İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

other objects   (diğer nesneler)

Certain objects can contain other objects.

Some difficulty could occur due to drifting into other objects.

Black holes can also merge with other objects such as stars or even other black holes.

objects such   (böyle nesneler)

The apples were replaced by round objects such as shiny red balls.

Small objects such as ancient Dutch guldier money were exhibited in 2013.

She frequently incorporates found objects such as shells into her weavings.

found objects   (bulunan nesneler)

He used found objects to create Day-Glo furniture.

Many works combined found objects.

Her early work displayed the transformation of found objects into art.

art objects   (sanat nesneleri)

Zubire creates drawings, paintings, murals and art objects.

The Kwele are noted for their ceremonial masks which are collected as art objects.

There are various art objects present in the chapel that are of historic importance.

inanimate objects   (cansız nesneler)

ThingMeme allowed inanimate objects to post selfies on the internet.

It is not unheard of to see inanimate objects "speaking" the ellipsis.

Items that are destroyed, beyond repair or lost forever tend to be inanimate objects.

everyday objects   (gündelik nesneler)

Since then, more everyday objects have been presented.

Another theme in his work is soft sculpture versions of everyday objects.

"The Thingummy: A book about those everyday objects you just can't name".

various objects   (çeşitli nesneler)

The male then engages in a "dance" flings various objects in the air and then jumps.

Perry appeared naked throughout the marathon with various objects covering her body.

It is on this site that various objects (lamp oil, coins, and animal bones) were found.

physical objects

The concept of dimension is not restricted to physical objects.

With these practices, people form tighter bonds with physical objects.

A spatial file manager imitates the way people interact with physical objects.

all objects

It glides over all objects that do not fit in with its aim.

Nearly all objects can be sold for Bells, the in-game currency.

The class Grp of groups consists of all objects having a "group structure".

metal objects

Thus, metal objects requiring surface detail could not be produced successfully.

Metosul made various metal objects besides cars including a large assortment of toy tools.

Suddenly, Wolverine notices that all the metal objects around him start to shake and levitate.

small objects   (küçük nesneler)

The ancient Greeks noticed that amber attracted small objects when rubbed with fur.

A coin is often put into the dough during the kneading; other small objects may also be inserted.

Many small objects in the outer Solar System and asteroid belt have low albedos down to about 0.05.

objects found

Purple robes and a weighty gold loincloth were the only objects found in her tomb."

The cabin was carefully disassembled and all of the objects found within it saved and archived.

Other Bronze Age objects found at Forvie include pieces of a quern-stone and fragments of pottery.

moving objects   (hareketli nesneler)

The patch also added moving objects on the ground.

It is not easy to close two moving objects smoothly and safely.

He can also block attacks by conjuring or moving objects in their path.

astronomical objects   (astronomik nesneler)

However, it is difficult to determine the distance to astronomical objects.

Negative magnitudes for other very bright astronomical objects can be found in the table below.

The MSU 0.6 meter telescope will be set up for viewing on selected astronomical objects throughout the evening.

number of objects   (nesne sayısı)

The player receives a score calculated by the number of objects acquired, enemies defeated, and percentage of rooms visited.

Since 1992, a very large number of objects have been found beyond Neptune; all the objects in the following list, however, are purely fictional.

Object density can then be estimated as , where "n" is the number of objects detected and "a" is the size of the region covered (total length of the transect ("L") multiplied by 2"w").

objects within

His dissertation was on the role of marine objects within Minoan cult.

There are two faint deep-sky objects within the constellation's borders.

These are virtual files: they exist as objects within the operating system kernel.

many objects

The Museum has many objects relating to ethnic history in its collections.

The house still contains many objects which belonged to Moses Wisner and his immediate family.

He is shown to be allergic to many objects, even those to which no normal person would typically be allergic.

celestial objects   (göksel nesneler)

Viewing and imaging celestial objects is a major focus.

This alignment of three celestial objects is known as a syzygy.

Collectively, amateur astronomers observe a variety of celestial objects and phenomena.

between objects

This form begins with two types, σ and τ, and a relation "R" between objects of type σ and objects of type τ.

Leibniz's relationism, on the other hand, describes space and time as systems of relations that exist between objects.

Relationships (also known as relations) between objects in an ontology specify how objects are related to other objects.

such objects

Strictly speaking, such objects are not tensors at all.

However, such objects could be associated with outer planets as well.

Examples of such objects are hair particles in shaving cream and fizzy beer bubbles.

objects made   (yapılan nesneler)

There are also objects made of amber.

This is backed by the fact that the team found a lot of objects made of bone.

Principal crafts include objects made from clay, glass and includes saddlemaking.

different objects

Different distance units are used for different objects.

Thus, different combinations of properties and relations produce different objects.

The person could move around in menus easier and they are also able to interact with different objects in the game.

mathematical objects

Platonism posits that mathematical objects are "abstract" entities.

The games studied in game theory are well-defined mathematical objects.

As in a real-world computer, mathematical objects other than bitstrings must be suitably encoded.

natural objects

Fractals have been found useful to describe many natural objects and phenomena.

Tradescant divided the exhibits into natural objects ("naturalia") and manmade objects ("artificialia").

This implication flows from the conventionalised symbolic meanings which the natural objects described in the poem have.

certain objects   (belirli nesneler)

SCOOP works by allowing references to certain objects to be declared as separate.

The design of certain objects can have human-related traits that illustrate techno-animism.

Alternatively, moving certain objects can set off chain reactions and open paths to new areas.

contributing objects

It included 26 contributing buildings and two contributing objects.

The listing included one contributing building and four contributing objects on .

It includes six contributing buildings, four contributing structures and four contributing objects.

sacred objects

He associated sacred objects with fetishes, and sacred formulae with magic formulae.

Ursula is offered a deal where the other clans will offer their help if she gives them sacred objects belonging to her family.

These feelings of exaltation, he argued, ultimately lead people to believe that there were forces that governed sacred objects.

historical objects

There are historical objects such as ceramic paintings at Hotel Pelangi, Dutch heritage buildings on Jalan Ijen, and ancient buildings with colonial architecture style.

In 2010 Greve Kommune along with Greve Museum, began to restore and insulate the old fort so it could be dehumidified sufficiently, in order to store historical objects safely.

The distinction between the two alloys is largely historical, and modern practice in museums and archaeology increasingly avoids both terms for historical objects in favour of the more general "copper alloy".

distant objects

The spectrum for more distant objects will contain more modulation.

Lenses projected an image of distant objects onto a screen in front of each bird.

This places a limit or a "past horizon" on the most distant objects that can be observed.

household objects   (ev eşyaları)

New industrial materials began to influence design of cars and household objects.

The varied grave goods are represented by ornaments, household objects, and weapons.

In 1908 he and his brother Franz founded the 'Worpsweder Werkstätte', which produced household objects.

collection of objects

would be typed to hold a collection of objects, such as instances of , , , etc.

In naïve set theory, a set is described as a well-defined collection of objects.

He made a large collection of objects from around the world, some which are on display in the hall.