Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

occupation forces   (fuerzas de ocupación)

The squadron remained in Germany as part of the occupation forces.

On 1 December 1961 the occupation forces were designated Berlin Brigade.

After the war, American occupation forces took up residence in the barracks.

occupation zone   (zona de ocupación)

Leipart's home had ended up in Berlin's US occupation zone.

By late 1941, more than 100,000 Greeks had fled from the Bulgarian occupation zone.

After the war, the town became part of the Soviet occupation zone and East Germany.

during the occupation   (durante la ocupación)

Greece suffered greatly during the occupation.

She refused to work as a teacher during the occupation.

Some meetings were still able to be held during the occupation.

military occupation   (ocupación militar)

St. Paul's was under military occupation, and Rev.

Berlin was divided into military occupation zones.

He served in the military occupation of Texas in 1845–46.

main occupation   (ocupación principal)

The main occupation in the village is agriculture.

The main occupation of this village is agriculture.

The main occupation of the people is agriculture.

human occupation

The land features 9,000 years of documented human occupation.

The coastline at Forvie has a long history of human occupation.

The island has no vegetation and no history of human occupation.

occupation authorities

The Italian occupation authorities in the Ionian Islands printed their own currency (Ionian drachma).

In order to achieve this goal, the occupation authorities skillfully managed to administer rewards and penalties.

Ussisoo was arrested by the Soviet occupation authorities in 1949 and deported to Krasnoyarsk Krai and was released in 1956.

occupation duty   (deber de ocupación)

It was shown to US soldiers about to go on occupation duty in Germany.

At his request, he was transferred to his regiment serving occupation duty in Texas.

Returning from occupation duty, "Monaghan" decommissioned at Philadelphia on 4 November 1919.

occupation force

The 106th remained in Austria as an occupation force until October 1945.

After the war the command became part of the occupation force for Japan.

Brigadier-General Bonner Fellers is sent to Japan as a part of the occupation force.

occupation during

They were the first elections held after the German occupation during World War II.

They were also the first elections held after the German occupation during World War I.

After the Japanese occupation during World War II, in 1959 a new constitution was written.

occupation troops

Many of the remaining buildings were then claimed by the French occupation troops.

The majority of the Turkish occupation troops were killed and the city was plundered.

On 6 August 1943, while on a trip to Paris, he was arrested by German occupation troops.

invasion and occupation

The French invasion and occupation of Portugal (1807-11) left the canons further diminished.

In September 1968, he advocated the invasion and occupation of Cambodia, Laos, and southern North Vietnam.

But by 1943, however, following the Japanese invasion and occupation, the number of libraries declined to 940.

occupation zones

Berlin was divided into military occupation zones.

In the other occupation zones similar trials took place.

230 of the delegates actually came from the western occupation zones.

primary occupation   (Ocupación Primaria)

The primary occupation is farming.

The primary occupation is subsistence farming and livestock rearing.

Jean Françaix's primary occupation was his extraordinarily active compositional career.

occupation duties

Moved in August 1945 to AAF Horsching, Austria, for occupation duties.

The battalion began occupation duties near Linz in June, and was inactivated in July.

The Division was stationed on Kyushu and maintained order during the occupation duties.

traditional occupation

The traditional occupation of Idiga people was that of toddy tapping.

The traditional occupation of the Batak was agriculture, hunting and farming.

Tailoring has been the traditional occupation of the Shimpi community in Dhawade.