occurred during   (中に発生しました)

Several accidents occurred during its construction.

Two anomalous events occurred during the launch.

Most instances of this have occurred during wartime.

occurred when   (発生したとき)

The only problems with fuel occurred when G.C.

The incident occurred when the police raided the apartment.

Changes only really occurred when Alfie had an epileptic seizure."

occurred between   (の間に発生しました)

The killings occurred between Lafayette and Texas.

The Bronze Age occurred between 1800 and 700 BC.

All blasts occurred between 7:27 pm and 8:15 pm.

incident occurred   (事件発生)

The incident occurred when the police raided the apartment.

the MOS has retired since the incident occurred) and Mediated.

The incident occurred at 16:44 hours.

events occurred

Two anomalous events occurred during the launch.

Early in 1989 a convergence of events occurred.

Other adverse events occurred at rates of <1%.

accident occurred   (事故が発生した)

It was about this time that a serious accident occurred.

An accident occurred 15 minutes after the show commenced.

The accident occurred on the way to work.

occurred before   (以前に発生した)

A GAO report, which included incidents that occurred before H.R.

Several lineup changes occurred before their debut album, "Pride of Texas".

Several fires in high-oxygen test environments had occurred before the Apollo fire.

occurred within

Most exchange occurred within social groups.

76% of these casualties occurred within 24 hours of declawing.

If symptoms have not occurred within six hours of exposure they are unlikely to occur.

never occurred

It is as if the famine had never occurred."

Military mutinies, planned for the continent, never occurred.

Depp said the similarities with Jackson never occurred to him.

earthquake occurred   (地震が発生した)

1994 Liwa earthquake The 1994 Liwa earthquake occurred on .

A wedding was taking place in the village when the earthquake occurred.

1925 Dali earthquake The 1925 Dali earthquake occurred at 14:42 UTC on 16 March.

event occurred   (イベントが発生しました)

A 24-hour kickoff event occurred May 22, 2015.

The event occurred from the French entrance to the tunnel.

Such an event occurred in March 1984 in Casablanca, Morocco.

occurred around   (周りに発生しました)

The genesis of the group occurred around early 1997.

The wave of Italian immigration occurred around 1880.

On 31 March, clashes occurred around Darat Izza between SLF and HTS.

occurred near   (近くで発生しました)

Two other incidents with vessels occurred near Ma Wan and Tuen Mun.

The massacre occurred near Dhaka Medical College and Ramna Park in Dhaka.

The Battle of Seminara in the First Italian War occurred near the town in 1495.

events that occurred

The exact events that occurred on that day are disputed.

Bogart makes reference to events that occurred in May–June 1942.

She reminisces about the events that occurred in the original trilogy.

explosion occurred   (爆発が起こった)

The explosion occurred during classification works in the depot.

It was during the incineration of this material that the explosion occurred.

Instead, more than 300 people were working in the facility when the explosion occurred.

changes occurred

Other changes occurred at the school in the 1930s.

Two more ownership changes occurred since 2000.

Specifically, Florence was the spot where the most changes occurred.

occurred due

Subsidence occurred due to lithosphere cooling.

The rivalry occurred due to the two state's geographical location.

This boom occurred due to the efforts of Archibald Laurence Wilson (1852-1935).

change occurred

One other personnel change occurred this year.

A boundary change occurred on June 18, 1956.

In 1752, a change occurred in the behavior of Choglokova.

death occurred   (死が起こった)

Gnel’s death occurred for his wife”.

The first poisoning and death occurred on April 30, 1985 in Fukuyama, Hiroshima.

She grants Clark a wish, and makes everyone forget that Clark Kent's death occurred.

damage occurred   (損傷が発生しました)

Two deaths and $12 million in damage occurred in New York.

Although potato fields were inundated by water, minimal damage occurred to that crop.

Strong winds in the Florida Keys downed a few trees, but minimal damage occurred otherwise.

following events occurred

April 1973 The following events occurred in April 1973:

April 1918 The following events occurred in April 1918:

August 1975 The following events occurred in August 1975:

occurred throughout

Later additions occurred throughout the 20th Century.

In New Brunswick, flooding also occurred throughout the province.

Activity occurred throughout the day in late winter and early spring.

occurred because   (発生したため)

This has occurred because Barbados is rising at 1 inch per 1000 years.

This occurred because the boat was too full and listed to one side at the turn.

The match, however, never occurred because Gowen legitimately no-showed the event.

deaths occurred   (死亡した)

All aircraft were lost and a total of 10 deaths occurred.

Six more deaths occurred indirectly.

Other reports of the attack assert that over 300 deaths occurred.

attack occurred

The attack occurred at 11:00pm on 20 February 1979.

The attack occurred in Smith's Albany office.

Another similar rocket attack occurred in January 1974.

crash occurred

Crowther was returning home when the crash occurred.

The fatal Maroochy air crash occurred on the beach on 30 December 1950.

Much time was spent on the project after the Sikorsky CH-53 crash occurred.

occurred only   (発生のみ)

A significant reduction in freight traffic occurred only after 1965.

Still, industrial development occurred only at the end of the Second World War.

A majority of six German-speaking Councillors occurred only once, in the 1876 to 1880 term.

not occurred

As of August 2019, the Irish remake has not occurred.

If symptoms have not occurred within six hours of exposure they are unlikely to occur.

Human connection has only ever been speculated but has not occurred in controlled environment.

occurred along

Beach erosion occurred along the coasts of Vanuatu as well.

The calving occurred along pre-existing cracks in the ice shelf.

The Battle of Boonsboro occurred along the National Road on Wednesday, July 8, 1863.

fire occurred   (火災が発生しました)

A second fire occurred sixteen days after the first.

The first fire occurred in 1794 and the second in 1884.

A new fire occurred on 15 June 1649 requiring new work.

occurred just   (ちょうど発生しました)

This occurred just five days after team's offense was held to one hit and one base runner.

In 1967, an arson occurred just before the opening of the fair, burning several large structures.

His death was due to cardiac arrest and occurred just two days after he celebrated his 91st birthday.

first occurred

The first occurred in 734 BCE and is related in .

The first occurred on December 8 of the previous year.

Major diving exploration of the lake first occurred in 1985.

actually occurred

(, that these meetings actually occurred has fallen into dispute.)

That all this actually occurred will not be disputed, nor will a rational explanation be attempted.

A moment later the Prince of Orange ordered a counterattack, which actually occurred around 10 minutes later.

incidents occurred

The most deadly of incidents occurred on July 9, 2006.

Many such unbelievable incidents occurred in the short span of his life.

The alleged incidents occurred between September 5, 1893 and June 1, 1897.

development occurred   (開発が発生しました)

The majority of development occurred between 1933 and 1941.

Still, industrial development occurred only at the end of the Second World War.

It remained a small hamlet until major residential development occurred in the 1960s and 70s.

flooding occurred

Some minor flooding occurred in parking lots.

Similar flooding occurred in Union County.

Street flooding occurred in Ocean City from the nor'easter.

what occurred

When they return, Connors reports to his Captain Dennet what occurred and is reprimanded.

He rarely examined what occurred in consciousness, which is the basic level of philosophy.

Porky begins scolding Sylvester, who interrupts this by demonstrating (in mime) what occurred downstairs.

occurred shortly

The appointment occurred shortly after Khoo had acquitted J.

Eyewitnesses stated that the attack occurred shortly after the first mass.

One controversial appointment had occurred shortly before the 1868 election.

shooting occurred

The shooting occurred in the Wadajir district of the capital.

A school shooting occurred on 26 April 2002 at the Gutenberg-Gymnasium.

The city where the school shooting occurred, Parkland, also had a march.

attacks occurred

Four attacks occurred in Nairobi, and four in Mombasa.

In the two weeks following 3 July 39 terrorist attacks occurred in North Sinai.

The September 11 terrorist attacks occurred during his internship, inspiring him to public service.

elections occurred

The elections occurred after several governors had been dismissed.

In October 2000, parliamentary elections occurred for the first time since the referendum of 1996.

These midterm elections occurred 19 months after President Harry S. Truman assumed office upon the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

having occurred

Snowfall is rare, with measurable snow having occurred 27 times since 1895.

TMA-17M was the 126th flight of a Soyuz spacecraft; the first having occurred in 1967.

At the end of the day, the strike ceased without the slightest incident having occurred.

battle occurred   (戦いが起こった)

A similar battle occurred on 15 March 1818.

This then raises the question of why the battle occurred when it did.

The battle occurred during the Peninsular War, part of the Napoleonic Wars.

disaster occurred   (災害発生)

The Brunner Mine disaster occurred at 9:30 a.m. on March 26, 1896.

The mill was in operation until February 7, 1930 when a disaster occurred.

In 1914, the Hillcrest mine disaster occurred in the Hillcrest Mine, killing 189 men.

eclipse occurred

The name 'Ye', which meant 'bright,' was given to him by Ju Nuo's father, Xing Liyin, because on the day he was born, a solar eclipse occurred.

An eclipse occurred on July 16, 790 CE O.S., so that has frequently been proposed as a way of establishing a correlation between the Maya Calendar and the Julian Calendar.

On 28 May 585 BC, during the Battle of Halys fought against Cyaxares, king of Media, a solar eclipse occurred; hostilities were suspended, peace concluded, and the Halys River was fixed as the boundary between the two kingdoms.

only occurred   (発生しただけ)

The idea came in 2006, but the very first African Youth Games only occurred in 2010.

The affirmation only occurred four years later, after the February Revolution in 1917.

Actual prehistoric megafaunal birds only occurred in South Pacific and Cape Horn ocean waters.

already occurred

When Bull's reassignment was announced, change of command had already occurred.

As it already occurred in Rio de Janeiro, the local British community referred to the temple as "Christ Church".

Given that context, they argue, one more day of group contact is unlikely to result in more transmission than has already occurred.

incident that occurred   (発生した事件)

A new word came into the English language through an incident that occurred in Mayo.

He was later sentenced to 15 days in jail for the assault as well as another incident that occurred a day before his sentencing.

The potential danger of liquid nitrogen cocktails was highlighted by an incident that occurred in the United Kingdom in October 2012.

occurred across   (発生しました)

Enclosure of the land occurred across Cotesbach and beyond.

The collaborations also occurred across oceans and continents.

A wave of strikes occurred across the South African mining sector.

history occurred

Some notable events in sports history occurred in Fort Wayne.

One of the biggest fires in Stamford's history occurred April 3, 2006 in the South End.

The worst flooding in modern history occurred on 30 September 1997 when of rain fell within six hours.

occurred through

A decrease in demand for promotionals occurred through the 1970s.

This occurred through a series of consultations between Giraud and de Gaulle.

For most people, the exchange of goods occurred through social relationships.

occurred prior   (前に発生した)

The first burials occurred prior to the cemetery's official opening.

Adler postulates that the visit must have occurred prior to Saladin's capture of Jerusalem in 1187.

There were several tests that occurred prior to the first spraying affiliated with Operation LAC that proved the concept of large-area coverage.

solar eclipse occurred

The name 'Ye', which meant 'bright,' was given to him by Ju Nuo's father, Xing Liyin, because on the day he was born, a solar eclipse occurred.

On 28 May 585 BC, during the Battle of Halys fought against Cyaxares, king of Media, a solar eclipse occurred; hostilities were suspended, peace concluded, and the Halys River was fixed as the boundary between the two kingdoms.

massacre occurred   (大虐殺が起こった)

The Plan de Sánchez massacre occurred on the same day.

The most famous massacre occurred in Bissorã.

The massacre occurred near Dhaka Medical College and Ramna Park in Dhaka.

occurred following

What was most exceptional about Edward Hutchinson occurred following his 1632 death.

On May 15, 1919, street fights and plunder occurred following Communist assemblies in Stettin.

This deployment occurred following the UK Threat Level being increased from Severe to Critical.

activity occurred

37 year police captain, Charles Austin, believed paranormal activity occurred in the house.

A significant influx of population and economic activity occurred around the 1850s goldrushes.

The oldest known activity occurred about 3000 years ago, and the most recent in the 16th century.

collision occurred   (衝突が発生しました)

The "Teven" was towing a timber barge when the collision occurred.

"Quincy A. Shaw" was upbound with coal at the time the collision occurred.

No one on the bridge of BOWBELLE was aware of MARCHIONESS until the collision occurred.

launch occurred

The film's launch occurred in March 1999 with Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan in attendance.

The 27th underwater launch occurred on 12 December 2015; the Russian Ministry of Defence shared video on official YouTube site, and major Russian news channels.

On September 9, 2019, Mount Airy Casino Resort held a soft launch for its retail sportsbook, with a two-day testing period; the full launch occurred on September 11, 2019.

bombing occurred

A bombing occurred in Mubi on 1 June 2014.

A suicide bombing occurred there, which she began documenting.

The next day, the bombing occurred.

fatalities occurred   (死亡した)

Approximately 236,328 disease related fatalities occurred in the SACA Region in 2012.

By 1975 the death toll for the 21-year-old highway was at 278 and in 1979, 28 fatalities occurred on the turnpike.

Only three direct fatalities occurred in the United States, largely because of improved evacuations and adherence to warnings and advisories.

probably occurred   (おそらく起こった)

This probably occurred in the Miocene.

A number of burials of important persons of the culture probably occurred in these mounds.

Flysch deposits in the Southern Alps of Lombardy probably occurred in the Cretaceous or later.

eruption occurred   (噴火が起こった)

The first historical eruption occurred in September 1847.

A smaller eruption occurred on April 30.

A major eruption occurred 7480 ± 80 BC.

fighting occurred

The climax of the fighting occurred on March 10.

Heavy fighting occurred at the rebel-held positions around the Grand Canal as these troops advanced towards Dublin.

The fighting occurred with heavy casualties on both sides, but after three days the assault was halted and the Red Army retreated.

split occurred

A split occurred in 1922 when Pevsner and Gabo emigrated.

The split occurred in 1846 over the issue of free trade, which Peel supported, versus protectionism, supported by Derby.

Beginning on May 12, 1990, the "Palmetto" combined with a revived "Carolinian", although this time the split occurred in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

occurred outside   (外で起こった)

Several naval battles occurred outside the port.

Most of the casualties occurred outside the battlefields: in the prison camps and the terror campaigns.

It is performed as an International Latin dance, although most of its modern development has occurred outside Latin America.