İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

became obsolete   (modası geçmiş)

Opened in 1936, it became obsolete in the 1950s as the airport expanded.

It became obsolete after the country was opened and the "sakoku" policy collapsed.

The last award of the Order took place on June 2, 1892; in 1893 the Order became obsolete.

become obsolete   (modası geçmiş)

And in fully matured individuals the outer ones become obsolete.

The practice is believed to have become obsolete in Great Britain.

The JGSDF plan was to replace its UH-1H helicopters which had become obsolete.

now obsolete   (şimdi kullanılmıyor)

It is now obsolete, having been replaced by DASS2.

Its long version, Vadzimir, is now obsolete.

Centimes are now obsolete due to their extremely low value.

considered obsolete

This classification is now considered obsolete.

This usage is now considered obsolete.

Although the names are considered obsolete, their usage persists.

rendered obsolete   (modası geçmiş)

AFI 36-2923 was rendered obsolete and superseded by AFI 36-2903 dated 2 August 2006.

This trek will eventually be rendered obsolete once the road from Chiling to Padum is completed.

As the World Wide Web became popular in the early 1990s, the Enhanced Telephone was rendered obsolete.

made obsolete

Some wonders are made obsolete by new technologies.

The Ogden Mine Railroad was made obsolete.

However, after the area was peacefully transferred to Poland, his plans were made obsolete.

becoming obsolete

The periphery is armed with short, broad, downwardly directed spines becoming obsolete towards the aperture.

In 1993 rail service Ferrocarril General Manuel Belgrano, the Marcos Paz becoming obsolete narrow gauge railway.

The practice of observing local time was becoming obsolete and the need for everyone to agree to the exact time became essential.