Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

another occasion   (otra ocasión)

On another occasion during the War, there were just 59 prisoners, including 5 women.

On another occasion, seven inmates wearing only underwear were placed in a single room.

On another occasion, Rivera claims to have returned to her bunk to find a piece of shrapnel in it.

each occasion   (cada ocasión)

On each occasion, a single candidate was elected unopposed.

On each occasion, the vessels turned out to be Allied ships.

On each occasion a majority had been in favor of integration.

first occasion   (primera ocasión)

It also marked the first occasion on which Russian rule was imposed over an Arab city.

This was also the first occasion where the Senate was elected using proportional representation.

Tacitus notes that this was the first occasion that anyone had been prosecuted for treason under Nero.

occasion when   (ocasión cuando)

Red lettering marked the occasion when the M.C.

There was an occasion when a Chang'an farmer had a pig that had two heads.

This was the occasion when the first coins in the new king's name were minted.

least one occasion   (al menos una ocasión)

Andrew visited Catalonia on at least one occasion.

It suggests that Rudd misled MPs on at least one occasion".

On at least one occasion, slopes were re-opened in May after a heavy snowfall.

mark the occasion   (marca la ocasión)

To mark the occasion, a video was produced by Roy Ketcheson.

To mark the occasion, the bank produced its first TV commercial.

Della’s mother, Sarah, then dubbed it Proposal Rock to mark the occasion.

only occasion   (única ocasión)

This, to date, is the only occasion where a BAFTA has gone to a regional news programme.

The tour remains the only occasion where the Lions have returned victorious from New Zealand.

This was probably the only occasion in Bach's career that an upheld application on his part resulted in failure.

special occasion   (ocasión especial)

The farewell of the 10th standard students is a special occasion.

The 1960–1963 uniform may also be used on other special occasion.

Journelle carries lingerie ranging from everyday basics to special occasion.

second occasion   (segunda ocasión)

Niccolò Machiavelli undertook negotiations on the second occasion.

Clare remained favourites to win on the second occasion; however, the replay was a tense affair.

On the second occasion, a new company secretary, John Walker, alerted the finance committee to poor company finances.

last occasion   (última ocasión)

This was the last occasion when these artists would perform with the collective.

This is the second time that Panama hosted the contest, the last occasion being in 1986.

But this was the last occasion when a monarch presided at the midsummer bonfire in Paris.

same occasion   (misma ocasión)

The bridge was built on the same occasion.

On the same occasion, the criteria for list inclusion were changed.

An international workshop was also organized on the same occasion in his honour.

rare occasion   (rara ocasión)

On a rare occasion the endoscopic placement of a balloon can lead to death.

And on a rare occasion, he still rides one, especially if egged on by the children.

On rare occasion, temperatures can reach into the range during Santa Ana Winds even in December or January.

every occasion   (cada ocasión)

Throughout the day, he tries to ask Amy to go out with him but fails at every occasion.

On every occasion the public decided not to vest power in the government over monopolies.

On every occasion the public decided not to vest power in the Commonwealth over these matters.