure ruined a number of the Gurneys, as well as numerous investors.

As well as numerous scientific papers, he authored and edited several books.

The park features a 3.5 mile primary loop trail, as well as numerous side trails.

made numerous

Kronfeld has made numerous media appearances, e.g.

However, he made numerous Silver Age reappearances.

Local censorship boards made numerous cuts to the film.

numerous articles

Sinijärv has written numerous articles in media.

Dr. Venkataram Mysore has authored numerous articles.

He wrote numerous articles in support of the strikers.

numerous occasions   (何度も)

This leads to Anna insulting Tina on numerous occasions.

He served as captain on numerous occasions.

Chick Darrow also appeared at the park on numerous occasions.

received numerous awards

Hospes received numerous awards for personal gallantry.

Kapstad received numerous awards and honors.

Garner received numerous awards in recognition of his work.

appeared in numerous

He also appeared in numerous episodes of "Emergency!"

His poems appeared in numerous anthologies and journals.

He also appeared in numerous comedic skits.

numerous books

He was also the writer of numerous books on plants.

The parade is referenced in numerous books.

It is notably referenced in numerous books and magazines.

published numerous

Following this journey, he published numerous (>100!)

She published numerous photographic collections, including:

He served on dozens of boards and published numerous papers.

won numerous awards

They have won numerous awards over the school year.

During his career Kamen has won numerous awards.

was critically acclaimed and has won numerous awards.

more numerous

These setae are more numerous in males than females.

Sources for the 16th century are more numerous.

They were more numerous in Cochin and British Malabar."

most numerous   (最も多い)

The most numerous people are the Luba, Mongo, and Bakongo.

Amongst the echinoderms, the crinoids were the most numerous.

Bambaras are mostly farmers and are the most numerous ethnic group.

numerous television

She has made numerous television, film and West End stage appearances.

The novel has been the subject of numerous television and film adaptations.

They recorded several comedy albums and appeared on numerous television shows.

wrote numerous

He wrote numerous articles in support of the strikers.

He wrote numerous newspaper articles in addition to this.

She wrote numerous papers on educational theory and pedagogy.

numerous small

There are also numerous small craterlets across the floor.

The skin is covered with numerous small, wart-like protuberances.

The fruit is a dry capsule long, containing numerous small seeds.

author of numerous   (多数の作者)

He is an author of numerous press publications.

He is also the author of numerous books.

He is remembered as an author of numerous Latin dictionaries.

numerous works

Some of their numerous works include: Official site

Silvia acted in numerous works for this company.

He is remembered for his numerous works on French history.

numerous international

It also charted in numerous international markets.

Her work has won numerous international awards.

Fiji plays an active role in numerous international bodies.

numerous publications

PRTM has been featured in numerous publications.

Their releases have been reviewed by numerous publications.

participated in numerous

Truhill also participated in numerous Air Races.

Stenberger participated in numerous excavations throughout his career.

He has since participated in numerous athletic competitions for amputees.

contains numerous

Opaque amber contains numerous minute bubbles.

The gulf contains numerous banks, skerries and islands.

European history contains numerous diaspora-like events.

produced numerous

He has produced numerous CDs/DVDs and piano books.

All that touring produced numerous songs.

The club has produced numerous All Blacks, the most recent being Rieko Ioane.

held numerous

By 1964, he held numerous corporate directorships.

While at Heinz, Berger held numerous positions.

He also held numerous visiting professorships in the Republic of China/Taiwan.

through numerous

The mill went through numerous owners over the years.

Each vehicle is timed through numerous circuits of the track.

The Tonto Trail passes through numerous backcountry use areas.

written numerous

Sinijärv has written numerous articles in media.

He has written numerous catalog essays on contemporary art.

He has written numerous books on cricket.

numerous films

The Wiesenburg was used as the setting for numerous films.

He has appeared in numerous films as an actor and voice actor.

Davey has worked on numerous films.

numerous national   (多数の国民)

Ampichino has been on numerous national releases.

and Heavey was congratulated in numerous national newspapers.

He has been the recipient of numerous national and international awards.

numerous public   (多数の公衆)

There were numerous public protests in Sacramento after the killing.

New Zealand has had numerous public health campaigns and initiatives.

Ostermiller's works are on display in numerous public venues, for example:

home to numerous   (多数の家)

Ras Hafun is home to numerous ancient structures and ruins.

Columbia is home to numerous undergraduate academic publications.

It is home to numerous shops, bars, clubs, and performance venues.

recipient of numerous   (多数の受信者)

He is the recipient of numerous Grammy and TEC Awards.

McGinty is the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions.

She is the recipient of numerous awards for community service.

numerous others

94 seafarers were killed and numerous others were injured.

", "Honey and Clover", "Mobile Suit Gundam 00" and numerous others.

and is used in numerous others, such as on placards in Washington State.

numerous local

She has won numerous local Emmy awards for her work.

By 1999, he had won numerous local talent-hunt shows.

It is served by the Berlin S-Bahn and numerous local buses.

numerous artists

"By the Time I Get to Phoenix" was recorded by numerous artists.

Ten12 Records has released numerous artists to date, including the following:

His distinctive sound and style has influenced numerous artists of various music genres.

involved in numerous

He was also involved in numerous children’s charities.

He is involved in numerous social and charitable causes.

Christy was also involved in numerous learned societies.

along with numerous

They, along with numerous other musicians formed a band.

They have 6 state and 6 national titles, along with numerous individual player titles.

In 1958, he was, along with numerous notables, to establish the Homosexual Law Reform Society.

including numerous   (多数を含む)

Yampolskiy is an author of some 100 publications, including numerous books.

The cafes serve food and beverage items, including numerous local draft beers.

The 2nd Division rolled through Biafran held territory including numerous towns and cities.

numerous appearances

The Harlem Playgirls made numerous appearances at the Tick Tock Tavern in New Orleans.

He has made numerous appearances in films and on television, frequently as the villain.

He has had numerous appearances on radio, television, and at music and theater festivals.

numerous species

He named and described numerous species of nudibranchs.

There are numerous species of trees, shrubs, vines, herbs, and ferns within the preserve.

There are numerous species, and usually there is a species adapted to any particular habitat.

featured in numerous

PRTM has been featured in numerous publications.

The hotel has been featured in numerous movies and books.

His work has been featured in numerous publications and blogs.

includes numerous

Jensen's career includes numerous short films.

The site includes numerous hearth sites, with stone chips and tools.

This group also includes numerous fossil taxa of uncertain placement.

numerous awards including

John Robertson Architects has been shortlisted for numerous awards including:

Interviewees include: Pearl Report shows have won numerous awards including:

Coster is the recipient of numerous awards including a Pushcart Prize nomination.

appeared on numerous

The album also appeared on numerous year-end lists.

It has appeared on numerous compilations.

It has since appeared on numerous compilation and live albums.

numerous smaller

UCBC owns 3 VIIIs, 8 IVs, and numerous smaller boats.

although there are also numerous smaller villages used for plantations.

Following numerous smaller and demo productions, he and Schmidt parted ways.

addition to numerous

In addition to numerous gigs in Finland, the band also performed in Spain and Italy.

There are also seven local television channels, in addition to numerous international channels.

In addition to numerous scientific memoirs, he was the author of several books on geodesy and mathematics.

numerous countries

It is exported to numerous countries and produced in few thousand pieces.

Women's baseball is played on an organized amateur basis in numerous countries.

In the 1960s, there were 'New Wave' movements in the cinema of numerous countries.

numerous attempts

The 19th century saw numerous attempts to reclassify Etruscan.

There have been numerous attempts by the NBA and the former ABA clubs to buy out the deal.

Then for decades numerous attempts by different governors negotiating on this matter failed.

numerous accolades   (数々の称賛)

The short received numerous accolades by the CGI & VFX industry.

Chao has received numerous accolades for his work in the hospitality sector.

Lozano's success has earned him numerous accolades in the sports business community.

published numerous articles

He also published numerous articles in newspapers and magazines.

Arzt published numerous articles on human rights in the Soviet Union and the Middle East.

She has published numerous articles, essays and papers related to the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

authored numerous

Dr. Venkataram Mysore has authored numerous articles.

He authored numerous books during his time.

Kimball has authored numerous legal publications over the years.

numerous studies

Based on numerous studies in different groups (e.g.

LactoLycopene has been used in numerous studies focused on lycopene bioavailability.

"Hawksmoor" has become the subject of numerous studies, especially on Postmodernism.

led to numerous

The incident led to numerous parodies in South Korea.

The post-war conditions in UK led to numerous momentous changes in family policy.

This, along with Nick's surprise eviction, led to numerous arguments in the house.

subject of numerous   (多数の主題)

The play was later the subject of numerous revisions.

It has been subject of numerous commentaries.

The manner of his death has been the subject of numerous religious tracts.

numerous events

She also often served as a presenter at numerous events.

Riverfront Park plays host to numerous events including the following:

The flotilla was one of numerous events scheduled in honour of the Queen.

included numerous

Common finds included numerous flints, pottery and animal bones.

His paper included numerous references to remote viewing studies at the time.

Over the centuries the family included numerous scholars, rabbis, merchants, and physicians.

numerous changes

Future projects will result in numerous changes.

Since then the group has had numerous changes in its lineup.

There are numerous changes from what was told in the first book.

numerous film   (多数の映画)

It was the first of numerous film roles for Debbouze.

While there, he worked numerous film scores.

He has worked as a screenwriter on numerous film projects.

numerous honors

Kuçuradi has received numerous honors, among which:

Miłosz received numerous honors during his life.

Sleep has received numerous honors and awards:

numerous examples

The importance of placebo is illustrated by numerous examples.

However, there are numerous examples of shallow phalanxes holding off an opponent.

The Catalan area has numerous examples of this typology, and of Romanesque in general.

numerous scientific

Dyson won numerous scientific awards, but never a Nobel Prize.

As well as numerous scientific papers, he authored and edited several books.

"Oden" has participated in numerous scientific expeditions in the Canadian arctic archipelago.

created numerous

Since then, Sugisaki has created numerous one-shots and serializations in many different genres.

The painter Pierre Roussel created numerous portraits of actors who have appeared at the theatre.

Since 1998, Zhao has created numerous, large-scale, permanent artworks for the public all over the country.

hosted numerous

Over the years the building has hosted numerous activities.

It has hosted numerous concerts.

The club hosted numerous famous artists before closing its doors in 1994.

served on numerous

He has also served on numerous paediatric committees.

Spiegal served on numerous civic boards and art groups.

Hammerschmid also served on numerous supervisory boards and committees.

numerous new

Joel has announced numerous new initiatives and programs.

The company also developed numerous new and unique metallurgical processes and alloys.

Since then a new version with numerous new features was released regularly every two years.

numerous references

The film also has numerous references to ancient astronauts.

2", Peter Quill makes numerous references to the show "Cheers."

The game features numerous references to popular culture characters.

numerous papers

He also had numerous papers published in industry journals.

He served on dozens of boards and published numerous papers.

She wrote numerous papers on educational theory and pedagogy.

numerous projects

Like Spalding, the Coffins embarked on numerous projects.

have been used by numerous projects.

Today, the studio is actively involved in numerous projects in various parts of the world.

numerous private   (多数のプライベート)

There were also numerous private residences until 1910.

The Eugene Metro area also has numerous private airports.

Phetchaburi has numerous private and public schools from K-12.

member of numerous

Peabody was a member of numerous associations and groups.

She was a member of numerous community service organizations.

Rampton has been a member of numerous Australasian NBL teams.

features numerous

The episode features numerous cultural references.

The area around features numerous rock cut rooms and crypts.

The game features numerous references to popular culture characters.

numerous people

The most numerous people are the Luba, Mongo, and Bakongo.

Each of these journeys was accompanied by numerous people.

He is also promised that his descendants will become a numerous people.

conducted numerous

He also conducted numerous campaigns in Asia Minor against the Scythians, Cimmerians, and Lydians.

Kentuckian John Hunt Morgan further challenged Union control, as he conducted numerous cavalry raids through the state.

Both Finnish and Soviet coastal forces conducted numerous small-scale amphibious operations in the archipelago surrounding the Hanko Peninsula.

numerous short

Jensen's career includes numerous short films.

His numerous short stories remain uncollected.

He published numerous short stories, novels, plays, children's stories and critical studies.

numerous exhibitions

Vartanian has curated numerous exhibitions since the late 1990s.

His work has been displayed in numerous exhibitions in Guyana, Barbados, and the United Kingdom.

As a photographer, Rinnekangas has had numerous exhibitions in museums both in Finland and abroad.

include numerous

Recorded artefacts include numerous bogey wheels.

Hindu beliefs include numerous varieties of spirits such as Vetalas, Bhutas and Pishachas.

Traditional biographies of Gautama generally include numerous miracles, omens, and supernatural events.

numerous recordings

He is featured on numerous recordings as an ensemble player and soloist.

Gianoli made numerous recordings for the Westminster, BAM and Ades firms.

He has produced numerous recordings, including ten by the Klezmer Conservatory Band.

numerous songs

All that touring produced numerous songs.

Horn sections featured on numerous songs, such as "Uncle Harry" and "Killing The Right".

Besides numerous songs, poems and narrations he has also published texts for the stage, essays and one novel.

numerous concerts

Tagrine gave numerous concerts both in France and abroad.

She has done numerous concerts, TV shows and live performances.

During World War II he gave numerous concerts for Allied troops.

numerous buildings

The Parliament is based in three different cities with numerous buildings.

On 24 August 2016, numerous buildings were destroyed and damaged by the Central Italy earthquake.

Since then, numerous buildings from across the Bavarian Forest have been transported to the museum.

numerous major   (多数のメジャー)

There are numerous major festivals during Holy Week.

Since then, numerous major motion pictures have been shot in the state, including F.W.

The segment was picked up by numerous major media outlets, including "Seventeen", Yahoo!

resulted in numerous

The incident resulted in numerous lawsuits against NECC.

This resulted in numerous rule changes agreed upon by the majority of American schools.

The partnership resulted in numerous scientific papers, staff mobility and student exchange programmes.

among numerous

This was done despite strong opposition from Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, among numerous others.

He was, among numerous other achievements, the first man to represent England at both football and cricket.

The plant and its fruit are commonly called Cape gooseberry, goldenberry, and physalis, among numerous regional names.

winning numerous

By 2013, the winery was winning numerous awards in the United States and France.

USP famously produced RocknRoll Football for Absolute Radio winning numerous awards.

He was to take part in 80 consecutive weeks of racing winning numerous competitions.

numerous radio

He wrote over 30 books and numerous radio plays.

Subsequently, he appeared on numerous radio programs in various roles.

With the Kehr trio, she has made numerous radio recordings in Paris (ORTF) and in Germany.

numerous reports

Krajewska left behind numerous reports and a detailed diary.

His suggestion was supported by numerous reports and inquiries.

There have been numerous reports of data in transit being intercepted in recent years.

numerous different

They now come in numerous different brands.

Silver Strand is known by numerous different names and spelling.

There are numerous different types using different semiconductor technologies.

played numerous

Dead Kennedys played numerous shows at local venues afterwards.

It has been played numerous times in Canada, Finland, and the United States.

Over the next several years, she played numerous supporting roles, without attracting much critical attention.

featured numerous

The "Irish Independent" featured numerous Oxegen-related articles on 3 July 2009.

The weekend includes an annual spring concert festival that has featured numerous famous artists.

Girs was in charge of a diplomacy that featured numerous negotiated settlements, treaties and conventions.

released numerous

Tanaka has released numerous CDs and recordings for films.

Ten12 Records has released numerous artists to date, including the following:

"Escape from New York" was released numerous times on VHS during the 1980s and 1990s.

numerous problems

Dark energy, though speculative, solves numerous problems.

He had numerous problems with money.

Writers pointed out numerous problems with Luckenbach's affidavit and with the story of the bribery.

numerous research

She published numerous research papers on meteorological instrumentation.

He also holds or held consultancies with numerous research institutes in Europe and overseas.

Elliott also participated in numerous research projects and conferences about higher education for nurses.

numerous cases

In numerous cases the peasants ended up with the smallest amount of land.

In the 1930s, Wangensteen attended to numerous cases of small bowel intestinal obstruction.

Nose swipes were taken frequently of the workers, with numerous cases of moderate and high readings.

due to numerous

The collapse was due to numerous errors in design and construction.

The population grew slowly due to numerous wars, famines and epidemics.

Barlow was released on August 27 due to numerous knee surgeries that affected his game.

numerous academic

Crenshaw has received numerous academic honors.

Mynatt is a member of numerous academic journals and professional societies, including IEEE and ACM.

The cycle has now been translated into 17 foreign languages and is the subject of numerous academic studies.

books and numerous

He wrote over 30 books and numerous radio plays.

He is the author of six books and numerous articles on housing and the elderly.

He is the author of several books and numerous articles and course syllabi in Christian theology and related topics.

numerous complaints

The Lighthouse Board received numerous complaints, however, and reactivated the light in 1882.

The festival was cancelled due to numerous complaints of disruption to residents and businesses in the proximity.

Kafka featured the hardships of a merchant again and again, probably due to the numerous complaints of his father.

part in numerous

After the pageant, Fan joined TVB and took part in numerous drama series.

The ship took part in numerous campaigns, most of which were anti-sealing campaigns in Canada.

Howard took part in numerous fundraising efforts, which gained national support and attention.