İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

years of age   (yaş)

He started making robots at about 11 years of age.

Algeria has universal suffrage at 18 years of age.

The Spotted steed becomes mature at 3 years of age.

up of individuals   (bireyler kadar)

36% of all households were made up of individuals.

33% of all households were made up of individuals.

22% of all households were made up of individuals.

species of beetle   (böcek türleri)

Some species of beetle have evolved immunity to insecticides.

Lebia abdita Lebia abdita is a species of beetle in the family Carabidae.

A number of nationally scarce species of beetle have already been recorded.

coat of arms   (arması)

It is a simple red ensign, without a coat of arms.

The coat of arms were granted on 1 November 1976.

The coat of arms of Henneberg showed a black hen.

board of directors   (Yönetim Kurulu)

The board of directors is led by the Officer Group.

The BHRA was run by a 14-member board of directors.

The duo resigned from Sten's board of directors.

species of sea   (deniz türleri)

This is a common species of sea cucumber.

Ritteri anemone Ritteri anemone is a common name for two species of sea anemone.

Arbacia stellata Arbacia stellata is a species of sea urchin of the family Arbaciidae.

period of time   (zaman aralığı)

He served as state architect for a period of time.

pure nitrogen) for a period of time (hours to days).

The base may be used for an extended period of time.

number of other   (diğer sayısı)

It also uses a smaller number of other newer DMUs.

A number of other galleries also carry his pieces.

), as well as , and a small number of other words.

point of view   (bakış açısı)

He also stated, "I understand their point of view.

This leads by no means to a single point of view.

This is a very common point of view in chemistry.

genus of moths   (güveler cinsi)

Yelva Yelva is a genus of moths in the subfamily Arctiinae.

Suana Suana is a genus of moths in the family Lasiocampidae.

Pronola Pronola is a genus of moths in the family Arctiidae.

species of moth   (güve türleri)

There have also been over 200 species of moth recorded on the reserve.

Earias vernana Earias vernana is a species of moth in the family Nolidae.

Narraga nelvae Narraga nelvae is a species of moth of the family Geometridae.

number of years   (yılların sayısı)

For a number of years a foundry operated in Volaka.

The show was sponsored by Coca-Cola for a number of years.

For a number of years he served as critic at large for "GQ".

chief of staff   (kurmay başkanı)

Edward Leonard King was a chief of staff there.

Previously, Stutler was Bush's chief of staff.

In August 2012, he became the chief of staff of MOJWA.

number of people   (İnsanların sayısı)

The settlement was conquered by a number of people.

The number of people born in Canada declined by 13%.

A number of people have to be rescued each year.

board of trustees   (mütevelli heyeti)

The following people are on the board of trustees:

She serves on the board of trustees for Christ Church.

The museum is administered through a board of trustees.

many of whom   (birçoğu)

Dozens of artists went to Bristol, many of whom had never been to Bristol.

Congress authorized a uniformed Volunteer Navy, many of whom were British.

The village of Ouakam is home to the Lebou people, many of whom are fishermen.

amount of time   (zaman miktarı)

The team spending least amount of time wins.

Erica was Little Eric's nanny for a short amount of time.

The Germans made major advances in a short amount of time.

all of whom   (hepsi kim)

Eleven people died, all of whom were passengers.

He has three brothers, all of whom are doctors.

Together, they have four sons, all of whom play football.

species of plant   (bitki türleri)

Aloe elegans Aloe elegans is a species of plant.

Very few species of plant are rodent-pollinated.

P. seemannii P. seemannii may refer to a few different species of plant.

prisoners of war   (savaş esirleri)

She then carried French prisoners of war to France.

It was also used to house Italian prisoners of war.

Altogether, some 2,500 men became prisoners of war.

both of whom   (her ikisi de)

They twin sons, both of whom died in infancy.

She bore Charles Philip two daughters, both of whom died young.

Their two sons were William and Edward, both of whom died with their father.

number of different   (farklı sayısı)

This may be measured in a number of different ways.

The circuit had a number of different configurations.

There are a number of different classes in this sport.

species of flowering   (çiçekli türler)

Over 80 species of flowering plant occur.

Allium elegans Allium elegans is a species of flowering plants.

More than 850 species of flowering plants are reported on the plateau.

tens of thousands   (onbinlerce)

Some tens of thousands died during this conflict.

Each year tens of thousands take tours of the temple.

Rape leads to tens of thousands of pregnancies each year.

quality of life   (yaşam kalitesi)

The disease deteriorated his quality of life rapidly.

Education and proper care can improve quality of life.

a better car, bigger house, better quality of life, etc.)

head of state   (Devlet Başkanı)

The Somali federal president is the head of state.

The German head of state is the Federal President.

The President of Burkina Faso is the head of state.

way of life   (hayatın yolu)

"Was the Sarmatian way of life worth preserving?

Traditional farming practices are a way of life here.

Gun ownership was a way of life in rural Mississippi.

hundreds of thousands   (yüz binlerce)

It receives hundreds of thousands of visitors annually.

Medallions may be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Then, they had an astonishing hundreds of thousands of letters.

works of art   (Sanat Eserleri)

Since the 1960s Würth has collected works of art.

Agrippina has been depicted in many works of art.

This salesman was known for flights of works of art.

died of cancer   (kanserden öldü)

Woodall died of cancer in prison on April 8, 2001.

Olga Ivinskaya died of cancer on 8 September 1995.

To make matters worse, his mother died of cancer.

free of charge   (ücretsiz)

She treated all school age children free of charge.

Over 500,000 copies are distributed free of charge.

In March 2019, Đurić was declared free of charge.

acres of land   (dönüm arazi)

These included approximately 6500 acres of land.

The campus is spread across 20 acres of land.

Out of the total area , 6276 acres of land is culturable.

end of each   (her birinin sonu)

Score is taken at the end of each player's turn.

Another jersey was awarded at the end of each stage.

Solar terms govern the beginning and end of each month.

species of ground   (yer türleri)

Lebia solea Lebia solea is a species of ground beetle in the family Carabidae.

Eucamaragnathus batesii Eucamaragnathus batesii is a species of ground beetle.

Tachys vorax Tachys vorax is a species of ground beetle in the family Carabidae.

years of service   (hizmet yılı)

For band NCOs with at least five years of service.

After 33 years of service Higgins died in 1926.

MWD closed in 2012 after 24 years of service.

number of times   (defalarca)

Rival gangs tried to kill him there a number of times.

The lady rotates a specific number of times in the air.

", almost white from the number of times it was played.

group of people   (bir grup insan)

The third group of people are the least well-off.

Power passed into the hands of a new group of people.

The Bobo are an inherently decentralized group of people.

thousands of years   (binlerce yıl)

Segmental pavers have been used for thousands of years.

It has been used for many thousands of years.

The history of agriculture began thousands of years ago.

cause of death   (ölüm nedeni)

The coroner cited the wounds as the cause of death.

The cause of death was not immediately disclosed.

The cause of death was asphyxia by strangulation.

couple of years   (bir kaç yıl)

Snowfall occurs on average once in a couple of years.

For the next couple of years, he was used irregularly.

Even a dozen interviews could take a couple of years."

member of parliament   (Parlemento üyesi)

He remained a member of parliament until his death.

He has been a member of parliament since 2008.

He became a member of parliament for Plymouth in 1593.

prisoner of war   (savaş esiri)

Young Hamelin was a prisoner of war for a short time.

Sederberg was shot down and became a prisoner of war.

From 1945 to 1946, he was a prisoner of war.

amount of money   (Para miktarı)

The estimated total amount of money was $20 million.

Besides, the amount of money he stole is a small amount.

Ward worked hard and saved every amount of money he could.

practice of law   (hukuk pratiği)

He returned to the private practice of law in 1949.

Selden retired from the practice of law in 1879.

Clardy reentered the private practice of law in 1934.

periods of time   (zaman dilimleri)

Most, however, were imported for short periods of time.

Seraphina would look off dazed for long periods of time.

L'Wren Scott was married twice, for short periods of time.

species of bird   (kuş türleri)

The list below includes 323 species of bird.

The species of bird were generally typical for the region.

Several species of bird are also present.

millions of dollars   (milyonlarca dolar)

Each show can take millions of dollars to develop.

Both parties poured millions of dollars into the respective campaigns.

Through his work with his foundation, he has raised millions of dollars.

thousands of people   (binlerce insan)

Tens of thousands of people were evacuated as a result.

Once you arrest me, thousands of people will tear you apart."

With thousands of people thronging the streets of Sukrawarpet.

date of death   (Ölüm tarihi)

His exact date of death was apparently not recorded.

One source gives the date of death as 26 December 1800.

Paetus' subsequent career and date of death are unknown.

most of whom   (çoğu kim)

most of whom where women and children.

They rounded up the workforce, most of whom had fled to the jungle.

It was attended by 1200 people, most of whom were members of SOC'M.

form of government   (hükümet biçimi)

Milton supported a republican form of government.

Columbus uses the Mayor-Council form of government.

Ann Arbor has a council-manager form of government.

number of students   (öğrenci sayısı)

Currently the number of students is almost 36,000.

The total number of students is about 7,000.

Its total number of students is 2,000.

list of notable   (kayda değer liste)

This is a list of notable people with this name.

List of Memon people This is a list of notable Memons.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of notable megamusicals.

list of all   (hepsinin listesi)

Below is a list of all the participating NOCs.

A list of all pensions was to be laid before Parliament.

This is a list of all the former members of the conference.

rule of law   (hukuk kuralı)

Others also took notice of Wiesenburg's strong stand for the rule of law.

First was jurisprudential: What rule of law would they urge the Court to adopt?

He vowed "to continue the political struggle for democracy, for the rule of law".

term of office   (görev süresi)

before his extended term of office was complete."

The term of office of the council is five years.

His fourth term of office began on 1 September.

age of eighteen   (onsekiz yaşında)

At the age of eighteen, her stage debut took place.

At the age of eighteen she gained access to a legacy.

Most Hedareb women are married by the age of eighteen.

percent of all   (hepsinin yüzdesi)

About 33 percent of all plant matter is cellulose.

Ten percent of all births were low birth weight.

It processes 94.8 percent of all milk solids from dairy farms.

name of several

Oyebanjo Oyebanjo is the name of several people:

is the name of several places in Israel and Palestine.

Franc The franc is the name of several currency units.

outbreak of war   (savaşın patlak vermesi)

The outbreak of war temporarily defused this crisis.

On the outbreak of war Madden returned to radio.

At the outbreak of war he was working in Paris.

freedom of speech   (konuşma özgürlüğü)

It's thought control and freedom of speech control.

They believe in education and freedom of speech.

freedom of speech, or freedom of association.

variety of other   (diğer çeşitler)

Parish notes a variety of other production problems.

A variety of other anions inhibit laccase.

It is used in a variety of other recipes.

source of income   (gelir kaynağı)

Tourism is a major source of income for the tribe.

The village's main source of income is agriculture.

farming is the main source of income of natives.

rank of lieutenant   (teğmen rütbesi)

In 1955 he was awarded the rank of lieutenant general.

He was awarded the rank of lieutenant general in 1988.

number of new   (yeni sayı)

The expansion also adds a number of new Khitai dungeons.

The number of new characters increased from this year on.

A number of new characters were introduced in the annuals.

body of work   (iş gövdesi)

His early body of work includes "Steal This Movie!"

Her main body of work consisted of seven novels.

"Blankenburg has given us an important body of work.

state of emergency   (olağanüstü hal)

The CAF government declared a state of emergency.

The state of emergency is the first such since 2011.

Several counties issued a state of emergency.

number of books   (kitap sayısı)

He began but did not complete a number of books.

the aristocracy) to them in a number of books.

He has also appeared in a number of books and video games.

author of several   (birkaç yazar)

He was also the author of several poems in Persian.

He is author of several books on theoretical physics.

She was also the author of several books and articles.

species of frog   (kurbağa türleri)

They are also one of six species of frog which inhabit Kangaroo Island.

Ninety-six percent of the over 5,000 extant species of frog are neobatrachians.

Blommersia kely Blommersia kely is a species of frog in the family Mantellidae.

leave of absence   (izinli olmak)

Following the conference, Kwan took a brief leave of absence.

He took a leave of absence and was appointed a brigadier general.

He took a leave of absence from Haaretz in 1971 and resumed in 1978.

rank of major   (binbaşı)

In 1941 Krefting was promoted to the rank of major.

In 1834 he was promoted to the rank of major.

He would achieve the rank of major general.

variety of different   (farklı çeşitlilik)

There are a variety of different types of encryption.

We are making a variety of different efforts."

The album was released in a variety of different formats.

freedom of expression   (İfade özgürlüğü)

Instead, there is freedom of expression and the right to assemble."

It acts in defence of the freedom of expression and of democratic values.

In the ICCPR, the right to freedom of expression is not an absolute right.

number of votes   (oy sayısı)

online survey by number of votes received)’

The total number of votes throughout the 4 rounds are counted.

The leading candidates with the largest number of votes were elected.

species of fish   (balık türleri)

There are 35 species of fish, of which four are endemic.

Several species of fish are associated with this sponge.

This species of fish is often found in the aquarium hobby.

number of points   (puan sayısı)

When an egg is dropped, a number of points are lost.

Alternatively it can be played for a fixed number of points.

Let "n" be the number of points and "d" the number of dimensions.

loss of life   (can kaybı)

She wrecked on 30 September 1819 with loss of life.

She was wrecked in 1836 with some loss of life.

There was no loss of life recorded due to this earthquake.

conflict of interest   (çıkar çatışması)

The major issues here concern conflict of interest.

Banks has pointed to a conflict of interest.

Directors can have no conflict of interest.

son of former

He is the son of former NFL receiver Ricky Proehl.

Arber is the son of former footballer Bobby Arber.

He is the son of former footballer Horace Stoute.

species of orchid   (orkide türleri)

Dendrobium lineale Dendrobium lineale is a species of orchid.

Teagueia teaguei Teagueia teaguei is a species of orchid endemic to Ecuador.

Phaius borneensis Phaius borneensis is a species of orchid in the genus "Phaius".

rank of captain   (kaptan sırası)

He received the rank of captain in February 1865.

In 1896 he was promoted to the rank of captain.

Carlin rose to the rank of captain in the Regular Army.

number of seats   (koltukların sayısı)

In a classroom there are a certain number of seats.

The church is of long plan and has 250 number of seats.

Total number of seats on the Council after the elections:

body of water

Others are found only in a specific body of water.

Today only Malha crater still contains a body of water.

That body of water was a northern ocean.

genus of flowering   (çiçeklenme cinsi)

Limeum Limeum is a genus of flowering plants.

Pteleocarpa Pteleocarpa is a genus of flowering plants.

It is a small genus of flowering bulbs, with two species.

collection of short   (kısa koleksiyon)

is a 1969 collection of short stories by Ray Bradbury.

In 1928 she published the collection of short stories "Khan".

"Sath Sangar" and "Sonzal" are his collection of short stories.

number of small   (küçük sayısı)

Vico Morcote contains a number of small hotels and restaurants.

A number of small townships and villages emerged during his reign.

Joseph's featured a number of small shops assembled under one roof.

species of birds   (kuş türleri)

At least 90 species of birds have been recorded.

About 420 species of birds have been found in Wales.

Many species of birds are also hunted for meat.

end of season

Awards were presented at the end of season dinner.

(on loan from Rosenborg) "As of end of season."

However, he left NK Lučko at the end of season.

elevation of above   (yukarıdaki yükseklik)

The mountain has an elevation of above sea level.

Both are at an elevation of above mean sea level.

This lake is on an elevation of above sea level.

population of around   (yaklaşık nüfus)

It has a population of around 4,800 inhabitants.

It has a population of around 3,000 inhabitants.

It currently has a population of around 2 (in 2001).

development of new   (yeni gelişme)

Thus it might contribute to the development of new species.

The profits from these product families funded the development of new drugs.

Neo-Luddism calls for slowing or stopping the development of new technologies.

question of whether   (olup olmadığı sorusu)

That left the major question of whether to approve it or not."

It is not a question of whether he would go to another producer.

The question of whether actual rates have increased is unresolved.

regardless of whether   (olup olmadığına bakılmaksızın)

The verb changes to fit the diminutive regardless of whether the noun changes or not.

Other infections, however, do require long courses regardless of whether a person feels better.

These are given to the school regardless of whether or not it requires its students to pay fees.

declaration of war   (savaş ilanı)

You may take this as a declaration of war against you."

Congress approved the declaration of war on Germany on April 6.

The British crews received word of the declaration of war by radio.

place of worship   (ibadethane)

In 1566 the place of worship was destroyed again.

This place of worship was the residence to many monks.

It operated as a place of worship until December 2011.

week of release

It sold 10,000 copies in its first week of release.

It sold 1,300 copies during its first week of release.

During the first week of release, it was listed at No.

plot of land   (arsa)

The plot of land will cost a subsidized 64 crores.

They received a plot of land in Tel el Sultan.

On the northern banks, a long plot of land was gained.

series of articles   (makale dizisi)

This led to a series of articles with Douglas H. Blair.

Ramanbhai Neelkanth responded with a series of articles in "Jnan Sudha".

He plans to write a series of articles telling exactly what he has done.

speed of light   (ışık hızı)

So, therefore, the speed of light is not constant.

He now can only travel close to the speed of light.

It also does not preserve the speed of light c between frames.