offered for sale   (売り出し中)

In a few years the property was offered for sale.

The property was offered for sale in early 2004.

In 1978, WAPL AM and FM were offered for sale.

not offered   (提供されていません)

Van Heerden said he was not offered any reason.

He was not offered a new contract at the end of the season.

Clarke was not offered a contract to play for the new team.

offered a new   (新しいを提供しました)

Coffeehouses, however, offered a new venue for leisure.

He was not offered a new contract at the end of the season.

Tension rose when the city offered a new contract in June 1974.

offered a contract   (契約を申し出た)

In 2015, Norton was offered a contract with FC Barcelona.

Clarke was not offered a contract to play for the new team.

El Idrissi also had a trial at Bristol City, but was not offered a contract.

then offered

Gowariker then offered the role to Shahrukh Khan.

He then offered Mike Will $1,000 for one of his beats.

Sadulla then offered to discuss the matters.

offered a job

Rachel gets offered a job in Sierra Leone.

Soon after, he was offered a job as an assistant at his old school.

In one episode, she is offered a job as a singer on a radio station.

courses offered

The courses offered by the institute are:

The courses offered by the institute are approved by AICTE.

offered through

Grants offered through the program totaled $36 million.

Subsequently, other forms of insurance were offered through SGIO.

In addition, Clinical Pastoral Education is offered through Pine Rest.

programs offered

For the time being, programs offered are only at master's degree level.

Up to 2010, Indonesia had completed 30 programs offered to 126 Palestinians .

There are 10 graduate programs including 2 doctoral programs offered on campus.

offered no

But the French King offered no further proposals.

Furthermore, the site offered no room for expansion.

First-wave feminism offered no intersectional perspective.

first offered

Ruby Tuesday first offered bison on their menus in 2005.

It was first offered on the Dell Axim x51.

The product idea was first offered to Hanes, but was rejected.

services offered

Some of the services offered on the WANSecure firewall include:

There are 3 types of train services offered on the metro line 14:

There are 2 types of train services offered on the metro line 21:

only offered   (提供のみ)

Initially, Almaz was only offered with a Bosch-designed CVT.

Up until then, the stadium only offered regular spectator seats.

It only offered its four-year program to one cohort of eleven students.

offered the role   (役割を提供しました)

Gowariker then offered the role to Shahrukh Khan.

Patekar was then offered the role of Anna, the film's antagonist.

However, Schwarzenegger was soon thereafter offered the role of Det.

offered a position

Ackerman was eventually offered a position at Greatermans head office in Johannesburg.

Lair was offered a position with the Archives, but chose to follow a career as a lawyer.

Berger started his career at Procter & Gamble in 1960 before being offered a position by Heinz in 1964.

offered free   (無料で提供)

Lodging and most services are offered free of charge.

Comiskey Park ushers eventually offered free admission to Rozdilsky.

He offered free meals and transportation in exchange for the support.

offered the position

Brewer, and Taft offered the position to Hughes.

He was several times offered the position of bishop, but always refused.

In January 2018, Sifakis returned to OFI, being offered the position of general manager.

offered only   (提供のみ)

It is offered only on the airline's Boeing 777-300ERs.

However, PEPP can be offered only on the EU territory.

BSc Chemistry is offered only in Shift-I.

initially offered

King Saul initially offered David his oldest daughter, Merab.

The institute initially offered only Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.)

The role initially offered to Genelia was subsequently taken over by Pooja.

offered to pay

They offered to pay half of the amount on short term basic.

The man offered to pay for his coffee, and the two amicably parted.

Publishers MGN had previously apologised and offered to pay damages.

offered the opportunity   (機会を提供しました)

In 2012, Chad Anderson was offered the opportunity to lead the organization.

He was offered the opportunity to stay on as an unpaid fellow, but declined.

She was offered the opportunity to record an album of film theme music for Warner Brothers.

courses are offered

Three public golf courses are offered in the city.

Nine advanced placement courses are offered.

Adult high school and GED courses are offered there as well.

offered more

The class of 2015 was offered more than $27 million in scholarship money.

Kosciuszko Park offered more than just a less congested setting for its new residents.

Belmont Gardens offered more than just a less congested setting for its new residents.

offered his services

As early as 1775, he offered his services to General George Washington.

He offered his services to all the A-League clubs but did not receive any offers.

He offered his services as a go-between and asked for $100,000 to pass on to the kidnappers.

offered the chance

Grady is offered the chance to change his life with one wish.

In the film she portrayed Grace Connelly whose boyfriend (Carey) is offered the chance to be God for one week.

Shortly thereafter, Ari is offered the chance to succeed him by the studio's chairman John Ellis for $10 million.

government offered   (政府が提供した)

In 2014 the Chinese government offered to donate it to the Namibian Navy.

The government offered to compensate the former residents of expropriated properties.

programs are offered

The following degree programs are offered by the FASc.

Both day and night programs are offered.

The courses in most international programs are offered in English.

offered to help

Islamic Jihad offered to help us."

Evans offered to help, but Wunder wouldn't let him saying, "It wasn't your mistake."

When Gronovius saw it, he was very impressed, and offered to help pay for the printing.

offered to buy

In July 2014, Klépierre offered to buy Dutch competitor Corio NV.

In 2011 Coca-Cola offered to buy the company, valuing it at $2.5 billion.

Warner Brothers also offered to buy 200 film copies to which Phalke agreed.

offered include

Law degrees offered include the Juris Doctor (J.D.)

Languages offered include Spanish, French, and Latin.

Language courses offered include Chinese, Spanish and French.

later offered

However, the role was later offered to Shahrukh Khan.

The soldiers later offered him an apology.

However, he was later offered the part of Captain Canady for the sequel, "".

company offered   (提供される会社)

The company offered overall solutions in IT related areas.

The company offered her an "ex gratia" sum to settle if she signed a release form.

The company offered two return trips per week from Marseille to Bastia and Marseille to Ajaccio.

originally offered

Alex Pettyfer was originally offered the role of Jace Wayland, but turned it down.

The site was originally offered for sale in early 2008 with offers to be received by July 2008.

Jabara originally offered the song to Donna Summer, who then scored a hit with "Last Dance" (1978).

program offered

By 1998, the program offered an additional, and optional, third year.

The program offered a total of seven majors in the Sciences and Travel Industry Management.

The Electronics Engineering program offered was for an associate degree attainable in just 18 months.

school offered   (提供される学校)

The school offered courses in fluency and phonics.

The school offered community recreation programs on weekends.

Founded in 2003, the school offered a project-based curriculum.

offered up

It was placed on a plate and offered up at the cremation.

However in 1933, continued pressure resulted in some of the forest being offered up for banana farming.

According to the USDA, "Genetically modified (GM) crops, most commonly Bt corn, have been offered up as the cause of CCD.

service offered

BMW Assist BMW Assist is a telematic roadside assistance service offered by BMW.

The service offered online music downloads for $0.99 a song and integration with the iPod.

My Monopoly My Monopoly is a service offered to citizens of the United Kingdom by the company Hasbro.

offered several

The concept offered several advantages.

offered the job

He was offered the job because he was the only applicant.

Wilmeth was offered the job and took it.

Shortly afterward, he was offered the job of writing "Fantastic Four".

offered to sell   (販売を申し出た)

In 1918, Gove offered to sell the bridge to Volusia County.

On 23 November, the Khedive offered to sell the shares for 100,000,000 francs.

Following the virtual takeover of the island, Báez offered to sell the country to the United States.

offered to take

Maria was offered to take a tour of France and Spain.

McDonald offered to take him to the Ashland Hotel, where he kept a room.

The pilot is said to have offered to take him up again, which was accepted.

offered a scholarship

He was released by West Ham aged 16 when he has not offered a scholarship.

He auditioned there with Every Valley Shall be Exalted and was offered a scholarship.

While at Interlochen, she was offered a scholarship to attend the Eastman School of Music.

offered a place   (場所を提供しました)

He again offered a place to Gladstone, who declined.

She attended the school from the age of 11-16 and was then offered a place to further her training at the upper school.

were also migrated to the Microsoft Community, and the Mobile Devices Community also offered a place for non-Lumia Windows-based devices.

offered little   (ほとんど提供しなかった)

The redoubts were incomplete and offered little protection.

Smith collapsed in 3 rounds, having offered little resistance.

The Indigenous offered little resistance and casualties were minimal.

even offered

The Soviet Union even offered Kenyans scholarships to study in the country.

They even offered him a much higher salary than the one he received at Gladstone.

The company even offered three-minute airplane rides to attract prospective buyers.

offered a choice

The Melians were offered a choice to join the Athenians, or be conquered.

Subaru still offered a choice between front- and all-wheel-drive for its domestic market vehicles even after 1995.

As a reward for his efforts, Dean was offered a choice between a $500 bonus or a lifetime job at the Root Glass Company.

now offered

Parts of the Insex material are now offered as "Insex Archives".

Thus, the Pontiac 455 cubic-inch V8 was now offered as an option on all models.

Seaplane service to all waterways and islands in now offered by Aero Cambodia Airline.

credits are offered

The college credits are offered at a deeply discounted rate.

offered to students

The course was offered to students of Harvard College and Harvard Extension School.

These courses now run alongside the academic programme offered to students in formation.

Membership is offered to students, individuals and corporations domestically and internationally.

previously offered   (以前に提供された)

Subjects offered: Subjects previously offered:

The school previously offered Advanced Placement Art, Biology, and History as well.

Fender had previously offered a short-lived American Series version in the mid-1990s.

offered both

Degrees are offered both in Italian and in English.

The download is offered both as a .bin file and as a .hqx file.

The T60 Cross is offered both as an upgrade kit for 2.8L T60s and in 12 stock models.

offered many

Throughout the year the railway offered many special excursions.

The college’s opening offered many job opportunities around the Orlando area.

The model 411, and later the model 412, offered many new features to the Volkswagen lineup.

offered the post

In 1913 he was offered the post of Chief Justice of Bengal but refused for private reasons.

He was offered the post of Governor of Bermuda, but declined on the grounds that he was unmarried.

After the death of du Guesclin both Coucy and Sancerre were offered the post of Constable but refused.

offered a chance

Syracuse was offered a chance to defend their title but declined.

He took it that the Anglo-Scottish union offered a chance for "greatness" of the combined monarchy.

They also offered a chance to win a sticker or badge for people who wrote to the company about the game.

offered another   (別のものを提供した)

Freeway offered another mixtape entirely mixed by Statik Selektah on November 23, 2012.

All of this offered another, additional way of looking at what the classical theory had charted in its terms.

Size: × 4 inches 1949 License Plates (75) This set offered another double feature type card for the consumer.

offered a reward   (報酬を提供しました)

The Novato Police offered a reward, but the attackers were never identified.

The Sultan of Egypt offered a reward of one gold solidus for the head of each crusader.

On 24 December, the Home Guard's Banja Luka headquarters offered a reward for Stojanović.

offered during

Free concerts are offered during the summer months for shoppers.

Lap dances may also be offered during lingerie modeling sessions.

During the summer, intensive language study is the only course that is offered during the eight-week term.

offered his resignation   (彼の辞任を申し出た)

When Liu recovered, he offered his resignation, but Emperor Dezong turned it down.

On August 8, Lee offered his resignation to President Davis, who quickly rejected it.

He offered his resignation to President Bush in the wake of the scandal, but it was not accepted.

offered a role   (役割を提供しました)

I've never been offered a role like this before.

He is offered a role in the team by Adam but refuses.

(Caine had been offered a role but turned it down due to the nude wrestling scene).

offered the first

Athena offered the first domesticated olive tree.

Caltech offered the first dedicated meteorology class in the 1933–1934 season.

These measurements offered the first hint that beta particles have a continuous spectrum.

longer offered

By this time, the car was no longer offered in the USA.

The AD Van Max was no longer offered.

These CD have since been discontinued and are no longer offered.

no longer offered

By this time, the car was no longer offered in the USA.

The AD Van Max was no longer offered.

These CD have since been discontinued and are no longer offered.

offered courses

The school offered courses in fluency and phonics.

This campus offered courses at the trade and technician levels.

It also offered courses in training for the British Merchant Navy.

offered to resign

He offered to resign, but Emperor Dezong declined.

Lu secretly responded: In fear, Jiang offered to resign and asked to become a Taoist monk.

offered the following

J.K.K.Nattraja Matriculation School students are offered the following sports:

Critics of the changes offered the following main arguments against implementing the changes to the scheme promoted by UUK.

Martin offered the following hint as to how the series would conclude during a Q&A at the Guadalajara International Book Fair.

offered to give

Ed King offered to give his seat to a more representative farm worker.

Alicia Fox then approached JTG in May 2012 and offered to give him a makeover, which JTG accepted.

Comcast also offered to give a $10 credit to any customers who say they viewed the approximately 30-second clip.

currently offered

This series eventually evolved into the e-series amp and combos currently offered (2014).

A notable exception is in the Nordic countries, where only series 1 is currently offered on said platform.

Students from area high schools whose schools do not have CTE programs currently offered at the Wilber H. Palmer Center may apply for admission to the school.

still offered   (まだ提供されています)

DASS2 is still offered by BT and other UK carriers.

AS is still offered, but as a separate qualification.

Plaid upholstery was still offered on Japan-spec Lancasters.

when offered   (提供されたとき)

Leal chose the theme when offered his choice by Vasconcelos.

In 1801, George III rejected the title of Emperor when offered.

Some babies refuse to eat solids when offered with a spoon, but happily help themselves to finger food.

never offered

None of them has never offered passenger services.

They never offered her a contract, due to racial segregation.

He never offered human victims, only snakes, birds, and butterflies.

not be offered

The RailCats announced that Templeton would not be offered his job next season.

In May 2011 he was informed that he would not be offered a contract by the club for the 2011/12 season.

At the end of the season he was informed that he was out of contract and would not be offered a new deal.

subsequently offered

Eleanor subsequently offered her husband a divorce.

The US subsequently offered the Honest John missile as a replacement.

The name stuck and Pandy subsequently offered the sandwich in the shop.

classes are offered

Computer classes are offered at the Bay County Public Library.

Khmer language classes are offered at the Mark Twain Neighborhood Library.

A wide variety of AP classes and career development classes are offered here.

sports offered

The following sports offered at Saint Mary's are:

This addition brought the number of university sports offered to 13.

The sports offered in Fall include football, volleyball, and cheerleading.

again offered

He again offered a place to Gladstone, who declined.

Chambers is in the shipboard room now, and is again offered a meal.

In 2018, the house was again offered for sale at an offer price of £6 million.

immediately offered

The three ships were immediately offered for service in the Sudan Campaign.

Impressed by Anggun's talent, Benzi immediately offered her a recording deal.

She “immediately offered to let him personally select all further strikers’ witnesses" but he declined the offer.

offered new

They offered new workers $7.00 an hour instead of over $9.00.

The bankrupt New Haven and New London Railroad offered new opportunities for him.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.5 offered new features such as easier 128-bit encryption.

classes offered

Wednesday night classes offered lectures on general psychology.

In the late-1950s the center began hosting all music education classes offered by PP&R.

Other Advanced Placement classes offered are Music, World History, Art, Psychology, Physics and Chemistry.

services are offered

Lodging and most services are offered free of charge.

APCUG services are offered to group leaders and members.

Some services are offered in the home or in community settings.

reportedly offered   (伝えられるところによれば)

She was reportedly offered a professional contract to play club football in Brazil.

He reportedly offered to pay the family of Ajmal Kasab the sum of Rs.150,000 for his participation in the attacks.

Prior to the trade, the Nuggets reportedly offered both Watson and Kenyon Martin for Francis, but the deal never took place.

offered support   (提供されたサポート)

In 2015 Estelle offered support Caitlyn Jenner when she came out as trans.

He has however been offered support from the producer of "Evil Dead: The Musical.

To anybody that ever made it out to a show, bought an album or offered support we love you.

sports are offered

The following MHSAA sanctioned sports are offered:

The following IHSAA-sanctioned sports are offered:

The following sports are offered at South Lyon East:

offered to make   (作ることを申し出た)

The spirit pleaded with him and offered to make him rich.

Eight days later, Great Hearts offered to make a policy exception and readmit the family.

Hewlett offered to make a music video for a song on the album but was rejected by Elektra.