now occupied   (今占領中)

The site is now occupied by Longchamp Racecourse.

The site is now occupied by Endsleigh Insurance.

The building is now occupied by barristers' offices.

previously occupied   (以前に占有された)

Farms had previously occupied the area.

In 1993, Montgomery Ward was added as an anchor in a spot previously occupied by Madigan's.

Constructed on previously occupied by a farm, it opened its doors to the public in June 2014.

occupied by renters   (賃借人が占有)

There were 782 housing units at an average density of 71.2 per square mile (27.5/km²), of which 621 (85.9%) were owner-occupied, and 102 (14.1%) were occupied by renters.

There were 9,649 housing units at an average density of 1,283.6 per square mile (495.6/km), of which 3,432 (39.2%) were owner-occupied, and 5,332 (60.8%) were occupied by renters.

There were 7,410 housing units at an average density of 1,510.8 per square mile (583.3/km²), of which 5,204 (73.1%) were owner-occupied, and 1,911 (26.9%) were occupied by renters.

formerly occupied

The site was formerly occupied by the Heysel Stadium.

The land was formerly occupied by Castle Cement silos.

The private Cloud Club formerly occupied the 66th through 68th floors.

occupied territories   (占領地)

Georgia considers both "occupied territories" within its own borders.

Over 1000 ghettos were created by the Germans in occupied territories.

In all, the Army obtained about 15 percent of its cereal needs from occupied territories.

permanently occupied   (永久に占有された)

Of the 408 houses in the village 349 were permanently occupied.

Of the 434 houses in the village, 366 were permanently occupied.

Of the 1199 houses in the village, 1056 were permanently occupied.

seasonally occupied   (四季折々)

Of these apartments, a total of 129 apartments (35.4% of the total) were permanently occupied, while 235 apartments (64.6%) were seasonally occupied.

It consists of the village of Schänis and the hamlets of Maseltrangen, Dorf, Rufi and Rütiberg as well as seasonally occupied alpine herding villages near the Speer range.

Of these apartments, a total of 74 apartments (69.8% of the total) were permanently occupied, while 29 apartments (27.4%) were seasonally occupied and 3 apartments (2.8%) were empty.

troops occupied

Allied troops occupied the hall during the war.

In the 15th century Hussite troops occupied Topoľčany.

In 1942, about 4,000 British troops occupied the city.

then occupied

The primary school then occupied the original building.

The Italian army then occupied the Tigrian capital, Adwa.

The school's one hundred pupils then occupied three rooms.

once occupied

The site is an ancient one and was once occupied by Roman sanctuaries.

The area was once occupied by pre-Roman Berones, Pellendones and Vascones.

The old stadium sits on land once occupied by the number one fairway at Shorewood Country Club.

occupied territory   (占領地)

They still had over 300 miles of enemy occupied territory to go.

To reach it would require flying 300 miles over occupied territory.

To reach it would require flying nearly 600 miles over enemy occupied territory.

occupied the area

Many left the city before the Germans occupied the area.

Farms had previously occupied the area.

Prior to the collapse, alluvial and riverine deposits occupied the area.

currently occupied

It is currently occupied by council employees.

That place is currently occupied by dilapidated warehouses.

It is currently occupied by a caretaker.

forces occupied

Tsang forces occupied the entire Yarlung Valley.

In 239 BC, Qin forces occupied Rao and he was killed.

On July 1, 1941, German forces occupied Busk.

first occupied

Hugo House first occupied a Victorian house originally built in 1902.

It was first occupied in 1868.

The school is on Clark St and the site was first occupied by a school in January 1893.

still occupied   (まだ占有されています)

Antipope Clement III still occupied St. Peter's.

The house is still occupied and well maintained

Crofton College is still occupied at 21 Kenya Street.

occupied the site   (サイトを占有しました)

Over the centuries, a series of churches have occupied the site.

It occupied the site of Lithgows' former Gas works at Inchgreen.

"West Twerton Secondary Modern School" occupied the site after World War II.

occupied the city

The Germans occupied the city on September 3, 1941.

In 1942, about 4,000 British troops occupied the city.

In 1914, the Russians occupied the city for four days.

later occupied

The site was later occupied by Big Four freight houses.

This area was later occupied by the Romans.

It was later occupied by Super C and Metro.

originally occupied

Brzesko was originally occupied in 1939.

The house was originally occupied by George Banta and his wife, Ellen.

The site was originally occupied by a house, which pre-dated the Norman conquest of England.

occupied during   (中に占領)

It also was occupied during the late prehistoric Fort Walton Period.

In Iraq, sites like Eridu and Ur were already occupied during the Ubaid period.

This Manor house was still occupied during the 1930s though not by the original family.

occupied the building

Clarkson's occupied the building from 1905 to 1940.

The bakery has occupied the building since.

The Webb Brothers Department Store occupied the building from 1899.

area occupied

The total area occupied by the Institute is 42000 square meters.

The lake was in an area occupied by Ngāti Karewa and Ngāti Tipa.

From 1731 to 1781, the surface area occupied by the orchards rose from .

site was occupied   (サイトが占有された)

The site was occupied in the Halaf and Ubaid periods.

The site was occupied from before 3000 BC.

The Mount Royal site was occupied beginning about 4,000 years ago.

already occupied

In Iraq, sites like Eridu and Ur were already occupied during the Ubaid period.

On September 24, 1903, Anderson tried to steal second base when the base was already occupied.

Since Haffkine's post in Mumbai was already occupied, he moved to Calcutta and worked there until his retirement in 1914.

briefly occupied

The Dutch briefly occupied it for a period in 1676.

Portugal briefly occupied them before World War II.

Parts of the monastery were briefly occupied by squatters.

invaded and occupied   (侵略され占領された)

In December, 1941, Japan invaded and occupied Guam.

In 1942 the Japanese invaded and occupied Indonesia.

In 1882, the British essentially invaded and occupied Egypt.

not occupied

those areas not occupied by the Japanese or ruled by puppet governments).

After the announcement of the peace, Kolberg was not occupied by the French army.

It was not occupied until 1938, when it was occupied as a perpetual lease selection until 1957.

occupied the town   (町を占領した)

The Germans occupied the town on July 12, 1941.

The Navales Battalion occupied the town on March 8 without any skirmishes.

As soon as the Germans occupied the town, Jews were kept imprisoned in a ghetto.

occupied an area

It occupied an area of .

At this time the station occupied an area of and had over of fencing in place.

The station occupied an area of in 1929 and had five wells, each with its own windmill attached.

occupied most   (最も占有された)

The PAVN-VC forces rapidly occupied most of the city.

Britain quickly invaded and occupied most of Germany's overseas colonies in Africa.

Her staff occupied most of the building, to the Duke and Duchess of Beaufort's inconvenience.

area was occupied

The area was occupied in Roman times, after which it was subsumed into Lombardy.

Before European settlement the area was occupied by the Gamilaroi and Wiradjuri peoples.

The area was occupied by the Otomi (who called themselves the "hñahñu"), who had been nomadic.

fully occupied

The building eventually became fully occupied.

About 400 ha are already fully occupied by various types of industries.

This brought with it that he was almost fully occupied in teaching the basic courses.

occupied countries

It is far better organized than were the Nazis in occupied countries prior to their capitulation.

However, the German war effort was being supported by factories in the occupied countries as well.

occupied areas

The Italians also occupied areas bordering Jubaland around the villages of Moyale and Buna.

At the same time, the number of Allied W/T agents in occupied areas was constantly growing.

The Bangwaketse occupied areas to the west, while the Bangwato moved northeast into formerly Kalanga areas.

occupied several

From 1986 until 1994, Hulsman occupied several leading positions in the Dutch immigration service.

From 1584 until about 1637 it was occupied several times by the Basques, after whom the island takes its name.

Ochekpe occupied several directorial roles in National Orientation Agency (Nigeria), before her ministerial appointment.

army occupied

When the German army occupied Lithuania in 1915, Sleževičius left for Russia.

The Union army occupied the fort for the rest of the war after making repair.

On September 26, the British army occupied the rebel capital of Philadelphia.

occupied by usual

There were 247 private dwellings, 237 of which were occupied by usual residents.

The community has 185 private dwellings, 176 which are occupied by usual residents.

Private dwellings occupied by usual residents: 2,811 (total dwellings: 3,376) Mother tongue:

occupied much

The eye sockets occupied much of the hind part of the skull.

Political and social activism occupied much of Russell's time for most of his life.

Geographically, it occupied much of Syria, Palestine and the northern Hijaz as far south as Yathrib (Medina).

building was occupied

By 1930, the building was occupied by the YWCA.

In 2015 the building was occupied by a restaurant and hotel.

The Education Department building was occupied in September 1915.

land occupied   (占領された土地)

This site is part of the block of land occupied by the business until 2016.

Prior to European settlement Wireless Hill was part of the land occupied by the Beeliar people.

The strip of land occupied by this section of the subway is distinguished by being used mainly for public parks or parking lots.

dwellings occupied

Nevertheless, this was true of nearly all dwellings occupied by those of Neale's stature.

Private dwellings occupied by usual residents: 2,811 (total dwellings: 3,376) Mother tongue:

Private dwellings occupied by usual residents: 107 (total dwellings: 191) Mother tongue: <br> <br>

house was occupied

The house was occupied by three generations of Stow descendants.

The house was occupied by Pelletier's daughter Eliza until her death in 1954.

The house was occupied at the time by rock music manager Tony Stratton-Smith.

occupied the house

The social club occupied the house until the Second World War.

Mendel occupied the house from 1858.

Several generations of the Radcliffe family then occupied the house.

site now occupied   (現在占有されているサイト)

In 1580, a convent stood at the site now occupied by the garden.

It stood more or less on the site now occupied by the Teatro Verdi.

This building was on Main Road on the site now occupied by the Sunday School.

continuously occupied

Dundee and its surrounding area have been continuously occupied since the Mesolithic.

The site is currently the oldest continuously occupied defence site in Western Australia.

The manor house complex is recognized as the oldest Jesuit residence in the world to have been continuously occupied by that order.

occupied the same

It occupied the same block as the later Recreation Park.

Years later another South African painter, Gwelo Goodman, occupied the same house.

A coffee shop once occupied the same position on the eastern end; however, the café has since closed.

occupied all

Meanwhile, the Habsburgs occupied all of Wallachia until the war ended.

The allied forces subsequently occupied all of Pomerania except for Stralsund.

town was occupied   (町は占領された)

The town was occupied by the Germans from July 1941 until last days of March 1944.

The town was occupied by the Germans between August 9, 1941 and February 18, 1944.

During the Franco-Prussian War, the town was occupied and pillaged by the Prussians.