İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

direct object   (Doğrudan nesne)

This form can also take a direct object.

The "direct object" markings are given in the table at right.

There is a word that makes direct object definite, as in Hebrew.

not object   (itiraz değil)

Sadhna had no issues with this and did not object.

Significantly, he does not object to these matters.

Certainly, Marx did not object to a spiritual life.

same object   (aynı nesne)

In each period, the referent may not necessarily be the same object.

Each of these names expresses a meaning and designates the same object.

Here is the construction of third angle projections of the same object as above.

each object   (her nesne)

In the Java language, each object may be used as a monitor.

One point is scored for each object ball pocketed where no is made.

He then observed the patients to see how they interacted with each object.

did not object   (itiraz etmedi)

Sadhna had no issues with this and did not object.

Certainly, Marx did not object to a spiritual life.

Also, he did not object serfdom and peasant social class oppression.

subject and object   (özne ve nesne)

Hungarian allows deletion of both the subject and object pronouns.

Nouns make no distinction between subject and object forms, and the genitive is formed by adding to the end of a word.

It is worth noting that the subject and object may be omitted in conversation between two people where they are clear from context.

other object   (diğer nesne)

The other object is which was announced on 20 February 2018.

If a door was stuck open, or a passenger or other object blocked the door, the motors could not be started.

The artists made a painting of a nose, ear or a peace of skin, while they thought they were painting a mango, curtain or other object.

another object   (başka bir nesne)

A common use for a boss is to locate one object within a pocket or hole of another object.

An object that is measured to be 5 magnitudes "higher" than another object is 100 times "dimmer".

They state that the corpse disappeared and was replaced by another object, such as a sword or staff.

physical object

physical object).

However, in the secondary sense of the term 'abstraction', this physical object can carry materially abstracting processes.

There have been many studies relating activated brain areas to tool-use, in both physical object manipulation and pantomimes.

object recognition

2006) for image matching and object recognition.

Applications include speech recognition, facial recognition, and object recognition.

Studies have been done with the use of Greebles to show the role of memory in object recognition.

contributing object

The listing included two contributing buildings and one contributing object.

The listing included five contributing buildings and one contributing object.

The listing included two contributing buildings and one contributing object on .

became the object

In the 1980s, the town became the object of serious governmental investments.

"Valcour", on the other hand, became the object of exhaustive salvage operations.

The Branch twice became the object of local controversy, fueled by newspaper coverage.

indirect object   (dolaylı nesne)

Its use is mainly for the indirect object.

Note that the concept of an indirect object may be rendered by a prepositional phrase.

This is to avoid the misinterpretation of the "se" as being an indirect object pronoun.

single object

The tests used to make an IA diagnosis can range from easy single object tasks to complex multiple object tasks.

Another basic example is to consider a 2-category with a single object; these are essentially monoidal categories.

Double vision (disambiguation) Double vision refers to diplopia, the perception of two images from a single object.

object oriented   (nesne odaklı)

Additionally, the library provides both an object oriented and a procedural interface to most of the image processing filters.

The framework makes extensive use of modern standard features of Fortran (2003, 2008), like support for object oriented programming.

It is used as the superclass or base class, as known by object oriented programmers, for all the metaclasses in the UML infrastructure library.

foreign object

Intrusion by a foreign object is called a "pick-up" or "pick".

Miller was convicted of sexual penetration with a foreign object and two counts of first-degree murder.

This can occur through either a blunt force such as a car accident, or a penetrating foreign object such as a knife.

every object

It is a list naming every object that is a member of a specific set.

However, it was a scam, as it allowed Griff to gain access to every object on Earth.

That sum requires precise knowledge of every object in the system, making it a somewhat uncertain value.

main object   (ana nesne)

Finsler geometry has "Finsler manifolds" as the main object of study.

Today, the main object of worship at this temple is a statue of Nyoirin (如意輪半跏像).

In 1788, William Jessop surveyed the whole river, with the main object of improving navigation.

moving object

40 kHz) emitter on the moving object.

The garage door is generally the largest moving object in a home.

This can be used to either follow a moving object, or change focus entirely.