order to obtain   (入手する)

the narrow band) in order to obtain sufficient precision.

Old Ball itself would chase people in order to obtain money from them.

In order to obtain wax, the bird guides people to the nests of wild bees (i.e.

able to obtain   (入手できる)

He was able to obtain an eight album deal from the label.

By mid-1942, the RAAF was able to obtain some USAAF replacement shipments.

Eventually, he contacted the photographer and was able to obtain a specimen.

not obtain   (入手できない)

They however did not obtain anything from the Zunbils.

one does not obtain the true distribution asymptotically.

He ultimately did not obtain the role.

difficult to obtain   (入手困難)

Responses from the Met were difficult to obtain.

It is not difficult to obtain data and array results.

Erythrulose is more expensive, and difficult to obtain.

unable to obtain   (入手できません)

Mills, unable to obtain redress, returned to England.

Once again, officials were unable to obtain reliable evidence of treason.

However, the development team was unable to obtain financing, and the project died.

used to obtain

A dummy was used to obtain the trampling shot in this sequence.

Sometimes, geophysical methods are used to obtain data about sites.

can be used to obtain an aryl olefin using benzoquinone as the oxidant.

obtain information   (情報を入手する)

In the script Questor copulates with a woman to obtain information that she is reluctant to impart.

The passengers have the chance to play chess inside the buses and obtain information about the Olympiad.

Private and government investigators may pick through garbage to obtain information for their inquiries.

managed to obtain

Cummings arrived in New York and managed to obtain several meetings.

Gradually Portuguese managed to obtain the upper hand and Tikiri Bandara's units withdrew from the field.

During these years of struggle, he also managed to obtain a degree in law from the Government Law College.

required to obtain

Fees are required to obtain backcountry-use permits.

Purchasing may be asked or required to obtain the quotes.

In France, a prescription is required to obtain hormonal birth control.

failed to obtain

He had failed to obtain rhinocerous for the Perth Zoo.

She failed to obtain a seat as a Member of Parliament for Morphou.

The Gestapo failed to obtain direct evidence against Marianne Feldhammer.

obtain more

He strove to obtain more rights for the Slavs within the Monarchy.

To probe other such cases, Parivartan decided to obtain more such records.

Further investigation is needed to obtain more information on the structure.

did not obtain

They however did not obtain anything from the Zunbils.

He ultimately did not obtain the role.

The band did not obtain a license from Newton to use the composition.

obtain permission   (許可を得る)

Before proceeding with the design, the TTC sought to obtain permission from both clubs.

Hasan Ali Shah left for Bombay and the British attempted to obtain permission for his return to Persia.

To be in WSCN, students must pass a Beginning Broadcasting class and obtain permission from the teacher.

possible to obtain

After completion, it is possible to obtain the master's degree via our academic partners.

It is also possible to obtain "J" =  particles from "S" =  and "L" = 2, as well as "S" =  and "L" = 2.

obtain a visa   (ビザを取得する)

Due to a small number of embassies, Azerbaijan can be more difficult to obtain a visa when compared to other countries which have hosted the Olympiad.

Two years later, Wiktor is working in Paris as a film score composer, where Zula reunites with him; she has married another man to obtain a visa and be with Wiktor.

After eleven years with the PR firm and enough money in the bank to obtain a visa, Shimizu traveled to New York and interviewed at Pratt, Parsons and The School of Visual Arts.

tried to obtain

They also tried to obtain a fee from him for leaving.

Hendrik began building the chapel while Mechel tried to obtain the print.

Khan tried to obtain a compromise with India regarding the Kashmir problem.

attempt to obtain   (取得しようとする)

On 22 June 1941, in an attempt to obtain new territory, Hitler invaded the Soviet Union.

The attempt to obtain confirmation on this point elicited the following memorable clarification from Morain: "I'm not French.

In an attempt to obtain them, Newton tried to make his brother, William Brattle, a member of the Society, however William declined.

attempted to obtain

It attempted to obtain support from Tsarist Russia, Republican China, Japan.

Hasan Ali Shah left for Bombay and the British attempted to obtain permission for his return to Persia.

Lacking the technology and infrastructure to build effective warships, the Confederacy attempted to obtain warships from Britain.

trying to obtain

Both Ulysses S. Grant and Theodore Roosevelt were attacked for trying to obtain a third non-consecutive term.

He stayed in Japan for three years, trying to obtain a Red Seal permit, but finally left in 1627, with the simple status of a foreign ship.

efforts to obtain

As such, Luthor went to great efforts to obtain the Parasite's remains.

They tend to argue that efforts to obtain reparations for slavery are either misguided or counter-productive.

Neither Ferdinand II nor Ferdinand III had succeeded in their efforts to obtain the cardinalate for Wolfradt.

obtain the necessary   (必要なものを入手する)

The Postmaster-General recently placed £150 on the Estimates in order to obtain the necessary Marconi instruments.

Suburg had continued publishing while she was operating the school and attempted to obtain the necessary permits to publish a women's journal.

He decided to develop a reformist line and to focus his campaign around four main axes: He failed however to obtain the necessary number of sponsors.