İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

several occasions   (birkaç kez)

He has on several occasions revisited "Waterloo".

He also captained the team on several occasions.

It has hosted the Barbados Open on several occasions.

special occasions   (özel günler)

On special occasions a paper version is printed.

It has been used on special occasions since.

It is staged at any time of year and on special occasions.

numerous occasions   (sayısız olaylar)

This leads to Anna insulting Tina on numerous occasions.

He served as captain on numerous occasions.

Chick Darrow also appeared at the park on numerous occasions.

both occasions   (her iki durum)

On both occasions he was 9th in the men's doubles.

On both occasions she was ridden by Walter Swinburn.

He won the man-of-the-match award on both occasions.

number of occasions   (fırsat sayısı)

The site's interface was redesigned on a number of occasions.

The movement has clashed with Hamas on a number of occasions.

He has represented Canada nationally on a number of occasions.

many occasions

She has worked with her mother Lola in many occasions.

The hospital itself came under heavy fire on many occasions.

Ensemble, with its new members, performed in many occasions .

separate occasions   (ayrı durumlar)

It was a position he held on three separate occasions.

Emma claims to have met Jesus Christ on two separate occasions.

George Saitoti has held the position twice on separate occasions.

multiple occasions   (birden çok durum)

He also fought the Saxons on multiple occasions.

Thereafter, Nandhini confronts Annapoorani on multiple occasions.

The two had engaged in verbal confrontations on multiple occasions.

other occasions   (diğer günler)

Numerous addresses on anniversary and other occasions.

They have returned to Carnegie on numerous other occasions.

The Eagles got the best of Davenport in that regard on other occasions.

rare occasions   (nadir durumlar)

On rare occasions adverse events were serious (e.g.

Angiography is used on rare occasions for TBIs i.e.

However, in some rare occasions, a vocalist was used.

occasions when   (zamanlar)

There are also rare occasions when Deimos is eclipsed by Phobos.

On the occasions when Asok mentions this, he is normally ignored.

The previous occasions when this occurred was 1990, 1978 and the 1971 Labour landslide.

different occasions   (farklı durumlar)

He departed the show on two different occasions.

On four different occasions, Bangladesh hosted the Asia Cup.

In addition, he represented Poland on 8 different occasions.

occasions during   (sırasındaki durumlar)

Orr represented Scotland on 4 occasions during his career.

He featured on fifteen occasions during 2017–18 as Mitre finished thirteenth.

The club were also runners up in the league on a further two occasions during the decade.

various occasions

He sat in the House of Lords on various occasions.

She also performed the tracks on various occasions.

Wooden cannons were used in Europe on various occasions.

few occasions   (birkaç kez)

On a few occasions he refused to get out of bed.

Generally they visit Hallaur on few occasions such as Muharram.

On a few occasions, Blanche states that she is of the Baptist faith.

occasions such

On occasions such as the official vacations in Egypt.

Generally they visit Hallaur on few occasions such as Muharram.

The G is lit every year for special occasions such as homecoming and graduation.

occasions between

Dyer represented England on 33 occasions between 1999 and 2007.

They performed together on seven occasions between 1833 and 1841.

He would go on to win the Illinois state title on six occasions between 1950 and 1978.

ceremonial occasions   (tören günleri)

Longer versions were mostly worn on ceremonial occasions.

In Flores, mutisalah may be owned only by the chieftain and are displayed on ceremonial occasions.

They were also entitled to wear a special samurai sword ("katana") of a modern design on ceremonial occasions.

formal occasions   (resmi durumlar)

Neckties and scarves are worn for formal occasions.

"Walking-out order" is worn for more formal occasions.

Arabic coffee is also usually served on more formal occasions.

previous occasions   (önceki durumlar)

The previous occasions when this occurred was 1990, 1978 and the 1971 Labour landslide.

Table tennis had appeared at the Summer Olympics on seven previous occasions beginning with the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul.

The band were able to work at any time of their choosing, whereas on previous occasions, the group had to work between 10 and 6.

festive occasions   (bayram günleri)

He sang his songs at weddings and different festive occasions.

At social or festive occasions, e.g.

Dances are generally performed in religious and festive occasions.

all occasions   (tüm durumlar)

Darkhuang is played on all occasions.

Such was the rule for all occasions.

Khuang is a must on all occasions.

such occasions   (bu tür durumlar)

On such occasions the Concert Hall would be reserved for the highest ranking guest and members of the court.

The glen and its grounds have been open to the public on several special open days in recent times but such occasions have now ceased.

Such visits are arranged in conjunction with LAN Airlines (Chile) who, on such occasions, use larger aircraft than normal for the weekly flights.

least two occasions   (en az iki kez)

Whelan played for the League of Ireland XI on at least two occasions.

On at least two occasions, artist's statements have been the subject of gallery exhibitions.

On at least two occasions during the Italian invasion of Ethiopia, L3s were put out of action by massed infantry attacks.

more occasions

For marijuana it is for use on 20 or more occasions in the past 30 days.

This led Handel to guest host on two more occasions on "The Rush Limbaugh Show".

Distances have since changed on two more occasions and a Swaffham hare has been introduced.

special occasions such

The G is lit every year for special occasions such as homecoming and graduation.

The king would wear it on special occasions such as his coronation, royal processions or when receiving special audiences.

The "sala", or living room, was reserved for special occasions such as a wedding or baptism or maybe even entertaining special guests.

state occasions   (devlet olayları)

She can often be found presenting state occasions.

Eileen Dunne regularly features on RTÉ coverage of major state occasions.

Located in the City of Westminster, the palace is often at the centre of state occasions and royal hospitality.