İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

common occurrence   (ortak olay)

Loud music and parties were becoming a common occurrence.

Strong winds are a common occurrence.

This is particularly a common occurrence in the Connemara breed.

rare occurrence   (nadir olay)

In reality, this is an extremely rare occurrence.

Snow also fell in Barcelona, a rare occurrence for the region.

Courtship and mating behavior of "D. chrysonota" is a rare occurrence.

first occurrence   (ilk olay)

In the fourteenth line, the first occurrence of "being" is one syllable, the second is two syllables.

The occurrence of the bivalve "Solamen columbianum" in the area marks its first occurrence as a fossil.

The first occurrence came in 2005, after W Connection's Gefferson and Earl Jean shared the award with 14 goals each.

frequent occurrence

Weddings and receptions are a frequent occurrence at the Town Hall.

Quick kicks were a much more frequent occurrence in the XFL during its lone season in 2001.

Heckling and the throwing of projectiles have since become a frequent occurrence at Legislative Council and public meetings.